IRON MAIDEN - Rock In Rio 2019 (Full HD Concert)

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    This is video footage of IRON MAIDEN's October 4th, 2019 performance at the Rock In Rio festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The band's set-list was as follows:
    01. Aces High (the beginning is cut, starts at the end of the first chorus) 0:04
    02. Where Eagles Dare 3:00
    03. 2 Minutes To Midnight 9:02
    04. The Clansman 18:11
    05. The Trooper 27:29
    06. Revelations 32:44
    07. For The Greater Good Of God 39:23
    08. The Wicker Man 48:46
    09. Sign Of The Cross 53:24
    10. Flight Of Icarus 1:04:29
    11. Fear Of The Dark 1:08:34
    12. The Number Of The Beast 1:16:30
    13. Iron Maiden 1:21:33
    14. The Evil That Men Do 1:29:42
    15. Hallowed Be Thy Name 1:34:12
    16. Run To The Hills 1:42:00
    All 90,000 tickets to the IRON MAIDEN-headlined "metal night" of this year's Rock In Rio festival sold out within two hours after they went on sale in April.
    IRON MAIDEN was one of the first attractions ever announced for Rock In Rio, playing on the opening night of the legendary 1985 edition. Other unforgettable performances followed when they headlined the City of Rock in the 2001 and 2013 editions. That last one also sold out 90,000 tickets within hours. In October 2019, the Brits played at the festival for the fourth time topping the bill with their latest "Legacy Of The Beast" tour, which is being hailed by fans and media alike as the most extravagant and visually stunningly live show of the band's career to date with a setlist of decades-spanning hits and fan favorites, including some songs not played live for many years.

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    1. milltown hayes

      steve harris es una maquina

    2. Mario Ojeda

      MOST EPIC MOMENT <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>:50

    3. Roberto Fabian Martin

      Soy ARGENTINO pero lo que hacen ustedes compatriotas brasileños cada vez que va IRON MAIDEN a RIO es alucinante, veo esto y se me caen las lágrimas de la emoción amo a esta banda más que a mí vida, hace 3 años me quedé sin trabajo y cuando estuvieron el año pasado en BUENOS AIRES no pude ir para terminar quiero contarles mí sueño de toda la vida es ver a IRON MAIDEN en RÍO algún día desde ya mis felicitaciones y mis respetos a todo el país brasilero UP THE IRONS abrazos de metal BLOOD BROTHERS lml

    4. Александр Остапенко

      Красавчики, нет слов! Держат марку!

    5. Redguard66

      Cieszę się, że dalej chłopaki gracie. Iron Maiden to legenda, która miała ogromny wpływ na moje życie. Lata niestety lecą, Twój wokal Bruce....gdy wrócłleś na Brave New World- cudo, niesamowite coś co chwyta za gardło.Cały album genialny, a Ty ponad tym wszystkim. Cieszę się,że udało Ci się pokonać chorobę. Byłem wtedy z Tobą. I dalej jestem z Wami. Zdrowia Wam chłopaki życzę.

    6. All About Slots

      Up the Irons

    7. Tomás J. González Palomino

      Son los mejores...y punto.

    8. Серега Питерский

      🎼🤘🤘🤘🤘Maiden Syper!!! 💀💀-pops🇧🇾

    9. Donatem

      когда подняли пенсионный возраст...

    10. c yıldırım

      I try to find the one who appears at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> , please help :D

    11. Christian Lecoufle

      sorry but I'm still asking why they keep gers ...

    12. Konstantin Zuev

      Пиздец Он старый, уже не тянет нахера(((

    13. Marlon Paul Amaro Barrientos

      Gracias Eddie, por seguir manteniendo con vida a tus vasallos. Yo sé que hiciste un trato con Satan.

    14. Marlon Paul Amaro Barrientos

      Larga vida a la Dama de Hierro!!!. Saludos desde Comas- Lima-Perú.

    15. Finn 06

      Mi banda favorita


      Janick Gers, Please leave Maiden. They don't need you. ALL your guitar poses are exactly the same...year after year.

    17. wingsken

      I never liked, dont like and wont like Gersh. imo he doesnt contribute to the band other than nonsensical solos that dont fit the music and he is waay to over the top flamboyant and Maiden never gave out this flamboyand vibe.

    18. Lucia Ďurišová


    19. Vaguely Aware Of Stuff

      There's more than being ill going on with his voice. Look at his mouth when he's talking before Clansman starts, he's struggling to form certain letters, almost like he's got a lsip or something. I'm hoping he'd been to the dentist and was numb or something, cos that's worrying and definitiely nothing to do with having a cold or being sick,

    20. Mike Olsen

      Lost count of how many times I’ve seen Maiden live. Always a great show. Saw them two nights in a row recently in Edmonton, then Calgary, and Bruce sounded as good as I’ve ever heard him for both shows. Can’t wait for Ed Force One to land in Alberta again!

    21. David Csh

      La mejor banda de todos los tiempos

    22. La Gángster

      Nadie cantaba the clansman xD

    23. La chaine d'Alf!

      J'aime beaucoup Iron Maiden Mais là, j'ai mal : c'est quoi ce niveau sonore qui varie tout le temps ? Compression dynamique catastrophique ☹️

    24. Bradley Lenart

      YO Nicko, SLOW down bra! Tempo is through the roof! GEEZE you guys are supposed to be "PROS."

    25. Jean-Pierre Skogsbär

      Miss the old days...not the old Maiden, but the days without the fucking phones...

    26. Gannon Purcell

      Go Eddie

    27. Jordan Robles huitron

      Adrián smith still be awesome love his performance solos 🎸 for the legacy of the beast

    28. Caroline Tran

      Love the spitfire in the back

    29. Roger Baumann

      Ich sehe maiden zum 12. mal in zürich im juli! Bis jetzt waren die shows immer obergeil!

    30. Richard Nicholas

      Amazing how thiss band finds the energy to play like this after 40 years. They're still going strong.

    31. Fede Andrex

      Son y seguirán siendo la banda numero 1° del heavy metal !! Es un placer poder ver a estos monstruos arriba de un escenario.

    32. G.O. A.T.

      Greetings from 🇨🇭🤘

    33. Sir Iron Duke

      UP. THE. IRONS!!!!

    34. Espen Christensen

      Bruce Dickinson still is the champ of old scool rockeres.

    35. Joseph Villegas

      It’s just orgasmic when you combine the beginning of the trooper and the crowd

    36. Дмитрий Шнитко

      Срите в штаны

    37. Дмитрий Шнитко

      Вы совсем там охуели на своем западе....мы уже другие люди и не комунисты ....но честь свою не загадим

    38. Дмитрий Шнитко

      если песня Trooper против русских то мы вам покажем кто есть кто в бою....УБЛЮДКИ

    39. Mario La Brie

    40. tori6741

      I see Janick Gers is still getting paid for doing fuck all. Glad I saw Maiden before he joined.

    41. Jero Ponce Iglesias

      La mejor banda de la historia de la musica

    42. Гугол Плэев

      live legend

    43. farre flynn

      Vaya mierda de público... Para quedarme quieto todo el concierto grabando con el móvil, me quedo en mi casa...

    44. Mika Ilyas

      They still look and play good at their 60s dude!

    45. Greg Rayner

      Audio is fucked up between 108.35 & 116.10 what is that shit ? fucking unless hey ?

    46. joe blows

      If I had to change anything, Id swap out Clansman for Killers, Sign of the cross for Phantom of the opera, & Evil that men do for Caught SIT!

    47. KK Pink-Factor

      "BEST METAL BAND OF FLAT-EARTH for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    48. Fire Fox

      too bad this video is stolen <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a>:24

    49. Dionisis Vitouladitis

      Best concert ever. They came and in Athens Greece , Tera Vibe Park Malakasa. I was one of the 35.000 people there! UP THE IRONS!

    50. Jennifer Lynn Summers

      Does anyone know if Robbie Price is still associated with Maiden or any of the British Metal band's as a Production Manager, Tour Manager, Assistant TM, etc? I haven't seen him around in over 9 years and am just curious if anyone here knows who he is and if he's doing okay? Great show and thank you for posting it.

    51. Luciano Caprav

      Blaze Bayley is better, comback blaze, please, and kick the Bruce's ass

      1. Luciano Caprav


    52. Juan A.

      Forever IRON MAIDEN.

    53. liczysiekasa


    54. liczysiekasa

      Beirut Metal Fest Is The Best

    55. Maureen Wagg

      100%, best band ever. They are truly amazing. I used to listen to Maiden as a teen and my boys grew up with them. They went to the recent show in Toronto, Canada. I wish I had gone.

    56. Lars-Gunnar Grönvald

      they are the best heavy metal ever.

      1. Lars-Gunnar Grönvald


    57. Joaquín González

      Iron Maiden the best!!!❤

    58. moon nk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>:10

    59. iTubeYourDadsMinge

      Thanks for the upload. But fear of the dark has no sound. Come on, mate?

    60. Ralf Henke

      I really do love Maiden but why any band in the world would ever choose to continuously have 3 guitarists is completely beyond me. Janick sure is a fine axeman but IM's sound has deteriorated ever since Adrian came back and Janick stayed in. Wthout the 3rd guitar the sound has always been much more precise and a lot sharper. Especially in combination with Steve's rather high pitch and plocking bass sound, the midrange sound of three guitars is just joo much. It makes their sound grow all muddy and trashy. I am really not sure if I should attend the 2020 legacy tour.

    61. Monika Berg

      Idi0t who uploaded this cut the whole intro and the beginning of the first song and he f...ed up aspect ratio. Are you really that blind, small, misserable and di(kless person? F..k you, m0r0n.

    62. стас Тихомиров

      супер брюс

    63. стас Тихомиров

      мейдпн сказал сделал

    64. Sordelio Castro

      No one has noticed that it's sound bad? Nadie ha notado que el sonido esta mal?

    65. Seto Brownstone

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>:44 - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="106">1:46</a>:17 It's probably the best last concert's moment I've ever seen in my life!

    66. raziel rain

      I was a boy now a man tomorrow I will be gone but I will never forget the songs the moments the music the magic.thank you iron maiden

    67. Savioz Stéphane

      Hallowed be thy name is so slow , wth

    68. jhon oli

      Sublime, categorico, contundente, extraordinario..

    69. jhon oli

      Sublime, categorico, contundente, extraordinario..

    70. jhon oli

      Sublime, categorico, contundente, extraordinario..

    71. jhon oli

      Sublime, categorico, contundente, extraordinario..

    72. miggelie

      Nicko plays Lars' St.Anger Snaredrum :-D

    73. Spy Retto

      Yeah he dodges some of the high notes on several songs. We were bashing Bayley when he was in Maiden for not being able to perform the Dickinson's songs properly, I'd say Dickinson is not performaing the Bayley songs the way Bayley did. So it goes both ways.

    74. Ana Batrićević

      The best band and frontman ever

    75. Humberto Nuñez

      Like si estuviste en el Palco Mundo cantando cada tema

    76. Piotr Iwaniec

      Time to detune guitars for Bruce...

    77. Julie Wells

      How come the audio doesn't match up with the video?

    78. clayton swearingen

      i dont know if anyone that is saying shit about his voice noticed but the longer the show went on the more his voice came to him, mans 60 and has fought off throat cancer i think he did just fine considering lol, Mans incredible, a fully licensed air liner pilot world class fencer, man has lived life to the fullest lol,and if anyone has had the pleasure to meet him face to face he is a very kind humble man, Hats off to the guy

    79. сергей орлов

      МЭЙДЕНЫ еще тащат

    80. Donald Lambirth

      wow. they have aged well. sound great. Bruce is still hitting those notes. Stage set and lights entertaining.