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    1. Jeff Bellah

      Weirdly enough, I haven't listened to much Nightwish before. Not that I dislike it, just it never ended up in my rotation. This wasn't bad, but itself didn't grab me that much. I'll check out their back catalogue though.

    2. Antonio Maraspin

      They still sound like ABBA

    3. PageMonster

      "Not doing anything interesting."?!? 😱 🤦 Open your goddamn ears!! What is wrong with you?!

      1. pajmic

        It is average, it is generic and it could be played and sing by dozends similar bands like Nightwish. Glad for you that you are able to enjoy it, but these guys brought legitimate arguments and constructive criticism.

    4. 88Shredder88

      If you haven't yet, watch The Greatest Show On Earth live (the Legendado video). It may change your mind on that album. While yes, the singers of Nightwish play a prominent part, the focus has always been on the music and the message and not so much on the singers themselves, especially as the years go on.

    5. Kevin Fitzpatrick

      I'd agree with Paz, in that it wasn't "great" and they could easily do so much better. That riff in particular is just very "Nightwish", heard it before But damn, I'd say I'm satisfied by it, middle of the road Nightwish is all good for me and still something I'd happily listen to

    6. Todd Morris

      My brain is hearing a few hints of Enya's "Echoes In Rain" in the symphonic background. Maybe I just love Enya and I'm hearing things?

    7. Arvo R

      bit fresher symphonic metal IMPERIAL AGE - The Legacy of Atlantis they have a great potential

    8. Mohd Azahari

      Hi. Please do some more reaction for old song of rotting christ. Here i give u 1 of their old song link Thanks

    9. Q Pae

      Let's not make these guys Emppu, they're entitled to their opinion aren't they. That said, I do think this is a good song. Heavy but catchy, recognizable but some new flavours; Kai on drums, floors vocals, dark message, "robotic" overall feeling... However, at least to me, it required a couple of times to listen before I started liking it. Somehow with the first listen, there was maybe so much happening (including the video), and the melody was a bit "difficult" so it just felt a bit messy.

    10. Cornelius Antonius

      And Floor is Dutch ❤❤❤

    11. Allen Huling

      I think it's quite difficult to guess what an upcoming album will sound like, based on a single video that is designed to catch the eye of the masses, musically, visually, and conceptually! As another said, both Kai and Floor have stated that they were 'stretched' musically to accomplish the demands of this upcoming album....I for one, am looking forward to hearing the rest of it! Guilty as charged, when it comes to having 'The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck' playing for lengths of time in my truck! IMHO, Tuomas is an amazing composer!

    12. Billy C.

      What the hell is Dr. Evil saying? Poppy nonsense? If he calls this Pop, he clearly has no idea what he's talking about. He has that look of a guy who listens all kinds of crappy music like death metal or black metal with a lot of growls and harsh vocals or drums going 2000 miles an hour throughout the entire song. If he doesn't like it, that's ok, but to say that this is poppy nonsense?... come on!

    13. Xenophon

      Your discussion didn't even touch on the message of the song. WTF? Did you even listen to the lyrics? 🙄

    14. Mountain Metal

      Not here to get into the 'pictures'? It was primarily a 'message' video. A picture of what we've become. Who can watch this and have no opinion other than 'a lot going on'? They laid out a devastating 'picture' of modern culture and it was lost on you? Ironic, considering you call the channel Pictures, Noise and Words and the pretty blunt 'picture' of 'noise' they painted didn't elicit a 'word' from either of you. Amazing.

    15. OrdinaryCritic

      As someone who has appreciation of music in general, I disagree that a band should give everything they have in every single song. That’d just make songs stale and, in my opinion, it’s an immature way of composing pieces. It’s more of just showing off than actually conveying the subtlety of the messages that need to be conveyed by a piece. I must say that this isn’t the best song in terms of technicality, but I’d choose this over etude-like songs that has no reason to even exist other than to show off how good the musicians are technically. It becomes more of a circus than an actual thoughtful song. I am of the opinion that perfection isn’t achieved by giving something all you’ve got, but giving something what is actually needed. Nothing lacking, nothing excessive. I think this song shows that: the noise, the repetition, the poppy song structure, the recycling of the ideas from their back-catalog. It’s supposed to represent today’s day and age. But, hey. Some people just love aggressive songs all the way, which, ultimately, limits the lyrical variety of songs. And I don’t like songs talking about the same thing over and over again from the same band. Chugging all the way gets boring eventually, at least for me. Lack of restraint feels unintellectual. I’m coming at this from being a lover of classical and baroque pieces, though. It’s just my opinion.

      1. Calanor

        "I am of the opinion that perfection isn’t achieved by giving something all you’ve got, but giving something what is actually needed. Nothing lacking, nothing excessive." I couldn't have said it better myself! This has become something of a mantra within Nightwish itself and Emppu specifically said that as he's gotten older, he's felt less need to "show off" and instead prefer to do what's right for a particular song. Edit: Come to think of it, Neil Peart of Rush has expressed thoughts in line with this as well. He felt that he tended to get technical for technicality's sake on the earlier albums.

      2. lvs1302

        Thank you for saying what I was thinking. I have a personal genre of metal I put Nightwish a very few others. I call it Intelligent Metal.

    16. Johannes Silver

      Nightwish is the ultimate great band and Revamp is totally different. NW does only either great or amazing songs. They are pioneers of this genre if you do not know it. This song is also in the category of great ones. I do not miss any screams in the ends of the songs...sometimes they fit sometimes not...Tuomas knows when yes.

    17. Treva Land

      Jesus the "guy" with the glasses didn't even show any emotion, was he alive? Was he breathing? Does he have facial muscles? Maybe he's a mummy? A sex doll? Lol

      1. ooopppde

        He´d surely be a good poker player ;-) ...but I guess his, well, coolness is the exact reason why he doesn´t like Nightwish. They are about emotions, not about maximum output - which is what he demands. But no offense, people are different. Let´s not make him the Emppu of this video ;-) ;-)

    18. Ben de groot

      Wonder if you could try to make such analize think too much is my opinion instead of really feel music ...too much comparing nibble bout nothing subscriber here 4 you ...

      1. Jeff Bellah

        Good thing they have stated before that they never will monitize the channel, so whether or not you subscribe means jack squat to them, lol.

    19. Petri Serpentholder

      I noticed too the similarity of one part with the ending of Glasgow 1877 from Scrooge album. But i loved it. I think those parts are one of the most brilliant moments of Tuomas.

    20. Swords Chant

      All hail Scandinavia greatest people on earth

      1. Swords Chant

        @PlacidDragon zzz...

      2. PlacidDragon

        @Swords Chant I am not confused. I didn't mention Greenland because i already mentioned Denmark, their "overlord". It would be like saying "Norway and Svalbard, and Jan Mayen, and blah blah...". Yes, i realize that "half of Finland" speaks Swedish.. my neighbor is Finnish (and speaks Norwegian). What on earth does that have to do with the origin of the Finnish people ? Its a simple well established fact that the Finns got to their Country from the east, the Scandinavians got to their Countries from the south (to paint it in broad strokes). Scandinavians are Northern Germanic, the Finns are not. What this has to do with being anti communist is..... somewhat beyond me :)

      3. Swords Chant

        @PlacidDragon Greenland belongs to Denmark, yes, which is a Scandinavian and Nordic country. You seem confused, Half of Finland speaks Swedish and they have the same values as their Nordic and Scandinavian brothers. They are anti-communists.

      4. PlacidDragon

        @Swords Chant hehe, Greenland belongs to Denmark :) The Finns are actually very different from Scandinavians, in that they are of an Eastern culture group (Eurasia ? I dont remember), as opposed to Norway, Sweden and Denmark who are all of the Northern Germanic culture group). Of course this is all ancient stuff that bears little relevance for today, other than if you are "trying to get back to your roots" kind of thing :)

      5. Swords Chant

        @PlacidDragon Dont forget Greenland ;-) Obviously Finland is a Nordic country but its very similar so for me they are my Scandinavian brothers ;-)

    21. UralinMarsu

      Not as good as the old ones, but better than last one. One thing also is that lot of the newer songs sound much better live with Vocals more visible on the mix and more raw sounds. So hopeful for the new live songs ;)

    22. Mark Francis

      Best bit was when they sounded like Epica for a moment

    23. Dan Smith

      Paz is right. Floor is better than what Nightwish is giving her to do.

      1. PageMonster

        Nope. She is doing just fine.

    24. Charles Murphy

      I was starting to think I was the only metal fan that doesn't like Nightwish.

      1. Tom Hendriks

        I, on the other hand, am under the impression that tons of (old school) metal fans wouldn't admit they actually like Nightwish. Just like they wouldn't admit they actually don't think Iron Maiden is the metal god's gift to the world.

      2. Dan Smith

        I'm right there with you.

    25. Halsargen

      Floors voice is way to high for my taste and she is somehow just yelling over the music without heart and soul in this song. I liked Tarja a lot when I first heard her voice more than 20 years ago and she sang high notes too - but she made it special and enjoyable. Maybe she had more strength in her voice, but I think she had more warmth in it. I also like some of Floors songs (like Shudder before beautiful) and I even think that she made some of the older songs her own with her live performances, but this high notes that she sang here or in her 'Phantom of the opera'-version bring me close to a Tinnitus. There used to be a lot of contrast between the male and the female voice and within the music in the past. I miss that. Maybe it's because the first song I ever heard was "Devil and the deep dark ocean". If you compare the original with the actual (live) version I'll always prefer the old one. Floors screams on that track are not my taste. Nightwish was a band of it's own and it's okay that they change with new singers and new band members (f.e. both vocalist of "Devil and the deep dark ocean" are in the band any more) but I just hope that they don't turn into a band that has to do impressive videos to distract from the songs. So let's hope that this is the 'elan' of the new album and it will get better after this song. As you said: it's not a bad song, but it's nothing special that I want to hear over and over again.

    26. Flávio Simões

      Tuomas probably choose this as single because of the message and being more accessible to general public, to make them think. He did say this is a less orchestral album in the "Human" part (first disc) and a bit more focused on the singers. Floor did have to work much harder in some songs, she said she was pushed hard to do things she didn't know she could. Kai, amazing drummer as he is, had also to work hard and stay extra time rehearsing to pull off a few things. They said there are a number of really heavy and darker songs. I'm optimistic. I also didn't like the EFMB album that much when it came out, but watching the live performances I think it was the mix that pushed Floor too far back behind the symphonic sound. The live songs are actually quite good. And I didn't like Elan either, but it's a grower.

      1. 88Shredder88

        Yours Is An Empty Hope is an absolutely fantastic song live.

    27. Timothy Fritz

      I am similarly encouraged that a heavier single with at least a bit of Floor vocal acrobatics (too low in the mix for some reason) this time around points towards the rest of the album having even that much more. The singles are always very tame.

    28. Neil Oosthuizen

      Hmmm... some Elite Dangerous as a background I see :)

      1. Pictures, Noise and Words

        I spent far too many hours in elite dangerous in VR doing very little. I still love it but i don't play it as much as i used to. Hedgy.

      2. Muttley's Stuff

        An Asp behind things for a change. ;)

    29. Tarmo Tyyri

      There's too much noise in the world we live in, but there's always room for yet another reaction to "Noise". For me "Noise" mixes Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" & the TV-series "Black Mirror" with some "Matrix" & "GoT" vibes to paint a dark/critical picture of mankind & use of technology. It's also almost like the display of the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy & pride. Anyway, this is what true art sounds & looks like - at least for me. P.S. The blonde is Jessica Edström. She's a Finnish social media celebrity model (at least in Europe) & DJ. Here's her Instagram page in case others are interested. P.S.S. There's more to singing than just high notes. In one of her interviews here on YT about EFMB album Floor says that Tuomas really pushed her to the limit of her vocal abilities & she also learned a lot enabling her to become an even better & more versatile vocalist. Furthermore the vocal lines on this song & the entire upcoming album are quite demanding to sing & not for just any female vocalist to manage. I guess one has to be a vocalist and/or otherwise well trained in vocals to know these things.

      1. mangalover0149

        Tarmo Tyyri Good point on the vocal abilities - hell, even this song has something that I’m impressed with. The way the verses are sang sound almost like staccato, or similar to it. It’s really cool to hear.

    30. hanna degerlund

      Ok ... this is a single for radio..

    31. Daron Mandatory

      About last album: "I don't think Floor really got used enough" I agree. There were a few standout songs where she got to flex a little (like Yours Is An Empty Hope, great live song), but in general she could do so much more. That is Nightwish in general though, their songs usually are only as complex as they need to. Part of it is probably that they want to be able to reproduce the songs live as close as possible, which is where they really shine. I would love to see a more technical album or side project from these guys, they clearly all have the chops to do much more. For this song, yeah it's good, but pretty standard stuff for Nightwish. Makes me look forward to the few heavier songs thay will probably have on the album though.

      1. SingWhileYouMay

        I feel they definitely made some choices here for the benefit of upcoming live renditions. Most obviously, the last drawn out "endless noise!" scream was Marko, leaving Floor free to do the closing vocals over the guitar riff.

      2. Tarmo Tyyri

        However, in one of her interviews here on YT about EFMB album Floor says that Tuomas really pushed her to the limit of her vocal abilities & she also learned a lot enabling her to become an even better & more versatile vocalist. I guess one has to be a vocalist and/or otherwise well trained in vocals to know these things.

      3. hanna degerlund


    32. Mark Blaauw

      Stunning vid. A bit darker sound then usual. Proud of our own Floortje.

    33. keith vincent

      Spot on paz.Try triosphere,to pump you up.

    34. Pasi T

      I think Pas has a point there, but where can you go, when your The Nightwish already. You have do something different ("Oh, they've changed too much!") or continue that brilliant stuff you're doing all ready ("Oh, they've haven't come up anything new!").

      1. Deilwynna

        @Pasi T its a great song but its not on the same level as nemo, wish i had an angel or the islander

      2. Pasi T

        @Deilwynna Exactly. There for the band should always do what ever they like themselves. Not to try predict the audience's expectations. Me personally, I think Noise is a really good Nightwish song. Nothing more, nothing less.

      3. Deilwynna

        its a thin line between changing the bands sound and style too much or too little. i often take iron maiden as example since they have changed a lot over the years, first 10-15 years was stagnant, then they changed with somewhere in time and powerslave (4th and 2nd best respectively imo), then changed back to old style with no prayer for the dying (their 2nd worst album imo). changed drastically again with the new singer in 1993 with yet another drastic change when bruce came back in 1999/2000 for brave new world that was a much heavier album to their earlier releases and yet even heavier with a matter of life and death. then you had the final frontier album (their worst one imo) with much more experimental stuff. their latest album, the book of souls (3rd best imo), remained quite heavy but with some experimental stuff like speed of light and empire of the clouds. tl;dr, the times iron maiden changed far too much from their original style, i didnt like it, when they kept the same style, it all just felt the same. its been the same with nightwish as with iron maiden for me

    35. keith vincent

      Ok track in my opinion.Sounds a bit like storytime and bye,bye beautiful to me.

    36. Rizla2112

      Two things I took from the song and video. First was that Tuomas must have been watching Game of Thrones when he wrote this. Second was why was Bill Bailey was in the video? (yes I know it was Troy). I did like it though.

      1. lvs1302

        Tuomas is a fan of the Netflix series Black Mirror from which I believe some inspiration came for this video. The lyrical reference 'shut and dance', was the title of one of the Black Mirror episodes.