LEAST Popular Band On Spotify!

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    If your band has more than 1 listener, SHARE this video to boast about your popularity! And remember... Every song NAGS!!
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    1. max van dijk

      Welcome to the underground metal scene🤘

    2. Samuel Čech

      My band has 10 monthly listeners. It's called Venomous Raider

    3. The YouTube Critic

      I don't like Teddy Swims because his name leaves me hanging.

    4. Debra Williams

      He does make them all sound better

    5. MFG aRnY-

      4:33 reminds me of Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

    6. Dave Franco & his dinosaur

      Romeo:*kills self because Juliet is "dead" Juliet talking to Romeo's corps: 0:19

    7. Forest God

      Can Forest god reach 100 monthly listeners on Spotify?

    8. Ace Hardy


    9. James Maher

      Steve, I listen to you every time you say to hit the subscribe button, and I just keep unsubscribing and subscribing again 🤷🏻‍♂️ But for real though, every time I hear rap music...and most of today’s pop/r&b (if you can call it that, r&b seems to be missing the “b” lately) bands have ZERO TALENT. If you use auto tune and a drum machine and you sample someone else’s music, you suck at life and should quit

    10. kanametousinabasi

      Stevie T: "Paul is not a popular guy" Me, a musician named Paul: why would you hurt me like this :'(

    11. Nikki Angelus

      Throughout this video I was irrationally terrified of seeing anything I've ever made. Thank fuck that was not the case.

    12. C M

      Haha Chad Morgan was an aussie legend 😂

    13. DanteStrife's GT (Suzaku Katori)

      I need a spanish subs please

    14. Dane Wedderburn

      I only have two monthly listeners. LOL.

    15. abang burung

      I have 1 subscriber..lol

    16. merqury5

      The Marlene bit was hilarious.

    17. Dave Engwer

      Destroy Destroy Destroy. They need more than 892 monthly listeners.

    18. Cindy Clark

      You crack me up dude!

    19. Felipe Balboa

      11:35 ajjaja lmao

    20. Shred Klaus

      The beginning of his solo over Lord Gregory’s track gave me A Tout le Monde vibes

    21. weldrocks

      I like your yip yips....I was a Sleestak on LinkedIn but it was scaring people so I changed to the Yip yips. BTW How about Kids Shows with awesome guitar? LOTL had an awesome theme song.

    22. Bungo Desolee

      10:11 What is this the sims 3 loading music for 'whatnot' valley?

    23. Jeffrey A-Bomb

      You sir, are a video editing genius!

    24. Joe Shmoe

      Douglas Hammond Now at 1799 & 578. Stevie, you done blowed him right up!! I mentioned Born For Tomorrow, hoping to boost them a little. No such luck, but to have you NAGS the hell out of 1 of their tracks would be awesome. Fingers crossed. - Cheers

    25. Alpha LH

      Please listen to the german band Vocuz!!

    26. Sathvik Kondepogu

      I'm pretty sure I have zero monthly listeners too! 😭😭

    27. endrizo


    28. Katie Heller

      hymns+death metal= Stevie T

    29. jmersh1017

      I kept waiting for him to bring up my band... HAHA

    30. Adrian FPS

      Hello 911

    31. Mobsie sixsixsix

      All these bands now have masses of listeners.... :-) Except that Stevie T guy. Whoever he is.

    32. meme patrol

      Look up degrave they have 21 monthly

    33. John Maynes

      Relatively Large Steve, ah, back in the How to Play Guitar Like Lil Wayne days.

    34. Lex Spn

      We can be your friends Steve!

    35. Mac Ware

      Jarrah gavin somers

    36. BadWallaby


    37. Team Duck

      3:42 lmaooo😂

    38. Ja’Harvo Jones

      my friends band has 9 monthly listeners please go listen to birthday quiche

      1. Ja’Harvo Jones

        nobody cares

    39. Musicman_HD

      "so I have a new obsession... C R A C K" me: " *I fucking knew it* "

    40. JackHodgkinsonTV

      Chad Morgan’s teeth are so big u could land a plane on them 😂😂

    41. Sarah Loup

      You should check out Doctrine automata on spotify. They're really underrated.

    42. Amanda Nichols

      “I don’t think Paul is a very popular guy” Me:but,but Paul McCartney.......

    43. Aaron Berry

      The most underated band: fisels.info/a/FwuPXko8kJTs0nxgZ8RCMQ

    44. Adriana Molina

      listen to soap revelations

    45. James McCoy

      Ok but... I don't think blaring an over-complicated solo over every song is helping the world hear them... All I hear is like 5 seconds of each song then your solo. Just let us hear the music.

    46. BusDriver5_YT \

      umm thtevie why are you picking on unpopular bandthhhhhhhh sthsthsthsthsth A joke only the people who watched the video get.

    47. halganfu

      you alright stevie.

    48. 10k subscribers with no videos

      There were definitely drugs used in this video

    49. Goat Surgeon

      Goat Surgeon is the least popular band on Spotify

    50. Martin Widerlöv

      Look up my ex-band Eighth Avenue, legit 0 monthly listeners, maybe 1 Edit: i looked us up and we have 6

    51. Elijah Slater

      What about this band with 34 listeners? open.spotify.com/artist/2Ky1tY8hS6yAF7XYAA5CNI?si=FbEHrE-wSbSmvddl356dWw

    52. Waylon John Negrete

      I think the crack is too powerfull to sir steve😁😁

    53. Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

      4:32 "a tout le monde" lick detected (megadeth)

    54. Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews

      11:34 dude please tell me those are your boxers and not shorts lol Are you wearing coochie cutters? Lol

    55. venkyrk

      What's the name of the Teddy Swims song played in this vid?

      1. venkyrk

        'Someone you loved'. What a voice! 😍

    56. doiraee

      lmao dis dude has 0 monthly listeners open.spotify.com/artist/1Wqfy16LVl0D5PYvhK7H05?si=H1WH-xSdTK-CGEMy_UB68g

    57. TheTypical Gamer

      Least popular band on spotify is...... MoonLightEternal

    58. Bubbadoo

      I mean since this is about dropping some obscure artists, I may as well boost rep here for my boyfriend's stuff. He goes by XINN on Spotify, and is currently sitting at 22 monthly listeners. Give him a listen. ^^ He's only got 3 songs currently, and one other that is finished but he's still working out like what to do for a cover for it and such before it is released.

    59. Θωμας Κυριτσης

      3:50 XD XD XD LOL (Btw poor Daglas :'( )

    60. Loofah

      Honwstly tho 😂😂 what kind of name is the nipples (Dis u man? Stevie T? I told you it would close.)