Nick Offerman Sings A Rap Song From His Farming Days - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

Team Coco

Team Coco

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    (Original airdate: 06/20/07) Nick Offerman talks about being typecast as offbeat characters and his days as a young rapper/breakdancer on a soybean farm. Watch more classic clips @

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    1. Dorothy Walton

    2. Wepbots

      Is the new show he was in at the time parks and recreation...because Conan says the show is very funny but never says it’s name

    3. foevachanster

      Hahah they kill me! I'm trying so hard not to laugh out loud at work.

    4. Jakommo

      shame he didnt try to pursue that rap carreer.. i always liked the old school rap.. when the lyrics made some sence or were funny .. unlike all those modern lils..

    5. Dozer1642

      Thirteen year old interview.

    6. Hans-Peter Huggentobler

      Is the razor broken in your house, son?

    7. Drew Penner

      I guess he started watching Trailer Park Boys (sideburns!)

    8. Harrison Buck

      so rehearsed

    9. Luke St. Paul

      I live in Minooka. Still nothing here. Bunch of pizza places though.

    10. Mitch Evens

      Everyone knows red-heads don't have souls.

    11. Matthew Telle

      Are we still pretending this beta cuckboy is really a "man's man"? Nah...I'm good.

    12. Jonas Larsson

      Level 75 Boss.

    13. Zach Madge

      Is nobody gonna talk about the goatee and sideburns? He looks nothing like Ron Swanson did

      1. Jonas Larsson

        Zach Madge Conan did. Enough.

    14. Shaunak Rawat

      Vanilla Ice Cube

    15. Freeway

      Is there anything this man can't do?

    16. DaPinkBublé

      we all know this is the real duke silver...

    17. Geoff Holman

      please drop the laugh track !

    18. Ron Tyler

      Nick Offerman is a very accomplished individual. A great actor, writer, musician and a very talented woodworker.

    19. Pc Principal

      That rap was better than today’s rappers

    20. Harmon Dushane

      Why does this look like it's from another era..

      1. Jacob Harris

        Harmon Dushane because it’s from 2007

    21. Rachel Norton

      Yup. Yes. Uh-huh.

    22. The homeless cannoli Swanson

      *My father...*

    23. EmpyreanLightASMR

      He almost looks like a middle aged James Hetfield

    24. Austin Dyer

      So Offerman was a soy boy!

    25. Comedic Center

      He needs to be some character in DC

    26. Buff


    27. E J

      My first job at 13 was walking beans in Illinois, too, in the 90s..!! Sunburn, dehydration and $4.50/hr. Good times. ?? :-)

    28. George Pulliam

      Lookin like a stud.

    29. Stephanie Logan

      This has filled me with so much joy. 😊

    30. Gerardo Pulido

      I couldn’t tell if this was an old interview or if they just dressed that way on purpose

    31. Deeson Jame

      TikTok was way ahead of his time.

    32. purplehaaze bee

      Nick and Megan are relationship goals❤️

      1. Stephanie Logan

        Yeah they are. I adore them both, individually & as a duo. 💖💖

    33. Rob

      I would love to write a remake of Burnt Offerings and have him play the lead. Nick has some acting chops.

    34. Kishor Gowda

      You can’t sing in a rap song

      1. Kishor Gowda

        Yeah ik but isn’t it called pop if u sing instead of rapping

      2. enima

        Ever heard of Drake?

    35. Ja La

      What show is he referring to, deadwood or parks and recreation or something else?

    36. George's Opinion

      I needed this in my life

    37. brdman

      He lives about 20 min from my town and with the kids there was corn de tasling also

    38. Manmit Vala


    39. Jeff Calvin


    40. Billy Lewis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="331">5:31</a> If you don’t smile you’re not human.

    41. Billy Lewis

      I needed that laugh.

    42. Kathy Astrom

      Minooka and Channahon shout-outs! I lived in Minooka in the early ‘90s and worked at the libraries in both towns. Never walked beans myself but loved watching my uncles load the beans and corn into the elevator on Grandma’s farm at harvest time.


      Not 20 but 40 years too late still I enjoy nick on all his endeavours.

    44. 2 P-Z YouTubecommenter

      He had a legit cool b-boy name.

      1. Stephanie Logan

        Yeah, their names would've worked back then.. "..Tick Tock & Flip Flop, coming to the stage right now....!"

    45. 2 P-Z YouTubecommenter

      Damn those sideburns where cool

    46. Gaming Landscapes

      Tik-Tok, way ahead of his time

    47. Cihangir Çağatay

      No dancing but fishing.

    48. oleandersmoothie

      i love how the max weinberg 7 is always ready to play at the drop of a dime!

    49. Yup

      Offerman, we need to meet. I walked beans in So Illinois (Union Co) during the same period. I have my own money. Not a fan troll. I will buy you dinner and drinks if/when you come to Colorado next and put you up for the cost of a story or two. My wife and I have a wood shop, dogs and cats, and one of the most comfortable (modest) guest bedrooms ever. No frills. No offense, but this invite doesn’t go to Conan. Andy and Sona are all in, should the invite trickle down.

      1. Yup

        steve Yes, definitely a haha moment! Pretty cool testimonial to his character that he entertained a small room re canoes and “Paddle.” I see you have some Keys time. I lived in south FLA (Hollywood) for a few years as a 19-20 yr old and had family friends with a place on Marathon Key. They had a sweet 22’ Whaler and we had many great lobster and fishing outings.

      2. steve

        This is definitely the best way to get in touch with him haha. I saw him at the Canadian Canoe Museum maybe 6-8 years ago giving a talk to about 50 people, played a couple songs and stories before his book Paddle came out. He does tour around and have friends all over seems like but in real life he is a hardcore partier.

      3. Yup

        Stephanie Logan Aw, shucks! Thanks, Stephanie. We are good people. Not egotistical or narcissistic to admit it. I like that you vibe us from a simple comment!

      4. Stephanie Logan

        Yup, you sound like good people.

      5. Elefante Branco


    50. Logan

      This is when he was married to Tammy 1

    51. melvina628

      Yep, it's official. Nick Offerman has mastered the art of hair.

    52. Ajay Choudhary

      The only tiktok, I'd like to watch!!!

    53. Nonchalont

      Rap starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="248">4:08</a>

    54. john brockman

      Yo he grew up down the road from Me!! Cool

    55. mooma

      I miss these sideburns, I really do.

    56. Fred Floyd

      Still better lyrics than today’s mainstream hip-hop

      1. Sehvehn Gaming


    57. Chairat Sedarach

      Sexzy. Really sexzy

    58. Chairat Sedarach

      Oh my Dear

    59. Chairat Sedarach

      Nice man !!!! He so sexzy love him

    60. Johnny W


    61. rcsc824 sc

      Im Ron ..Freaking .. Swanson !

      1. Smoke Stack

        rcsc824 sc ...”There are two things I hate, liars and skim milk”

    62. Grant Bloom

      how was Nick not INCREDIBLY popular before Parks and Rec? He is absolutely hilarious and incredibly suave

    63. The Mystic Fez

      That was the best thing he has ever done. I love this

    64. Santino -

      He looks like a boss. The guy that'll help you build something. The guy who's tools you borrow. The guy who tells you what's going on by that sound your cars making. The guy who tries to get you to eat some strange animal meat. "Try this possum meat..."

      1. DangerrrNick

        @Santino - it wasn't a comment about you using tools. It's about people not lending tools to people. Stay safe and wash your hands. God bless.

      2. Santino -

        @DangerrrNick I bet your real proud of yourself for that huh? Lol. Lame.

      3. DangerrrNick

        Ha. “Who’s tools you borrow”....I don’t think so chap.

      4. D.B.

        A real man's man.

    65. P-O-Pie

      This guy's eyebrows are sick.

    66. Nova Niron Stine

      Offerman's so cool isn't he. Just himself and those sideburns🔥 Wish i could pull off that menacing look😂😂 Fascinating man Chip chop😂

    67. Brain Lock

      2007?? what project was the mustache for? and can't everybody roll their eyebrows like that? or is a farming thing from too many bored days baling hay in 90+ heat?

    68. Forty1Second

      This is and always will be Ron Swanson

    69. Everblue Freediving

      Slinger.... lol...

    70. Vodkainum

      He kinda sounds like Nicolas Cage.

      1. Rob j

        his voice reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer

    71. QuantumBraced

      I thought that rap was gonna be a joke, but it was actually pretty sick.

    72. Rossano Segabinazzi

      I don't think we deserve Nick Offerman... He's the coolest sweetheart...

    73. mad ass

      I don't think he acts, just does.

    74. GriPhone

      Why does Nick look like a Guy Fieri if he grew up in Midwest&

    75. Ehrn Ehrn

      what a goddamn legend tik tok

    76. Steadno 2006

      He can spit 🤣

    77. Karolin S

      Just when I thought he couldn't get any hotter.

      1. melvina628

        Uh, huh.

    78. NUKE CHINA


    79. Arijit Halder

      What's that abomination on his face !!??? 😐

    80. N G

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="179">2:59</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a> that transition from serious-giggly-serious