IGN's Top 10 Saddest Video Game Moments


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    Our picks for the saddest moments in video game history.
    Some footage sourced from: World of Long Plays
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    1. Joshua Overby

      So sad but were authors

    2. Taz Fett

      I knew I was done for once reach was the first one on the list... and Yep it only got sadder and then sadder and then it hit heart breaking... great great list.

    3. Maxime McInerney élève

      Ahem ahem JoJo heritage for the future ahem ahem kakyoin ending

    4. Jeff Dreiman

      Life is strange 2 when you surrender at the end is definitely a underrated moment

    5. Desktop Goose

      Gears features at the number 8 and 9 spot. That’s how you know it’s action packed and emotional.

    6. Eclipse Ghost

      Me:not seein' Arthur Morgan Also me:*visible confusion*

    7. Lalo Hernandez

      Friday the 13th when you kill all the camp counselors 😭😭

    8. Leafeonishere -

      Where is Lego Star Wars end of ep 1 with qui gon dying

    9. Joint Lucas

      It's sad people are brushing over these deaths just because of red dead 2...

    10. Yeet the Baby

      Where is ghost from MW 2

    11. _ BeanBoi _

      Yeah the Halo Reach hit me hard asf as a young gamer

    12. felonii

      Reubens death? lol

    13. Springa

      Arthur Morgan’s death should definitely be number 1

    14. mark nvt

      Final Fantasy 10 brought me here...wait no Final Fantasy 10?

    15. erm yes i still exists so shut up

      Where is PMD 2???

    16. Andrew Cooper

      This made me remember Arthur, and you didn’t include him, how dare you

    17. Arthur Morgan

      I feel like more people connected more with Arthurs death, Johns is still really sad though

    18. mrmikef10

      All these lists are the same... All about the money.

    19. philyfighter4

      love how rdr1 is there but not rdr2. Wow just wow

    20. Mrunodos114

      Arthur’s death was very sad, but I would respectfully argue that John’s death hit harder because no one saw it coming. RDR2 is a prequel, so it didn’t leave much room to imagine the fate of some of the main characters.

    21. Alan Montemayor

      No Nier Automata?

    22. Jimmy Noobtron

      Mass Effect will forever be my favorite gaming trilogy. Not because of the gameplay or graphics but because it was the most interested I have ever been in a gaming story. You grow so attached to Shepherd and his crew over hours of gameplay, more than you ever could to someone in a movie.

    23. Jalen Moody

      Damn does the opening of Ori hit so hard😢

    24. Owais Lone

      For me it's death of Arthur Morgan in Red Dead 2

    25. Lifestyle Trey

      No Arthur really? I hate ign

    26. Geralt of Rivia

      Black Ops the Line moment not sad, but shocking

    27. Marcos Gonzalez

      The scene where Red XIII discovers his father Seto died protecting Cosmo Canyon is absolutely gut-wrenching.

    28. Dr. Cactus W

      I'd argue Arthur Morgan's death was sadder than John's Who do I need to fight over this?

      1. max moore

        @Dr. Cactus W your welcome bro

      2. Dr. Cactus W

        @max moore Thank you brother

      3. max moore

        No one because you are right

    29. neevs

      While The Last Of Us is probably the most emotional game I’ve ever played, Lee dying in TWD is probably still the scene that’ll always get me no matter what. Definitely #1

    30. 4 Ramí

      Damn Sephirot

    31. Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

      Halo Reach ending is #1... how is it not better than the others?

    32. Clash Clans

      A way out?

    33. Joel Taylor

      The last two always make me bawl even when it’s just a clip and I’m not immersed 😭😭😭😭 I recommend the walking dead to everyone

    34. Russian Boi soi


    35. DP3com

      Last of Us left me with a hard to swallow feeling. Lee dying and Clementine shooting him before he turned made me shed a tear or two. However, to this day Dom finding his wife in 2 and his sacrifice 3 gets me very teary-eyed and choked up.

    36. Damien Diaz

      I played all gears of war from 1/5 and the mobile game but i cryed every time i had to watch maria and dom die😪

    37. Jacket cock

      WHERE IS MAFIA 2 AND"Joe wasn't part of our deal"?!

    38. kill zapper97

      Can we just realize for a minute that sad game since are sadder then movie since

    39. Mina Henan

      As soon as I read the title, I knew Lee’s death would be number 1

    40. Bradley McAvoy

      Where’s Shadow of the Colossus?!? That game is in my top 10! I teared up when I thought Agro died! Then I was happy and sad at the same time when he turned up alive!😢

    41. Bradley McAvoy

      The voice actress of Clementine kinda set me on edge but that scene was gripping and heart wrenching. Opening of TLOU gets every time but I cried more after Ellie killed David and Joel and Ellie embraced and he called her baby girl!

    42. vYunqx

      Saddest thing to ever come across is 100% Arthur Morgan death scene with the sunset

    43. PhantomSin

      I’m Coming Home Ace ~ In Memory Of Cayde-6

    44. Sku11 Bust3r

      Mine is #1 The last of us #2 Assassin creed Ezio #3 Days gone

    45. Sku11 Bust3r

      My fav game of alltime is 'The last of us'

    46. AfricanH3ro

      The breath at the end when the scene turns black is the voice actor actually crying.

    47. Mason Parker

      Arthur is number 1 for me

    48. gil de magniv

      *where is soap's death?*

    49. Kamil Kucharczyk

      No Crisis Core?

    50. Vishhal Rajesh

      Had you placed anything other than The walking dead for #1 Id have been pissed af.

    51. Donovan Izaguirre

      The saddest moment while I was playing a game is when I was playing Minecraft I fell in lava with 6 diamonds

    52. mandar ohol

      If soap dying isn't here then the list is a lie

    53. JI_QM

      وين غوست من كود MW2 يا مناويك

    54. Sun Tzu

      John's death is much sadder than Arthur's. Everyone knew Arthur was gonna die, but John gives you hope right up until the last second when you get to use Deadeye for one last time.

    55. Psypher luix

      Where is the dying Arthur morgan at the sunrise on top of hill from RDR2 that scene makes me feel really sad and so emotional at the same time :(

    56. Juan-Tap

      Why is Doki Doki on this list?!?!?!

    57. G-ame Spot


    58. Krishanu Phukan

      No ghost? No Arthur? Naaah... Imma pass...

    59. Solart

      saddest video game moments: plin plin plon

    60. Reef Gaming

      As I was watching dom death I thought I don’t feel it no more but as soon as the music started my heart just drowned