Morty Resets His Life | Rick and Morty | adult swim

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    The season finale of Rick and Morty is this Sunday, May 24 at 11:30pm ET/PT.
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    1. Argonaut

      Is no one gonna talk about the cannibalism they committed?

    2. Joel The Owl

      People are mad because Morty had his happy life reset but they don't realise that this was probably for the best. Morty would eventually give the remote back to Rick or the original Rick would get bored and go get Morty from that timeline and he would learn the truth and have to give it all back. In the episode, Morty does this in the reality where he has nothing to lose and is clearly depressed, even killed himself various times. Imagine having to give the reality where he is as happy as he's ever been to save countless Morty's. It's fucked up, so in a sense this saved him from a horrific decision.

    3. Le Trajic

      You see the remote and your gonna press it

    4. Darts 6y6

      I really hate Jerry 4 this 😓

    5. Arturo Alcaman Almendras

      Jerry sucks... 😡

    6. Trust me I'm an Esper

      I hope all Rick and Morty fans die from the China Virus.

    7. Soviet Wanker

      Why does everyone hate on Jerry. I feel bad for him :(

    8. sir hopkins

      Holly shit dude 😂

    9. AleatoriaGames Oficial


    10. DUPP

      Wouldn't a normal person save right before having sex

    11. alexi toussaint

      where can i get ricky and morty season 4 new eps

    12. Demon King OFFICIAL

      That’s jacked up lol

    13. Bren Tenkage

      my, this hurts my very soul, like holy shit

    14. Isoke

      fuck bro now i feel all the hate

    15. Alonso Ac

      And of course Jerry had to yeet everything out of the window

    16. Hugo Valdez

      I forgot for a moment that this is Adult Swim lol, nice ending cute arses ❤️

    17. Hello I'm Jordan

      There was a 50% chance that Jerry could’ve saved that moment.

    18. Nolan Howard

      Petition to kill all Jerrys.

    19. Dorian H

      I was laughing so hard during this sequence 😂

    20. jack V

      Normally i was sorry for jerry and what had happened to him but now he deserves eveeything and i hate him. Now he is my least favorite character. Edit: i read through the comments and saw that some already wrote what i wrote lol

    21. Alex Savard

      Find kl

    22. XxAtler849xX

      That Sucks Ass <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a>

    23. Saturno Ø

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a>NEM FUDENDO KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

    24. Beth Gibson

      Reminds me of up

    25. Eric Di Carlo

      Is around the 2 minute mark a refrence to south park? The people on the plane wear similar clothes to Stan and Kyle

    26. Hanaetty S

      since they started season 4, until this episode, tbh I couldn’t find rick and Morty as interesting as previous seasons. I hope they’ll be this good for rest of the season 😭

    27. Will Huey

      Poor Marty right when he got a girlfriend

    28. PorcjaRosolowa6

      whats season and episode ??

    29. David Danlov

      God fucking damn it Jerry

    30. Mr Silencio

      Jajaja south para reference (stan)

    31. Luis Garcia

      This shit fucked me up

    32. Kitty Peanut

      Fuck you Jerry >:'(

    33. Brandon Densley

      That was the saddest 4 1/2 minute clip I have ever seen

    34. DecadeofDecay

      So nobody talks about the South Park reference?

    35. Lone WildStar

      Morty:has a happy life for once Jerry:Finna ruin my son's career

    36. Epic _ziofe


    37. Camile Rahal

      Fucking Jerry...

    38. Blaze The Archangel

      This just gave me PTSD and depression. God fucking dammit Jerry.

    39. dabombtown

      this is my love life but none of the loving happened... only the end 😥

    40. WeebSlayer

      Fuck you Jerry

    41. Cesar 4 Wolf Estudios

      a parody of the miracle of the andes

    42. Heather Navalon

      i think this whole episode went around the idea of "cancelling". Cancelling all the bad parts of your life so you can try again and again, cancelling all the good parts of your life through committing atrocities, aka cancelling culture.

    43. Zono

      No really, since when did you capture footage of me forgetting to save in pokemon?

    44. Kayden Haubeil

      this is fucking terrifying

    45. C.J.P.

      WOW! That broke my fifth wall. Well I'm going outside to talk to some females. WHO KNOWS!?

    46. aquele cara 987


    47. Remi d'Auvergne

      I hate jerry

    48. jackson traverlious

      After seeing all that I feel that someone should save and kill Jerry then load and repeat

    49. مصطفى القحوي

      I really hate Jerry so much now he totally killed his son's heart

    50. tdvc YT

      i love jerry lmfao

    51. Old_European_painting_of_a_cat 1

      Gaming tip of the day: don’t forget to save frequently!

    52. Masterdesattardes


    53. 《Leone》


    54. I No Longer Get It.

      Fuck you Jerry

    55. Lebo

      Bruh that was a good ass episode till the jerry pressed the button >:( Just imagine how different rick and morty would be

    56. Ethon

      Now we all know why Rick hates Jerry. We all hate him now too.

    57. TheLuckyJinks

      i feel like if you cheated life like this all your accomplishments would feel pointless

    58. MnM doctor phil

      Hope they just kill that spastic Jerry

    59. DW

      When you finally date e-girlfriend in your dream and your mom wakes you up for sleeping 12+ hours

    60. Timmy Turner

      I use to try to say Jerry’s misunderstood. After this I hate jerry

    61. Casey Seevers

      Song name?

    62. G_Canti Vídeos

      Vish kk

    63. Laurynas

      to be honest this must be the saddest moment in all of rick and morty and it made me hate jerry forever.

    64. Caleb Madrid

      Fuck you jerry

    65. WhiTe_B0Y

      I hate Jerry

    66. juan fernandez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> The accident of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, popularly known as the "Miracle of the Andes" or "Tragedy of the Andes", occurred on Friday, October 13, 1972, when the military plane with 40 passengers and five crew members was driving the Old Christians rugby team - made up of students from ...

    67. Christian Ryan

      I actually felt bad for Morty here. Kind of like Samurai Jack and Ashi.

    68. SmallNek Music


    69. Jay Wills

      So nobody else wants to acknowledge that they just turned the James Bond theme into a rom-com soundtrack? Just me? .... ok ...

    70. Ronny

      Bro this episode hit me hard because that “superpower” of controlling the time has always been my biggest desire/fantasy. Glad to see that the series make it happen

    71. Rebtorias The Great

      Man that really sucks

    72. Andrés Veloz

      I really hate Jerry

    73. Kabane 12345

      GOOSE : You re a damn stupid morty !!!!!!

    74. Foxrot6453

      Omg that’s horrible 😢

    75. Seth Edwards

      Of course it's fucking Jerry.

    76. Yuki Hedrick

      Why did it actually make me kinda sad when he had memories of them and they started fighting

    77. Eric Okasaki


    78. Sr.Infinito

      Jerry fucking idiot.

    79. SoldatoCannone

      sad xD

    80. Crvtbn

      Re zero