NHL Highlights | Predators @ Avalanche 11/07/19



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    Extended highlights of the Nashville Predators at the Colorado Avalanche


    1. Obi Wan

      I loved watching Duchene celebrate and then this happens after

    2. Cristian Elvis

      Jeez 😒

    3. NorCal Aviation

      Great to see Donskoi doing well elsewhere!

    4. Archaos

      Matt Duchene scores Avalanche: Hold the hell up Hold my beer

    5. Captain Orca

      Avalanche: Scores 6 goals in the second period Predators: Hold my RedBull

    6. The OG Binks

      Ya know I’m all fine and well with the predators. They’re a good team with a great fan base. BUT let’s get one thing straight, Josi and Ellis are NOT the best d pair in the league. They might be ONE OF THE BEST d pairs but they are not the best in the whole league

    7. Matt Peters

      Know what really gets my d$@& hard. When NASHVILLE loses! Let's go AVS!

    8. monika laosi

      The Avs are like our kryptonite..I had box seat tickets to a home game and they shut us out 5-0...

    9. bilinas mini

      Pekka: "You keep blowing that horn, I can't concentrate!"

    10. Mac Pittner


    11. wnnalis cioov

      Pekka: "You keep blowing that horn, I can't concentrate!"

    12. Chris Applegate

      Glad to see trashvill get destroyed.

      1. monika laosi

        Hey ya know what. I'm a Preds fan and we didn't show up to play and the Avs did. Simple as that. Good game Avs. Ya'll deserved every goal. Every team is allowed a bad gam

    13. Shauka Hodan

      The Avs are about to be the most dominant dynasty the NHL has ever seen.

      1. chip And dale

        @bilinas mini they did.... they got rid of Matt duchene....lol

      2. bilinas mini

        move on.

    14. mixio hili

      easily put a few more in. Just amazing!!! I wish hockey was always this insane😂😂. Wish I was at the game! Only an hour away... End of comment🍻

      1. wnnalis cioov

        "The Big Takeover" ! The reason why the Avs have done this -> They love to entertain us Congrats to The Donfather for his hat trick! 😎



    16. Air Force KId

      Prediction: Avs finish 3rd in division, but with Rantanen and Landeskog healthy, win the western conference

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Bad goaltending from both sides

    17. popeye81

      🤫🤫...i hope it was just a wake up call for the preds ⏰🤕...

      1. mixio hili

        Those Avs just couldn't be stopped...or even contained.

    18. neejoy sola

      avs goin far this season

    19. Alan Krapivner

      Congrats to Donskoi on his hat trick -a Sharks fan

      1. chip And dale

        Wow many sharks fans saying this.... Hockey is great.... the players and fans know what respect and honor is.... cheers buddie....but as an AVS fan Matt duchene will never have my respect....

    20. Tally Kimble

      Damn did the Preds have a goalie

      1. neejoy sola

        The Avs are like our kryptonite..I had box seat tickets to a home game and they shut us out 5-0...

    21. Steve K

      That’s how you put the boots to the visiting team 😯

    22. N C

      9 goals and Val Nichushken still can't buy one. Poor guy I had such high hopes for him.

      1. chip And dale

        He's doing just fine...goals will follow if he continues to play like he is....

    23. 暗黒騎士 Ankokukishi

      duchene, get fucked you waste of money.

    24. Crimsonfang

      As a Stars fan, it's always fun to watch the Preds get shredded, whether it's by a division rival or not.

      1. hockeycub19

        chip And dale lol

      2. LPLPLPLPLEEE Page

        So true Preds suck

      3. chip And dale

        Agreed they have Matt duchene.... May he never win a cup...

    25. CrimsonStang

      Worst period in the history of the Nashville Predators. What the heck was up with that?

      1. chip And dale

        Yeah I know... there's an avalanche coming....

    26. Ian Burke

      9 goals?! how often does that happen

      1. SelfLoathingCityBoy

        My favorite hockey teams are the Colorado Avalanche and the Starbulls Rosenheim (Germany) and both teams scored nine goals in one game this week :) 9-0 and 9-4 - what a great week

    27. Matthew Martin

      Hey ya know what. I'm a Preds fan and we didn't show up to play and the Avs did. Simple as that. Good game Avs. Ya'll deserved every goal. Every team is allowed a bad game now and then (Like about 4 years ago when we spanked Toronto on their ice 9-2). Just take the hit, congratulate the Victor's, pick yourself up, throw the game tape away, and move on.

    28. John Nycto

      Pekka: "You keep blowing that horn, I can't concentrate!"

    29. SlapShotKing Burns88

      "The Big Takeover" ! The reason why the Avs have done this -> They love to entertain us Congrats to The Donfather for his hat trick! 😎

      1. chip And dale

        Hockey is great... if the world could just be more like the players and fans.... go hockey go.... I respect that you just gave him congrats.... wish I could do that for Matt duchene even with owning 2 jerseys with his name on the back... unfortunately I'm going to have them both altered to #49...

    30. Joseph Kresl

      Avs saw Duchene score in the second and said hell no

    31. Dominic Maurais

      Bad goaltending from both sides

    32. Anthony Mitchell

      Those Avs just couldn't be stopped...or even contained.

    33. Awesome Zach

      Such beauties by Colorado. That's why they're my 2nd favorite team. The rangers are my favorite team.

    34. Dylan Rimmer

      Colorado has one of the worst play-by-play commentators in the league

      1. Dylan Rimmer

        @Shea Corduroy I just remember last year back when Elias Petterson of the Canucks scored in overtime or something the Colorado announcer yelled "NO Petterson"

      2. Shea Corduroy

        Dylan Rimmer I have actually watched a few avs games, I don’t mind them.

      3. Dylan Rimmer

        @Shea Corduroy don't think I've watched one of their home games here yet, I'll have to take a look but it's gunna be hard to top this guy

      4. Shea Corduroy

        Dylan Rimmer Nashville’s are honestly worse.

    35. Zach W

      The Avs are like our kryptonite..I had box seat tickets to a home game and they shut us out 5-0...

    36. Cubertral

      Not enough scoring.

    37. Teddy Robinson

      Was at the game last night and,boy,oh,boy,the Avs burst loose with the goals--what a way to end the losing streak--Happy in Denver today-Go Avs

    38. Tom Bav

      Aves need to go far in the playoffs this year.

      1. hockeycub19

        If they stop having the damn injury bug and have a healthy lineup, there should be no excuses of why they lose in the playoffs.

      2. chip And dale

        After they make it to the playoffs and more importantly be healthy when they do.... they will go far....

    39. Tom Bav

      Now this is hockey

    40. Shea Corduroy

      This is the worst loss we’ve suffered in our franchise’s history. Man I miss Weber...

      1. chip And dale

        @Shea Corduroy yep i like getting under the skin of people who don't know what they talking about.... aka Matt duchene aka the douche asking for a trade then not really playing for a whole season because he feels he is better than the team.... I have nothing against you I just want you to understand the facts....

      2. Shea Corduroy

        chip And dale ok we get it, you’re annoying.

      3. chip And dale

        Yeah and let the Matt duchene curse begin... not to worry like I've already told you he will ask for a trade soon....

      4. Shea Corduroy

        Avigilon Reaper no he doesn’t tf lol

      5. TrixyPixy

        Shea Corduroy he sucks

    41. PlebeBVR

      I'm so happy for Joonas getting his first hat trick! We miss you lots in San Jose, but so proud to see you thriving :D

      1. chip And dale

        Your a good man with respect to him... wish i could do that for Matt duchene.... i have 2 jerseys with his name on the back... but I'm going to have them both altered to Girard #49....

    42. Chew Art

      Man w Donskoi the aves look good. But why Kadri? Should’ve left him with the leaves.

      1. chip And dale

        Barrie 5 assist so far.... I liked him as an AVS but I also felt he gave up way to many turnovers and odd man rushes... the leafs will see this and agree soon... kadri on the other hand is doing great so far...6 goals and 6 assists plus the AVS have makar and Girard to feel his spot with byram in the works.... personally I feel loosing kerfoot was a blow to the chest but like sakic said as long as we don't play the Bruins in the playoffs it should be all good...lol...

      2. Chew Art

        Brandon S honeymoon isn’t over yet.

      3. Brandon S

        Stuart W meanwhile Barrie hasn’t scored a goal all season with 39 shots. Toronto has already started to sour on him. I’d make that trade again tomorrow. Kadri filled a massive hole at 2c and with our depth at D and Barrie wanting 8+.... nah.

      4. Chew Art

        avshockey66, you can’t be talking about Kadri.

      5. avshockey66

        He has put up 10 points (5G, 5A) in sixteen games. On pace for a 50+ point season. It's early in the season, and if he picks it up just a little bit, he could have a 60+ point season. He also adds a little grit to the second line. Glad we picked him up.

    43. Evan Sullivan

      I wish this would be the WCF matchup but the playoff seeding sucks and they’ll face each other in round two instead

    44. Sharks17

      The Avs are about to be the most dominant dynasty the NHL has ever seen.

      1. chip And dale

        Wow from a sharks fan even.... good man you are... i love hockey not just because of the game but because the players and fans actually have great respect for everyone mostly....the NFL sure could use a lot more of what hockey has.... respect and honor....fisels.info/video/videot/kYm_qM9hnZJ8jI0.html

    45. Pepsi Puppy

      When you press the goal button hella times and they all come out at once

    46. heliumtrophy

      I love that they show an Avs fan with a Duchene shirt on....revenge was sweet for him!

      1. chip And dale

        @hockeycub19 don't forget byram.... after seeing him in preseason though not to sure... but defenders typically take longer to develop.... unlike makar and Girard which appear to be breaking the laws of development LOL.....

      2. hockeycub19

        chip And dale avs won the duchess trade no doubt, got rid of a diva for Girard and kamanev.

      3. chip And dale

        What sucks here is I was close to being the 1st person to have a duchene jersey and then he did that to the AVS makes me sick....

      4. chip And dale

        @heliumtrophy good call.... I agree.... jsyk... I'm altering my duchene jerseys form #9 to #49... and going to cross out duchene and put Girard under the number...lol...

      5. heliumtrophy

        @Anna Roberts I meant that revenge was sweet for the Avs....I should've been clearer.

    47. Iam Matrix

      Useless slow mo camera 😑


      The Colorado illuminatis

    49. Forever Existential

      My god chill on the adderall Avs commentator.

      1. chip And dale

        Lol... that's what all home town announcers should sound like... now if we can only get rid of Peter McNabb and bring rycroft in... ooohhh and have Comcast actually let me watch the games....

    50. Arunalu Kariyawasam

      These commentators are annoying, remind me of Boston's.

      1. chip And dale

        Yeah Peter McNabb needs to retire... in come rycroft.... then they will be all AVS announcers.... all home team announcers should be like Mark Moser....

    51. Mário 16


    52. drsamw pepper

      Every single defender not named Roman Josi or Ryan Ellis....SHOULD BE F-KING CUT!!! GET THOSE SORRY A$$ MOTHERF-KERS OFF THIS DAMN TEAM!!!

      1. chip And dale


    53. Jeremy Logan Films

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a> is when the party begins

    54. acxy

      A great day for one finn. Not so great for the other two.

    55. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      Miss sakic playing 😷✍🏽

      1. chip And dale

        Lol... but he has done outstanding as gm....

    56. Tropicalfire

      Getting game 4 flashbacks from The playoffs last year.

    57. Patriot

      Then they go back to a 5 game losing streak

    58. vay eee

      Pekka Rinne is too good right now

    59. Mike Knudsen

      Go Avs Go!

    60. OTP - Online Team Play

      These commentators are classic homers. Guy gets all sad when other team scores. Not an avs fan, but I'd love having a guy like him for my local network

      1. OTP - Online Team Play

        @MrVanquish30 Yes. I'm saying I wish I had local commentators like that.

      2. MrVanquish30

        You know they are local commentators right? Like they're supposed to be homers

    61. Ethan Chan

      Pekka Rinne is too good rn

    62. Zachary Icenhower

      What happens when the avs can actually complete passes is unreal!

    63. Ian S.

      Rinne and Saros were swiss cheese tonight sheesh

    64. Montreal Canadiens#1Fan


    65. Montreal Canadiens#1Fan

      TrashviLLe Sux

    66. Montreal Canadiens#1Fan

      TrashviLLe Child Predators

      1. Shea Corduroy

        Montreal Canadiens Fan hOw OrIgInAL, you knockoff baguette.

    67. CLIPS N DIP

      im a sabres fan but that avs jersey is my fav of all time. besides MAYBE the red black sabres jerseys

      1. chip And dale

        I wonder if the AVS will ever rock the old Rockies hockey jerseys.... personally I feel the out door games they play in should be them or maybe Quebec...

      2. chip And dale

        @Jonathan H AVS fan here... I so agree... that jersey rocked....

      3. dan quayle

        their throwbacks are siiick i like the unis this year too with that new updated throwback logo and the darker color scheme. i just love throwbacks and dark/black jerseys period. the coyotes throwbacks are awesome, carolinas alternates with the state flag, anaheim’s orange/black unis with the old logo. all winners.

      4. Jonathan H

        Yotes fan here, I so wish the Sabres would go back to that red black silver jersey with the aggressive buffalo on it. I grew up watching Hasek dominate while wearing that jersey. I love that thing. So much better than the blue/gold jerseys.

    68. chip And dale

      This just in Matt duchene is asking Joe sakic if he can come back to the AVS.... sakic replied saying no and thanks for what you gave us in return... but offered a 200k 8 year deal.... Matt said sounds great and sakic changed his mind and said 20k a year... hey pred fans enjoy Matt duchene he will be asking for a trade next November and then won't even consider blocking any shots which will result in the preds worest season....cheers

      1. Shea Corduroy

        chip And dale mkay, I’m just gonna pretend you don’t exist anymore.

      2. chip And dale

        @Shea Corduroy ooohhh and the 7 players the AVS got for him is priceless... and we have not even seen the potential of byram yet... like I sad enjoy him... happy he is gone and was also probably a virus in the locker room... clearly after his comments towards the Ottawa coach and staff in his cab ride....

      3. Shea Corduroy

        chip And dale Bruh, he grew up in Ontario and was a Habs fan. Secondly, Nashville has been eyeing Duchene for a while and I doubt he wants to move his family again.

      4. chip And dale

        @Shea Corduroy ooohhh and David will be forced to trade him.... because the douche will request one.... if his idols growing up was not enough for him to stay in Colorado then I highly doubt country music will be... wake up my friend he only cares about himself and not a team.... cheers

      5. Shea Corduroy

        chip And dale “the truth hurts” Here’s some truth for you: I only said 3-4 years, minimum. He doesn’t want to be traded, but I’ll think he might traded then because of the nature of David Poile. I like Duchene, but at the same time, 8 Million a year at 33 is kind of a lotta money. If Poile doesn’t ship him out then I think he’ll stay for the full duration, and probably retire afterwards.

    69. Lemon Poker

      Guys GUYS! Our backup just let in a weak goal. Let's help him out a little *Score 6 goals* Francouz: Yeah okay thanks boys that'll do

    70. Олег Катрич

      Nice game! We got points. Av the best!!!

    71. vedicardi

      this game is something straight out of 1920 with 13 goals

    72. Damon

      Watched it live!!! The most exciting hockey I’ve seen in 20 years... I bet my neighbors were considering calling the cops several times😂😂 I commented (on the GN game highlights) that I thought their best game of the season might be the one against Vegas scoring 7 and dominating. This one topped it and without a few key players! I really think this was a great lesson for the team. That they can perform and step it up to make things happen. The last few games were painful to watch, I just hope they keep the energy up and fight! That’s what it’s about!! 6 goals in 8 minutes!!? And it’s only 2nd place in the record book for 6 goals in the shortest time? I just couldn’t believe it. And they could have easily put a few more in. Just amazing!!! I wish hockey was always this insane😂😂. Wish I was at the game! Only an hour away... End of comment🍻

    73. Cristian Cristiano

      This is porn??

    74. Ryan 19

      Was at this game, sat right under the horn and in the attacking end where we scored 6 goals in 8 minutes. Music to my fuckin ears!! Very proud to be a Native and a long life Colorado Avalanche fan!

      1. chip And dale

        @Reagbotics that's because that's where all the opposing team fans sit.... just curious here the blackhawks always have lots of fans at the game in Denver.... I'm guessing they all jumped on the bus and are now blues fans....lol....

      2. Reagbotics

        Ironically, the goal horn is louder on the non-attack zone. Always found it weird it’s pointed that way

    75. WorldofSoup S

      Looks like donskoi found his team

      1. chip And dale

        Yep... sakic is making John elway look very bad.... but who cares the NFL in my mind is now the FL.... being as they don't care about the nation... funny that probably 80% of them are American and in the NHL maybe only 20% are American yet in the NHL they all have respect for the USA and also stand and slap sticks for the hero of the game even when they are the visitors and not at their home arena.... NFL players have lots of sucking up to do before I'll ever watch a game again.... go hockey go....

    76. molotok

      GG Avs... I miss Don Father in team teal

      1. chip And dale

        I don't blame you.... could be worse though... at least Matt duchene is not on your team... he good but also only cares about himself.....

    77. Playboi farti

      Makar roty so far?

    78. Reagbotics

      That’s a whole lotta damage

    79. romaliop

      With Rantanen and Landeskog this game would have been 15-4.

      1. chip And dale

        Yeah the preds will be head hunting next time they see the AVS.... im so waiting to see Zadorov lay out duchene again... just like he did his rookie year when he was in buffalo....

      2. ORCA1500


    80. starguts

      watched this game at work while waiting for my cooks to close up. i hope my frustrated yells at my preds motivated them to clean their stations faster.