Morbius - Official Teaser Trailer First Look (2020) Jared Leto, Matt Smith


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    Get your first look at the teaser trailer for Sony Pictures' Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the iconic Marvel monster. The official synopsis for Morbius reads, "One of Marvel's most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease."

    Morbius releases on July 31 in the US and UK, and July 30 in the AU. Joining Leto in the cast are Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, and Tyrese Gibson.

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    1. IGN

      Check out Jared Leto's first interview about the Morbius movie here on IGN >>>

      1. Nico Laus

        Sooooo true!

      2. Stylez-13

        Now we need Blade to come try hunt him like in spiderman animated series

    2. Qbertykey

      White Blade...

    3. Jack Phillips

      Oh man! This looks spectacularly bitchen!

    4. TheRedJokerrr

      Nice to note that Morbius was created in 1971, a year after Man Bat was introduced in the Batman comics, once again proving that Marvel has always been a money-driven, thieves-filled company that only accounts a couple original artists who got put aside when being too honest.

    5. Ritam Sarkar

      Wait I’m confused. Was the whole end bit confirming that Morbius takes place in the MCU with him meeting the Vulture or was it an Easter egg?

    6. Marius Stankevičius

    7. Ahmad Almelhem


    8. Somedude77


    9. drttyu liqm

      Jared: I have a rare blood disease. Matt Smith: The doctor will see you now

    10. The Alpha

      2019: Venom 2020: Morbius

      1. drttyu liqm

        Keaton: I’m the Bat Man from 1989 Leto: well I’m the Joker in 2016

    11. X- PerTixs割

      Anyone peeped spider-man at 2:03

    12. Denis Topal

      At 2:03 Look the Spider-Man graffiti labeled “ Murderer “ And how did spider-man 2 end? 🤔

    13. justice is served

      2:05 Dr. WHO!?!?!?

    14. Ryantiz

      *i have a rare blood disease* School nurse: put some ice on it

    15. Anthony Luciano

      So after the joker role.. horrible failure he gets this..??

    16. alvin yang

      Vampire in Gucci

    17. trololo

      try hard joker try hard to be batman lmao.

    18. seeriu ciihy

      Looks like the same generic edgy nonsense as Venom. Might be fun tho.

    19. Carl Westman

      What the hell is commissioner Gordon doing there at 2:05

      1. seeriu ciihy

        2:05 "It's alright, Morbius. Trust me . . . I'm The Doctor."

    20. Dead Crushs


    21. elnombredelarosa

      Looks interesting

    22. Burfie Burf


    23. ???

      He look terrible

    24. wιѕegυy

      Alright, a Blade vs Morbius movie would be pretty cool right now. Both are daywalkers and technically half human vampires. See how Blade deals with encountering the closest thing he has to someone that shares something similar to his own unique condition. If nothing else the resulting death match will be awesome.

    25. Alan Becerril

      Morbius el vampiro ni siquiera es un discapacitado

    26. Benny Ibarra

      Keaton: I’m the Bat Man from 1989 Leto: well I’m the Joker in 2016

    27. Benny Ibarra

      Sinister Six: Vulture Scorpion Shocker Mysterio Morbius Carnage In my theory, I see these Villains as the sinister six! The main villain: Kraven the Hunter!

    28. Checkmyhart

      I don’t trust Leto after how he butchered The Joker

    29. Batben01

      DC: "Listen Jared. I just talked to Warner Bros. Due to your unpopular portrayal in Suicide Squad, and the fact that we have to rebrand our image, I'm afraid that your Joker solo movie won't happen anytime soon." Jared Leto: " *sigh* Okay, I understand." Marvel: "Hey Jared, would you like to talk to me and Sony over some Bloody Mary's."

    30. Mahendra Sharma

      Kya tatti hai ye 💩💩

    31. yaliso gioouy

      DC: Bats + Billionaire = Batman Marvel: Bats + Joker = Fcuking Vampire.

    32. cruznnn

      batman vs dracula

    33. Tobias Merriman

      This is a balancing act between Jared Leto scaring me away from it and Jared Harris guaranteeing that it's great.

      1. yaliso gioouy

        lol nice try Marvel this dude ain’t gonna be Batman

    34. Boss Ricketts

      Should be a video game 🤑

    35. James Landon

      2:05 "It's alright, Morbius. Trust me . . . I'm The Doctor."

    36. William Sowell

      lol its critical

    37. asdkk asdkasdka

      so ..vampire movies coming back

    38. Johnny savage Juicy J

      You know what this means blade will pop out in this movie

    39. BatmanKid299

      There making movies of spider man villains and then they team up to kill I’m for some reason

    40. Kyle Mazurek

      Just... No... It should've been a foreign actor, or they should have had him train to speak with an accent... For someone who's supposed to be Greek, it doesn't show in the slightest, and that irritates me.

    41. BlueKrypto77

      Different spiderman suit? Vulture? Doctor who (matt smith)? Detective gordon? ManBat/morbius bc same difference?

    42. Rourke Bar

      2:06 "regular ties are cool"

    43. TheMrgoodmanners

      i hope in future they mix up blade in this

    44. Dorian Cantu


    45. Grant Brando

      This looks like it could be worse than venom

    46. beedsj roiue

      Honestly surprised no ones talking about spiderman at 2:03 with the words “murderer” on it

      1. beedsj roiue

        The real batman

    47. Xehn II

      lol nice try Marvel this dude ain’t gonna be Batman

    48. Luthor Hankon

      oh look a smartass shadow pooper

    49. KiraAsakura14

      IS THAT ELEVEN!? Complete with Coat and Tie!

    50. Stebo

      I feel like I just watched the whole movie. What's the point?

    51. Dr Henry Wu

      0:26 part

    52. Dr Henry Wu

      At 26 Is the Beethoven fur Elise


      Jared Leto plays a shity version of The Joker now Jared Leto plays a shity version of Batman

    54. Dr Henry Wu

      I keep here the Beethoven fur Elise

    55. wildTVnature

      *Subscribe to me and I'll subscribe to you*

    56. Vaisakh Ps

      is this marvel's batman?

    57. mel leto

      So glad my man got a new better movie after DC dicked him around....his been the most under rated actor for so so so many years it makes me wanna scream....and his a really lovely guy....have met him at 2 of his mars concerts and his absoulutly delightful.....and respect to the echelon....we all knew that the world would catch on #soon

    58. Shivang Mishra

      That background piano tune sounds familiar🤔

    59. Максим Колесниченко

      2:20 PHAHAHHAHAHAH... AAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHhaaaa.... are you for real?!)))) ITS SO STUPED AND FUNY SHIEEET not cool but stuped like ather movis