IRON MAIDEN - Rock In Rio 2019 (Full HD Concert)

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    This is video footage of IRON MAIDEN's October 4th, 2019 performance at the Rock In Rio festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The band's set-list was as follows:
    01. Aces High (the beginning is cut, starts at the end of the first chorus) 0:04
    02. Where Eagles Dare 3:00
    03. 2 Minutes To Midnight 9:02
    04. The Clansman 18:11
    05. The Trooper 27:29
    06. Revelations 32:44
    07. For The Greater Good Of God 39:23
    08. The Wicker Man 48:46
    09. Sign Of The Cross 53:24
    10. Flight Of Icarus 1:04:29
    11. Fear Of The Dark 1:08:34
    12. The Number Of The Beast 1:16:30
    13. Iron Maiden 1:21:33
    14. The Evil That Men Do 1:29:42
    15. Hallowed Be Thy Name 1:34:12
    16. Run To The Hills 1:42:00
    All 90,000 tickets to the IRON MAIDEN-headlined "metal night" of this year's Rock In Rio festival sold out within two hours after they went on sale in April.
    IRON MAIDEN was one of the first attractions ever announced for Rock In Rio, playing on the opening night of the legendary 1985 edition. Other unforgettable performances followed when they headlined the City of Rock in the 2001 and 2013 editions. That last one also sold out 90,000 tickets within hours. In October 2019, the Brits played at the festival for the fourth time topping the bill with their latest "Legacy Of The Beast" tour, which is being hailed by fans and media alike as the most extravagant and visually stunningly live show of the band's career to date with a setlist of decades-spanning hits and fan favorites, including some songs not played live for many years.

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    1. Ola Niewiarowska

      Amazing Bruce❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

    2. Олександр Речун

      Дедам пора на пенсию." Асы высоты" лучше бы не пели вообще.

    3. Harry Skerritt

      What is Nicko holding up at 23:58?

    4. Юрий Домин

      сраные уродды! где звук наией любимой песне!? нахера постить файл без звук - твари не мытые!

    5. Niraj Panchal

      Helloween singer Micheal Kiske still sounding like his 20's at Rio 2019

    6. Stanislav Shumann

      Listening Hallowed be ty Name...they shows that they don't need a Bruce,in this case better that he shut which can make good instrumentals,may they never needed a vocalists...

    7. bernardo iglesias

      with all my respect to paul d'ianno for me iron maiden is with bruce dickinson.

    8. TheTRUTH

      That Jens dude is such A DORK... is his guitar even plugged in?

    9. Pizo

      iron maiden the band number 1 the world

    10. Nagilum

      Bruce looks bad ass again. Thats impressive when you are closing in at 60.

    11. Erwin Agustin

      Inspiring. even in their 60s

    12. Average Savage

      Just sing "thy will be done" on the wicker man chorus Bruce

    13. Karol Kozak

      I do not listen to these guys anymore but - they've still got it. Also, what a crowd. Such a great time to be alive.

    14. Steve S

      Anybody else notice that Dave Murray didn't do the dive bomb during his solo for The Trooper? I noticed it when I saw them live in Houston on this tour, then watching this confirmed it. Why Dave Why?

    15. PJ Matematico

      see you in the Philippines next year, hell yeah!! \m/

    16. xPalmejox

      2019 y Aces High sigue sonando como en 1985 en Donington. Increible!!

    17. Volker Puttmann

      Slow and tired performance, probably they got too many drinks the night before 🙈

    18. Paul Cormier

      nothing less than stunning performances by everyone and to just imagine that bruce will then fly them off -its beyond my comprehension -I think he sounds better than ever they all do for that matter !! legends

    19. Angel Kousein

      kounithite re vlakes ekei mprosta..oi maiden pezoune..ti skata kanete..eleos..

    20. Antonio Dishington

      Amazing Sound! Bruce's voice is amazing!

    21. WhereNextToConquer

      Have to see them one more time before they finish. What a fucking set.

    22. Azor Ahai

      How I wish I was fuckin' there!!!

    23. Oswald Montoya

      que buen performance y show el que dio maiden en Brasil !!! bueno, saludos desde El Salvador, porfa chequeen mi humilde audio cover de "the evil that men do" keep on rocking !!! up the iron's !!!

    24. German Peña

      Yo estuve ahí. Puedo morir en paz

    25. Rob MacGowan

      Still rocking hard..

    26. Gordan Freeman


    27. alex zaldaña

      rock en rio fue el primer concierto de maiden que vi en dvd ... waoo ya es 2019 y maiden aun tocando... la mejor banda de metal de la historia ....

    28. Fed Beta

      272 dedos abajo, son unos imbéciles, de seguro son puñales.

    29. Lenovo 2019

      The only thing missing is my favourite wasted years!!!!!!!

    30. olivier wurmser

      et voila encore plus sons , putain de bug sur ces putains de video

    31. José juan Rodriguez Ibarra

      PUrA pinche cAjEta.

    32. folladordeprostis

      Bruce Dickinson is the Mick Jagger of heavy metal 🤘🏻 😛🎸😛😛🤘🏻🤘🏻

    33. Mauricio Villamil

      del ptas Harris y ese bajo, todos son los putas, up the irons forever, saludos desde Colombia

    34. Led Remix

      Mr Bruce really much respect to you for your speech! I LOVE YOU!

    35. 74 torino

      heavy metal pantomime 👎

    36. Renato Martins

      o batera detona ..... show perfeito

    37. Adam S

      Harvey Keitel

    38. ジョジョ魂


    39. Mario Das Neves

      A curtir uma das melhores musica de sempre

    40. Eddie Hernandez

      OMG !!!! Best band ever ! What Bruce does at 61 is sick !

    41. Дима Дорога


    42. Sebastien Meo-Fiorucci

      for the greater good of god !!!!

    43. Tahsin Raiyan

      Age doesn't matter brother He is young and so his voice

    44. Esa Torikka

      fligt icarus best song

    45. Nick Maloy

      Bruce Dickinson parece que canta mejor con el paso de los años. Realmente es sorprendente , puede o no gustarte el timbre de su voz , a mi personalmente no me gusta tanto como otras epocas, pero hay que reconocer que con la edad que tiene y lo dificil que debe ser cantar cada noche en esa tesitura tan aguda, es tremendo lo bien que esta cantando . La verdad que no vi todo el concierto e igual me equivoco , pero en los 80,s no tenia la misma regularidad que parece tener ahora. Ojala le dure mucho y podamos tener Iron Maiden para rato. Aunque ya no saquen un album bueno..jeje!

    46. Nick Maloy

      Bruce Dickinson seems to sing better over the years. It is really surprising, you may or may not like the timbre of your voice, I personally do not like it as much as other times, but you have to recognize that with the age you are and how difficult it must be to sing every night in that sharp tessorship, It is tremendous how well he is singing. The truth is that I did not see the whole concert and I am still wrong, but in the 80s, it did not have the same regularity it seems to have now. Hopefully it will last a long time and we can have Iron Maiden for a while. Although they no longer release a good album ... hehe!

    47. Camilo pedraza colorado


    48. Personne

      So legendary band, I have no words....

    49. Apo V


    50. piero lo groi

      Steve Harris best bassist in the world.😎

    51. Nelson Bustamante

      Cuando van a subir el recital en argentina...?

    52. Adam Digger

      Niestety, głosik się kończy, tak samo, jak skończył się głos pijaka Hetfielda dawno temu......

    53. Eyemaster

      bruce as no more voice

    54. Nito Aye

      Bruce ua great.. love yu more

    55. Nicko Lares

      Grande Maiden lml

    56. anusheadproductions

      ok i need to wave the white flag now i surrender! im done! thats enough!

    57. Dessares

      Increíble que todavía puedan pese a la edad darle así de duro... es bastante demandante, se nota, especialmente el trabajo que hace Bruce Dickinson de ir de un lado para el otro y todo lo que hace a su edad es algo que es fuera de serie.

    58. Perro Negro y callejero

      fuckin brazilians you need balls for metal

    59. Denisse Riquelme

      genial!!, pero qué pasó con fear of the dark?

    60. Omar Padilla

      Cómo pueden a su edad !!😮 Excelentes !!!