Joyner Lucas & Will Smith - Will (Remix)

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    1. Jisel Em

      Will ❤

    2. Foodbite Ph


    3. scruffy101


    4. AdmittedEnd


    5. JeteKiller

      I Was A Fan But After Listening To This Master Piece I Am An Air Conditioner Now

    6. Chad LeDe


    7. Oblivion Light

      Smith actually hit hard on this and was damn right about the no cussing.

    8. Martial Arts Peephole

      Lol I dont now Will can rap till now

    9. Neji Zoldyck

      Joyner and NF should do a collab. Maybe even Will. I'm not really a NF fan but I thought it would be cool. Because they don't need to cuss to keep it real.

    10. Neo Maoka

      Thank you Will. I felt you. Lol.

    11. qopoy dnon

      Trumps New Ring Tone... “Brick by brick, building a wall that no one can break”

    12. Keanan Gous

      Will Smith deserves to go to jail because he ABSOLUTELY MURDERED THIS BEAT💯👌

      1. Adam Stevenson

        He deserves to go to jail for going to the island

    13. Luyanda Khoza

      I played this song and my dad suddenly went out during quarantine to buy bigger speakers

    14. Akram D

      I was on fire i aint need a grill

    15. marshall wissink

      I have no clue how this has any dislikes

    16. Corey Morris

      Bro Joyner really need a Grammy for this sing one the remix

    17. Ace Brown

      People been sleeping on Will, perhaps this'll wake them up.

    18. Zay

      That shit was great.

    19. Loganoss

      can u give my boy a shout out itts his bday soon

    20. 10k subscribers who did for the sake

      Back before there was streaming sales Way before all the iTunes and the fans had to get CDs still Sixty million records sold, I was on fire, I ain't even need a grill Did it all with no cuss words, I ain't have to curse just to keep it real 💯💯💯💯💯

    21. iobote iobote

      check khaligraph Jones l still will free style

    22. Big Smoke

      6ix9ine's "gooba" is begging for a remix

    23. Colby Young

      That Remix Was Awesome Joyner Lucas And Will Smith

    24. J C


    25. Jordan Fuller


    26. One Piece Nation

      I love how he mentioned Nelson Mandela I'm from South Africa and he inspires me too, this song is amazing

    27. Eyeconic Mind

      5.2k dislikes??? Y'all haters are trash forreal

    28. az gy

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    29. alaa tarek moroccan singer 👩🏻‍🎤 Follow him on his channel

    30. Bladers 24

      dude im crying this is the best moment in 2020

    31. msmedy71

      Will snapped!!!!!

    32. Jeremiah Heicher

      Real artists recognize real artists and this is a perfect example. My uncles band got recognized by the suicide machines from Detroit and had the album 'a match and some gasoline' dedicated to him🙏

    33. NiqueRyder

      How did 5.1 thousand people dislike this?

    34. Jedi Cookies

      I’ve been jamming this everyday since it came out, so fire! 🔥 wish it was longer!

    35. Bishop Quinn

      Shoutout to Big Willie!!! Shoutout to Joyner Lucas!!!

    36. Raymond Luciano


    37. Zachary Abney


    38. Jacob Abbott

      Yo Joyner I know you’ll never end up seeing this comment but yo I’m stupid happy you made this remix though the OG bumped hard like this is in my opinion one of my favorites that you’ve had your name on and honestly I just keep seeing you top your next track with another banger after another love your style of rap and I hope you keep pushing forward with your talent and reaching exponential heights. P.s. I’ve been about your music since you opened for Hopsin and never have I seen such an opening for an event and truthfully your set went way harder please come back for with your own show in NV yo. God bless keep doing your thing.

    39. IGetRight101

      Yooooo will went offffff

    40. brick james

      S/o will smith he a real one. #RipUnclePhil

    41. Adrian Cruz

      Real talk Will spits fucking fire

    42. Ibrahim Martinez

      Will still got it.... .. this is sick

    43. Medz

      Love how this song isn’t explicit

    44. Justin Granger

      There need’s to be a music video for the remix ASAP 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    45. S.BROWN

      👏 this song so CRAZY Big Will made sure he brought bars to the bbq.

    46. LP SNEAK FREAK John

      Shout Out Marty Mar!!!💪🏾🤎

    47. LP SNEAK FREAK John

      You feeling like me???👑👑

    48. Sydney Kel

      Damn, didn't think will had it still in him

    49. Gunter Schobel

      This is so inspiring and original, both songs. No doubt Joyner will be a legend too at this rate.

    50. Dawid Siwek

      Will omega gangster

    51. Wakey 8bakey

      Best thing to come from 2020 🔥🔥🔥

    52. Romeo Daniels


    53. Lobster on Meth

      Will smith listening to the recording he just made in the studio: *Ah thats hot, thats hot*

    54. Mogazi Lee

      Designer 🛑 Girls twerking🛑 Promoting drugs🛑 Pure heat💪🤑😁😎

    55. How to flip

      Great song

    56. MagicMidget


    57. angie adams

      Class song bro

    58. Ali Kwj

      Inspiring, relaxing and peaceful ❤️

    59. General Things

      Will flamedddddddddd this beat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. Dekota Barnett

      Yall definitely gotta make a music video to this remix

    61. it's me Mario

      Joyner should do a story telling song about that shit:

    62. Xheneta Berisha

      This songgg is soo nicee.. See you can still rap and not use explicit words. Nice job Willieeee.. your fannnnn sinceeee alwaysss ;)

    63. Ty Ty

      I’ve always liked will smiths songs they don’t disappoint

    64. Dennis Lopez

      I never thought I was gonna like this as much as I do. Great song.

    65. Biggame Worthy

      Couldnt Hate On This Man Ever!Big Willie Hasnt Gone Anywhere but ☝

    66. Jonathan

      Why does Martin Lawrence have 5,000 FIsels accounts?

    67. Devin White


    68. Raspberry Champagne

      Woah that can’t be will smith

    69. CryptoBucc

      Will went in. Love this track

    70. DonCesar93

      Will is a legend!

    71. Elijah Delay

      Pure fire 🔥. Good lord my mind is blown

    72. Erick A.

      Tem brasileiro vendo isso ?


      Rumor has it that trump is in the White House listen to this line "Brick by brick, building a wall that no 1 can break" Trump: now that's my will

    74. Shelly Guynn

      Why is no one loving the James Avery line as much as they should. Fresh prince was the shit and James Avery was a Fr father figure 🙏🏾🙏🏾

    75. Ed Perez

      Dammmmmmm y'all killed it didn't expect this kind of murder 💯💯💪💪💪✊✊✊ "The ledgends are gone but it isn't to late to give em a rose and carry the grace"🧡🧡🧡👌👌👌👌

    76. Kitana Tesla

      Thanks you will and joyner, love this collab.

    77. Sheggs Kelvin

      Wow. Love this song. The beats classic.

    78. Adrian

      Joyner Lucas is very clever for this song. Fresh Prince (Will) and Jazzy Jeff was dope back then before the TV shows. He did his thing on this remix.

    79. Sarib Zahoor

      Joyner and Will join to make a Will remix: EVERYONE LIKED THAT.

    80. Erlan Sakenov

      Lucac god