Jake Paul's New Scam - H3 Podcast #176

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    1. donovanyesko

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a>:17

    2. MarelWhite

      the mc vegan tastes like burned beans tbh...

    3. Dionte Murphy

      central park five

    4. General Account

      Why would someone use a real woman with a weird laughter instead of a proper laughter track.

    5. Red Sonja

      Well my psychiatrist always tell me that I make myself anxious, and that I am not really anxious, but my thoughts make me feel anxious. So stupid because we can't always help how we think.

    6. Red Sonja

      Zak, or however his name is written, has the cutest mouth. And eyes and all of that stuff, but the way he moves his mouth when he talks is just so cute.

    7. Red Sonja

      Ian is chill

    8. Andreas Ernst

      Is Burger King so much worse in the US? Like here in the UK it's fine, and at the same level as McDonald's. Just different?

    9. Chris Ford

      Reason why the Republicans don't want a businessman now is because Trump already revive the economy

    10. Zach Lee

      an ass can make up for a lack of boobs, but boobs cannot make up for a lack of ass. - me

    11. peAk_me_lol

      Eww bernie

    12. CPU 1

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="883">14:43</a> lolll her face

    13. David Anderson

      You can tell Hila gets more uncomfortable with each bite Ethan takes.

    14. RealistMe

      Welcome back to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a>

    15. bryant B

      I went to school and didnt apply myself and i hate myself for it but i hated myself then had a shit start in life i know im intelligent but i wouldnt say something so arrogant as i know i was the smartest in class but i do struggle to understand math now but it was my fault the system works if u apply urself but there is one flaw that i know and not enough 1to1

    16. William Grand

      You can go to your bank and tell them to stop sending money to them, you don't have to deal with JP. JP gets the scummy piece of trash label, which is all encompassing and includes greedy I feel.

    17. Seth D. Meyers

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>:07 for the Jake Paul stuff

    18. Eriss R.

      Ethan thinking he digests food that fast is hilarious

    19. J Bee

      Wildcard has access to the code now. GREAT. Fuckin Ian

    20. Mr.JamesTV

      in europe we call it macy you day it makee

    21. Steven T

      He says “PewDiePie couldn’t make it” so much it’s almost a gag

      1. Mario Garofano

        it is a gag. watch the end of the previous podcast. he's just saying that at the start of every podcast to confuse people that don't watch until the end, where he explained this.

    22. Logan Smith

      The first 25 minutes is the most legendary segment of all time

    23. Atheist Edge

      My D3 Jade Harvester witch doctor is paragon level 2200

    24. FeelsOkayMan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a>

    25. Walker

      20$ a month = 240$ a year but a year costs 500$+ and that’s 70% off ???? WhAt A dEaL

    26. Phunky Cold Medina

      The Nazis weren't Socialists, the were Fascists, and amongst MANY differences, one big one is that in a Socialist government you cant still pray to God, in a Fascist government, you get burned or thrown in a gas chamber, Facists are by definition VERY anti-religion, and the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE, is facists believe in a superior race i.e. they are racist, Socialists while I don't agree with them, aren't trying to kill Ethier races. Everyone needs to shit the FUCK up, because I have done ALOT of research on ww2, and the only country that you can compare to the Third Reich is North Korea, because don't be fooled they are by NO MEANS communists, they are Facists hiding behind communism

    27. Caleb Perri

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a>:07 weird noise....

    28. Gabriel Rodriguez

      Logan's content has been geared more towards adults now, it may not be for you but I'm not sure how you can't see the appeal. Since it's similar to David's content in a lot of way, It is simply fun entertainment for people who want to escape for 5 minutes in a crazy over the top vlog.

    29. Caleb Perri

      I've always said "Mick" Donalds my whole life. Never even heard someone say "Mack" donalds here in Philly.

    30. amatøør

      staying home in the midst of the epidemic and i love watching your podcasts and just laying in bed, always make me laugh and teach me something new. keep up the good work fam and stay safe !!

    31. April Edelen

      lets all sit around and judge womens bodies!

    32. Hybrid Decadence

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a>:00

    33. Nick Holm

      What a waste of money, bloomberg could have paid everyone in america a million dollars with what he spent on his campaign✌️

    34. contactkeithstack

      Paul getting on the path to be the GOP nominee in 10-20 years

    35. Nick Holm

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3410">56:50</a> hila looks so upset about ethan eating more😂😂

    36. Mikulika

      Ian is so precious

    37. Nick Holm

      There has to be another attribute other than the ass dan, zach, ian i mean dudes have asses too the tits matter unless its just a chunky bro

    38. D M

      What's with the eyebrows?

    39. Jack Shaffer

      ethan is so hurt about the phone call

    40. hunter duke

      It's the same thing as his edfluence scam

    41. Jacob Lalonde


    42. Michael Hunter

      Mike Bloomberg pisses me off lmfao I hate his ads on FIsels. I see them every single time a watch videos

    43. Michael Hunter

      The first time I had sex the condom broke when I went in and then I just put another one on.

    44. Jojo

      Dan is a trooper and always ready to go above and beyond for the podcast, love you Dan

    45. Matthew Hartshorn

      I've been waiting for the ass-eating segment for so long. I knew we would get here someday. Thanks H3 team.

    46. tarafitzjay

      Great video 10/10

    47. gjaddajg

      Why are you censoring comments?

    48. Void Haus

      Now, I just watch the podcast because of Ian. What up, Ian stans!

    49. rockstar22322 rockstar22322

      if you send me the money i will eat as many woppers as you want me too just lol

    50. Ethan Skufca

      That food section was just wayyyy too long. The chewing in my ear doesn’t bother me as much I would think but my god it went on for so long I found myself agitated

    51. Reiss Kershi

      Jake Paul shall now forever be reffered to as 'The Greedy Goy'

    52. Cole Hulden

      Listening to ethan smack his lips makes me irrationally angry

    53. Ginny Allen

      32 years old. Never eaten ass. Never had my own ass eaten, and never fucking will. Thats gross asf imo. Each to thier own with thier own bodies. Been with my old man 17 years and that will NEVER happen lol. Anyways, now back to the podcast. 😆

    54. KYTHERA - Official

      What the hell does the word Schtick(?) mean?

    55. tallan knowshisgun

      Please make an h3h3 video :( I need the nostalgia

    56. Al Bro

      Hila needs to turn on autofocus

    57. Owen Kenausis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="967">16:07</a> the way ethan giggles as he says "penetrate yOU" is so precious

    58. Jackt 220

      15 year olds aren't watching Jake. I would say oldest would be 13

    59. Ian Hardy

      Dan sounds so salty about trump and Bloomberg, like they hurt him or something lol

    60. Nick Mougros

      Scandinavia are not socialists. They will be theb1st to admit. Theybareba capitalists society with high taxes. Yall dont know what socialism actually is. Denmark is ot a socialist country

    61. Beau Brown

      D voice A of N reason

    62. JoeTrees7

      I can't stand brother and sister klein.

    63. hofmeister15

      Where is pewdiepie how come he wasnt on the podcast

    64. Black Varsity

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1166">19:26</a> has my DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    65. HolyManBob

      Good god Dan is such a liberal cuck, cant even anwser the basic questions as why he thinks his way is so great...

    66. Luca Ortiz

      Haha nowadays there is a civics class

    67. SupernintendoChalmers

      Ethan scandinavia isn't socialist.

    68. oldmanjerome /

      Anxiety by definition is created by yourself

    69. ANG3LM SSG

      Does anybody notice ethan eye twitch or eyebrow moving alot idk if he explain it a video but i listen to the podcast i dont watch them and this time i decided to watch it i couldnt stop looking at ethan eyes moving alot or the eybrow move thingy .

      1. ANG3LM SSG

        @Alexandria oh okay i didnt no that ,thanks for the help.

      2. Alexandria

        He actually has a mild case of tourette's syndrome. So he has no control over those twitches.

    70. Alexi

      Life advice with Ethan. Nice.

    71. PPM Bee

      Mac is scottish, Mc is irish

    72. cyclopamine

      I want to see Ethan´s face after Jake turns to a jew

    73. chuckles R6

      should have tried beyond sausage at dunkin

    74. NGAudio

      The message at the end should be plastered every single School and every single social media site. Kids nowadays are just expecting to have this knowledge handed to them without putting in the effort, and that's a piss-poor attitude towards life. You won't learn anything oh, and you won't advance in life, with an attitude like that. You learn how to excel at life by doing it and putting in the leg work

    75. Lucke Gabriel

      Dan eating into the mic is my new favourite recurring segment.

    76. Eddy Schmidt

      Regarding their latest podcast, Ethan is who he is and by now people who have watched them from before they even had a podcast understand his sense of humor and personality, personally i like it, except for his politics and political shows i dont mind him talking about things he really doesn't understand, regarding Ian, a nutless monkey could do his job and i can see how hes become frustrated at him not contributing pretty much anything to the show, a thing that makes this show funny is that its pretty much a mess all around, no real sense of structure, the three guys in the back fucking up often, it is what it is.

    77. Savannah Ruiz

      I find it weird that he’s an ass man and doesn’t like any ass stuff.. v strange

    78. Pooja Aggarwal

      Idk I think the anger bit is funny it just went a little too far last time

    79. federico ciampiconi

      I can testify that you can be an assman and not an ass hole man.

    80. Chris Leblanc

      "mcdonalds veggie burgers suck" from an american stationed in the uk