Joaquin Phoenix Drops F-Bombs in 'Joker' Speech at the Golden Globes


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    Joaquin Phoenix took home the Golden Globe on Sunday night for his role in “Joker,” but not without some drama.
    After acknowledging his fellow nominees, Phoenix, a long-time skeptic of Hollywood awards shows, said “There is no f-ing best actor.” NBC proceed to cut out the audio as he appeared to drop multiple f-bombs, all of which were muted for viewers.


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    1. Jamie O'Bryan

      Yes! Love thats he brought up the climate change and agriculture.

    2. Raf Saludo

      Joker acting as joaquin phoenix.

    3. Janabrandi Alibrandi

      Contrary to popular belief! Lol. Xo. You were undoubtably great in the JOKER! GENIUS!

    4. عراق العراقي

      This audience, if it does not enter the paradise of God, no one will want to enter it.

    5. Ah Chi Kitty

      No video of acceptance speech for Joaquin Phoenix's SAGA awards ?

    6. ThinkForward

      he gained some weight , looking healthy

    7. Haider Ali Khan


    8. ɪᴀᴍ ᴀɴᴛᴀɢᴏɴɪꜱᴛ

      Iam not a big fan joaquin phoneix but I really like a lot when he speaks on that stage

    9. Tau Lvk

      I just can't look at him the same way after the Joker.

    10. MiaelSG

      dRoPs can a country that has no problem with actual violence whatsoever be THAT sensitive about words...just mute the entire video damn it

    11. clover zelderz

      Sid he not listen to Ricky Gervais


      De niro: nothing scares me more than a knock knock joke


      Everything's apart "he is so charming man ".

    14. wayne goodger

      Thank you for mentioning global warming and Australia. We have enough thoughts and prayers and they don't = shit

    15. Matthew Clark

      What do you get when you cross one of the greatest working actors with one of the most iconic characters ever? I'll tell you what you get, you get a fuckin Oscar

    16. Matthew Clark

      That "Rooney" moment is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. That silence shows how much he loves her, he doesn't need to say it, he just knows that she knows.

    17. C80s

      Your fake mother#uckers -Trevor Philips

    18. Oka Widharta

      That's guy is a real joker.. Im glad we found him Afterall..

    19. Biden, The Losing Ticket

      Worst movie of 2019. Worst Actor for this movie. 0/100. This movie was absolute garbage. I hated it. Lost 2 hours.

    20. Methy Mouse

      As a man who battles depression and anxiety almost everyday, I empathize, admire, and respect Joaquin for his courage.

    21. Don Sanduchie

      This dude is fucked up

    22. Myah Rodriguez

      he shaded Leonardo DiCaprio and Leo is deadass in the audience I-💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    23. Joaquin Corral

      What happened with the audio?

    24. Fireguy Dale

      no one cares

    25. victory Isnow00

      He has mental issues. right?

    26. Sur4f1 Yac0b

      You wouldn’t get, would you. You don’t listen.

    27. Mihai Buzduceanu

      nice you censored student 00:50. amazing...

    28. Robert Straw

      You get what you fucking deserve!

    29. Santimagine

      I notice the nervousness this guy has. If that isn't the case, either he is drunk or unprepared.

    30. frick head

      I’m even more in love with him as a person after seeing this. And also the way he just said Rooney and nothing else. Means so much! One of the best people in Hollywood.

    31. Marc le roux

      what a great actor...and yet he clearly struggles with talking in front of crowds. respect to him

    32. Honee Spamoni

      I love him. Fuck everybody else. People are nothing but atmosphere... Taking up space. That's how I deal with social anxiety...

    33. langbo9999

      Reality gun from Joker 🃏

    34. rick777888

      As a Vegan, I approve of this speech. Greatest Globes speech ever...

    35. My CLOONSON

      0:42 we are number one guy? Stefan stefanson? How?

    36. Burandon

      I cannot not see Joker there

    37. Yung dagger Dicc

      My heart would be forever satisfied if after he said his speech he should’ve been like, ‘oh and Dnero, do you wanna hear another joke?’

    38. Anna Rozbicka

      When you'll give me the oscar.. can you introduce me as Joker?

    39. Genesis Casanova

      I'm so happy he is Puerto Rican ^^

    40. I K

      I can’t see anything but joker

    41. Maria Valdez

      I was scared and nervous as hell watching this! I felt like I was still watching the movie.

    42. Aniket Wakade

      I'd fire the editing guy, he was supposed to only mute the f word, asshole muted 2-3 words, which made this video useless because its really hard to understand what he was trying to say!

    43. David Fincher

      I like Joaquin , people might make fun of u but u alone know wat ur going through dont take the hate from others to ur heart u are awesome and u knw it

    44. Misty Ferguson

      I love him and he is gorgouse

    45. Travis Illerbrun

      You know it pains me that good people like phoenix, Driver, and Jason mamoa are lumped in with a bunch ego maniacs

    46. k s

      0% humble

    47. Yusril Ihza Mahendra

      i love adam driver, stares at joaquin and smiles👌🏽

    48. Xups_n_downsX X

      He lowkey downing himself like danm don’t do that cuz he really baby daddy fr fr

    49. Denman Fite

      Thank goodness this is edited to protect my poor virgin ears. 🙄

      1. MONERISplayz


    50. leonardo tomrenner

      People don't like u when u be yourself.

    51. The Goose

      There are many well regarded scientists who’ve been deeply studying “climate change” who refute it. Those scientists are largely ignored, as their data doesn’t go along with the climate change agenda. If climate change is in fact real, then show us the data. Al Gore, and many others, pushing this stuff have been proven dead wrong.

    52. The Vegan Gate

      The Sound issues sucks! Big Brother is watching...

    53. Angel Rivera

      Just like the movie, De Niro still looks at him like a piece of shit. He's not. He's the Joker and the world loves him dearly.

    54. M K

      He did great speech compared to me, I would just can’t talk on the stage.

    55. My name Ligma yeet

      The worst part about having social anxiety is the people expect you to act like you D🙂nt

    56. Carlie Kors

      Kerry Washington’s smile is everything ❤️💋

    57. Dean Winchester

      This man is Kristen Stewart version and I love him.Cuz i have anxiety to

    58. Sid

      Well if you see his 2006 golden globes speech he gave totally a normal speech no anxiety issue no shit like that. I think the Joker's character really effected him in a way.

    59. super D

      0:57 omg lol he even did not smile 😂😂😂😂😂

    60. super D