Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

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    Marvel Studios' Black Widow is in theaters May 1, 2020.
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    1. yammy nanny

      I think black widow is alive cause from endgame she sacrificed herself to get the soul stone inorder to restore the world but then there's multiverse in it. Just my own thoughts....

    2. Rutuja Sawant

      Ironman is going to come again?? I will be happy if he comes then

    3. Rutuja Sawant

      Ironman is going to come again?? I will be happy if he comes then

    4. Lara kanarie

      *I already said that Hopper is alive*

    5. Bruce Humphrey

      Spoiler alert: She doesn’t die in this movie😊

    6. BroncoBillieBeastie

      With beings like The Living Tribunal, The One Above All, Infinity, Eternity, The Beyonder, Hela etc in the Marvel Universe, Black Widow may not stay "permanently" dead. She may be "back".

    7. Vish

      What the name of the track playing in background???

    8. gong san

      It's good to see Rachel Weisz Being Strong Woman Again Like She Did In Mummy Returns.. .. She is like another Sarah Connor... I'm so excited for this movie!

    9. Swayam Hasija

      Bhen ki liodi tu to mar gayi thi

    10. Sp33d D3m0n

      Spoiler alert!: hawkeye is taskmaster

    11. Trump

      1:45 her reaction bothers me there, idk why

    12. Ezekiel Steinfield

      Whats the pointttt. Shesss deaddddd


      she come back because she sad that iwait for this moment when she died for soul stone

    14. Victor’s Center Box

      Black Widow has come looong way, and after what she did for us. She deserves this. I did a reaction to this video, you can check it out on my channel. Thanks.

    15. Navesblue

      “I’m done running from my past.” Said every superhero and/or main protagonist ever at some point.

    16. WO0 yEAHHH

      Robert Downey jr. Is in the movie wooo

    17. Michael Solomon

      Id buy the soundtrack to this trailer!

    18. flame-grilled balls

      Now this, puts a smile on my face

    19. Sharad Srivastava

      Why black widow logo looks like Albedo's Omnitrix 😂

    20. Hoody

      The neverending story.

    21. Eswar A Story

      Telugu people like here

    22. Narottam Karmakar

      This is gonna be amazing movie

    23. 야치

      Every time I see Marvel Studio Movie Trailer, I think the ost in trailer is better than the movie lol

    24. Ctea Sailo

      Prove that Jim Hopper is still alive

    25. Si Filey

      As a gamer I am glad that games being developed don't have that Movie Industry 16.9 ratio of having black borders. It's beautiful having your big screen fill to the max with beautiful graphics. Black Borders are awful.

    26. Nyarik Orang

      Black widow : ........... Task master : yeaaaah booooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    27. Madhu Vlogs

      Black widow got more views than Wonder woman trailer...

    28. evelyn

      Ohhhhhhhhh!! I can't wait see it. I hope when Captain America went to return the Soul Stone in Vormir in Endgame, she gets to come back to the MCU. I am not surprised there was no funeral for her in endgame.

    29. NitroZeus Tk

      hopper wtf

    30. deepal sarkar

      Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

    31. Mahershi Bhavsar

      1:57 Ben 10

    32. Chris of STARS

      There's some of these scenes in Age of Ultron. Cool.

    33. Gagan Haldar

      goosebumps bgm 😱 scarlet is awesome 👌

    34. techno639

      1:45 her smile = so cute

    35. Nahid Ktiz

      Oh no not Her . ...... god......usless

    36. Fedor Shestakov

      Looks awesome, but why is Black Widow the only one without an accent...

    37. Gamer Girl75

      I thought she died at the end game for the gem

    38. Gamer Girl75

      I thought she died at the end game for the gem

    39. John-boy

      "you got FAT", best part of the trailer (other than Scarlett J., of course)

    40. Moryse Gaming

      how the hell does she come back to life after endgame

      1. Asha Moalin

        It's a prequel

    41. Felipe Araújo

      i have a great feeling about this scene.. it will be totally epic 1:20

    42. donna hookem

      Try me !!

    43. sMarT AppLe

      few months till it comes out cant wait!

    44. Gr3en

      She looks dope

    45. LunaMoonlight100

      Guys, this is the movie where we will finally learn what happened in Budapest.

    46. Kevin Alabi

      Anyone here after the special look 👎

    47. Kobi Aranez

      If you haters are just gonna hate then why you even here?

    48. Dre Day

      Fuckin' convoluted storylines and timelines

    49. B.B.O

      Best trailer music eveeeeer

    50. sanjith gaming

      How did black widow returns She had died in endgame

    51. Adam Camacho

      Sees trailer: looks cool Sees hopper: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

    52. Michael Amado

      God, no.

    53. derek

      who genuinely asked for this?

    54. Nethra madhavan

      For Tony Stark

    55. Agatha Maureen

      Red Skull when see Black Widow and Clint is fight in vormir Red Skull : Guys, Marvel say who's gonna jump gonna get a solo movie Black Widow : *JuMp* Clint : Crying in the corner

    56. Eshragh_yoga

      That's dandy of a film ...... 😭😻

    57. Alice Lezbiet

      i can't wait to watch this movie.

    58. Robert Rowley

      Why would they make a movie when black widow is dead I don’t think she is dead

      1. Nathan Kardos

        This movie in cannon takes place before Endgame she did die.

    59. Photon the Fatpurp

      Its been here for a month but I just watched it 😩

    60. Aices Hernandez

      Is Hawkeye going to be in there