Moneybagg Yo - Defamation of Character (Freestyle)

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    Moneybagg Yo - Defamation of Character (Freestyle)
    Official Music Video
    "Bet On Me" out now:
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    1. Ernest A

      Shootout to you MONEYBAGG

    2. Këēm Bøšs

      You would be rich once you see this don’t even got to like this

    3. pk_1

      My nigga jus drop hit after hit🔥🔥🔥🔥

    4. Boice Boy

      Makes $30k a show and makes a song

    5. Bella Bella

      Speaking the truth

    6. Da_Dom_ G.

      She wanted to have my baby.....I got enough of them.💯

    7. FMGDooney Tv


    8. Knowledge Peacegod

      Moneybag is a humble individual much respect too his hustle not tryna bring hate too his success just wantex too say i just wished that my lil nephews and nieces didnt glorify the rap stars life drugs and guns are constantly being implicated into the youth rappers are the foundation of this ijs feel free too voice your own opinion

    9. Janice M.

      MoneyBagg Yo 💋 is the epitome of a real true hard working honest man.💋👑. My old ass uncle even be giving n jigging to Bae music💋👑 I love you MoneyBagg Yo 💋👑 😘😘😍😘♥️

    10. Skep Lan

      This so 🔥 look me up on here SkepLan 🎱🦈

    11. AlleyBoy Entertainment

    12. Shannell Silva

      Scrub! Lol 😂

    13. sheldon williams

      On chief...I wouldn't made it threw alotta shit if it wasn't for Moneybagg I swear🤞🏾💯

    14. William Hill

      If you like this you will get lucky for a few days

    15. George Bajalieh

      That's how I no I MADE ITTTT

    16. George Bajalieh

      That reset

    17. Michael Mitchell

      Moneybagg is dope I fucks with his raps heavy

    18. Nelson Badillo

      He already rich show love thoe💯

    19. Amazing Amy

      Fuck the black community lol I don't need them.......

    20. Fabian 787

      Moneybagg yo is real asf, filmed in Puerto Rico 🔥🌴😈


      My lose yo heart in this industry

    22. Amazing Amy

      Your money ain't long enough and your team ain't strong enough lol fwm

    23. Chuck Giles


    24. zach Pond

      Like solar power!! all I want Is sum clean energy!!

    25. Alleycat Allen

      Moneybagg just know your music is so real to me it gets me through tough times cuz I relate to it man .. Thank you bro

    26. roxann escamilla

      Woo woo

    27. Leo M


    28. MYGIMG ReaLRiderZ

      He Speak that Real Shit💪🏾💪🏾💯💯

    29. Unknwon BOSS TV

      Real talk me g

    30. Hood philosopher

      Who gon be here in 2025 ✋💯💯

    31. Mixedd gang

      Moneybagg yo, rode the heck out of this song!!!

    32. George Scoggins

      My favorite rapper right here .The realest out in the game right now💪👍🐐

    33. Gee Dee

      I had 2 starve b4 dey let me eat!! 😖😤

    34. SuperSkopr

      She wanna have a baby but I refurs it😂

    35. longlivethetrill

      1600 dislikes equals 1600 lames

    36. Cap 47

      This nigga moneybagg too real💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    37. Awill2326

      Finally hit 5 mil💯

    38. Hunter Taylor

      Aww so happy for u mario

    39. Diondrey Keelin

      Money bagg yo be goin hard bro 💯

    40. Lamonta Tae

      First off bra I listen to all yo music to stay focused on dat bag and I love u moneybagg yo bra but on da niggas let’s teach these young people to pull Dey pants up my Nigga, dat shit originated from jail!! AMN Family

    41. Fields McKnight

      Speak on me again you gonna hv to change streeetssssss!!!!

    42. Dumbly Destin

      This hard🔥

    43. Theresa Dowd

      Moneybagg yo all day

    44. Saafir Bukhari

      “When ya own family hate it, that’s how you know you made it” 🤭

    45. Rico Kendrick

      Get em bagg

    46. Zoe Banks

      Go listen to my new song on FIsels . Zoe Banks- On the road. You never know you might like it if you do subscribe to my channel for more Younging trynna get sign Check me out 🔥🎶🎶🎶🎶

    47. jbw1126

      Got this on repeat before the tape drop tonight

    48. leevel guyton


    49. Regina Hill


    50. Neca Scarber


    51. Zizzle Zobo Muzik

      Subscribe My Channel Show Me Sum Luv Upcoming Artist From Nawf Memphis

    52. Jared Short

      0:40 for music

    53. BloodBonesandGlory

      This shit hit so damn hard I need the download.

    54. Fiya Red

      the best of 2019!!!!!! all year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. William Chance

      Bagg drop that posa joint big dawg shit

    56. Roxxi Blaze

      Always keep it 💧💧

    57. Barbara Hines


    58. Saafir Bukhari

      One Of My Favorite Songs By Him.

    59. T Cash

      If u reading this I hope u learn how to rap😂💀

    60. Bitch'Im Jaszy