Moneybagg Yo #Thanks4dabagg

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    In Preparation for the holidays and MoneyBaGG Yo new album "2 Heartless" (Coming Sooner than you think) MBY paints a vivid picture with #Thanks4daBagg... 2 shows 1 nights to hop on a Lear
    Moneybagg Yo “Fed Baby’s” Purchase now!

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    1. shaquitaroyster


    2. Lil E.m.B

      Listen to Lil E.m.B~ LovE you(TrEndinG ChallEnGE) by Lil E.m.B #np on #SoundCloud

    3. TrippyKushh Smoke

      Moneybagg Shittin On Em Always Droppin New Musik Always Has Lit Bars Ha He’s My Favorite Rapper On God🔥🔥

    4. Mia Taina

      My Baby

    5. Scovia Woods

      Favorite Memphis Artist!

    6. Jeff Bezos


    7. Won Thouzan

      Dis shyt slidin!! 1000!! 🔥🔥🔥💯

    8. Kadesa 1k


    9. cashout maj


    10. Hattie Vaughan


    11. K Rosie

      Can’t wait for bag and young thug

    12. Taylor Abel

      BEST #TRENDINGCHALLENGE YET BY TAYJ ft. LOWKEYQUIN! The only challenge with a feature! It’s a club banger fosho!!!! Here’s the link

    13. GQ From FTBG


    14. Jrock,a Rocka,a

      Opp shit pop shit.fammm

    15. TreyEighty Da JackBoy

      This nigga from a different releam with the rap shit

    16. bad king

      Fuck moneybagg yo bitch ass

    17. Quiet Steve

      What happened to FED3

    18. CoastWave TV

      #Trending #CoastWave

    19. CoastWave TV



    21. Dexter Smith

      Wat quavo song is that in the beginning ?

    22. HunchoV Tv

      What's the song in the beginning

    23. Cody Tackett

      Reaady for that moneybagg and gates collab!!💪💯

    24. bruce6 stowe

    25. Fritz Fetti

      Ralo get u ah hit bruh.. u jus another fu ass rapper wit alotta bread.. da only reason he stayin afloat, gucci mane only signed u cuz u from atl nigga.. I’m willing to bet errthing dis nigga fall off mid 2018

    26. TrapBoyFlame

      Moneybagg a real person.. stop saying you dont like a man because of what another man said.. bagg really from the streets, he just chose a better life thats all 💸💸💯

    27. Everything Entertainment

      he's gay. who seen the old tweets

    28. Kam Jones

      He out here doing lame shit

    29. Savalife Tv

      Should be a cool breakfast club interview then 😏 #FedBabies 🔥

    30. blackpanther Guy

      Dope visual bagg. We want to see more.

    31. mizzqueen2018

      LUV ME SUM BAGGGGGG 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    32. eric blackwell

      Hairline gone

    33. Gee 4


    34. GREEDY TV

      He still a biiiiiich!! 😂🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Miguel Hernandez

        GREEDY TV u the bitch 😂

      2. Cdm Squad

        GREEDY TV how

    35. CameroN Stone

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