Joe Rogan Experience #1376 - Artie Lange

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    Artie Lange is a stand-up comedian and actor, best known for his tenures on The Howard Stern Show and the sketch comedy series Mad TV.
    Recorded at GaS Digital Studios in NYC

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    1. Drew Blanche

      Idk if Artie is being truthful here or not but judging by his interviews he really loves to mention cocaine now.

      1. Drew Blanche

        What’s weird is whenever I quit weed I have the same sickness. Cold sweats, can’t eat or sleep wanting to puke. This is all from heavy vaping THC carts. I would go though a .5 cart in 2.5 days. You start to feel like a junkie after awhile and it’s just not even fun anymore. I wouldn’t even smoke flower just only vape 24/7 like 10 plus times a day holding in the hits as long as possible. Don’t do this guys. It’s a real nightmare. Weed can do way more harm than good for the ones that abuse it heavily. You will wake up nauseous every morning where you can’t even move until you smoke or vape. Not a good way to live your daily life. Thank you Joe for taking better care of yourself and inspiring the rest of us to get sober when we recognize we are failing in life. 🤟🏻

    2. Richard Hybels

      I would not have recognized him.

    3. Dan B

      Wtf happened to his face. I know the nose but the rest of it?

    4. Solomon Lane

      Artie "the premise " Lange .

    5. aka AAA

    6. dpeagles

      So weed is a gateway drug. Confirmed.

    7. Mark Portnoy

      I can't do anything because it escalates.

    8. M M

      The Giraldo story was funny.

    9. SKS0

      Artie owns a NECK?

    10. michaelmode

      I would hardly consider suboxone "legal dope", it's weak as shit compared to strong opiates.

    11. Tom Griffiths

      Artie is awesome, mad tv was never the same

    12. theultimateworkoutsd

      Artie I love to get high but I love life and exercise more. Im a personal trainer and I will get you in shape and that will be your new high for free!

    13. Dans Dailys

      Joe I dont know if you read these but dude I appreciate your show. Man I work 12 hour shifts and I listen to your videos 10 of those 12. Thank you dude

    14. Fin Lizzy

      Amazing episode.

    15. Expired Deadlines

      Shit type of hero.

    16. Shawn Homan

      Steve O and Artie Lange comedy special on Howard Stern 2021.

    17. hungwilliam

      cant look at his face

    18. C Hewitt

      Gold I'm guna miss u on the utube I know why tho

    19. Alan Lloyd

      Don't ever try Heroin, kids. He is NOT exaggerating even a little bit. The painkilling power of heroin cannot be underestimated. Whatever inner turmoil you have..... GONE!! Honestly, when you first start taking it, you THINK you have found the answer to ALL of life's problems.. Because it kills your inner pain DEAD! It doesn't take long before you start telling yourself "I HAVE to have this stuff" and after a week or two of daily use, when you run out of it, YOU'RE IN PAIN..... physical and emotional pain. The depression is severe and the physical pain is unacceptable.. And it's at THIS point, during your first detox, you have an important decision to make, you KNOW you're in trouble ... A wise person should STOP and NEVER take it again! you WILL lose everything trying to get more. Don't be a FOOL and start lying to yourself with this kind of self talk: "This is the last time'.. Just put it down. If you have ANY savings, you should immediately give your money to someone you trust and tell them to NOT give you any of it back until AFTER you are in a better place mentally..... And clean. Don't spend years struggling and suffering only to come to the conclusion of "I never should have started"

    20. Alan Lloyd

      The "chaos" of addiction is addicting..... That whole thing of taking the stuff, finding the stuff, etc... It's hard to let go of

    21. Alan Lloyd

      I don't care what ANYBODY says, "DIRTY WORK" is one of the funniest movies I've ever watched!

    22. corey hall

      Isn't it kinda funny that in "Dirty Work" (Artie movie) Chris Farley had the tip of his nose bitten off and NOW Artie's nose looks almost exactly how farley's nose looked? Lol that is crazy but funny.

    23. Joseph Valente

      Just recently Howard Stern said he hates all his listeners who support Trump!!!!! It's amazing that he said that President Trump would not hang out with anybody below his level. The people that work for Howard can't even stop and talk to him in the hallway while they're working Howard Stern is such an a******. I wonder how many of Howard's listeners get invited 2 the parties thrown by Howard Stern

    24. Simon Simcic

      I love Artie laughing hahaha

    25. cainpitt

      Why does he look like that? I heard about the nose but there’s something else different.

      1. Sammy 5150Eddie

        cainpitt I’m curious too.


      FOR those who are unfamiliar with the devil's game that me and arturo are goun threw plus millions of others its exactly what artie says.NOW LISTEN TO ME CLOSELY ! ! !.There is a drug out there called IBOGAINE...Ibogaine you can say is a cousin of ayahuasca but twice as strong of a trip.its suggested your under medical trip for about 12 hoursish and rhen walah NO WITHDRAWLS AND YOUR OFF THE POISON...heres the kicker.ITS ILLEGAL.!!!!!!!!! U need to go to canada or mexico for it. Works way better then suboxen or methadone. Terrable..Also just to fix a fact that artie said about suboxen and that is someone batteling opioid addiction will not get hi off suboxen.only nonopiod users will. It will block an attempt to get hi for 12 hours.and like artie said u will get very sick taking suboxen to soonb4 the oppiod is outta your system how ever vise versa if u have suboxen in your sytem and take an opiod to soon u just wont get hi.AND TO ANY 1 OUT THERE WHO DOES READ THIS DO NOT JUST TAKE ANYSORT OF OPIOD .I DO LIKE GETTIN HIAND FELL MODERATION OF 90% OF CHEMICALS IS A GREAT WAY TO KICK BACK OR WHAT EVER I MEED IT FOR BUT OPIODS AND ZANEX VALUMS CA-Lita-pins STAY THE FRICK AWY FROM ANY RUN FROM ANY 1 WHO OFFERS YOU THEM. STAY CLASSY YONKERS...P.S any questions on this ill try to respond ASAP

    27. James Zee

      They've known each other so long and there's such good friends that Artie calls him John 2x @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a>:55

    28. Dingle Barry

      There are a lot of successful people who are/were drug addicts... we just typically don't hear or know about it because they're successful... drugs only take credit for the loses, never the wins.... drugs automatically become the scape goat anytime someone fails or screws people over, whereas maybe that person failing and being a dick had nothing to do with drugs... externalizing the blame is a natural coping mechanism... It's not an easy thing to accept that you treated people who you care about wrong due to lack of life experience or whatever, so many people convince themselves that the drugs were the reason for their regretful behavior from the past.

    29. Bjørn

      What happend to his nose?

    30. LUIS SOTO

      Dude is boring now remind me when he goes back on the drugs

    31. LUIS SOTO

      RIP Artie

    32. Grey_Fox_52

      I went back and watched the 1st artie interview before this cause i know how much shit arties been through

    33. Hieronymus Bosch

      Keep on rocking Artie

    34. Larry Baker

      Artie looks great for a change. It has been years since he looked that good.

    35. Big DWP

      What does a $10,000 hooker look like?? She would have to be tight as a 6yr old boy.

    36. Ava Brooks

      Artie never forgot the Howard Stern fans. Howard dispieses the very people who gave him the attention to make it famous and rich.

    37. Eric S

      I think Artie might be back on drugs. I hope not but I have a feeling.

    38. Susan Louis

      Something is weird with his noise . I guess all those years of abuse caused it to change . Side note : Howard stern is a complete jerk

    39. simon marshall

      Shit.......two piece bikini🤪🤪🤪

    40. Hannibal Rex

      Every show Artie is on he brags about his drug use. He’s pathetic at 52 and still doesn’t get it. His stories are boring after listening to them for 20 years.

    41. james mitchell

      Artie is a true national treasure. Thanks for the stories and laughs Mr. Lang

    42. Ravanna

      Joe Rogan crying from laughter is one the sweetest sounds in this life.

    43. slowdissapearing

      I'll always be a fan of the Howard Stern show and love Howard regardless of the fact he has turned into everything he once hated and a complete shell of his former self but that show truly died the day Artie was no longer sitting in the chair next to him.

    44. slowdissapearing

      His comment that heroin is the only drug that has no adverse reaction with your organs cannot be true, right? Doesn't it metabolize into morphine which would have to have some impact on your liver and/or kidneys?

    45. insulator man

      I fucking love you artie lang!

    46. bryan evans

      I'm an OSRS addict 😔

    47. scott kalinowski

      All the people that have surprising young deaths and artie is still alive, unreal.

    48. RodStiffinton

      Wow I never thought I would like Rogan. I’ve been a huge Stern fan since forever and it seemed like they had beef at one time so I never gave him a chance. Thoroughly enjoyed this interview and so so glad to see Artie doing well. Hope he continues to.

    49. Matt Stone

      Artie, i love ya, no need to exaggerate though!!! You cant take over 100 opiate pills in a day. If you did, it musta been generic garbage!!!! Cmon dude.

      1. Damian Rossi

        You DEFINITELY can. When you have a high tolerance the Tylenol is what messes you up, not whatever opiate is in it (Vicodin and percoset). If you take an oxy or roxy there’s no Tylenol though...

      2. Rico Williams

        Yes, you can.

    50. joseph Briel

      Artie you are a Rockstar. Love you and can't wait to see whats next.

    51. Earl Channels

      "all these conspiracy theories about china trying to kill us" hmm

    52. Clayton Mills

      Artie!!! Stern show is not the same without you.

      1. Clayton Mills

        @Lola Cookie I agree with your agreement :)

      2. Lola Cookie

        Clayton Mills agree, their chemistry was something else.

    53. ricky bear

      This is one of my favorite of Joe's podcasts

    54. RikRok5

      You can tell Joe really loves Artie. How can you not? Dudes a legend and I wish he knew it.

    55. RosaParksTrump Ali

      Is it Artie Perry Lange?

    56. PFlip Quezada

      Artie looks so good. How ironic that his face becomes deformed and he looks better than he’s ever looked. Goes to show that being happy and in a good place in life and, not saying they don’t have daily stresses, will radiate from you.

    57. Vincent DiFonzo

      How is this man still alive?

    58. Slick

      So many people have relapsed later because AA is unavailable due to the bullshit virus. I wonder how Artie is. Hope he’s hangin’ in. There is a huge rash of overdoses and suicides right now. AA needs to reopen

    59. ortcloud99

      Joe looks baked

    60. eoghan dridl

      What's the story with the studio?

    61. mark hayes

      Artie is have no choice but love the guy ( whether it is deserved or not). I really hope he wins this battle - sincerely. Awesome podcast - just one commercial with all this content....

    62. Lee Vam

      2 of the most amazing conversationalists/interviewer/interviewee, who happen to do really shitty stand up :P

    63. Denise Rapano

      I know his nose was broken but looks like he got a nose job and some plastic surgery like botox. He looks good. If ir makes him feel better about himself he should do it..i wish him the best...

    64. shawn McCoin

      And the turtle shell thing already talking about is a smock that's made out of moving blankets that you see in the back of a U-Haul truck

    65. shawn McCoin

      Ron already don't mislead people fentanyl is not white I haven't seen it white and I've definitely seen blue I know that there's blue for a fact there 30 mg so there might be white but there's definitely blue as well so make sure you let people know that so they don't touch something that's blue thinking it all it's not that now cuz it's not white well people if there is a white one be cautious there's definitely a blue one as well

    66. shawn McCoin

      Already I think you need to write a book and title it Artis War Stories are already Levine's War Stories and Resurrection or something but man your f****** were stories are so hilarious we really enjoy them and please make an audiobook for the people that can't read or that are blind please


      top 2 funniest JRE eps ever ... Joey Diaz first one is tied

    68. Eddie Lin

      Everybody fucks up in life. Not everybody gets a second chance. I was lucky to have that second chance. A career may be ruined, but the survival instinct, laughter, family and friendship are all that matter. What does not kill you, will only make you stronger.

    69. Josh, yep.

      Dammit Artie! I thought you could do it! Just one time, don't mention Norm! Or that's it..Artie is officially Norm's Corey Feldman

    70. knightfive

      Drugs WORK---Artie Lang...LOLOL For a second I thought man I could be watchin Belushi here had he lived...Good luck Artie

    71. luli lopez

      "Your face look great",come on Joe,i like Artie but he destroy his nose.

    72. Alan Lloyd

      Artie is unfortunately on borrowed time. 😪

    73. Alan Lloyd

      Artie is anything but done with drugs.

    74. Alan Lloyd

      All of us addicts wish we never started. I never guessed I would end up being addicted to painkillers. I tried a 10 mg Norco tablet in April 2011 and my life is STILL fucked up. I take Kratom daily and it is a great substitute.. it's dirt cheap (compared to oxys and hydros) and feels almost as good, but it's addictive too. It's hard to get off, just like opioids.

    75. Alan Lloyd

      @Average Joe it seems impossible to ever live sober once a person has spent any significant amount of time living with addiction. 80 mg of oxycontin provides the absolute best inner pain relief I've ever experienced. It's damn hard to get away from it. At some point, it feels WRONG to NOT take it. The misery is too powerful to ignore. 123 Percocet in one day???!! I don't even see how that is possible

    76. Ewan Thomas

      Looks like Artie Lange died and came back as Jeff Portnoy. 😳 🤪🤙🏻

    77. Mikel Bowers

      Artie! Tell stories til you die. I hate to say it. I'm a broke version of you. I love how Joe laughs at you. I get those laughs from my brother. Because he thinks omg really! Most of it is stories where I make eye contact and pick the joke.i spot shoot the lights out. Artie I am a fan and you are the guy that has a real push. I just want to get better. I was a social worker. I

    78. Patrick J Mims

      Hey, Artie, I think you're great. You're real and you never BS your fans. Hey, one thing, please stop passing judgement on Suboxone/Suboxone maintenance. It is really wack to criticize someone else's recovery. A person/a person's lifestyle on heroin is nothing at all like a person/a person's lifestyle undergoing treatment in a Suboxone program. Suboxone is not an optimal, lifelong solution. It can be a great a short-term solution. It's not cheating and it is not skirting the circumstances. You withdrawal for 3 days, and then you get Subs and you find hope. Then, you ween yourself off the Subs, per doctor's orders. Eventually, it ain't no thang. It's important to respect people's recovery. The bottom line is staying sober.

    79. Peter

      I'm an addict and I don't know what to do, please help!

    80. cool beanz

      nice nose fuckstick! how long till you trip and fall again?