Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - January 9, 2020

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    Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub.

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    1. Abi Dabi

      9 + mossad =11


      LOST ME ON MINUTE 48...

    3. Linda K

      why do I like hanging out with them more than my real fraanndddsss

    4. thomas burns

      Joe has never heard of daily motion lol yes not as big as FIsels but it exists

    5. thomas burns

      Wait FIsels conspiracy from Eddie now hahaha

    6. Holly H

      LET EDDIE SPEAK! Starting to think Joe Rogan IS a shill and is actually being silenced, told to stick to certain topics ONLY in order to NOT get censored. Eddie start a CHANNEL! I only watch Rogan anymore when I know Eddie is gonna be on spreading ACTUAL TRUTH! Joe knows Q is 100 percent TRUE, think about that

    7. DaPinkBublé

      Man, I wish I can be high for six hours. Makes me mad every time I hear someone bitching about it.

    8. The mad hatter

      It is true that the Christ original name in Hebrew was yeshua , an translated to English it’s Joshua. Now if you know history, the name Jesus wasn’t adopted until centuries later. An Greeks later on adopted the Latin language as well. Turning o-lisous -yeshua/ Joseph into lisous which in Latin means Jesus , but translating Jesus from Latin to English it’s still Jesus. Which is the lie, Jesus is not the true Christ’s name. Look it up it 📚 worms . 💯☝🏾

    9. Rue Bert

      All i wanna know is wtF did Eddie do that would make the government confiscate all of his firearms?

    10. Jacobi Henderson

      It's called Lucifer because Lucifer means, "the light bearer". At 2:26:06 Joe reads that "the telescope helps astronomers see through darkness."

    11. Melissa H

      I am waiting for Eddie to start screaming, ‘De plane, De plane Boss!’ Or ‘Epstein, Epstein Boss!!!!’

    12. The mad hatter

      Gay wizards 🧙🏻‍♂️😂

    13. The mad hatter

      It’s crazy they just released new evidence that Epstein was murdered 💯 it wasn’t a suicide after all💯

    14. Russbot Apocalypse 2020

      I have a 70 year old relative who only eats meat veggies and red wine, but mostly meat. He slim.

    15. Maciek M

      I think I could get talked to sucking some guys dick :-/

    16. The mad hatter

      You see in time things change, before they mocked Eddie but now they believe that Eddie is actually very intelligent. He is. 💯

    17. Marcos Araujo

      I hear Eddie saying that the internet was created to control us, and i just think that maybe, that's was not what those scientists were trying to create, but sure there's lots of opportunities to use it this way, specially with data collected every day from a huge part of the population. And the CIA might be used as a scapegoat today, because of it's notoriety.😅

    18. Max Murdoch

      Eddie Eddie. Like on raw or delirious Eddie lol

    19. Max Murdoch

      Cm on u guys mma references in my comment I u know what to do lol. Be nice now lol

      1. Max Murdoch

        Oh yeah jiu jitsu reference to be more exact lol

    20. milljb9able

      Joe: I have diarrhea Brendan: Ughhh I love diarrhea

    21. MannElite

      Why does he have to have Callen and Schaub, this would be 100times better with just Eddie

    22. Moatasim Naveed

      @2:26:46 Freaked me out.... Put that thing under a lock bro!

    23. Max Murdoch

      Eddie looks like a badass but his hair finally submitted lol to the fact that it needed to tap out to staying on his head lol

    24. Henrikas SEAL

      Bunch of IDIOTS !!!! Bible is mostly true, names, places, happenings. 99% stuff in bible is true, if any of you would be little bit educated, you would know that. But like everything with you, just bunch of shit talk.

    25. Henrikas SEAL

      Hors or children for raping !!!

    26. Cary Sontag

      Here is a conspiracy theory - is Eddie's weenie as small as Trump's 😆

    27. Cary Sontag

      When did Eddie start drinking the pool aid and sucking the cum out of Trump's small penis? Haha 😆

    28. flexathillcrest1

      Eddie Bravo lookin like Mark Decascos

    29. D T

      Should be a warning don't watch the first 5 mins if eating food.

    30. lachie lappas

      One of the best podcast I have listen to. All perspectives covered and discussing subjects

    31. M47T

      lol I was so pissed when Bryan Callen showed up. Fucking hate that guy's energy. Ruins a podcast.

    32. Ferliard Nerquan

      2 hours in still nothing about any fights lol

    33. Ferliard Nerquan

      "Oh cool a new fight companion" turns out to be conspiracy theories great title guy's

    34. ford larkins

      They kill him an all ready had a clone ready for him 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Kiki Alexander

      Ya, actually I would prefer the president with the body count as an AA female w/disabilities. The media didn’t make me hate trump or trump supporters, he did it himself. Privilege must be nice, guys.

    36. ford larkins

      That's s lie that 95% of world eat meat coz most of the people in Asia don't or can not afford to eat meat an Asia has the highest percent of the words population it's more like 95% of the westen word eats meat

    37. Jacob Rincon

      When you’re eating breakfast and they start passing around shit pix...

    38. URSOL

      I love it how eddie wants always see to evidence on things he disagree with (which mostly are scientifically proven) but believe every made up conspiracy bullshit that he reads or watch that has just been pulled out of some guys ass. He is a nice guy but a complete moron on the other side.

    39. mario89ccc

      I reallyl like this dudes.

    40. Lee King

      That look from Brendan at 1:47:02 :D

    41. Ben Allitt

      Shaun Attwood would be great on the podcast

    42. Liam Randall

      Joe needs to stop with the Yoel is uncrowned champ shit. The guy missed weight even if he "won" he wouldnt be champ.

    43. Waffles_19_sd_

      Joe you just took me threw ego death without psychs. And you wrecked my reality. Thank you

    44. OscarAHG

      Rogan turning into an elk

    45. Task Aydeetwo

      Edgy Brah is the GOAT!! I don't know if it's because of the ~4hrs of conspiracies, but it's kind of weird he kept referencing cancer, stayed at Chipsa Hospital ad has shaved his head...

    46. Waffles_19_sd_


    47. Scott Wade

      Shaun Attwood. There you go 👍

    48. Brian Bates

      Eddie’s final form is joe rogan

    49. The Bearded One

      Love the podcast Joe, this diet your on is it the Keto Diet? Or is this a different type? Are there any perticular risks in doing this?

    50. Szilard Raduly

      Trust me eddie, it is to much, you have no idea how limited schaub brain is,

    51. Little Buddy

      Joe "texas is what I want America to be" but continues to be a Democrat.... texas is like that because of freedom.

    52. TheHuell

      Were did eddy go

    53. itokio1337

      That's the pope audience hall. It is also clearly shaped like a snakes head when viewed from outside.

    54. Gus Reyes

      Joe “my best friend in the whole world” Rogan

    55. The Fantabulous JalaPeña

      What happened to that video FIsels suppressed about Hilary

    56. Robert Liberty

      I thought it was duck duck goose 😂

    57. Bot Ross

      Chubby Chasers HAHA i'm dead

    58. Tito B.

      The shill Joe Rogan always changing topics to save face

    59. drttyu liqm

      "They're not coming after me, they're coming after you. Im just in the way." - President Donald Trump

    60. justin elzinga

      Brendan. Is fat as fuck . Jesus . Respect yourself dude . Food truck diaries. Fat fuck