Moneybagg Yo - Real Me (Audio)

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    1. Eman Paul


    2. Memphis Smith

      Itz 2020 & diz junt still hard af to me frfr

    3. TheReal OX Its worth the art

      Just shut the fuck up and listen 💙💯

    4. R S


    5. AMG TCbaby

      BIG BAGGG !!!💵💵💵

    6. Lashay Thomas

      "I cannot help the streets feel me" 💯

    7. jody Breeze33

      I had people against me

    8. Da God 720 G

      Tlkin bout muders and robberies 😎💯

    9. Bruhdixin Matthewd

      Real up

    10. SantANA Griffin

      Here before a milla #RealestSongOfAllTime

    11. ida davis


    12. DG Castro

      triple R 😈

    13. DG Castro

      real & reckless & rich 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    14. Roberts Marvan

      Thiz rite here da real ME!!! YO....

    15. Tony Sno

      if yall dont mind go check out dat sno musik on my page and sub

    16. Araceli Zuniga

      This is all me my jam fr


      Can't say it know better (GANGSTA)

    18. Thearon Pope


    19. Derek Newsom

      If they wont to get at me they no ill turn up for mine

    20. Nino Denairo

      Real me 2019 n beyound HARD

      1. Eric Garcia

        Nino Denairo i feel ya

    21. thearon re ttf pope


      1. thearon re ttf pope


      2. thearon re ttf pope


    22. thearon re ttf pope


      1. thearon re ttf pope


    23. *MisS* *TriNiDaD*

      Is it cuz I'm 🆙 and having SHIT 🤔🌹♥💤

    24. Royalty Blessings

      Trying to figure me out

    25. Eden Dewitt


      1. mis d


    26. Savagelife_philly267 savagelife_philly267

      Dis right here da real me 🔥💯💯

    27. Finechina1987 Michelle

      I had to make them folks feel me

    28. mr sep

      All his songzz hard afff

    29. Dianna Dobbs

      This da real me frfr u dig pussy nigga if u think I'm talking about you pull up

    30. Carlos Gonzalez


      1. Jay Jay

        Thug life again

      2. Jay Jay

        Street shit

      3. Jay Jay

        Gansta shit

    31. Eric Miller

      Dats my shit

    32. Chris Edwin

      this not the real me but people really want it to be the real

    33. Quintshun Dockery


    34. RS Real


      1. Darlton Newsome

        This the shit yo

      2. Darlton Newsome

        Money up now

    35. Get off my dick Bitch RoseRed

      I guess you got mad cause I found out the real you so I had to cut you off cause I ain’t feel you You run your mouth like a bitch do talking like I’m deaf like I don’t hear you 💯💪🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    36. TeamEast Wayne


    37. Domonic Howardd

      Shit dope (two words lol)

    38. Miguel Cruz

      He the wave son 🌊🌊

    39. ReupDundotta317 Naptown

      This right here right here the real me

    40. Phez Thomas


    41. Eric Kilgore

      Str8 🔥 Yo

      1. Eric Garcia

        Eric Kilgore hit that nigga up

    42. Ace Robinso

      One of the hardest song period

    43. Jonathan Kemp

      Trynna figure me out wanna solve me...

    44. xxx islife

      This shit bump

    45. Jeffery Harris


    46. Jeffery Harris


    47. Rachel Walker


    48. Brenton Fields

      keep that shit coming moneybagg

    49. YUNG PIICO

      Real life shit💯💯💯

      1. Melissa Helm

        YUNG PIIC call always Atlanta crzylisa the real truth in the streets

    50. God Keys

      how in the fuck is this song has 6👎 this is my song

      1. James Jones

        you need haters that's how u know u raw

    51. malijiah rabb


    52. justin harper

      listen ta dis errday 💯 keep dat hot shit comin moneybagg