I Got Styled By An Amazon Personal Shopper

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    Hello friends & welcome back to our channel! A few months ago, I found out that Amazon started offering a personal shopping service. That's right, Amazon was styling people for a small fee each month - so I figured, we had to try it out to see what kind of clothing & accessories they would send me, and if they would be any good. So we took a quiz and good ole' Bezos sent me a sack of clothes. What do you guys think of my Amazon personal shopper haul?
    EDIT (for clarity) - although I eliminated most color options in the quiz, I did leave on every pattern except animal print, I said that I often wear edgy styles and I also liked boho styles, said that I would try pretty much every trend except for animal print and cropped pants, and clicked "yes" on multiple silhouettes and clothing items - so they had plenty of optionality! just in case you guys missed some answers!
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    1. Safiya Nygaard

      HELLO FRIENDS!! & welcome back to our channel! what did you guys think of our amazon personal shopper haul? EDIT (for clarity) - although i eliminated most color options in the quiz, i did leave on every pattern except animal print, i said that i often wear edgy styles and i also liked boho styles, and said that i would try pretty much every trend except for animal print and cropped pants - so they had plenty of optionality!

      1. Alexis Burkholder

        Safiya Nygaard I miss your videos!! You should post a video about Tyler and yourself and how y’all are doing in quarantine!!

      2. Sunny 234


      3. Entertainment Junkie

        Hey safiya! would you consider giving my blog a shout out? I have a website where I write different articles on social justice, feminism and such.

      4. Miss Akame

        Safiya Nygaard hey what happened to your uploads? You okay? XP

      5. Jasmine Rudd

        When is your next video

    2. Makeup Junkie

      Remember when you used to make content? I hate it when youtubers get big and then just abandon their channel. I get taking a few weeks off after you get married but jeez.

    3. Abbhie Alaon

      Did I miss an announcement from Saf that she’s gonna be away or something? Been watching out for a new post from her even on Instagram. Hope you’re okay, Saf and Tyler!

    4. öööf̈ẗär̈ẗs̈

      Those leggings have my name in them... *Dakota*

    5. Rose R

      Where are you Safiya??? I miss your new videl

    6. Jennia T

      Maybe make a FRANKEN SOAP

    7. Liz Elizabeth

      Can you make a new video olredi??

    8. 「 Soulless 」

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    9. milli-kate van straalen

      I left for 3 months and only had 2 new vids ☹️

    10. rosie muffins

      Where have you gone?? Are you two still alive??

      1. Epic Big Boy

        rosie muffins Safiya was in the newest “Ninja Sex Party” Music Video! Give it a watch!

    11. Alyssa Wilson

      That white top looked so cute on you!

    12. Char 13

      Why does ur phone say <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="581">9:41</a> am all the time 🤣🤣

    13. ottoline Violet

      you and Tyler should do a cloth swap for a day!!!

    14. AutumneArtist

      Safiya I miss your updates! You’re a ray of sun in these rough times. I hope to see a new video from you soon and hope you and all your loved ones are safe, healthy, and doing well. Regards from 30 yr old PA girl. ❤️ ✌️🌷

      1. rosie muffins

        where the hell has she gone?? can she please tell us if she's done with yt or is taking a break??

    15. Diana Quan

      Safiya! You need to see this girl! She looks just like you! vm.tiktok.com/te8Mn1/

    16. Julia V

      Idea for a potential video: spend a week wearing really outdated fashion trends (i.e. some of the worst and ugliest trends ever)

      1. rosie muffins


    17. caroline jackson

      bro why are you ghosting us just like ladylike not very nice

      1. Offensive Username

        Why can't you write proper English?

    18. Kit Nelson

      You should do a video following a craft diy makeup or a video on reading comments and or dms on insta😃 love your vids I just subscribed!

    19. Dungeon Blaster

      Great video, but to be honest I don't know what you're talking about. and I haven't for a while. NSP

    20. MrRantoniovlz

      so safiya nerdecrafter made you a bat out of clay

    21. Hajar Jab

      Please upload a new video we've been waiting for 1 month 😑😑😑

    22. Jessica Love

      How are you doing with the virus? Please make a video!

    23. Maddie Hicks

      Why do you post once a month like people are going to unsubscribe if you don’t post once a week like I know I unsubscribed

    24. louise cullen

      im here ONE MONTH after she posted this WHERE ARE YOU SAFIYA!!!!!!

    25. Lanna Rose

      Companies: **exist** Amazon: I'm about to end these people's whole career

    26. superniek-niek

      just here 'cause of nsp don't mind me

    27. Jessica Coco

      Are you guys ok over there? I'm dying for another video!!

    28. Umi Umi

      😢 miss your video uploads

    29. SNAKE y

      Hey safiya you should video on doing makeup using mixed up makeup cosmetics

    30. Patricia Alfonso

      Did she stop making videos?

    31. Anna Marcelino

      Similar style love the video clairdavu.com/collections/euphoria-collection-evening-gowns/products/basia-evening-dress

    32. Antoinette Marlow

      So Safiya - where have you been? Still on your Honeymoon?? Because you've been my favorite FIselsr for SO long - but now you're simply gone! I mean, when Cristine Nailogical announced that she was going to leave FIsels, I was heartbroken - but still, she told us and I could respect that. (And then she came back right away! YEAH!) But did you tell us you'd be gone for months and months? I don't remember it. My question is, ARE YOU COMING BACK? (Anytime soon!)

      1. rosie muffins

        @Mathew 05 oh sorry didn't mean she tell us directly what she's dealing with. i meant "i'm dealing with personal things rn so imma take a break" or smth like that. i just want to know that she's alive

      2. Mathew 05

        rosie muffins if it’s something personal, then she doesn’t need to tell us, but I agree otherwise. Because of COVID-19 it’s kinda scary that she’s taking a month off from youtube, hopefully she gives us an update soo🙏

      3. rosie muffins

        least she can do is tell us if she's done or wants a break. or is dealing with personal stuff!

    33. hashim farah

      Please UPLOAD

    34. Hazethemaze

      SAFIYA, LIKE THIS IF YOU SEE THIS SO WE KNOW YOU ARE ALIVE AND STILL SEE OUR COMMENTS!!!!! Hey, are you alive? I know you are married now and might be having a time to just talk to Tyler (you know what I mean, like a significant other lockdown) so I’m sorry for everyone bothering you. It also might be this quarantine. I just want to let you know that you have millions of people supporting you and appreciating you for everything you do. It may sound selfish, but we need you. I need you. Come back already, everybody’s trying to figure out why you’ve been absent from everything.

    35. liv heuser

      why hasn't Safiya posted in a month...?

      1. Hazethemaze

        @liv heuser Ikr! Usually she posts more often than once a month.


      Well im searching for a 17yr old girl from singapore.. text me if u see this miss safia and anime fan.. heh

    37. Delilah Scott

      Please post so we know you’re alive

      1. Hazethemaze

        Delilah Scott 😂

    38. Zeina Jarrah

      Why did ,you stop doing videos

    39. Alyson Dildine

      Can you please do another miss a video? I want to see some of their brushes and other products. You should do a video where you go through each makeup category and close your eyes and pick a random product; do that for each product! I love you channel and videos!!!!! 💙🖤

    40. Gurgle

      I made a mistake, I googled what a merkin is. I will never be the same again.

    41. Icyrella Mlg

      Give us a baby now

      1. rosie muffins

        a baby?? you think they're having one and that's why they've disappeared?

    42. Chaster33

      You are on the FIsels home page

    43. Chaja Wolters

      sack saf

    44. VioletJack World

      Hi Safiya! I am SUCH a big fan and I love you, Tyler and Crusty so much! I’m currently writing a story and I was considering using you casted as a character. The temptations are almost too strong and you would be perfect for her. Is that okay with you? Ilysm!!

    45. M. R.

      on tik tok i saw a video where somebody said you can type in your name to pinterest than “core asthenic” for example “safiya core aesthetic” then pictures will pop up. it works for your name (i typed it in to see) so maybe you could try “dressing up as my core aesthetic for a week” i think it would be super cool :) love your videos btw!

    46. Nina Rai

      Pls start posting again :(

      1. Hazethemaze

        Nina Rai ik 😭

    47. Life Equality

      Is she never coming back to do videos? They are so far apart now

      1. Hazethemaze

        Life Equality oh ok. I agree, I have already binge watched a bunch of her vids so I can’t anymore

      2. Life Equality

        Hazethemaze the time in between each video she puts out. I binge watched her videos and now I can get enough. So since she isn’t putting them out as frequently it like feeding me one French fry a month-- I’m suffering over here lol

      3. Hazethemaze

        Life Equality Who is so far apart?

    48. NeonKitty2

      Also you'll see better picks later on. The first haul is always gonna be the most underwhelming

    49. NeonKitty2

      The slides go well with the star dress. Especially with nude colored hosiery

    50. deepak bidgar

      Full headshave try

    51. Elizabeth Cullen

      Please do a "What we Wore : gothic fashion" (punks, Cureheads, goths, emos, etc)

      1. Elizabeth Cullen

        they need to MAKE IT HAPPEN

      2. Elizabeth Cullen

        @rosie muffins oh my god yes, Tyler can dress all in white

      3. rosie muffins

        @Elizabeth Cullen perfect! that's amazing! i'd love to see them doing the dance moves in the video with crusty pawing. the dance scene in just like heaven could work too if they want romantic.

      4. Elizabeth Cullen

        The Lovecats starring Crusty

      5. rosie muffins

        @Elizabeth Cullen she'd love the dress styles: all black! (mostly). another idea: recreate some of their music videos

    52. jordan falvey


    53. Midori Gurin

      please come back. I need you to snatch more wigs. I want more bad makeup science! I WANT MORE BAD SCIENCE. PLEASE

      1. rosie muffins

        @Hazethemaze and even if she's not comfortable sharing everything that's going on, the least she can tell us is that she's sorting out personal matters or whatever and will be back in a while.

      2. Hazethemaze

        @rosie muffins Exactly. There are so many reasons why she could be quitting, and I wish she would just tell us if she is. Or give us a little heads up for when the next video is coming out. And why it’s so late.

      3. rosie muffins

        @Hazethemaze if she's done making youtube videos or has decided to take on a day job or for whatever other reason isn't doing youtube as often i wish she'd freaking tell us! she keeps saying her filming/editing got behind schedule or something else that's pretty vague. like i can get falling behind a little bc focusing on the wedding but 5 months after what's going on?

      4. Hazethemaze

        @rosie muffins That’s so true. Every month, I wait for her to post, and either it’s another wedding video (I saw clips the first dance on SimplyNailogical’s channel already) or a super quick video. And they are all spaced 1 1/2 months apart.

      5. Hazethemaze

        Midori Gurin Ik! I love her vids and she’s been gone.

    54. Libby Blodgett

      you should do ipsy

    55. Nathan Wubs

      one comment! Joey his bag was awesome. OR purse or mers or wathever, he could have been progressive and say f you all. Instead of the other guys bullying him.

    56. Orla's life

      When is your next vid coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Arsha Raj

      Next video plzz it's been a month

    58. Malak Elhoty

      Safiya you should do simply's nail logical oats recipe

    59. Sayag Jasmine

      when are you posting again

    60. I am Shade

      I hope you guys are alright. You've been pretty silent for a while :/

    61. Ronzy Sherif

      Dont u know that u can screen record without a computer?

      1. Hazethemaze

        Ronzy Sherif Ikr I was wondering If she knew the entire time

    62. Link326

      I hope you and Tyler are safe during lockdown 🙂 Hopefully new videos soon 🥰

    63. Mattie Kehl

      i love the jeff bezos jokes

    64. Renate de Vreede

      The grey sweater dress looked cute on you

    65. crybaby

      am i the only one who’s waiting for her channel name to change to “safiya williams”? 🥺👀

      1. rosie muffins

        i read somewhere she's keeping her name

    66. Daniel Cooper

      Of course the picks were safe, Saf only wanted neutral color clothing and casual wear. There's not that much u can do with that.

    67. Presley Helmstetter

      i remember how just like a yearlong who you had 4-5 million subs. WOW you grew SOOOO much! i haven’t watched you in a while because my mom was sick and i came back to you getting married. I just want to say that your videos have brought so much joy to me and i just wanted to congratulate you on your success. I hope that you and tyler have a good marriage and i wish you nothing but the best. One of your #1 fans, Presley

    68. Randomness !

      Hey saf is everything ok. You haven’t been on FIsels in a while and I know the world has been a little crazy rn

    69. Unicorn Life

      You should do trying cosplay as an anime character next

    70. Mainly.Morgan

      are you in our super savers shoppers club?

    71. Zoe The Cat

      It’s been a long time! Puleeeze post to help us laugh through this horrible quarantine! We need you guys!!!!!!!!!!

    72. weare allone

      If you're done with FIsels I wish you'd just tell us :( we miss u

      1. rosie muffins

        where the hell has she gone??

      2. The Detective - ETN Edits


    73. Valerie Canedo

      Boring clothes

    74. Merry Jones

      Challenge Me lady fisels.info/video/videot/nWfHhpN4smKBbGQ.html

    75. Jennifer Duke

      I have been watching so many of your videos lately and OMG you're making me obsessed with star/celestial patterns and now I need ALL OF IT

    76. carol

      I'm starting to really hate Amazon.... getting greedy and eating other's 🍪 not cool Amazon.

    77. Hi Sisters!!!

      Does Safiya have the Benana nail polish and Time For The Teal nail polish 💅

    78. Arijana Imamovic

      You've also disappeared from instagram, what is happening?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

    79. Arijana Imamovic

      Why aren't you posting anythnig?!?!?! I haven't seen a new video in a month and a half. Why've you disappeared?!?!?🥺😞💔

    80. Michelle Steele

      I like your style it's a bit like mine. Black. Just black. As black as a vampire. Muhahahh.