Mac Miller - Good News

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    Circles is available now:
    Directed by Anthony Gaddis & Eric Tilford
    Produced by
    Special thanks to the friends and family who helped make this vision a reality.
    The Major League Baseball trademarks depicted in this program were licensed by Major League Baseball. All rights reserved.

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    1. Rafael Schaefer

      This album made me revisit so many tough feelings from his death. Feels really like a ''Yo i'm still here guys and girls''... But it's not unfortunately. RIP Legend.

    2. Inma

      😢😢 I miss this boy with music

    3. mayson cruz

      when mac said, "i heard they dont talk about me too much" perhaps he's wrong i never let his music gone unheard especially wehn im skoking with my homies 🙏

    4. Brandon Speich

      “Why I gotta build something beautiful just to set it on fire” Man that line hits 🙏

    5. Grant Maher

      What is this?!?!?? 😂 this lame on baby!

    6. matt scheib

      I love the ending. Hes just traveling the universe with his dog. Rest easy bro ✌

    7. Not-_-Substance

      man this is the one song of the album i just cant listen to without being able to hold back the tears... I try to always remember mac with a smile cuz thats what he always wanted to do but i just cant with this video wtf :'(

    8. Tegy Tuner

      His physical form is gone but his soul and energy lives through his music

    9. Wheresmy240

      Such a kind and thoughtful soul taken too soon.

    10. Alden Armsden

      I see this video and song as Mac died and traveled to heaven but before he reached the light at the end of the tunnel he saw his whole life once again before he left us. Showing us that he's ok. Rip-mac💔

    11. S Mac

      This is the most beautiful and amazing thing I've ever seen while high. Miss you Mac.

    12. Jasmine McFarland

      His family deserves the upmost respect and honor for releasing these songs. Thank you!!! We all needed this energy 💙

    13. Victor Cardoso

      “And all I do is say sorryyy, half the time ion even know.... what I’m sayin it about” Me too Mac me too

    14. Ca5pR

      isnt he ded tho

    15. Clemouuche

      Do you guys know if Mac did something with the instru at 6:00 ? It is so in my mind RIP

    16. electric Blue records

      If you are down, hit me up! Let's collab!

    17. 10,000 Subscribers With 0 videos challenge

      Last person who like this will become a millionaire 👇🏿

    18. Aaron Martinez

      I’m no music genius but this seems a little faster than 148

    19. DeanootzPlayz

      I am feelin every word to this song

    20. Alex Borgmann

      Life is beautiful and terrifying

    21. Alejo Gómez Vanegas

      What Ariana has to say about this? 🤔🤔 So sad

    22. So Dour

      Walking into the light, untangling his head phones...that’s perfect

    23. Miguel Vega

      ANTHONER night ...

    24. Beats By Wxz

      ... • Hard Trap Beats • Unlimited lease - $15 🔥 • Exclusive licence - $60 🔥

    25. Rui Delgado


    26. Diego Andres Guevara

      RIP to the greatest artist ever

    27. appelsapdrinker

      Anybody know the beat from 5:52 till 6:37? Is it unreleased? Because I kinda was hoping it would be a song off of Circles but alas :(

      1. Drunk3n_M0nk

        I thought it was supposed to be the last song but it's definitely not Once A Day.

    28. Anthony Carrillo

      It's like he meant this to be his last album

    29. Serge Z

      Is he still here? Am I already there?

    30. Austin Chaney

      One of the biggest mistakes in my life will always be that I never got to see him live. Been a fan since 8th grade. Kool aid and frozen pizza was the first song I heard by him.

    31. Rafael Serrano

      We will miss you for ever dude.

    32. Sintija Pele


    33. Anna Bytner

      So if not Mac Miller, who gets all the money from releasing this video? I mean someone must be making money from his death

    34. Ari 37

      ماكنت ادري ان الاموات يغنوا

    35. ie va

      Yall just need to stop making money off of dead artists. Pay something yourself, like respect.

      1. ie va

        my bad

      2. Drunk3n_M0nk

        For one it's being released by the family which I am okay with since it's not some greedy record exec with the rights cashing in. Secondly if this wasn't released we wouldn't be enjoying it right now. I don't think they would've put the whole album on FIsels if they were worried about making money off it. Sure you get ad revenue but that's nothing compared to record sales if that was the only option to hear it.

      3. Kangi Productions

        His family released it the album was already finished

    36. Will Rupprecht

      Are we just going to ignore the nearly 10,000 ignoramuses? RIP the legend

    37. Cassie Williams

      I miss this man 💔

    38. Kinetic Zombiez

      this song sounds like it would be in a toy story movie

    39. Anthony Hernandez

      Why do I feel like this song is his goodbye, that’s what it feels like to me 🤷‍♂️ like he saying he wanted to be free and alone, so don’t worry. Think about it, Who doesn’t love good news?

    40. Alyssa Joy


    41. Tyler Irwin

      I liked it out of respect for his memory, but y'all did him dirty. I highly doubt he'd approve of this

      1. Tyler Irwin

        @John Snow And nigguh your name is more random than mine you're a damn bastard john snow

      2. Tyler Irwin

        @John Snow that's fine dude, I'm sure his family and close friends want this to be a good album, want this to be what he would have wanted... but you know that's why they don't let cops and surgeons operate or work cases on their own friends and family, because they are too close to the subject to see clearly. All I can say is if he was alive this shit would have been ten times better, and I think that's more respectful than lying and pretending this is good just because it has his name on it. And honestly I'm not even saying it's terrible, just not good enough for Mac.

      3. John Snow

        Sorry but I will take the word of family and close friends over some random Tyler on the internet that thinks they know better what he would have wanted.

    42. Bianca Rose

      I can’t stop crying ♥️😭it’s so hard to hear this but it’s so good too.

    43. Oli mar

      ya me había maquillado...

    44. Aurora Enríquez


    45. JULofficialchannel


    46. Ambiorix Rosario

      I’m a holy man that loves pretty things of all gender and creed!

    47. MT90

      Kudos to the video editors and anyone involved in the making and releasing of this song. Such a wonderful tribute to an absolute legend of the game who’s music will never die. Such an emotional song. *RIP MAC ❤️*

    48. Valentina Furlan

      You are truly missed. Thank you each person that worked on this entire album. Thank you So Much and this Beautiful Videos ❤️

    49. &LS

      You could also like Mac Miller -Real produced by &LS : And Mac Miller - Esturaries Prod By ID.Labs : I get no Credits for these Songs , its all for Mac .

    50. amr adel Subscribe

    51. Traven Horn

      Epileptic people have left the chat

    52. DAVID Charles

      His channel uploading music is the only good news I get.

    53. Andre Al

      Hope your loved ones are doing good without you bro. I know that's all you'd care about. Loved your music. Helped and is helping me through these hard times. Thx.

    54. Karim Cisse

      Couldn’t even hold tears back, gone way too soon man..

    55. Plexohm

      So tired of being so tired Why I gotta build something beautiful just to go set it on fire. God dam. R.I.P boss

    56. Trust_ NoOne

      Mac Miller almost dunks a basketball

    57. kyle hakala

      get this man a grammy

    58. key

      I think its weird this video is monetized. who gets the money? I sure hope its the people who were close to him and not some company profiting off of his death

    59. adrian victorino

      ok im going back to the future, see you folks!! 🚀

    60. Tyler Ellis

      Seems like his death was planned and this was his goodbye just like chester