Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar

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    1. h3h3Productions

      Watch Part 1: Watch Part 3:

      1. real hypedxc

        Remember that guy you defended and you just ignore him so stop using people for you can look good to save your FIsels career

      2. Jaden Yuki

        Ethan I'm no longer to be your fan because you talk about Etika and Keemstar

      3. Adrian Lacey


      4. Mike Clark

        Man I want that hat where can I buy it?

      5. BoltaSlo

        Why keemstar isnt blocked yet.... he is poison

    2. Mr. Teuchi

      Funny how it looks impossible to have a non-humiliating option for keem at this point

    3. Prestorizzor

      the only way to end Keemstar is by someone replacing his niche. Someone start a fucking drama news reporting channel and take over his position.

      1. KiWi x Dylan

        Cough Cough Scarce

    4. WhiyWater

      Let’s get keem outta here with his pointy beard.

    5. Miranda B

      I can't wait until both of you get your karma, and it's not going to be good.

    6. Will McNamara

      I like how Keem says his friends are really pissed off about the video for multiple reasons. When we all know it’s just him cause he doesn’t have any friends

    7. Luzioz

      Tbh, i don't understand why everyone crying :) Im a subscriber of both H3H3 and Keemstar? No reason so fuck eachothers career up?

    8. alisuo toko

      not pass it. It is "entertainment" for his ill consciousness so I really don't think it's worth wasting your time exposing him as a bad person.

    9. Star Gazer

      You did a great job on this vid absolutely brilliant

      1. alisuo toko

        You're both crazy. Just because Keem went after someone's sponsors doesn't mean you should do that to him and opened up a new warfare on youtube and just because yo

    10. Star Gazer

      This guy is actually as bad as onision.. there thinking is the same and that’s why he didn’t do a good interview with onision cause he related with him

    11. George STM

      Exactly that’s what a lot of people do they like to say people are weak or milking it when someone is truly suffering just because thier little false speech to make themselves feel better didn’t fully take away all of their pain

    12. slow mazda

      Youre a salty bitter jew who tried to go after keem's sponsors but hes still gonna crush you in the end lol

    13. Windows Vista

      Not even GradeAUnderA is amused

    14. Joshua Wilson

      I still can’t believe people still think Ethan and Hila are decent people. 😂

    15. klertarn

      How can Keemstar still be on this platform.!!? FIsels hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. nmesoma obodoechi


    17. go8hi

      keem - i walked away from gfuel xqc - " gfuel dropped his ass"

    18. go8hi

      sooooooooooo anyone gonna assasinate gnomes ass or nah ?

    19. Isaiah the real man


    20. Smell Liketrout

      Ur both dumb

      1. Smell Liketrout

        Like yall are actually weird asf

    21. Lidia Astuty

      I feeling good like I should

    22. prettyboyAm

      Letsss gooo

    23. mo loum

      after watching this video I respect h3h3 and I hate keem

    24. Byron JAckson

      So good fukin go in

    25. TarikTheTank

      I love how you lose it here <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="457">7:37</a> I died

    26. MrPerfect

      You're both crazy. Just because Keem went after someone's sponsors doesn't mean you should do that to him and opened up a new warfare on youtube and just because you made a 40 minute video out of ancient clips doesn't mean you can't receive hate from the person you directed it to.

    27. that Mopar dude 91

      Ethan and his weird ass wife are cringe at it's finest...

    28. lana muadebe

      Kudos ethan You should've put this troll back under his bridge long ago

    29. K. H. T. H.

      Let's Get Riiiiight Into the Nooooose

    30. albert fish

      Two utter pricks at war, how exciting..

    31. Hifty Long head

      Jesus stop obsessing over keem

    32. Ron Fridman

      we need a full Documentary on this cockroach !!

    33. FunFails

      This whole drama is just a series of back & forth hypocrisy. h3: "Here's Keemstar being insensitive about Etika" Keemstar: "h3 conveniently didn't mention when I was being nice to Etika, also here's h3 being insensitive about Fousey" h3: "Keemstar conveniently didn't mention when I was being nice to Fousey. Here is Keemstar being insensitive again" and so on and so on They're both of the same category of narcissist; hypocrites who can do no wrong in their own eyes.

    34. mikea hiooi

      I miss Toby so much, those allegations we’re wrongly treated. He should’ve been completely neutral :( I hope he is innocent.

      1. mikea hiooi

        Keemstar needs to go to jail

    35. p0b

      It's funny how over the years Keem has forgot how to do his normal human voice and is now stuck with the fake wacky youtube one....

    36. Cody Gorelczenko

      I don’t like either of you your both the type of wrong people on this website but you getting rid of sponsors Wich is how people make money is fucked you say you don’t support that except you definitely do just cause gfuel is there gives you no right to mention how he earns money he has to show it that’s how you treat your sponsors

    37. Cameron Haefs

      Yo Ethan put this scumbag away for good

    38. RedPowder

      Keemstar is trash I can’t believe people still watch the dude.

    39. saturn3555 plays

      Wouldn’t someone with a mental illness be weak ? isn’t if you have an illness your weak I’m just asking

    40. cyan human 2.0

      You should start another 'dramaalert' channel, but with real news.

    41. Tossed Burrito90

      Lets not forget that FIsels drama is all about the views.

    42. hossy 2002

      Love how you dont show where keemstar shows the 100 videos on your channel mentioning jake paul🤣🤣

    43. hossy 2002

      Backing is only 1 tweet H3H3 lmfaooo

    44. Israel Cortez

      I’m confused how’s he sponsored? I thought he created G fuel lmao

    45. The 8 Ball

      So when is he getting put down?

    46. Greenwood Nielsen

      Ethan you are a king

      1. Name Name

        Good one simp

    47. Tom Cooney

      Keemstar is internet cancer

    48. Randy Randerson

      damn you are pretty cringe soy boy ethan

    49. Instagram: DriveForceOne

      Another One

    50. Fungi Broter

      whats sad is someone like keem who doesnt believe in mental disabilities sure as hell seems like he has one.

    51. Dante's Inferno

      Keemstar needs to go to jail

      1. Name Name

        For what what should he go to jail for ?

    52. Lumtastic

      h o b o p h o b i c

    53. Edwin Atwell

      Keemstar is fucking awesome. I have never seen such a talented cosplayer, his human being outfit is almost convincing lmaooooo

    54. USGC CHARCTER WARR bender

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1007">16:47</a> hobophobic and didnt his first channel get banned for racist and homophobia!

      1. Name Name

        Oh you snowflake Oh he hurt my feelings :) people can hate and like who ever they like

    55. USGC CHARCTER WARR bender

      90% of his video have pewdiepie in the title. and also who is happy with cumstar?

    56. USGC CHARCTER WARR bender

      can we all pitch in money to put a hit on this man!?

    57. USGC CHARCTER WARR bender

      his news channel is meant to be unbiased but its not!

      1. Nathaniel Berry

        bruh stfu let it go it’s in the past there’s literally police officers killing black people and you care about youtube drama

    58. playguy200

      Loving this drama😍

    59. Anthony Calabria

      We love you Ethan and Hila! Give that cute baby Theodore a kiss for us!

      1. Name Name

        OMG you r such a Simp

    60. Collin88

      No.......I am almost certain Gfuel knew how toxic he was from the very beginning. Keemstar just brought in revenue for Gfuel and now that these videos have surfaced, Gfuel needs to be a business and protect their assets. The result of Gfuel being responsible.....they let him go.

    61. ree scudiy

      Then y live yet Elon musk a billionaire believes the same

    62. Hamoody 1000

      You are both wrong but right on the same time

    63. DrizzyPuffs

      You are also a hypocrite.

    64. Iamaderp 101

      Keemstar goes after h3h3 but h3h3 has more subs and a larger support group

      1. Name Name

        Yes more 12 year olds :)


      When you're a drama channel and there is no(t enough) drama, there is incentive to invent it however you can, but it does take a special kind to go as low as he have proven he will go.

      1. BINARYGOD

        PS - The views and upvotes seem to me like the "FIsels community" is not after h3h3 for this. Also, who wants to bet that GFuel is the one who cancelled things?

    66. Samuel Thomas

      Love you Ethan!

    67. Big Ben Kenobi


    68. FlapjackTv

      bro was tHAT HIS DAD xd

    69. Test 1

      “They’re being races, hobophobic” -Keemstar <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1005">16:45</a>

      1. SunRedux

        Basically Ralph from The Simpsons; Supernintendo Chalmers!

    70. Eero Sivula

      I don't have too much knowledge about Keemstar or his content but the behaviour of always blaming others and never accepting critique seems pretty narcissistic to me

    71. Legend 27

      I feel bad for Keemstar's wife

    72. Mango

      keems face is just... bruh

    73. firebrand training

      How can his content even be hosted on youtube, issen't Slander, Reproach and Cyber-bullying, Fake news against youtube's Terms of Service... is it even legal? We should all report his channel..

    74. WatermelonGaming

      dude the sponsorship hypocrite part😂😂

    75. Mikeyyy Playsss

      He doing it for clout

    76. Dean Sinclair

      Honestly Keem is such a shitty person. I’m glad there’s people like Ethan that speak up against him

    77. Rana Usman

      I can literally feel the pain in "You went after my sponsor" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="885">14:45</a>

      1. bilias hour


    78. MabzCSGO

      Somebody has to sue keemstar already.

      1. bilias hour


    79. kelroy2121

      *at :25 takes a shot* my body is ready

    80. Cameron Smith

      I support your efforts, thanks for shedding light on this