Iron Maiden - The Trooper (Official Video)

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    Iron Maiden - The Trooper - from 1983's Piece Of Mind
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    1. john thonig

      I have seen at least 300 band's-MOST of the greats. But not Maiden.. My life is incomplete. SMH.

    2. Mario Mendez Chevez

      What Dickinson says about the great british empire survive under de mercy of Hitler?

    3. Святослав Пушкаш

      Раскачаем етот мир! Lol.

    4. A.W. Sawtooth

      The coolest part of this music video, in my opinion, is at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a>. I think it’s pretty awesome how the one soldier, who’s on the ground- presumably dying- passes the British flag to the other soldier who’s riding forward.. It’s like, “I may be about to die, but keep the colors charging forward!” I’m not British but I admire that sense of patriotism.

    5. jesus garcia


    6. Guga Silva


    7. kienthos pranacitra

      helllowww al of the world... from.. Indonesia pacitan... Juni 2020

    8. Juan Valladares

      this channel is worth gold

    9. Juan Valladares

      este canal vale oro

    10. Joana Kremes

      this song is so british it colonized my coputer

    11. Jack Rhodes

      Hurray for British Metal

    12. patrick grondines


    13. Harley Salazar

      IRON MAIDEN para el Covid 19 del 2.020 🤘🏼🎸🎶💯

    14. Нурик Нурланов


    15. Karla Smith

      I have loved Iron Maiden since I was 15. I’m 54 now. Needless to say I was the only hell my mama ever raised!

    16. Ricardo Zambrano

      Bueno parece que soy el único mexicano que le gusta esta música hohoooooohoooooo

    17. Muhammad Fariz


    18. Richard W

      Would you wear the t-shirt of the band your going to see to their concert???...Or would you wear the t-shirt of the band your in on stage at a concert....Whoa.. 4th wall break in another wall break

    19. chicken lord

      Dame taxes just went up

    20. chicken lord

      After listening to this song my hunting rifle turned into a musket

    21. Keith Dixon

      2020 jack Bootleg Troopers

    22. Kaminfire

      Охуенная баллада, как русские дали по щам саксонам

    23. Indra Fuckinghandsup

      My reincarnation🤘

    24. Sabrina lua

      Melhor banda de metal do mundo!! Quem concorda, respira 😁

    25. ElectroLuison Channel 1

      Simply..... The best Heavy Metal ...Never forget it, It`s in Your Mind

    26. Richard Sanders

      Is this the inspiration for a7x MIA?

    27. Fiderick Sebastian

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> That lick share some similiarites with one of Dimebag's lick in the Domination solo

    28. Russ Cambell

      The horses dying makes me sad

    29. di Lara

      this is one of the best songs i have ever heard in my life. Black Sabbath fan here.

    30. Brad Dillon

      By far one of the GREATEST Heavy Metal Bands of all time

    31. caio_santos 1101

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> me: aaaarrhhh

    32. Ram kumar

      Iron maiden ,the most British ish band ever



    34. ZZekedia 222


    35. Makaveli

      yes Iron

    36. rissa wheate

      still awesome

    37. Frank Burdo Drums

      Richard Simmons called he'd like his spandex pants back.

      1. Karla Smith

        You’re not worthy to even be here!!

    38. Winterwolfe

      omd is it coincidence that the one yr im doing that half a league poem thing and i happen to stumble upon this great song once again, ha i think not that is sorcery i tell u its also im fave one out of all the power n conflict poems english is a bore im a sucker for rhymes:)

    39. 畏高的雄火龙then00brathalos

      played this to my nerf gun it became a standard infantry rifle like if you get the reference

    40. HolasoyPaco Martínez Sánchez

      El comentario en español qué buscabas 😈 está "chidori" 😆

    41. Talent Stolen

      whoever the 6.1k douchebags who disliked this video should get the corona virus and just fade away as they have no intellect to great written lyrics nor can appreciate great music with awesome bass and guitar riffs

    42. unai panda saez

      Teacher: We are going to study the colonitation Me: This is my glory moment

    43. Гробница Шу

      Это ж дед Максим!

    44. kauã vidal cunha monteiro

      Alguém em 2020 escutando essa música maravilhosa?

    45. Luis Linan Vega


    46. Mike Hunt

      I'm an hc punk kid and I never really listened to metal but I am now cuz this is sick

    47. MandresHyp

      There is over 73% likes. We need more than 90 %

    48. Pedro Surfista

      homenagem a todos os soldados..que deram suas vidas por alguma causa..certa ou não

    49. Vitor Goes

      the song is victori!

    50. mediocre gameplays

      Those leggings tho

    51. wayne james

      I love it

    52. Brian Arborio

      Millenials may need to speak to their physician or alpha girlfriend before consuming 80s metal. May spur testicular growth, fist fights and independent thought.

    53. antoine fratcelli

      yeaaah rock'n'roll baby!

    54. santiago caviedes perea

      Me encantaria una version con la vos del cantante de slipknot🎼👌🎼👌🎼🤘

      1. D. Agustin.

        un cover de corey taylor

    55. Argy Texas

      Fucking original pure heavy metal !!

    56. Matthew Nichols

      Germans should have turned Britain into a parking lot

    57. Matthew Nichols

      W ow what a fake video. One little cannon ball takes 4 horseman out. Geeez

    58. Dzar Saha


    59. natgal


      1. natgal

        with face

    60. EGGTUT777

      boy scout troop mabie, iron maiden that is a good troop name.

    61. Pedro Surfista

      e neguinho com medinho de pandemia....covardes...

    62. Steenbean M

      Cool cover! 🎶😊Iron Maiden on acoustic, and it works lol

    63. Dean Vine

      Those look like some nasty fucking falls

    64. Chess_Kings

      F for the people who can't hear the bass in this song

    65. Bisuca


    66. Greg Hall

      I bought 3 versions of this. 7" 7" picture disk And the album I swapped the picture disk for a Ghurka knife I'm drinking Rum and it's getting light, for fuck's sake!

    67. zano1971able

      balaklava! respect ..honor!

    68. Rubi Ponce

      I lime his game ironía maiden Legacy of beast

    69. Edward Betancourt


    70. Matthew Vilches



      La mejor banda que ha ido a Argentina 🇦🇷

    72. Cenkhan Evcil


    73. The SM ROCKS

      To escape the trooper you need to run to the hills but inside the hill you have a phobia of fear of the dark and there you rekon the number of the beast and they were hallowed be thy name

    74. Enter the enternal fire

      This is how you learn history.

    75. Dominique Lefevre

      Eddie is like : get off my property

    76. Joseph Calfapietra

      can iron maiden play at my house i love u iron maiden i love u bruce dickinson clive burr nicko mcbrain adrian smith dave murray steve harris janick gears paul di anno

    77. Michael Puffa

      The cannon horse wars do look rather FUN!

    78. Oscar Schneider

      I just wanna stand on top of a mountain playing this

    79. Alexos Da Costa Diplakiz

      This is how i imagine the SOAP fighting against the corona virus XD...

    80. James Barling

      Maiden rules!! Saw my first concert at age 13 the somewhere in time tour , was blown away🙂😮