Overly Romantic Cat Annoys Owner

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    1. linkeffect82

      Baby at the end: "So you have chosen.... a sleepless night of non-stop crying." "So be it."

      1. i like cheese

        @behind you u

      2. THAT NI

        Try reading this in a deep voice

      3. Vik Sche


      4. Ok


      5. FurryBaSsTV

        @Unperson may be next time 😂😂😂

    2. Super19

      LMFAO I love that cat.

    3. Arlum

      I want that cat-

    4. dank drifter

      at 3:15 the baby was like: "TF is wrong with U???"

    5. Percy Carry

      Contact the me too movement

    6. Anton Francis

      CAT.EXE has stopped working. 1:42

    7. Frederik Lauber- Richter

      Basically cat and human roles reversed lmao

    8. Watam Manu Potato Chip

      The police were just jealous they didn't get to join because of their jobs

    9. Bubble Gum

      In the Philippines, I observed people won't care if you're a foreigner even tho in our city you could only see few but still they'll just stare once and continue doing stuff. Especially when we visited Cebu, there's a lot of Koreans, Chinese and other Asian Nations and filipinos just pass by them. And what's my point? Nothing. It just amazes me. ❤🥀

    10. amr hasan

      i want that cat i’m single 🐱

    11. ItzCaty UwU

      1:22 My dirty mind: *g a y*

    12. Chudan laal Chodu singh

      Can someone tell me the whole video of the landscape

    13. nohat. microwave

      second clip is just nfs heat gameplay

    14. Laffing Gas

      Any small creature that lives in human household's: *Exist's* Cheese slices: *so you have chosen, death*

    15. Raine Riny 7

      2:04 that bird is a thief

    16. Reyan M.

      She is lucky to have such a caring cat. I want to cuddle with my cat but ends up having alot of bite and scratch wounds. lol

    17. Maloree

      2:15 I want more of that

    18. moondream

      The last video was cut seconds before disaster struck

    19. Shira Berger

      If a cat was doing that to me, I would be like, “OMG SO CUTEEE

    20. OlObuffalo

      My cat

    21. Startastic !

      Whats the name of this video? 2:14

    22. The Video Starts At

      I like how you went with "haven't seen many tourists" instead of "haven't seen many black people"

    23. Ivor Scrotumic

      0:42 Were those police cars actually trying to physically block people on scooters...???

    24. Alice Green

      I love that cat I'd call him puss in boots or PIB

    25. Thomasa Seymour

      Ha hahahah! Thanks again!!

    26. Wansohanzo

      When your crush friendzones you so you donate your body to science putting your mind in a cats body she eventually adopts you and you can touch her all day in ways you couldn't before because you're just a cat and don't know any better 😏.

    27. Thomasa Seymour

      Oh my god!! So funny, the cat, the shooters!!

    28. bangmeister2012

      Why not call it a compilation of random stuff

    29. janekfranek 8980

      So basically, im a furry.

    30. Terandium

      Heyy I doubt anyone will see this.. But to the person who does, I think you're the best❤. Hope your future looks bright💕⭐! I know fame is something you have to work for and it doesn't happen overnight..⭐ But I'm a beginning FIselsr, and would love to make it big one day❤🤗⭐

    31. Sarah Morton

      0:36 reminds me of running with the bulls

    32. Willow the Warrior Wolf

      Bro that’s adorable why didn’t she be happy? I would be the happiest person ever to have a cat that nice ;-;

    33. Dawid Jakubowski

      Okay so your videos are awesome, light-hearted, funny and very wholesome. It is something I needed, something that brightens up my day a bit. Thank you

    34. Nice Nice

      Awww the kitty was just giving kisses. 😍🤗 cute

    35. Frederico Henriques

      I swear that cat has better flirting methods than I do

    36. Cookie Crumble

      plot twist someone who failed in love with her died reincarnated into the romantic cat you saw. A tragic awkward love story at best.

    37. Raven_moster

      The girl:*I have a boyfriend* The cat: You shall regret life

    38. John C.

      Hey where's the sexually harassing cat? Grrrr!

    39. Sofia Summer

      Why do parents do stupid mean things to their children?!! How rude to throw food at a child’s forehead! That’s abusive.

    40. Aiden Felton

      Those scooter kids got five stars

    41. Franco Valenziano

      Why are people stupid with the police

    42. Jason Swanson

      The baby looks like the last airbender

    43. Justin 98

      When I play "The Walking Dead" VR game 1:42

    44. Justin 98

      0:30 Me and the bois storming the next game market

    45. *Izuku Midoriya*

      Why does the girl look so sad

    46. MArk Grimes

      Please the pretentious bich likes it.

    47. Albert krank

      ooh cheriiiie mon ameeow

    48. Con Job

      Poor cat just wants a hug. Dumb spoilt girl. Keep the cat. Get rid of the trashy girl

    49. Un Known

      1:15 Hero 👏👏👏 This guy really deserve a Great Reward 👏👏👏

    50. James Charges

      1:57 be like: NO, THEY GOT TIMMY!

    51. Henry Obichere

      Cat - Touches owner ! Owner - What are you doing ! Cat - Baby, just a kiss ! Owner - No, stop it !

    52. Henry Obichere

      Anyone, did the cat get arrested for sexual harrassment

    53. Brad Stricker

      Are you sure the man was chocking or was the bar tender just having a good time

    54. Colby78

      anyone know what type of videos 2:14 is it is so satisfing

    55. Xan Fan

      The cat was a paid actor...

    56. Fire Horse

      0:21 , Do you want this part in my movie or not ?? ... I can make you very famous

    57. Person


    58. Setting SunRise

      *at the end* Baby: hey mom, when do I get my ca- Mom: *cheeses the baby*

    59. Deck Z

      1:16 Bartender: wait don’t die yet you need to pay!

    60. AnimeEpicAdventure

      the last video was the best thing ive ever seen