Iron Maiden - The Trooper (Official Video)

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    Iron Maiden - The Trooper - from 1983's Piece Of Mind
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    1. Zeynep Yilmazer

      Bekir Avşardan gelenler +1 😂😍😍

    2. Isaac Caceres banda


    3. Евгений Черепанов

      этот клип в 90 вроде по утренней почте показали , с этого началась моя MAIDENутость

    4. Amature Producer

      Ah so this is what was played at the Battle of Hope

    5. Hillary Edmund

      So much love in this song

    6. jubo kuro

      shrek become a hulk when he listen this song hahahah

    7. geovanny fernandez

      super maiden

    8. Susana Leiva

      Uno de sus más grande temas 🤘

    9. David Colby

      "C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre. C'est de la folie." "It's magnificent, but it's not war. It is madness."

    10. Juancarlos Avaroa

      Takes you to another world🤘🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    11. red dragon


    12. Smith Smooth

      guitar hero 2 be like

    13. Jerry Jocoy

      This is so Kick-Ass I!! Epic and first true Metal... I'm American but damn long live the Queen!!!

    14. Борис Стефанов

      What move this frames are taken from?

    15. Игорь Гвоздев

      Это шедевр!

    16. tito Balkani

      Anyone else Beastfuckin' their chick to this?

    17. Gourkishore Tripathy

      Repeatedly listening this, you get hooked in sometime, marvelous. Feel heavenly

    18. gobodrodiont

      British are occupants, Crimea is Russian

    19. - The1trueharf -

      Ahhh so refreshing actually hearing bass in metal sometimes 😹😹 There are some metal bands these days that do have bass with more volume in the mix than other bands sometimes.

    20. Speek Fraely Wayan

      Thanks for all the inspiration over the years. Im is like a university class in life...⚡

    21. Don Stevens

      What bass is that Steve is playing? Its custom?

    22. Celia Ramirez

      LAPD saucedo Train force with ACO3331 power to arrest an calexico nada law breaking?

    23. Celia Ramirez

      Lapd coming fir the calexico pd nice lice po take no return cut toe

    24. Vinícius Pietro de Almeida

      IN velocity 1.25 is very epic

    25. Marco Giani


    26. Marcos Fernández Martínez

      Iron Maiden with together Judas Priest, Motörhead, Helloween, Manowar, Slayer, Venom, Megadeth, Metallica, Rhapsody, Hamerfall and Exodus are the best Metal band in the world, UP THE IRONS 🤘🤘.

    27. Simon Cowell

      My dog listened to this Now he is the owner

      1. Alessa


    28. Tiago Profeta

      Iron Maiden Viveeee 🇧🇷🤘

    29. L'acharné

      5K dislike.. I'm going to kill the disliker...

    30. luis gustavo

      iron maiden is the best band I've ever heard my favorite band

    31. Suchit Bhattarai

      2019 0ctober 29 anyone??

    32. Amanda Westfall

      The comments here are gotdamn stellar.

    33. Jeniffer Urzua

      Me gusta esta canción like quien le gusta

    34. Dave Johnson

      We all had our different ways of getting Zach to attack our position. The Scots used bagpipes. The Africans used war drums. We used The Trooper by Iron Maiden.

    35. Jeremy Gordillo

      I played this in my car now its a tank

    36. Carlos Santos

      Bela música do Iron Maiden ...

      1. gabriel gallegos figueroa

        Sopa do Macaco tu tené e cupo largo

    37. Mad Hatter

      *You took my tea, but i teak yours too!*

    38. christian paljusaj

      Today is the 165 year anniversery of the battle of balaclava

    39. MOSCOW

      A century and a half passed, nothing has changed. Russia and the West are fighting for the Crimea again, now on the political field. But Crimea was, is and will be RUSSIAN!

    40. Rita Lovett

      I know this is kind of a stupid question, but were the horses ACTUALLY harmed in the making of this video...?

    41. Rita Lovett

      This song is brilliant. I love how the bass has the rhythm of horses running. So cool.

    42. Сергей Калашников

      Я был на этом месте..

    43. Dale Martin

      The best heavy metal band ever ! Eat your heart out courtney hadwin you fool !!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. Acatel Gundam

      buena rola

    45. Ватный Совок

      Русские Вперёд! Русские Вперёд! Русские Вперёд!

    46. Heavymetal4life

      True heavy metal

    47. Николай Сизёв

      М-да, Черчиль в своё время приезжал на могилку к своему предку, погибшему под огнём моих предков... 🤔 Коньяк любил с Кавказа, после этого...

    48. Marcelo Robles Garcia


    49. Saša Subotin

      Legend of heavy metal,houp soon play in Belgrade!

    50. Pappah Qballs

      Amazing Indonesia 🤘🤘 Salam garpu siomay 🤘🤘

    51. Lourdes Pereira

      Rok 2019 🤘

    52. Stan CFC


    53. Jadraka Koskar popušić

      Inače ,ovo je njegov početak stila ,iako nitko nije razumio o čemu se radi,takvu "ideju"baš lako ne dobiješ,večina muzičara su čak mjesecima pisali ,pokušavali stvoriti neki hit ,vrlo neobično je da bi to toj osobi uspijevalo kada se nije (kao većina)trudio , Jednostavno ga je nešto nadahnulo ,inspiriralo,a to "nešto" je vjerojatno i njemu neka recimo nepoznanica iako nije nego je ono što je ,sasvim obična karizmatičnost ,

    54. TrotterM2


    55. Jason Heresiarch


    56. R4JIV FN

      2:12 STILL THE BEST SOLO IN 2019

    57. Henry Rodriguez

      I played this and had to play 2 min to midnight

    58. Andy B

      Kind of off subject but I’m glad Hollywood chose to ban the suffering of animals. So many of those horses suffered broken legs due to those falls.

    59. * Yoel.Andria.Müller*


    60. Susan Duva

      And the songs that Steve harris.writes about history like the trooper afraid to shoot strangers was.about the.war in the gulf you can learn.history from this band another band you learn history from is sabton they are from Sweden and maiden wrote fun songs like bring your daughter to the slaughter fear of the dark I love powerslave fantastic album great tracks on that album a maiden classic maiden manic up the irons always🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🎸🎸🎸🎸🤘🤘🤘❤️❤️❤️