My enemy Became My Slave

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    1. Garland Nooo

      Oh no not holly wood

    2. Its your girl nat !

      People who take ADVANTAGE of you YEA IM TALKING Tao YOU PRETTY BOIIY

    3. Kawaii bun bun

      This may be the worst video y’all have produced..

    4. Maia uwu

      This is literally from the show "Maid-Sama" 😂

    5. Panicking Laci

      Her: “as for my job, I **quitted**” Me: “hun, I think you meant ‘I quit’”

    6. AmethystBlackHeart

      Popular... Maid cafe... Works for family... Hates her job... Keeps job a secret... Popular guy knows about the secret... This sounds like kaichou wa maid-sama. (GO wach that anime is really good) ARE YOU AN ANIME GIRL!?

    7. TABS Sensei

      B E G O N E D E M O N

    8. Evelyn Cabrera

      Gold digger

    9. ashlyn kayleigh concepcion

      Me: watches the first 5 seconds of the video Also Me: oh no. imma hate this

    10. Giuliana Berishaj

      a SLAVE isn’t that like banned

    11. grossbvck !!!

      This sounds like a wattpad story-

    12. Finie Minie

      props to the VA who able to voice this without cringing to herself

    13. Leila Henderson

      All I hear is gold digger

    14. ‘ XxxStupidlypotatoxxX ‘

      Every Gacha life ever

    15. Dari Z


    16. Elizabeth Hallmark

      She is such a flippin brat!

    17. The Squad

      This is so stupid

    18. Memey Avocado

      *why is this Maid Sama though*

    19. Morakinyo Wilson

      This story is similarish to the anime maid sama. Except the guy isnt acting like a dush.

    20. Ishir Mehra

      person: I pooped and died My story animated: yes

      1. Morakinyo Wilson


    21. Amir Soltani

      *AnoTHer DAy iN SunNy CaLIfoRNiA*

      1. Morakinyo Wilson

        Its dem north rich girls

    22. Ethan O'Neil

      The blonde chick called his Ex a hoe but isn’t she dating him because he is rich??????

    23. The Faze pop

      How you get you lazy but and work for you own money4 year old

    24. PurpleShep

      Blackmailing Jordan taking his money.

    25. PuppyGamerYT

      That laugh 9:32

    26. Rextruant El

      So the 2nd part she’s a gold digger

    27. PurpleShep

      Poor Jordan.

    28. Miraculous Simply the best

      This is the ONLY video EVER I disliked that’s how bad it is

    29. Uwu naw Boomer

      Till his how ex girlfriend showed up

    30. PurpleShep

      Share my story. Copy cat.

    31. Alexas Montgomery

      Wow I mean if I was her I would leave not freakin use him

    32. LemonBubble Cutie


    33. Heartic Brainium

      I didn't know this was a fan fiction reading channel

    34. GalaxyPlaysGacha -_-

      Karma's a BIIIIITCH!!

    35. Audrey Smit

      yup i'll see if that works

    36. Bailey-Takaia James

      Maid sama

    37. Mashed Cows

      She talks like everyone lives like this

    38. LGBT love

      Anyone else noticing this sounds like some weird version of an anime called Maid Sama

    39. Madison King

      Cat fatty

    40. rer xox

      Wattpad who?????

    41. Niko Kowalik

      He looks like frickin Logan Paul...

    42. Mashed Cows

      Oh no. I. Scared

    43. Candy Apple

      Ik what she did was wrong and that NO one should do this but putting a mean commont is rude

    44. Candy Apple

      Why is everyone hating on her imagine you in her shoes!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Amy Blair

      ... hmmmm, this animation sounds just like the Japanese anime “Maid Sama”

    46. Exelanie Bacusmo

      Gay? Idk

    47. Raid Chico

      Im so maid at him

    48. Raid Chico

      I’m so maid

    49. pink bunny

      Why is her boobs just showing out and she sounds spoiled lol this video got so much dislikes FBI 9:39

    50. Emily Chacon

      Maid Sama???

    51. Sofia de Lira

      mAid sAma !!!

    52. Addie

      9:34 wtf

    53. glasses boi

      Everyone is hating her just for telling the story how would you feel if someone said bad things about your story. Without fighting.

    54. z x h a r a

      When you realized that they used voice actors...

    55. supream team

      ... e girl ...

    56. Amy-louise Hutton

      Has she ever watched an anime called maid sama 😂

    57. btstea

      This video for sum reason give me miraculous ladybug

    58. May Lista

      Wait wtf I don’t watch anime or personally like it but I even know that this is from an anime

    59. K p

      Beaten and tied up and got robbed Picked the wrong house that is what a CIA does for christmas nice

    60. Harvey Coote

      Tf is this