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    Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut
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    Julkaistu 12 päivää sitten


    1. Savannah Lee

      I feel like they should have replaced the girl In the pjs with someone more professional

    2. sad jay

      3:10 why is no one talkin about the fact that she said "reminds me of Ariana grande" akmamdnmws 💀

    3. Aulian Fajarrahman

      Winston if you see this you need to know that you're cute

    4. 跟阿強看影片學英文

      Thumbs up for Winston

    5. Baby Yoda

      If I was there and there was a bunny I feel like they would hand it right to me lol. I might get one soon so like,REEEE

    6. Y 1

      Ayeeeeeeeeeee I’m playing resident evil 2 as well my dudeeeeeeee

    7. Cute panda Cuddles

      I like the guy in the pink ish shirt. He’s so good with animals

    8. Lar Family

      Every time they give them the right object (in this case animals) it all makes sense

    9. Caitlin Nepata

      Reminds me of ariana Grande 😂😂

    10. Hoseok Jiwoo

      I cant take my eyes of snake lady 😍🔥

    11. Veronika Troon

      I feel so sorry for the girl with the ‘weird’ top 🥺

    12. Louky Vlogs

      Give me one hedgehogs I really want one

    13. Kira Zurn

      “They are the chillest of reptiles” My bearded dragon in the background scrapping the glass so bad it sounds like a scream

    14. 사 랑 해•_N i x k y_•

      If I was there: *i will not give you your pet back unless you let me play with it for at least 1 hour* +-+

    15. Claire Cardinaux

      I love the pig owner

    16. Shannen Canton

      That hipster Asian guy looks soooo cool with the colorful bird on his shoulder. He really does look like a Pokémon trainer

    17. Sam Stafford

      People getting uncomfortable around reptiles is just the funniest thing 😂

    18. Poppy’s Creations

      I love snakes and I honestly don’t think u could look at me and think I like snakes ( but r u calling me a weirdo) 😂

    19. Adia Aud

      The girl who was guessing the animals was just plain rude. She didn’t bother to respect the animals, freaked out of they went near her, even rudely disrespected Ariana grande by calling her a pig.

    20. Aprajeeta Kushal

      wow.. i wish i had a family like this.. and friends ..neighbours.. an entire city.. this is bound to happen as we have more and more humans killing animals and incomplete birth cycle for animals.. so animals will be born as humans ..are already .. we need to catch up with them ..they can teach us everything about love

    21. BecauseIam Batmaaan

      “Will I regret signing the liability waiver?” 😂

    22. Gavin wishall

      If I was on this video I would have all of them

    23. Travis Something

      Snake girl was hot as hell. If she ain’t afraid to be weird, I’m about it. Normal people are boring

    24. Jes Pearl

      I want a pig, goat and hedgehog! So cool seeing people and their pets! I have a cat, now I feel so damn boring.

    25. jasmine sky Princess attention junkie

      Hedgehogs are not rodents because they dont have a sole pair of inscissors, sincerely the owner of a rat and a lover of rodentology

    26. Krishanu Ghosh


    27. jasmine sky Princess attention junkie

      I have a rat

    28. Jaylee Jorns

      Winston is chill and I like him

    29. Tooka Nimmes

      As a rat owner I’m offended

    30. Gracie Reynolds

      I love beardies and have 2 baby beardies and this girl won't hold it why... Because you got bit!... It's a lizard bite, not all beardies bite

    31. Kels Saw


    32. Mario Lino

      "Is this a sonic" Made me immediately think about "iS tHaT a cHiCkEn?!"

    33. lil nigga


    34. Michael Sanchez

      I have a bearded dragon and I want a snake, hedgehog and a pig

    35. Spicy Elevators

      You don’t need gloves to hold a hedgehog I held one today at a exotic pet expo the don’t poke

    36. Dylan Hilton

      Hedgehogs are not rodents just saying

    37. Abbigale Rhyno

      Bearded dragons don't have teeth if it bit you it wouldn't hurt

    38. do re mi

      i want a fucking snake and hedgehog now ughhh

    39. Hunter Graham

      Sees the pig “Reminds me of Ariana Grande”. 😂😂😂I’m dead

    40. pappanalab

      4:58 I take offense to that. snakes are great and my future boa would agree with me

    41. Maddy Lord

      3:50 scene change had me dying

    42. charlie

      8:48 im just gonna leave this here :^)

    43. kevin aviles

      Lmao dude with the bird made His bird take a shit 😂😂😂

    44. curlyhead mai

      “ this is a cutie, reminds me of Ariana Grande” 😂😂😂

    45. curlyhead mai

      “ is this a... sonic” 😂😂😂

    46. PsʏċɦօHʏʟɨaռ

      That girl that was pairing up the animals with the people was so rude.

    47. ImAnObsessedCookie

      “People who own snakes are weirdos” Me: sWeATs

    48. Olivia The Great

      That pig is my when I have to eat healthy food AHh

    49. Sarah S

      Match the dog to the dog owner!

    50. Łøvę Däÿ

      Could you not call snake people weird? I’m a snake owner and I’m a normal person-

    51. Auset Sanders

      On 3:40 that's exactly why pigs can't fly😅😅

    52. Eryn YEET

      Girl: People who own goats live on a farm My friend who owns a goat in an apartment: Am I a joke to you? Don't worry, they are moving to a house soon. The goat spends a lot of time on the balcony. It's on the first floor. The landlord is fine with it. Krankenhouse (the goat) is being taken care of. His name means "hospital" I German

    53. Ikea Castle Protecting Pewds At All Costs

      I thought that guy was naked cause his top matches his skin tone😂

    54. H I T X

      How do people do this and not know what there gonna do?

    55. Summer A

      I love beard dragons

    56. Catherine Vincent

      8:47 😂😂😂

      1. beedsj roiue

        Did anybody realise the pig guy had a teen wolf tattoo ( derek triskelion(alpha beta omega)

    57. АЙЛЯК™ ™

      Omg ... the girl with weird t-shirt😂 ... was soooooo beautiful😱

    58. y s

      Winston :)

      1. beedsj roiue

        Why isn't anyone talking about the bearded dragon girl? Omg, she's so pretty!!

    59. Averie Stull

      I spit out my drink when they brought the potbelly pig out, the literal *miniature* pig out and the guy goes “That’s a big ass pig.” I-

    60. Gianna Garcia

      8:57 This guy is hot. I love his style. 🥵