LIVE: FaZe Clan vs. Evil Geniuses - IEM Beijing-Haidian - Group B

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    1. Boxing Fan


    2. TenOutOfTen

      does somebody know why valve does not release a pick em challenge every major ?

    3. Erik

      7:11:43 Wtf

      1. Gin


    4. Ezequiel Batista

      NICE ESL

    5. Lawrence Capener

      When in doubt rush B.never fails

    6. Jamz



      Match start at 1:07:40. You're welcome.

    8. SergejMeister

      Lol Niko switched to igl role and now he’s back in individual form as well. Love the silvers saying Niko was shit just because he was igl.

      1. SergejMeister

        I am Macrocephaly People did though. I’ve seen butthurt faze fans complain and want Niko benched.

      2. I am Macrocephaly

        Niko is one of the best riflers in CS lol I can't imagine anyone was calling him shit, Faze is doing pretty good especially with the pick-up of Coldzera

    9. Hojin

      20 seconds ad wtf

    10. Li Hua

      Y u no come earlier 😓

    11. gandalftheblond e

      June 4th

      1. Li Hua

        What is that?

    12. Empot TV

      6 years in watching and joining the raffle and I have got notin.

      1. HuginAndMunin

        @Ioan Nedelea you haven't "heard" of anyone? Well I have seen 2 threads on reddit already. Sure, I bet a renowned global company would just scam people and there would be no sh*tstorm... god, why are all you people so dumb and pathetic?

    13. Icaro Santos

      0:30 song?

      1. Loyal Death


    14. Fury Gaming

      faze op

      1. Fury Gaming

        @LexsLite u just saw who went down there ...

      2. Scoot 4 Life

        Faze trash

      3. LexsLite

        Faze down