Mr. Plinkett's Star Trek Picard Review

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    Mr. Plinkett's review of Star Trek Picard is here! And it's way too long! But who cares? What else are you going to do during an endless pandemic? Also, how many nails can they finally put into the Star Trek coffin!? Well, Star Trek Picard is another one!

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    1. The Rev

      My opinion was that Michelle Hurd was a complete miscast in this show..... Musiker had NO value and added nothing to Picards 'tween story after Nemesis. Im sure shes a great actress but she just seemed like she could care less about this role; almost nothing about her performance was believeable.

    2. DarkPhantomSky

      What's my age again?

    3. WarBaby2

      If Discovery was just bad Star Trek, this thing wasn't even good generic scifie... the same pseudo contemporary drivel everything else attached to a once great IP turns out to be these days, because the people making and financing it have no vision, no creativity, they have checklists and an agendas. Also: Damit Tasha was hot...

    4. Bamm Bamm

      You people sound old and tired! I remember all this during "DS9", now.. "Its the best Star Trek Ever" You guys are victims... Picard was GOOD, not Great,.. but a 7! Discovery... a 3! I admit, Discovery, not too good. But being 45 and measuring against the times. Picard is much better than you think. Same victim shit as DS9!!

    5. tyranusfan

      The members over on Trekcore are all up in arms over this review. They're calling you haters and accusing you of clickbait reviews to get money...I guess you hit a little too close to home. Truth hurts, I guess.

    6. Luca Luppino

      What are the drawings and skits he shows? Are those actual early treatments?

    7. Kaptin Barfbeerd

      I'm not a fan of RLM but I have to give credit where credit is due here. Mike obviously knows Star Trek and has gotten me curious enough to watch TNG again.

    8. stavrogin023

      The F-18 is a far more beautiful airframe design than most of which recent Star Trek productions have come up with...

    9. Lance

      Now onto the Rise of Skywalker Plinkett review!

    10. David Radford

      Will Wheaton is a POS

    11. vengeance1701

      Why do they have Picard whispering all the time? In the interviews, he sounds fine.

    12. Miles Gore

      plinkett has mellowed

    13. Mod Man

      Theyre so unoriginal the plasma cutter looks like the one from dead space

    14. Sam Guevenne

      The whole thing with Data was just pseudophilosophical. They come with big statements about how dying is part of the human experience etc. But here is my point. DEATH comes TO humans and not the other way arround.Even if you walk away from do not as human GO to death...we cant even imagine actual death, actual non existance so we also cant consciously choose it. A human that has the chance of getting better, to experience health,friendship,love and the awe of the discovery again would never act like Data did at the end of Picard. Datas last moments where the utter most inhuman thing he could ever do...infact he acted like a god dam toaster. Thanks to the writers...Data our beloved Data failed to be human...they talked (wrote him) into suicide and thats a crime. It was not Death that caught up to Data it were those hacks of "writers". The whole thing those idiots wanted to create Data already had in Nemesis...there was no mumbo jumbo to explain it and I dont even know if the writers back then knew what they actually did there but...right there in matter the rest of the film...Data already had his perfect...his human experience of death.

    15. KatKaleen

      I just realized that the hippie synth colony would've never known of the space octopus if Commodore O hadn't put the vision in Agnes' mind. FFS that was stupid.

    16. Anders Pernefalk

      These are dark times we are living in. Beloved franchises are being destroyed. I would gladly return back in time and experience when music, movies and television series had quality. Just imagine being able to see the original Star Wars trilogy unaltered at cinemas.

    17. Kung Lao

      Is it just me or are writers for sci-fi tv shows getting worse?

    18. G K

      So many things were holograms I was waiting for the ship to be one.

    19. Kirrith Kovacs

      They did a Luke on Picard. This has to be a conspiracy to destroy all male white role models by the sniveling left.

    20. Brendan Murphy

      Can someone actually explain to me what the hell the space robot octopus was? Was it going to slap all life to death?

    21. Eduardo Pena

      Star Trek; Stories From my Old Drunk Grandpa he Told us one Night When the Power was out.

    22. wrybreadspread

      It looks like one of these hourly dramas where the characters cheat on their spouses, defraud their colleagues, lie, backstab,'s all very disillusioning. And Patrick Stewart consented to this because of...Brexit?

    23. Char nel

      Where is the "oh wait, westworld is trash too" punchline?

    24. Robble Rouser

      LOL!! I guess, I shouldn't be laughing at this train wreck now called Star Trek. RLM, your review is spot on. The current band of producers, writers, etc. have destroyed the Star Trek brand. What sci-fi franchise can we obsess over that might be good in 2020? Dune?

    25. blacksheep7198

      the lesson here is to stop pulling old actors out of retirement to remake classic shows. If Bob Crane were still alive we'd be watching a review of 'Hogan: The first Hero'

    26. Max Rebo

      Just saying as a counter. If you look at Picard as end of Golden Age 40K story, (obviously different franchise), It fits quite nicely.

    27. Guardiane

      All I can say is, whoever made this show (Picard) has a deep passionate hate for Star Trek. There goal to destroy the series has been accomplished. Any chance of salvation has been eliminated...the Star Trek as we knew it is dead. So, having said that, stop slapping the Star Trek brand on these filthy shows/movies. If you're not going to make "Star Trek" then stop using the name altogether. Sure there was a difference between the 60's Star Trek and TNG but the differences were subtle and logical. Not over the top with plotholes and violence and gore and just complete game changers. I don't even remotely feel like it's the same universe anymore, it's dramatically altered in a terrible way. Some jerkoff thought they'd be a hero or be clever and twist the series in a way they thought it should go. No. The series was fine, if you don't like it, then leave it alone. Make a different show with a different brand name if you want something different. Don't pervert Star Trek anymore. Gene Roddenberry would be ashamed of this crap.

    28. Michael Lapinski

      i watched the whole time to hear squeeze gats at the end wtf

    29. yasio bolo

      show is the result

    30. LordRydag

      I have no idea what the FUCK he was talking about, but it was funny.

    31. Mila D

      I have watched every Picard Re:view, got halfway through this episode and I still don't know the plot of the show and how the scenes are linked together. I kinda could follow in the early episodes, but still got confused about the twins and how they are related to Picard. But those later eps are just gibberish with fight scenes.

      1. yasio bolo

        It's interesting in the worst way. Mass Effect was heavily inspired (and borrowed from) the Star Trek universe... Now Star Trek is doing the exact same, but without even hiding

    32. Blaise onthevid

      I'm a fairly new Trekkie - I only started watching TNG a few months ago... And even I hated Star Trek: Picard. There was no sense of adventure, no togetherness, no diplomacy. And all the PLOTHOLES! The creators of that series took a shotgun to Roddenberry's lifework and blasted everything it was known and loved for into oblivion. How Roddenberry Jr could even let that series come to life is beyond me, it was really against all what his father created.

    33. WyomingPTT

      It's like they have this vision of this Game of Thrones in space show, but no one will pay them to make it and even if they did no one would probably watch it, so they shoehorn this stuff into Star Trek because its their only outlet.

    34. Internet Gas

      Someone mentioned this on a comment on "The Dave Cullen Show". This isn't Captain Picard 30 yrs on, this is 30 yrs after Lt Picard from the TNG Episode Tapestry.

    35. Tom Evans

      We already saw that there were entire races of androids, like in "What are Little Girls Made Of?" and "I, Mudd".

    36. C Hraeloni

      lmao that visine bottle

    37. ThisNormalLife

      Thank you, you saved me from watching this trash.

    38. TheUnseelie Court

      The social justice hipsters with the black rimmed glasses all took over. Roddenberry is rolling in his grave, yelping in pain like the guy who had his eye removed.

    39. Karmolicious

      Why did the background music turn porno at 51 minutes lol

    40. G Cooper

      I didn't pick up a lot of the plot for this show until it got explained here. Not sure if I just wasn't engaged enough to bother registering it or if it was too complicated/stupid.

    41. W33B LORD

      Ugh. The end of the video when you see how they turned the thoughtful and optimistic world of Star Trek into this ugly, gritty, mess of violence and nihilism.... It's really sad. I'm sure that Someday, someone who understands what Star Trek is about will be given the opportunity to helm the ship. I just don't for see this happening anytime soon given the current talent pool.

    42. s orr

      STPicard is a bitter disappointment, for obvious reasons. I'll conribute my theory though: my theory why STPicard is so bad on every level, is that netflix has all the talent, and cbs none, nor will have. Has anyone heard of occam's razor? My theory explains the lack of talent at CBS very simply, and is not disingeneous.

    43. Captain Sam Wilson

      Ha Ha ha.. Was looking at my Prime service and saw the CBS all access link. and before I hit the button. I searched U tube and found this.. So Glad I did.. lol The Great Awakening..... Thank you...

    44. H L

      The world may indeed be in tough times in 2020, but the world always has a lot to be upset about and Star Trek managed to be optimistic in those times. When TNG started there was Iran Contra, the 1987 Black Monday stock market crash, and during its run there was the economic slow down of 1991-92, Rodney King and the LA Riots (which was very apparent and real for a show made in Los Angeles), the AIDS epidemic, and so much more. The original Star Trek aired during the rapidly worsening Vietnam War and the horrors of 1968 (assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy, riots after MLK’s murder, the violence at the DNC, and Nixon’s election after he sabotaged LBJ’s attempt at peace talks). Heck, TOS tried to show a post-cold war world of cooperation and then later on, movies like Undiscovered Country showed a world where even committed ‘cold warriors’ like Kirk could learn to empathize with their former enemies and try to build a peaceful future with them. When Kirk says, ‘let them die,’ we understand why he feels that way, but we also know he’s wrong (and he learns that by the end, too). In Picard he’d never evolve from his view point and his blood feud would lead to lots of deaths and explosions in a world where no one ever learns or grows. The present is always screwed. Those who made Picard can’t use the state of the world as an excuse for going darker times, we need optimism even more. Gene Rodenberry and the series’ to come after him through Enterprise understood that. No one behind the newest shows does.

    45. Michael Mobley

      This is a trash review. Apparently 58k people really don't get the concept of Trek and how it evolves.

    46. mike hunt

      The title should have been Star Trek: 4 Echoes and an Abortion

    47. The Shaggy Sniper

      If you take out the 3 minute intros for each episode, the unnecessary flashbacks, "previously on" intros, dream sequences, and duplicate scenes, you get a one hour episode.

    48. kutulukutu

      It's interesting in the worst way. Mass Effect was heavily inspired (and borrowed from) the Star Trek universe... Now Star Trek is doing the exact same, but without even hiding it. Picard dies and is basically rebuilt by some secret thing? Fish-based all powerful machine beings to keep things in check? The Borg are now treated like the geth? The androids I could get. But the goddamn Borg? What the fuck. Good thing the trial never ends, eh, Q?

    49. GermanCarsRule

      Robot Picard was stupid. Would have been better if they just cured his brain disease, the could just have continued to be old...and tired...and apologetic.

      1. Chauncy Raymond

        And he could keep being scared, and useless, and old.... damn why was this show even called Star Trek: Picard. He is not even the main character.

    50. Mark

      That acting captain part... oh god. I'm an airline pilot, and when I was upgrading to captain, you fly with a training captain who acts as your first officer observing you as a new captain. You're technically "acting as captain" during this period, and on my first PA to passengers, I accidentally said I was "acting captain" the flight attendants gave me shit for it after the flight, they said passengers looked puzzled. "Wait he's not a real captain?" Fuck, fuck, fuck.

    51. ludeman

      Did they not know where 10-forward was? Of course not!

    52. ludeman

      At least Mando is good!

    53. TheBlankFromHeck

      Brexit is when you go eff off and live in America your whole life.

    54. Syrup

      Plinkett refers to "elder abuse" as the final item on his list of hot media topics. It seems characteristically and comically out of place. But a couple of days after the review was published, it wasn't. Yowch..

    55. TheBlankFromHeck

      Star Trek III also used footage from the movie as security camera footage. But it was from a good movie.

    56. Matt Stumblovski

      That was great, lot of effort went into making this, well done! Funny as fuck ha. What an abortion this show was! But I'm grateful to Kuntzman et al for providing us all so much ammo for hilarious scathing reviews like this! Seriously, these writers/producers...what fucking shmucks. Ridiculous! They all have such punchable faces too lol...

    57. Brandon Thomas

      The 4 horse people....

    58. JGrizzle

      Well, I can never hear "engage" the same way again...

    59. CloudSteele

      "I'm sorry if this is really fucked up."

    60. Andreas Westiner

      My god, this is so brillant. I've laughed and nodded so much in those one and a half hours. Thank you for this masterpiece. I hope they do another shitty season, so that i get another review of you. Thank you. Those 90 minutes made my day.

    61. David Stuart

      If you want gay characters, make gay characters. But don't take straight characters and make them gay to fit the progressive narrative of the show. Even George Takei said his character was straight, but that didn't stop the JJ universe from making Sulu gay.

    62. Orwellianson

      Thank you for bringing Plinkett back!

    63. Jamie Pritchard

      Shit wasn't it...

    64. YassoKuhl

      Just started this vid and already know, that this is the best time I'm ever gonna have with that show!

    65. secretservice12345

      This review alone possesses more intellectual and emotional depth than all of star trek Picard.

    66. Mr.Tai Wan

      Looking at reviews, from what looks like to be real people, those folks love the recent movies. Since..they're just action films at this point.

    67. Jinn Indo

      Do people here notice how kurtzman, chabon, goldman, and even abrams all kind of look the same, talk the same, and make the same stuff?

    68. AreaFortyTwo

      I wonder what ethnicity Goldsman, Chabon, Beyer and Kurtzman are


      I tried that email....its FAKE!

    70. enemies_within

      Need some Plinket Rise of Skywalker in my life

    71. aeopmusic

      “It’s very easy to trick stupid emotional people” ~Plinket “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” ~ Hitler Mr. Plinket and Hitler are both right in that it works, but NOT that it’s right.

    72. KBA KBA

      EnGAYge the gay gauge.

    73. J P

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>:35 - "Space turns out to be super-boring. Go figure." In TNG/DS9/VOY, 24th-century humans spoken in a refined, evolved manner. Why, a generation later, are they suddenly talking like trendy 21st-century children?

      1. Farrar Hudkins

        Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this shift in language. We used to have "Understood." Now we have "Copy that." Because apparently following the events of VOY even the *language* has regressed 300 years.

    74. loner1878

      LOL, I just noticed, in the Phantom Menace Review, Plinkett says "actors are creative people" who have good insights and he apparently thinks they shouldn't direct things? lol kay...

      1. The channel for everything

        That was 10 years ago. People's opinions change.

      2. EyeoftheU

        The entire conora situation kind of soured Mike on celebrities something fierce.

    75. Bunzen Kantzen

      I always thought picard was bi tbh

    76. Prince Procrastinate

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2481">41:21</a> Westworld getting a positive shout out from Mr Plinkett?! Ooohhh myyyyy, they don't know how lucky they are, getting praise from Plinkett is like getting blood from a stone.

    77. Michael Ward

      I hadn't seen two seconds of this show. So basically it's a Blade Runner spin off?

    78. Gray Vieth

      I watch Star Trek, not as a fan. Because my friend's are. So I have to watch these shows. And this new shows are painful.

    79. Joshua V

      Sometimes I like to create my own team and imagine what they would make. Like, Alex Garland, Charlie Brooker, Reece Shearsmith, and Steve Pemberton. It could end up dark but not in the same way I don't think.

    80. Michael Dudley

      And the timeframe and scale of the supernova was never explained, especially in regards to : how urgent is this when there's time to construct an entire fleet of Starships for an evacuation?? Wouldn't that take years? Excellent review, but kind of depressing.