Moneybagg Yo - Spin On Em feat. Fredo Bang (Official Audio)

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    “Time Served” out now:

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    1. NetWork Production

      BangGang & MoneyBagg yo ft

    2. Big Al

      This needs a video 🤮🤮🥵♿️

    3. Tommy Butler

      Bread gang 4 L


      Kd somewhere punching the air 😘

    5. Tevin Clarke

      Moneybagg yo u a pussy u r not relevant so u seeking some attention fuck u on tbg y’all r some pussy

      1. Jerome Joyner

        Shut yo BITCH ass up!


      Fuck wit me Fredo tryna get sign...o yeah yb scared bad bad lol

    7. Rogue Beast

      Favorite on the album the whole album straight heat tho no cap🔥🔥

    8. PercyBangz

    9. Tone Sheist

      certified banger!!!!!

    10. Micah Jodway

      This song lit asf

    11. Tycoon Tkg

      Not this is how you turn up for yo Dawgs Long Live Gee N Blvd

    12. Lee Miller


    13. ‘Toxik Oner.

      Best one on the album real talk. Fredo killed this bitch

    14. Jetski in yo bii

      Why this aint on money bagg yo album???

    15. Kasey Owens

      Is it just me or does fredo sounds like yungeen ace

    16. Lil' Skimp

      Shootin buckets NBA Kd (Kevin Durant)

      1. Lil' Skimp

        😂😂 fire song 🔥🔥🔥

    17. DaReal Henny Black

      And he wonder why YB cut em off cant play both sides Fredo go hard but this nigga MBY playing both sides like Gates...🤔💯💯 #OnlyGodKnows

    18. Trenchrunner Fatboy


    19. Shawn Burns

      Fuck NBA. Whole click fulla pussies

    20. Ayo Dinero


    21. Rico Kendrick

      I fucks with this heavy only real can relate facts

    22. BMG TRILLA


    23. CloutedComp

      Ong niggas jus here fa fredo

    24. Lildrae Lildrae

      Aye I bet moneybag yo won't say that to yb face omm bullets burn he ain't never been shot before so he better stfu and stay out they beef because niggas dieing over that shit

      1. Jerome Joyner

        Nigga fuck you and Yb he bet not ever come to Memphis with that shit

      2. sssssss

        Wym bro? Yb didn’t do shit when gee bitch slapped his ass in the ryans restaurant

      3. Lildrae Lildrae

        @A D plus moneybagg yo ain't on shit tf he gone do he ain't gone hurt a mfn thing so yea I hate mfr that try in be something there not just saying tbh and if yb people start shooting at him he betta shoot back or another rapper dead 😅

      4. Lildrae Lildrae

        @A D I never said anybody was scared I said stay out of other ppl beef because bullets burn and moneybagg yo fake asf

      5. A D

        Nobody's scared of Yb.. Relax

    25. Reggie Poe the best one

    26. Jay J

    27. Mark Crosby


    28. Lyndsey Di Liello- Collier

      This 🔥🔥🔥

    29. Ric York

      This nigga my favorite artist out the top 10 upcoming artist 1 Moneybagg Yo 2 Roddy Ricch 3 Fredo Bang 4 Rod Wave 5 Polo G 6 Lil Migo 7 No Cap 8 Lil TJay 9 Black Youngsta 10 YNW Melly


      Moneybagg yo you need so milk


      I guess KD can’t tie his shoes.

      1. JM

        @Josh Pgh lol 😂🤣☠️🙄

      2. STAR REBORN

        Josh Pgh I wonder why No one has visited him

      3. Josh Pgh

        JM yeah he really in a wheelchair. there’s a reason he quit posting on ig 😂😂

      4. JM

        So is it the he can't walk or what cause I be seeing comments saying nah he really wasnt but nobody seen a pic of him since he though

    32. Javion Boyd

      This should just be called NBA KD Diss

    33. MR YOUNG

      Need a visual for this 1

    34. Barbara Hines


    35. Barbara Hines


    36. caleb chenier

      Drop the video to this

    37. caleb chenier

      Million views

    38. Bradley Weston

      Who else here before ah million???

    39. Baby c MUSIC


    40. Adrian McCrimmon

      dat boi fredo apply pressure every song omm

    41. mudboy laced

      He gone die real soon watch they just sit back and watching

      1. A D


      2. King Glo If Ya Don’t Kno

        mudboy laced lmao ok

    42. Double Flex 360

      Kill it money bag yo 🔥🔥🔥😳

    43. Christopher Ransom

      Need a Video ASAP



    45. solex Dave

      Man this niggas diss KD so bad

    46. Sleezo 4X fwt🔥🔥

    47. Anthony Nero

      Diss track to youngboy

      1. Im Kj

        Anthony Nero Yess sir

    48. Drew Tisdale

      Moneybagg put kd ass out there


      NBA kd is big mad😂😂♿

    50. Rashaun Newbold

      Great song to spin a block to

    51. B. Z

      NBA yang bay is better dan moneybak ya

    52. Frederick Grant

      Grimey but I like it 😁

    53. Main Tain

      He may never walk again but I feel a lil better🔥🔥🔥he snap to hard

    54. Mario StacksMountain

      😍 Feel like this about my bitch ass - Mario

    55. Dylan Smith

      If I think fredo better than bagg... You smoking crack oml 🤞

    56. Zedrik Taylor

      Goats 🐐🔥 🔥

    57. YouTube Kaqzy

      Moneybagg Yo was talm bout NBA Youngboy homie

    58. Jackie Allen


    59. Kuol M.A

      How can MoneyBagg yo talk shit, when Youngboy n him got a whole mixtape together

      1. A D

        The same way he got on ig & was talking shit abt him 🤷🏾‍♀️

      2. JB Guapo

        Kuol M.A xactly he bitch-made

    60. Grind2Shine Dre

      Bagg we need a video to this 🔥💯