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    Metal music legends Iron Maiden reacted to by Kids! Original videos linked below!
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    Kids react to Iron Maiden! Watch to see their reactions!
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    Kids featured in this episode:
    Tida, age 7
    Carlin, age 8
    Madison, age 8
    Max, age 8
    Lucas, age 9
    Sydney, age 9
    Emma R., age 11
    Tyler, age 12
    Alex, age 13
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    Kids React #181 - KIDS REACT TO IRON MAIDEN

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    1. FBE

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      1. Doomguy Faz3recon

        Kids react to greenday

      2. James Burlingame

        KIDS REACT TO RUSH!!!!

      3. Régis Reinaldo

        Kids React to The Who

      4. Iran Lujan

        FBE can you make kids react to my video how tamagotchi eat their food please

      5. Александр Леонов


    2. arne Meyet

      Iron Maiden is fast ?? You never heard Metallica or ?? Man listen how fast eminem sings

    3. Jbrad25

      The guitar PERSON is really good *Laughs in double lead guitar

    4. joo momma

      The 80s

    5. Dr. Flanders

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="440">7:20</a> Kids in the 17th century: Whatdooyamean?

    6. P.J. Holmes

      A band from the 70s? Hardly.

    7. TheTributeGuy 60

      Kids react to Judas priest pls

    8. Raghav Gupta

      My fav part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> , that's so me....

    9. João Tomás Moreira Basto

      I can’t believe <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a>! She thought was a girl singing!

    10. João Tomás Moreira Basto

      These kids don’t know what is good music. They just like minecraft, fidget spinners, slime and stuff like that... And I’m a kid but I know what good music is!

    11. Azalea Taylor

      Def Leppard

    12. Azalea Taylor

      I wonder what kids would think of slayer or definitely Leppard

    13. Kevin Connor

      React to sabaton please

    14. ioaneloma

      Kid hears a screaming in a metal music Kids: *WhY dO ThEy ScReAmInG*

    15. dimitris mitsianis

      I am kinda sad Alexander the great wasn't in this video well what can you do😔

    16. Daniel Andres Muñoz Lopez

      rescatando el futuro del mundo

    17. Kaiser Wolf


    18. Eetu

      Kids react to infant annihilator!!!

    19. HerkulesArtz

      I would say they are from the 80s :D not from the 70s

    20. David Ortega

      Some kids today don't know what real music

    21. Stanislav Nikolaev

      Oh that’s rock aaaaaaa no

    22. KRIS

      "sounds like he's afraid of something" Good observation The song's called Fear of the Dark

    23. Yuval WasHere

      Just very rock and roll You did not just say that

    24. Thomas Descoteaux

      "Is this a girl?"...................🤦‍♂️

    25. Junglehunter677.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> I don't remember changing the channel? If you get this reference you're awesome! 🤘

    26. Mike Gomes

      "This one has lots of yelling too", that cracked me up.

    27. Ario Susmaryono

      why stop with these good series? is there not enough bands out there?

    28. eltoro gillz

      next: kids react to lil Wayne and nick jonas's guitar solos

    29. René Remšík

      Long live rock n roll!

    30. Randy Spencer

      Yes long live Iron Maiden god of metal

    31. dark girl

      iS tHiS a giRL?

    32. [HPS]CHeecks GOD

      lol the bands from the 80s

    33. Chas Stiles

      The white men there singing about came from England

    34. Khalid Razin

      Kids react to megadeth

    35. Sheogorath

      I like how these kids think maiden is screaming

    36. Mike Conner

      Iron Maiden? Excellent! *air guitar*

    37. _drip_king17

      Kids making full agruments saying it’s ok like ok you listen to stuff like jfjendkjfjfjf yeah jdjxhdjxbskxhjdjdjdjd yeah jdbdjsbjsbxjdjdjfndn yeah

    38. Logan Bradd

      I just became a fan of Iron Maiden like a couple days ago and all the songs I've heard of them I've liked so far. I'm a new fan and I will be a loyal fan. My fav song from them is Fear of the Dark.

    39. Wan Ea

      Eddie who knows?

    40. EEEz Dubz

      Only the OG years are good 1979-1984

    41. Archie knowels

      Kids react twisted sister

    42. kamalin sofiya

      Kids react to SABATON!!!

    43. Rohan Galande

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="171">2:51</a> when you feel Iron Maiden.

    44. brucenatelee

      I miss the rock/metal years. Nowadays it's K-pop.

    45. will14n5

      My favorite band

    46. nuwandalton

      Love the little African/Asian girl :D

    47. Archie knowels

      Kids react to journey

    48. 666Trihexa

      imma flame lil kids

    49. MtDew 34

      i hate all the girls in this video

    50. Cwcoc withrow

      Its 2020. If its not rap its trash. If thats what we're supposed to say now days then these will be bad last days

    51. Marie K

      The kid in the white shirt is a future rocker! He'll be yelling "Up the Irons!"

    52. Jesse Pinkston


    53. tanja tanja

      What about a BIT earlier Iron Maiden (iron maiden and killers)?

    54. Leonardo

      If they dont have images, videos, they got bored.

    55. donteven faceme

      Anji ansrfq mkm kmlin gala they are just yelling

    56. Omega Mario master

      Kids will never appreciate iron maiden

    57. OriginalKarasu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="171">2:51</a> youuu gooooo booyyyyy xD

    58. Kyle Hansen

      When you know nothing about rock music: "The guitar person is really good at it."

    59. Dr. Pranjit Deka

      Fbe please make a react video of arctic monkeys plzzzzzzzz

    60. Alex Genel

      Screaming? This? Gotta react to Lamb of God next

    61. JJCegs24

      What do these girls want. Oh yeah react to Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran

    62. JJCegs24

      My favorite Iron Maiden song is prob The Trooper or Hallowed by thy name

    63. Ethan kaut

      you can tell that kid has never touched a guitar in his life

    64. Aidan 2003

      Fear of the dark I fEeL LiKe He'S sCaReD oF sOmEtHiNg

    65. Anthony Wolfe

      The British army my dude

    66. Anthony Wolfe

      Kids don’t get the beauty of rock

    67. KoreoBace

      Kids React To Cannibal Corpse *_Make it happen_*

    68. Grappler Baki

      I was their age in 1985 and I was ALWAYS a fan of Derek Riggs' artwork but I could never stomach the band's music.

    69. Martina N.

      Dzieciak w zielonej koszulce to dziecko Joanny Chyłki i Zordona

    70. RON Cedillos

      Iron Maiden \m/

    71. Mark

      Love iron maiden so much!!!

    72. jojo moralde

      Kids react to RHCP

    73. Haze_

      Kids react to megadeth

    74. Lachlan Lovegrove

      Part form the couple of kids who actually liked it the others are just going nowhere in life

    75. Radovan Gaming

      Every one likes the trooper

    76. Nanda Yahya Official

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="287">4:47</a>

    77. Rocket Cooper

      man they forgot to put POWERSLAVE

    78. Juan esteban Suarez Ortega

      kids react to megadeth jajajja

    79. The blacklight Fox2

      Run to the hills run for your life

    80. zachary elliott

      You should do kids react to slayer