Joe Rogan Experience #1446 - Bert Kreischer

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    Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and podcast host. His new special “Hey Big Boy” is now streaming only on Netflix. @Bert Kreischer


    1. bgsymalone

      Joe "If you knew him like I know him" Rogan <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a>:30

    2. Johnny Byrne

      "Maybe we should all get together and have a quarantine challenge"........Not sure you understand that quarantine means, Joe.

    3. Marco9 Humboldt

      Mac lethal is not a rapper. He's imitating rappers voice writing his own words in front of his white privilege fans and now he has millions of views. This is like saying every neighborhood rapper is a real rapper. Eminem is a rapper. Thats it

    4. TitsMegee420

      Damn Bert. I know that look buddy. Stay strong. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a>:17

    5. LeonRFpoa

      you two together are terrible it's awesome. burt always make shit lit

    6. Matt Whalen

      We must help predict the future evolution of the healthcare system to have a circumnagivatable response to this virus so we can overcome it as a society. What can the average American citizen stuck at home do other than social distance themselves to the highest extent to help fight?

    7. Matt Whalen

      I wish Bert would realize that there's going to be nothing funny about hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people dying. Comedy isn't a thing right now. Everyone with a large public status should be finding way to BROADCAST opportunities for the public to mobilize together. You guys are the leaders of us right now whether you like it or not and the bottomline is we are going to potentially very rapidly run out of the healthcare workers that are saving lives and we must be prepared for that. God knows we have enough times on our hands already those that are trapped at home with no way to help.

    8. J Coleman シ

      Wow Rogan is super baked on this one lmfao

    9. 5thGen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a>:07 Greatest episode of all time!

    10. Taylor Smith


    11. Danilo Briz

      Suddenly Cuomo is the guy, America is fckd.

    12. Doug Doug

      Oh shit I'm O+

    13. Jason McCraine

      I just watched the Tom Segura video response to Bert. Holy shit that made me laugh.

    14. Jack D

      Senators do Insider Trading all the time as they are exempt from that law. It's shady as fuck, look into it and prepare for your blood to boil LOL.

    15. andy

      PIE EYED

    16. TheAmishHacker

      My step-dad went to school with the BigCat guy in Zanesville, OH. Nobody even knew he had the animals around. It was a GHOST town in Zanesville when he released them, everyone was afraid.

    17. Brian Start

      I had it, but barely. 29, stopped smoking 4 years ago, still vaping. Fever hovered around 100 the whole time. Had a cough, but kinda just felt like a hot bong rip in my lungs for about 6 days.

    18. CutThroatJuggalo

      Joe Rogan: we need a leader that's honest and has character. Me: *cough* Bernie Sanders *cough*

      1. CutThroatJuggalo

        @Hunter Deskin anyone with a remote shot of winning at this point fits that qualification. Plus, Bernie is the only one of the three that has the other traits.

      2. Hunter Deskin

        CutThroatJuggalo and prone to die soon lol

    19. Jesica Mercado

      Yeah it’s more awesome when you find Rogan on your own.

    20. Adam Bakker

      Rogan has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the establishment

    21. Sami Kissai

      Bert's laugh sounds like a Hyena getting a handy xD love it

    22. Ethan McAndrews

      It’s still like that in Boston I can vouch shits crazy yur me

    23. Damian John

      Joe you ramble on like a 14 year old stoner let the guest speak , who cares if you pronounce a word is it worth disrupting the guest ? No go with the flow joe

    24. Luke8FPS

      most people think the virus is a scam, people aren t gonna learn shit

      1. dolimi jotoo

        I love this podcast, but the fact that joe was clearly higher than usual made it special !

    25. Check Internet Connection

      Bert is my role model

      1. dolimi jotoo

        Brooksville is a great place to ride dirtbikes atvs

    26. mark knoop

      Bonnie and joon, I honestly have more respect for Johnny Depp after their convo

    27. Cooper Veit

      I know you won't see my comment but what burt said about discovering someone and falling in love with the content, I discovered this podcast and it changed my life. You and all of the people you call friends are amazing and I almost feel I could call you friends myself. Thank you for doing this show you're a savior

    28. ChronicUSA

      JMr. Rogan speaks highly about older brother cuomo, and then cuomo pulls the "mothers favorite" card x)

    29. Jon Reed

      I vote Jamie be the next podcast guest

    30. fred flintstone

      I'm a big Rogan fan, but it always seems to me that Joe talk's to Bert like he needs to impart wisdom on him like a teacher of some kind? maybe it's just me though..

    31. Brian Whorton

      Tell Alex jones and Eddie Bravo to clear their schedules and be staples on this show during quarantine


      oh kiss and their fans were mocked? imagine being a juggalo. we literally are considered gang members for being fans of a i feel the pain.

    33. Jack Savercool

      Joe looking like an army vet lol

    34. ButtaYoBisquit

      Who immediately went to the comment section after the ”black guys” thing lmaooo

    35. Jonathan Rogers

      I got a 63 kg rottweiler thats attack trained. N im 6,4 18 stone n im the boss. He will kill for me on command had him since 8 weeks. He has bitten me twice but. Fair enough i pushed my luck. He is my best buddy and my bodyguard. If y break into my house your FUCKKKKKKED but he is my best buddy and right now snuggled up on my leg.

    36. Arthur

      I'm not that gyu but Bert is wrong about Cane Corso, they're the swettest (at leat female) and very shy, nothing like an argentino :)

    37. Jerry Little

      i was watching the joey diaz episode...and could not bring up the comments, long story ..short... do not take a chance. something is very wrong here. very , very wrong...time will tell.

    38. Zach White

    39. Going Yooper Fitz Family Constrictors

      Brooksville is a great place to ride dirtbikes atvs

    40. Arthur

      I love this podcast, but the fact that joe was clearly higher than usual made it special !

    41. Jdogtoocool

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="424">7:04</a> KEKW

    42. w t f j o e

      The unapologetic belly laughs that phase out to a peep as Bert runs out of oxygen are the best.

    43. Landon Roy

      I HATE gene simmons and Kiss’ music all sucks dick

    44. Spockgoblin

      Joe's a instigator. Fear factor 3.0 😁

    45. anthony plume

      My cat Cupid when she was angry with you and I mean angry she would piss on electronics of yours. To the point of destroying it.

    46. Philip Vukancic

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="132">2:12</a>:17 “he introduced me to guacamole” the greatest fucking like hahahahaha

    47. fuelerr

      Bert is one nice guy. So normally fuked up like the rest of us. Keeping it real. Thanks Joe

    48. Jake Taylor

      I think the 118* degree summer in Arizona is hazardous/real weather too, doesn’t snow in the valley.

    49. Haole boy

      Jose, check out the movie "Contagion ". Watched it last night. FRICKIN spooky similarity.....and originated in China🤔😐😦😲

    50. Superendorsement

      Talk about "Event 201", Joe rogan!

    51. 847MicRoss

      The story of the vent cover that looks like a middle finger goes like this... "The middle finger vent cover house was originally built without the finger. The councilman neighbor did not like this new house obstructing his view of the mountain. After the (finger) house was constructed, the councilman found out that the house was taller then zoning codes allowed. The owner of the middle finger house then had to reconstruct his whole roof to code. Since there was no code against the type of vent you could use this was the homeowners response to the councilman.

    52. GuillotineStare

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a>:16 I'm only kinda racist and I for sure though he said :black guys" also.


      Joe “weve had a lot of weed...and pot” rogan


      Joe “the cold builds character “ rogan

    55. Doug Fife

      Does anyone know what Bert's hat is?

    56. Brian Cochran

      Your special Rocked Burt!!!!

    57. Constantly hungry

      Information or disinformation

    58. ReBECCA betHUnE

      What are some of these medications that you are talking about that we should be taking

    59. John Ruiz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a>. Point of information. Mexicans are Native Americans. Us Mexicans are part of the largest federal unrecognized tribe of the Americas but we won't get recognized because it means we would be able to apply for the benefits the federally recognized tribes receive.

    60. dckuha

      It's a testament to Gene Simmon's character that Bert Kreischer doesn't like him. One would have to be a legendary douche to get on Bert's bad side.

    61. Tommy Musselman

      Joe Rogan should be an international ambassador for the U.S.

    62. Jason Bragg Customs

      What a great group of people to be friends with. Rogan , Bert , Diaz

    63. Thecomedyjudge

      Joe "Sketchy boys set fires to warehouses" Rogan

    64. Dave Moyneur

      What's the name of the Whiskey you were drinking here with Bert?🥃🥃

    65. Anthony Day

      Damn 12 day waiting period. Sounds like commie shit

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Yo is Asian...I’m not’s DNA. I live in China.... RH- A and scared shitless. It is a strange virus.

    66. Patrick Tierney

      What is the kettle bell routine they talk about (joe mentions you can use a 35lb bell)

      1. Soinas Doyi

        You can get a dog a vasectomy. It isn't super expensive. 34:00

    67. Woodstock Ross

      Also @Bert H1N1 exposure supposedly gives you higher immunity against Covid19

    68. Iron Mothership

      Joes animal noises are amazing

    69. Woodstock Ross

      Folks in Congress are allowed to insider trade. Every time a bill comes up to stop it both sides shut the bill down. It's not illegal for them to do what Martha Stewart was sent to jail for. They knew and one of the Senators who did it warned his donors.

    70. Matt

      Burt and Sugera's new special's both sucked.

    71. Jon Neiss

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    72. Jono Vizion

      Cold weather definitely builds character, I am from Winnipeg, Canada so there is no shortage of "character building". Anyone from an area where they have a decent cold winter, they are a little more tough and resilient, IMO & experience.

    73. Timothy Tinajero

      Bert has clearly not seen the full Kim K porn

    74. Shane Trainor

      Who disslikes this shit?

    75. David Adams

      who is the friend of berts that used to be a tyrant?? haha

    76. KapnKrunch

      You are wrong about one thing... Jupiter protects us. Our solar system is actually unique from what we have seen. They are either all rocky dead planets like earth or gas giants. Ours has both and Jupiter is so big is soaks up most everything in our solar system that might hit us. Most that is...

    77. Christoph

      Bert has never lasted long enough in Kim K's porn. You definitely see her pussy

      1. Hunter Deskin

        Christoph that shit sucks regardless its just Ray J licking his fucking lips 😂😂

    78. KapnKrunch

      I love your show its chill as fuck to just sit and listen to while playing video games. This corona thing has got me fucked up... You are like blood types and I'm like sweet im O- then you mention vaping and im like fuck im going to die! I know its all speculation at this point

    79. andrew becker

      Please dont get a cane corso or a doggo. You will ruin it and it will bite multiple people at the vet because people that dont know shit get them and before they know it there dog is being court mandated euthanasia. Or you NEED to put them through "bootcamp" meaning about 7 miles a day

    80. Rick Sundberg

      You can get a dog a vasectomy. It isn't super expensive. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2040">34:00</a>