Joaquin Phoenix Delivers Powerful Speech After Leading Actor Win for Joker | EE BAFTA Film Awards



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    Joaquin Phoenix wins Leading Actor for Joker at the EE BAFTA Film Awards 2020.
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    1. sebastian hale

      At least he looks less of a fool than when he was going on about cows

    2. Pradeep Yadav

      Come on, peeps!

    3. GRIMY ASS

      PCking Phoenix.

    4. Montravius Daniel

      Why wasn’t Taron Egerton nominated in the Oscars even though he might lose to Joaquin Phoenix?! Man, Rocketman was robbed! It wasn’t nominated for Costume Disigners, Best Directing, or Best Pictures! All they had left that has won was for Best Original Song called “I’m Gonna Love Me Again”.


      🔥🔥🔥 I learned a great deal from watching <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> 🔥💚 👇 👇 👇❤

    6. irishwench333

      I really like Joaquin but this is an awards show and not a political rally, speeches like this are out of place, just like Meryl Streeps was a couple years ago. Celebrities should stick with their acting jobs and let the activists do theirs.

    7. LaTonea

      Wow pretty deep.

    8. David Smith

      Stop being an actor and use your money to address this imbalance.A theatre of navel gazing rich people luxuriating on their emotions awaiting a limousine ride home.It’s so lame and an insult to the working people that have to budget for their limited pleasures-those that ultimately pay your wages.

    9. Shane Amenta

      Don’t ever watch another Phoenix movie again. The “anti white” rhetoric out of all of them is no coincidence

    10. The Ethnicist

      *"racism is a white man's disease not a black man's".* *-Albert Einstein* *Enuff mthafckn SAID!!!*

    11. Elitedevil

      what the hell was this about Phoenix?

    12. johndee759

      Thank you Joaquin for standing up for all people in film around the world.

    13. TheButterPrince

      Nobody cares of the word 'people with color', sounds like white people have no color. Haha caucasine has also own colors. The true white skin color means the people with albinos syndromes, not whites.

    14. High Horse

      You can see right through his anxiety....into his soul... Right There!

    15. Matthew Keith

      Great sentiment, but please make a list of actors of color who deserved this award more than he did this year....having trouble? I'll help you out: NONE. Awards should be given based on performance, not on skin color, because you know, that would be its own kind of racism.

    16. Woodyrascel

      wow...he is part of the woke....perhaps he should have left the award on the podium and just quit Hollywood then?

    17. yaimavol

      Let's see, does anybody believe that at the Bollywood award shows, a single Indian actor opines about the lack of diversity in Bollywood films? No, it's a self-loathing disease that only affects the Western liberal mind.

    18. Vashti Moore

      They were so uncomfortable lol 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

      1. Accelerationist

        Because it's all bullshit. It's virtue signalling garbage. There is no oppression.

    19. Kilt


    20. Martin Jee

      Very impressive. You truly earn my repsect. Really appreciate your considerate remarks.

    21. Hyun Joo Kim

      Damn!!!! I love me some Joaquin Phoenix

    22. Stephen mc sweeney

      PC drivel!!

    23. Silk Shadows

      I love JP but totally disagree with this. Prince William said a similar thing and I disagree with both of them. No one is making black people stay away from award ceremonies. You get nominated because you deserve to be nominated, and if a black actor hasn’t won it’s not because of their bloody colour. I miss the days when actors would just thank people instead of lecturing them.


      I do not understand why Cynthia gets no attention from the British Media. It's truly astonishing that Cynthia who already has a Tony, Emmy and Grammy awards and was a double oscar nominee for Best actress and original song for 2020 oscars has not been interviewed on British TV. Cynthia has never appeared on Britain's GMB, This Morning, Graham Norton, BBC Breakfast .Why is this? surely this must affect the promotion of the film and actress. This needs to be addressed. So disappointing.

    25. Neiji Huy

      This your last bafta award

    26. Orange Soda

      Funny how he said all that stuff but still accepted the award

    27. emily Marie

      I love him he’s so wholesome I’m glad he’s not like any other boomers

      1. Sa. Hayes

        emily Marie He’s not a boomer, he’s Gen-X.

    28. Franz Haas


    29. J Smith

      Powerful words.. perfect 💯🎯

    30. Nick Bentley

      Tell us what you really think?!

    31. K&J

      Yo Joaquin, tell'em about the LAW OF KARMA:

    32. Gloria Burns

      Me: Candace Owen,Do you have any comments on being oppressed?? Candace Owen: Please tell Joaquin Phoenix "It doesn't exist and he isn't black...Have a seat!!" Love her❤️❤️😂😂😉😉

    33. The Duke

      Absolute nonsense. He should've given his Joker part to a black one legged lesbian.

      1. simplythebest286

        hahahahahaha best comment ever !!!! always lecturing US about what THEY should be doing !!!!

    34. Mark Lowe

      He still gets jittery when you leave glasses of water around.

    35. Doffy399

      beautiful speech. im not black btw, im native american and he just won my respect and admiration

    36. Super Fantastic Top 10

      Apparently, he wore the same suit to each award as a statement in favour of sustainability. Ironic. I could wear 10 different suits stitched from the hides of 100 endangered arctic unicorns and still leave less of a carbon footprint than his (first class?) flight from the US to London to attend the awards.

    37. Lizzy Pitt

      The straight up boldness of this man. I will forever be amazed

    38. Gabriel

      This is so condescending. What about meritocracy? The best person for the job. Period. You all are willing to give awards based on race, gender, ideology; instead of talent. Good luck. People are not stupid. That's why progressive movies flop. Nobody wants to be told what to think.

    39. Patrick Jacobsen

      I came here to listen about the cows

    40. Lauren Michaud


    41. Sekwati Kola

      I applaud him for that, even though he seemed uncomfortable saying all those things. We should also note that he wasn't only referring to black people but Asians, Mexicans etc

      1. suxexa

        yes of course...all minorities but as we know black people have it worse but i agree. He seemed uncomfortable because there’s a bunch of white people that probably don’t agree with the truth but regardless i’m happy he said it💓💓

    42. JzlPlys

      He kinda said that because of Graham Norton

    43. Omkar

      What is the name of bgm ?

    44. EvoSGooD

      Congratulations Juaquin, you’ve found your way, your brother would be proud to see what a great Man you become.

    45. Boqorda Fitness

      I wonder if "Actor's & Actresses" got paid Minimum wage, would they still want to act.... after all it's for the love and passion of their job!

    46. ferna2294

      Bla bla poor blacks, bla bla we gotta give someone an oscar only for their skin color, blabla. Amazing actor, crappy speech.

    47. Julian

      Why do people get so offended over the fact that celebrities have their own opinions too. Whats wrong with using your platform to stand up to injustice? We all share the same planet, we are all human. Reading some of these ignorant comments is ridiculous

      1. Julian

        Classical Music11 It doesn’t matter what their job is. He lives in a country that ensures freedom of speech as a basic human right. What because actors are rich they lose their right to stand up for what they believe in? I dont view this as a lecture or not being classy.

      2. Classical Music11

        Because their job is to act in movies, not lecture their audience on veganism, racism, etc. Of course, celebrities have their own views, but some prefer to show a little class and keep it to themselves. Take a leaf out of the late Johnny Carson's book and keep your beliefs to yourself. In reality, nobody cares what a rich actor thinks, only how well they can act and whether or not they entertain you in movies.

    48. samra brown

      Give this man to the oscar

    49. sag2007ama

      So much respect for the fact that he uses a moment, that could be all about him, to shine a light on an important issue.

    50. DiabolousSpiritus

      Is this a parody channel? "Cause the title is insane.

    51. Marty Richard

      Joaquin is one of the few heroes of my lifetime. Not only an amazing actor & intelligent person but one who has lent his time, influence and expertise to the crucial development of animal rights and awareness of animal cruelty and holocaust which is destroying our environment and our humanity. We need more leaders like him. You need to watch his most important film of all times: Dominion (he narrates) available on FIsels, Netflix, etc. You will learn more than you can imagine about our horrendous world.

    52. Marty Richard

      Joaquin is one of the few heroes of my lifetime. Not only an amazing actor & intelligent person but one who has lent his time, influence and expertise to the crucial development of animal rights and awareness of animal cruelty and holocaust which is destroying our environment and our humanity. We need more leaders like him. You need to watch his most important film of all times: Dominion (he narrates) available on FIsels, Netflix, etc. You will learn more than you can imagine about our horrendous world.

    53. NetDijk

      hear hear Just wonderfull. It's time to make it a reality

    54. j s k

      Hinduism prohibits killing animals, therefore a vegetarian diet is adopted. however, cow milk is a part of the diet, and needed for bone strength vs. osteoporosis. No offence to the guy, but he wants to be more royal than the king. This weird hippiness is going too far

      1. Julian

        j kay cow milk is not NEEDED. Its purpose is to feed a growing calve, not adult humans. Not sure how you came to your conclusion lol


      I have no clue who this guy is.

      1. Sa. Hayes

        LITTLEMUSTANGFILLY ...You may remember him from Gladiator with Russell Crowe. He is also River Phoenix’s little brother.

    56. K Banks

      Powerful and profound! Thank you

    57. Eu Sei

      I always thought Joaquin looked crazy. I was wrong: he IS crazy. I look at that crowd of do-nothings, whose only "talent" is to repeat (until they get it right, that is!) what someone else wrote, or tell others how to act, and it amazes me that they really believe their opinion matters to the real world. Calling from planet Earth, you navel-gazing idiots!

      1. Julian

        Eu Sei I don’t understand this. They’re all humans just like the rest of us. We share the same planet. We are no different than one another. Why waste the time to watch and comment if his opinion doesn’t matter lol

    58. bumin kagan

      Good performance joker bravo 👍👏👏

    59. Berta' Proud

      So wait if the role of the Joker was narrowed down to him and a minority he would of just gave up the role? I doubt it..... this guy is a hypocrite

      1. Julian


    60. PC GameBoy

      It was pure cringe. Lol

    61. HowToLucid

      Why has the entire part about him criticsing the cruel dairy industry been removed from this speech?

      1. Shrey Vegan

        He criticised dairy in Oscars speech not in Bafta here.

    62. Lourdes Perez

      Amazing....igual que su joker acting!!!!

    63. সাইফুল্লাহ আল হাদী

      Get a Oscar, no one hug, Forever Alone

    64. stacey S

      He's an amazing actor but knows nothing about the real world.

      1. Julian

        stacey S Nah, he’s one of the few that knows

    65. Aelwyn Ascendant

      What absolute twaddle. Climb on another bandwagon, Phoenix... /Yawn

    66. Counter Gravity

      Can these people stop pontificating for one second? You don't matter that much. Perform for us like you always have and shut the hell up.

    67. babae ako

      it's a long overdue but very deserving

    68. Centrist Philosopher

      Phoenix gets praised for stoking up identity politics Meanwhile Laurence Fox gets blacklisted for no other offence than refusing to apologise for being white! THAT is the contemporary McCarthyism in this industry

    69. Centrist Philosopher

      Virtue signalling on overdrive. Group think. Phoenix is a fine actor but this mantra is putting identity politics above meritocracy The consequence will be that when minority actors/actresses are awarded for their work the obsession with identity politics will lead to the perception that they are only getting awards because they are minorities and the institutions responsible don't want to be seen as 'racist' Most British and American actors probably are white so the chances are they are more likely to be shortlisted. I don't think that points to 'racism' It may be that some minority artists have been overlooked when they should have been nominated but there are plenty of white actors who have also been overlooked in particular ceremonies What we are seeing now is diversity for the sake of it Consider the diverse cast in 'Mary Queen of Scots' even at the price of historical authenticity And there is a dangerous group think with this whereby anyone who thinks differently is smeared as a racist Phoenix is right that he is part of the problem - part of the problem of stoking up identity politics divisions

    70. blue seraphimov

      why would you talk about this depressing topic during these awards? there are news channels for that. I get the point and it’s powerful but come on, politics are getting involved too much in the entertainment industry nowadays; like just let me enjoy tv without politics for once.

    71. Tom Hall

      I like how socially awkward he is. Just like me. 🙃

    72. Peter Lindstrom

      Somebody put him and Kanye in a room together.

    73. Boqorda Fitness

      lack of black people !

      1. Sa. Hayes

        People of color in general

    74. Jay Truth

      Ya milk.

    75. G Fears

      Wow Thanks Joaquin! Look at some of the white faces In the audience puzzled at why someone would stand up for something that doesn’t personally benefit them

    76. Angry Clown


    77. Waltey

      You also can't ignore the fact that majority of actors/actresses are Caucasian in general

      1. Goon

        Thats just due to poverty which is a knock on effect that has gone on for generations. Not due to skin colour or racism. They cant afford the education

    78. Untrepid One

      That industry attracts broken people. I didn't say that. Many actors did. They need a place to express their pain and acting allows that. Look at jm carrey and Robin Williams .

      1. Jay L1471

        certainly can be used as a form of escapism

    79. SvendBosanvovski

      Brave speech. And it might have had some effect given the surprise winner of the Oscar for best film.

    80. Untrepid One

      He right. Some people profit from other people's pain by advertising their pain and claiming the pain is also their own. The money they gain from that can be used or should be used to help the very people they are profiting from.