I made Griffs Extendable Baseball Bat from BTTF 2 + Delorean DMC

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    As a MASSIVE Back to the Future fan I welcome to the channel the Delorean DMC 12 and to go in it a loverly Stainless Steel Extendable Bat.........But stay tuned as next video I try n learn to use @Gravity Industries jet suit to ride a hover board.
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    1. colinfurze

      Exited for flying the jet suit with the hoverboard, for progress so far channel members have a first look and some new merch updates fisels.info/a/p68_FLety0O-n9QU6phsgwjoin Thanks to all viewers and hope your all doing ok in this weird 2020.

      1. Kendan Sayers

        Hey Colin what if you used megnets to hold down the stuff that looks like the DeLorean’s moter stuff on the back please read this

      2. NoxiLord

        What about the 10million subscriber fireworks?

      3. ezeagha tochukwu

        @colinfurze hi, sorry to bother you, please can you give my channel a shout out please, I want to grow like you

      4. George Lucas

        Finally 10 mil subscribers

      5. Lala Adrisola

        I've been here since the beginning of the channel

    2. doliio volay

      Colin: I'll help you take in the groceries His wife: ok? Colin: brings in fruit to smash with his new bat

    3. Arvid Smit

      Where can i buy one

      1. doliio volay

        Don’t you dare fuck up the car. Nice bat tho.

    4. Doug Harker


    5. Thunderbolt

      How about you use a magnet or a powerful fan to make the hover board float?


      If anyone could make a real time machine with this car it would be this guy

    7. lebareslep

      Can't help but link this: fisels.info/video/videot/bHOmosySa2dqfH0.html

    8. Juanito G

      Clicked on this vid thinking "yeh sweet the beginning of a delorean make over series" but actually came to the same conclusion pretty quickly Im not even a car enthusiast -like at all! - but a car like that in such condition deserves to be appreciated

    9. farhad aa

      I got a back to the future ad for playmobile and thought it was part of the video itself.

    10. yeonig

      Great fun. Thanks for that. I like hoverboard one with the jet packs too. Have you seen the Dutch flutist trying to work in lockdown playing bttf theme song. See her instagram @flutorama

    11. Sergio Solórzano

      the delorean reminds me of the teslas cyber truck.

    12. Doug Johnson

      Yeesh, that was the worst scene in the whole BTTF franchise. Biff was supposed to be a bully, but suddenly he's trying to straight up murder a dude in the middle of a crowded, day time, city center.

      1. bocoy noiu

        Looks like the duluxo of gta

    13. Jason Smith

      Enjoyed the movie humour. Intro and ‘Griff’ especially...

    14. CarterPlayz Craft11

      I see Colin at th clock its so funny love it

    15. Ezio

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> colin just EWOed lmao

    16. josh shankla

      Where the hell did you get a Delorean They are so rare

    17. Ya boi BluddFang

      i dread to think what would happen if this man got his mits on the anarchist's cookbook

    18. Caden the Cadbury Engine

      BTTF is my favorite! Perfect!

    19. James Scoobie

      i reckon i've got some of those switches... let me know if you're interested!

    20. TruGamer Zeto

      Don’t you dare fuck up the car. Nice bat tho.

      1. TruGamer Zeto

        Uhm why u responding to my comment? Your question wasn’t related either way.

      2. oiuet souiu

        1:11 Why!!!, does your amp, NOT go to 11?

    21. The Turcan's tribe

      Stay the same Colin stay the same👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✌🏻

    22. KingNewfyDog

      Lucky u got a deleorian i want one

      1. oiuet souiu

        Extendable baseball bat? You mean plastic lightsaber held from the top?

    23. Jygako

      can you play baseball with it

    24. kirito-_- َ

      Looks like a deluxo

    25. SNOBBS

      Collaborate with the legend himself... Keith Lemon?!

    26. Trent Pelletier

      Colin: I'll help you take in the groceries His wife: ok? Colin: brings in fruit to smash with his new bat

    27. Florian Melka

      Love the Delorean, would really be a shame to do anything to this beauty. If you are still looking for the "auto off" switch on the bat, I got some lying around, can send them to you or just check this out: JIE-MTS123A1 (part number for maybe the exact switch you are looking for) Keep up the gooooood work :D

    28. Rickstar Gaming

      Looks like the duluxo of gta

    29. Joshua Potts

      I could make the time machine!, nah I’ll make an extendable baseball bat 😂

    30. TheFrybo

      I know he said that he doesn`t want to re-built it to a "time machine" but some other modifications would be interesting! Like, I heard that the original De Loreans were actually pretty crappy in certein details. It would be interesting to see, what a talented builder could do to redo those cheap parts and make something like the "definitive" De Lorean Model...

    31. Tyriq Wetsly

      Could you please create the jacket Marty’s son wears in back to the future dos.

    32. RankOneNEET

      All these years I thought his name was Biff.

    33. Fabian {NsID•}

      i from indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

    34. Uriel

      Aaaprro traes el deluxo :v

    35. Bill Dennis

      Love it. Quite surprised it doesn't also shoot fire.

    36. puarz1816

      Extendable baseball bat? You mean plastic lightsaber held from the top?

    37. Wiregami Creations

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> Why!!!, does your amp, NOT go to 11?

    38. Lord _ Scrubington

      If i had a delorean, i would paint it bright lime and yellow on the black parts. why? To make it look as far from the Back To The Future car as possible. The Delorean is a good car, yet everyone remembers it for being 'the time car'.

    39. Max Murphy

      for the momentary switch you can have a look at these online suppliers: DigiKey; Mouser; RS Electronics; Element 14. The first two have the biggest range

    40. oiuet souiu

      That car suits Colin perfectly And he's one of the few people who probably know how to keep it running! Lol

    41. Eschaton

      Fantastically over the top. I'd just have done a gravity extending with latches. That could have made the retracted bat a whole lot smaller too.

      1. oiuet souiu

        anyone else think the start of the vid looked more Wallace and grommet then BTTF

    42. MrGamePlays

      2k Dislikes from Deluxo greifers

    43. matthew drane

      Colin furze Other then yourself who do you recommend me to watch that makes stuff like you do?

    44. Toma Poljak

      Is that an RPG on the sealing!????????

    45. Cancun771

      Coulda just used air rams with CO2 capsules as used in air guns, they're super small.

    46. Gran Fury

      However I came here - it fascinated me. Subbed! :D

    47. oliver lindsay

      Dam stop flexing the deluxo Colin we all know you got it off the podium

    48. Dar Prdun

      Just an RPG on the ceiling 😂

    49. Yourmama

      Back to the future is such a great film

    50. Judah Braun8273628

      Why doesn't he use a spring, that would have fater, and less complicated

    51. Jaffa Boi

      Back to the future Is the best film ever

    52. Газета Games'TV

      Круто, Только вот с дэлорианом что будет ?

    53. Devin Munoz

      Love this

    54. kiel hawkins

      colinfurze, why on earth haven't you installed a flux capacitor and time circuits yet?

    55. Teddie Fogg

      Next video: now let’s add some spikes

    56. eduards robeznieks

      the intro was so cool! :)

    57. Kiba the grey wolf

      anyone else think the start of the vid looked more Wallace and grommet then BTTF

    58. Joshua Kavanaugh

      American "that's not how you swing a bat, is it?"

    59. Wesley loves lizards

      Turn your delorean into a real working back to the future time machine

    60. Samuel Oliver

      Hands down, best intro of 2020!

    61. Encore Services

      Colin, a switch suggestion, why not use two pushbuttons instead of a toggle switch one for out and one for in?

    62. Viking Z Lasu

      You the Best

    63. Vitaly Nagornov

      Где русские коменты?

    64. Darshan Ambule

      You know he is British when he plays cricket shots with a baseball bat.

    65. Bract heiter

      Too bad it’s an automatic :/

    66. OldSchoolMTB'er

      Did you buy the Deluxo for the full price? The Deluxo on sale for this week!

    67. Aishwarya S L A

      He is the most craziest FIselsr I have seen in my life

    68. Simon Blais-D'souza

      Hey colin I was wondering if a lawn mower engine will be powerful enough to use on a drift trike

    69. Timmy Josef

      make automatic doors

    70. Dark underground 1


    71. ScopezPlayz

      How are you even this talented man, holy shit

    72. hihiguy

      The problem is with the deloren is that its really shit

    73. Kandith B.

      Yep, he's having his mid-life crisis

    74. Dylan Turvey


    75. Scott Kg4yhr72

      Leave it to you Colin only you could pull this one off

    76. Lord Derpalot

      Nice design, but I think a pneumatic ram from an office chair would have been much simpler and stronger.

    77. Charles Animations

      Started to watch the video, got an ad for a delorian kids toy

    78. dolimi jotoo

      I wish he would have made it like one of those sticks cops use that extend

    79. Peter Lustigs Latzhose


      1. dolimi jotoo

        colin, you are my inspiration,,

    80. Mangor

      I pray to god for the poor guy that robs him