Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn Dance It Out

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    Ellen's energetic guest co-hosts Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn kicked off the show the best way they know how - by dancing in the aisle with the audience!

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    1. ryublueblanka

      The estrogen in that audience is overwhelming me

    2. French Provincial

      Mother and daughter have a great relationship which is very nice. But what a load of rubbish time for tv, nothing interesting

    3. Gitti

      Goldie Hawn is the biggest star we have!! So natural, so amazing and so talented!! We love her so much!! She was at the Opera ball in Vienna (our home) and was so glamurous, so amazing and so cute!!! We will never fortget about this Trip to vienna.... she is an allrount-talent, and forever young.... God bless you!!

    4. John Dotter

      I will have have to say that Helen Hunt's character in Bride Wars (being a snob) reminded me Of Goldie Hawn's character (being a snob) in the beginning of Overboard that is really when I notice similarities in their acting. But both are great to watch..

    5. Bette Byrd


    6. Bette Byrd

      They look alike

    7. Cristian Fonte

      Kate sei bellissima.....

    8. Isabella Arenas

      I feel like they both have the exact same voice! Lol

    9. Sweetcake Luciano

      Wow she looks younger than her daughter!

    10. Haseya Sissy

      Goldie is sooo cute! A rainbow and a sunshine all together. So much happy person! I love her.

    11. Tammy M

      Love these girls!

    12. Santos Lopez

      It would be great if she stopped promoting skining animals for her vanity and their fur

    13. Mimi-VATGMU2BE

      I ❤❤❤❤❤ Goldie. I love her personality, her energy. All her movies are just fun to watch. There's laughter, drama (tears, sadness), action. All ingredients to make the movie to a succes. ❤ U 2 Kate😘😘. So great to see them together❤❤❤

    14. deer speak

      Not an ounce of talent between the two of them

    15. Alejandra Santos

      My Mom passed away in a tragic accident in 2016. I remember when she told me that Kate Hudson was Goldie Hawn’s daughter while watching one of Goldie Hawn’s movies. I miss watching the Ellen show and movies with my Mom but this brought me so much joy.

    16. kevin dunne

      Love Goldie, nepotism at its finest

    17. mia.

      Goldie is amazing...forever...let her live till 100...😝😝😝😝😝😝

    18. Elena Loboda

      Love them both so much!!! 😘❤️👍🏻

    19. Ameliamasdukihasan Hasan

      I like to see Chelsea Clinton . Kate Hudson , Angelina Jolie , because they're Good mom

    20. Ameliamasdukihasan Hasan

      I like the woman that who have many kids

    21. Umar Bentley

      Debbie Allen,another gorgeous dame and Goldie Hawn need to do a dance off battle promptly.

    22. R M


    23. Jennifer Wiehebrink

      Goldie Hawn is STILL a Goddess! Love her

    24. Claudia Eckert

      I gotta try it with my Mum

    25. Надя Волкова

      Господи, как же они обе прекрасны !!!😍😍😍💃💃👍❤️❤️

    26. a P

      💕 Both are just so lovable 💕

    27. angelina24

      Goodie dances exactly how she danced on Overboard. I love that movie BTW.

    28. Karen Armstrong

      I love them both, how can you not ???????

    29. Simone Lion

      Que lind😎😍

    30. Jasmin Yap


    31. Janet Flores

      I flipping LOVE Kate! 😍💜

    32. Sherry Harris

      Goldie Hawn is always FaBuLoUs She cannot be denied "Hollywood Royalty"💯🤩🎥🍿👸🏽🏳️‍🌈💋🥳

    33. Risse DPLW

      Goldie looks beautiful!

    34. flee-lil-piggy

      I just cryed! So much joy for life! Haa haa 🌈🙏💖💞😂

    35. Lourdes Garcia


    36. vanessa Lawrence

      My daughter just turned 12 she reminds me of Goldie when she was young.. My girl s darker skin tho. She reminds me of her. The eyes and grin and quirkiness. Just resembles the laugh-in era of goldie

    37. Bill Lozier

      Kate looks like a mom & Goldie in no way looks like a grandmother. Kurt Russell is a lucky man.

    38. Carol Gaskill

      I know that this is eight months ago but Goldie Hawn is amazing! I remember her when I was growing up in Laugh In. Thank you , I loved watching you in the movie Overboard, my kids loved watching it too. Your still a beautiful woman, it's like you have a permanent smile. Bless you and your family.

    39. Heather

      Just adore the H ladies!

    40. John Edward Jones

      Fan of both...Seems like Goldie has always been in my entertainment..Watched her as a teen on Laugh-In.

    41. Donna Armstrong

      They should host once a month. They're so great together. Love all of your movies, Goldie and Kate, my favorite is "How To Lose A Guy ...". Want to see more of these two! ❤❤❤

    42. LyndaGFavorites

      This warms my heart. I can feel the genuine love they have for one another. Beautiful Mother/Daughter connection ❤️and Goldie is amazing, ageless and eternally youthful.

    43. Tetty Maulida

      Goldie.. She's the most sexy grand ma , i ever see ;)

    44. Evelien Koeleman

      i love goldy!😅

    45. Ramona Mihaes


    46. Alexsandra Fioravanti

      They are seriously twins...omg

    47. Deborah Christine Grant

      I want a wig too!!!!

    48. Melanie Robinson

      They fricken look like twins! Love them both!

    49. Ale De La Garza

      Freakin love Goldie

    50. nancy garag

      They are too cute

    51. Tonita Torres

      Naturally beautiful and sexy Goldie WAO !!

    52. sandramA heynemana

      Plastic looking Goldie

    53. Madame Moiselle

      Goldie you look great 👍🏽 sunshine after all these years. Get down girlfriend!

    54. Nico -

      Goldie Hawn stayed relevant for 50+ years

    55. Sharon Hart

      Goldie my new best friend in my mind. She seems like nothing but fun, big energy baby!!!

    56. Una Coburn

      Ms. Goldie is my favor actress

    57. foxy lady

      Its so surprising They look like "TWINS" GOLDIE YOU ATE STILL SO BEAUTIFUL🤩

    58. Robbynne Smith

      I love you guys but this is so so fake I love both of you but this is so fake

    59. Isabelle Stevens

      Love , love , love Goldie so adorable and her daughter is a very look alike and just as sweet ..

    60. Sherry Harris

      YeSs "Goldie Hawn" You Look Fabulous Darling 🤩😍😘💯 Kate Loosen up baby gurl 💯😉

    61. Tina Llewellyn

      Goldie ..The baddest chic. Ever!!!!!!!

    62. Lori Olson

      Goldie looks great

    63. Pinkvibes211

      I love love...Goldie ♡

    64. Rayshell Thompson

      O.m.g i love goldie..her spirit..awesome

    65. Kevin Cleveland

      Goldie is so much hotter than her daughter

    66. Donna Banks

      I love how Goldie smiles all time. You can't beat that!

    67. Ree Kohns

      The daughter behaves like the Mother lol What a great team they are 😁

    68. Madeline Tramantano


    69. Anna M

      She looks younger than her daughter

    70. Melanie Paul

      I love it

    71. iliescu maria


    72. Ms Precious

      Kate w short hair looks so different ! Goldie you’re gorgeous!

    73. #keepingitreal


    74. Rosabelle Lopez


    75. Angel Grace

      The legendary Goldie and her beautiful daugther Kate, great actresses.

    76. Lisa Herrera

      Beautiful Family!!

    77. sharon b

      I love Goldie..

    78. Anonymous Anonymous

      She may be 73 but sexy and gorgeous as ever. Amazing moves💜

    79. Travelqueen 26

      Yea, no thanks. Not a fan of these two.

    80. victoria grindle

      I love gold in her daughter but I think they love them a little less now