Natural Beauty vs Cosmetic Surgery: Is There Middle Ground?


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    Carly: paradisefitnesswithcarly
    Nicola: pa_nicola
    Tanesha: vitiligoqueen
    Sagar: sagarpatelaesthetics
    Rena: rena.loveman
    Shana: thesweetlifeofshana

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    1. Paul Kim

      Who else thinks they should have just brought in the kardashians

    2. Sára Tomorszki

      0:36 she a what?

    3. tyler forde

      Attack of the lizard people!

    4. Zac Williams

      acceptance of your natural beauty is much more healthy and fulfilling than convincing yourself it’s ok to hate your own appearance. you’ll feel better by learning to love yourself as you are instead of teaching yourself that you need to change parts of yourself to be considered good enough.

    5. Itsss me ELISHA

      I’m happy about my face . I just want to have nice skin.

    6. tlali

      The only plastic surgery I dislike are lip fillers. Never seen anybody that looked better with them that I know of. Just my opinion. I've seen attractive people with thin lips and attractive people with thick lips. But lip fillers no...just no.

    7. Logan Scurlock

      Look I know people are gonna come on here and say oh hes fishing for a girl or hes thirsty or whatever, but I hope every woman realizes just how much their worth. Just how beautiful they are. I hope they realize that regardless of some little problem with their nose or their weight or their hair or whatever, that they are loved. That they will find love, and eventually never have to be without it. Almost every single one of us finds love in time, we just have to be patient for it. You font have to change something to get that love, because that's gonna attract the wrong kind of people, and not someone who's gonna love you for the rest of your life.


      I think there is nothing wrong with men or women liking attractive men or women. Everyone has they're 'types' and it is completely natural for us to be attracted to the healthiest people. While I as a boy have been bullied for being week, and have had girls say I am too week, I cannot stand here and say you have to love me cos all sizes or whatever cos everyone is attracted to different types, although naturally we are attracted to healthy people. This is because in nature you want the healthiest Male or female to mate with to get the healthiest baby. Nothing you can do. Nothing wrong with people liking people a certain way. As long as they dont force it on someone. The world will not function if no one has types or is attracted to certain people.

    9. Shewolf

      I will never understand why anyone would think that a tight, misshapen face is attractive. The woman's face looks so tight I'm surprised she can show emotion. Also looks like she has rocks under her skin.

    10. Ivan Petrov

      Did nicola get her ass transplanted on her face

    11. Jawaria

      Can see clear difference between natural vs Surgery ,Natural ( all 3 women) face looking more better & stable 👍🌸🌺🌸 rather then 3 done surgries especially 2 women face looking soo bad,not attractive at all🤐even i see 2 ladies done surgries i know already when saw their spoiled surgery faces 😈

    12. Jawaria

      Natural is better 🤟💞💞💞 Surgery mostly ruin you & have side effects rather then make you perfect 😬 which mostly Surgen not told you

    13. Genesis April

      This was surprisingly civilized.

    14. Dave B

      Im a dude so im not sure what to think. Both sides i guess. I personaly only do a barber who does a fine job btw.

    15. Ty Smith

      I knew the girl with vitiligo had a beautiful soul when I first saw her. On the other hand I think the woman with the lips uses surgery to mask her own insecurities instead of accepting her for herself... Not trying to pass judgement, that's just what I felt.

    16. Kruut Von Trendkilla

      Trying to look youthful I would get if it actually made you look younger but we are far from there. The sad and disturbing plastic Hollywood look that they all get is not youthful or attractive at all. It's even sadder when they get it young. Why would you look like a desperate 40yr old at 20?

    17. Darius Moore

      Does she looks like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith or does he look like her? You know who I'm talking about 🤣

    18. TheAustralian Viewer

      Plastic surgery should be for people who truly need it, the people who are born without noses or ears. Everyone should be a natural beauty because it’s human to be yourself flesh and bone not plastic and goo.

    19. Mac Angus

      I have a cleft palette and recessed jaw. I don’t consider getting jaw surgery to make my jaw not recessed as being cosmetic surgery. Because that’s how I already see myself. Sure I’d like to believe I’m beautiful how I am, but why believe that when I can look how I feel I do.

    20. Carson Chamness

      I'm confused are the natural beauty side against the other side and stuff it's hard to see how far extreme they are for their sides

    21. Im just a snail

      This might’ve been the most wholesome episode I’ve seen.

    22. lovewhispers68

      There's pressure on women to look beautiful, and there's pressure on men to have resources.

    23. cloud218

      I was hoping they would ask the plastic surgeon why some people look bad with plastic surgery and others don’t. I mean for cosmetic surgery like example Michael Jackson, and Mickey Rourke. Etc

    24. taylormxrie

      I wish they mentioned men that have insecurities as well :/

    25. Yamel Camel

      Omygosh I hate how the surgery guys kept bringing up deformities or medical conditions in the wrong situations of their wording. A clef pallet is a m e d I c a l d e f o r m I t y that needs to be treated and fixed. I means I got plastic surgery for a clef lip when I was a baby because it poses a threat to my health. But I really enjoyed this talk, at least they all weren’t crazy this time

    26. Kiko Jackson

      I swear she looks like Courtney Cox

    27. Kiko Jackson

      you could just tell before they explained who they were, who was cosmetic surgery

    28. Nolo R

      The doctor is handsome

    29. Leya Goudriaan

      Also, saying that because she’s beautiful she should not have trouble feeling like she is beautiful. Sorry you just basically told her she’s overreacting and should not be feeling not beautiful. That’s not how that works, if she doesn’t like herself you can’t just say that she shouldn’t be feeling like that, just because you think she is beautiful.

    30. Leya Goudriaan

      I’m going to say it, the people who were natural beauty advocates are beautiful.

    31. Isingsometimess

      The vitiligo gal is soooo pretty that lipstick suits her so so much what a queen

    32. Hiragi Takeru

      What i know surgery in first place is for fix something broke like u had accident n broke your nose etc. not make artificial beauty.. Im not talk bad about people or surgery it self I just want everyone love thierself we are beautiful as we are I want look like this.. This pretty this beautiful...this whatever Sigh.. Aren't u tired? Nothing wrong if u want to be pretty or whatever but we already pretty why we should follow other people? Its that hard to love youself? Why u cant love yourself even bit? God bless us with this look babe Its better than wht if u born like hen?! why u dont love yourself ? Look at ground there lot of people not lucky as us..we can be king/or queen if we had good manner like them not looking good like them.. dont just look at sky even rocket cant reach how far sky..if u being servant of Disere u cant stop it u will keep want more and more

    33. Yeet Doge

      the funny thing is none of them are beautiful

    34. Avi •

      Plastic surgery is disgusting, its unnatural, its unhealthily, and its not worth faking it. Also i hate calling them doctors, they dont heal people!

    35. Santiago Sanchez

      Poor Lela Star 😔

    36. Ben Skurbe

      1) that’s Steven Tyler 2) why did the doctor wear his coat? Seems like he’s trying to assert something

      1. sprumm

        Ben Skurbe yes Steven Tyler for sure

    37. INFJ Insights

      Self acceptance is the answer!

    38. Ghost 896

      Why do people care about images in this day and age?

    39. Aryssa Bertrand

      You should do women who believe you need to have children vs. Women who don't want children

    40. Carly Loftin

      The woman with the lips just sounds like she just there to talk about how she wants to look young