Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”

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    Stand together.
    When Null Sector attacks, Winston assembles a small strike team to fend off the invasion. But as hope begins to fade, the team must stand together to overcome the odds.
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    1. MikiCryD

      Still waiting for OW2

    2. yassin gaming

      I am imaging all the heroes from overwatch Like maybe lucio comes in, following genji and the scene that we saw genji with the hoodie could have been cooler if lucio was beside him and genji goes to the left and genji to the right and attack these robots D. Va would come in and shoot the giant robo with the rockets Soldier would come use his tactical visor aiming at the robots Mccree high noons the robots And tell me what hero would do u choose to be a remake in the trailer

    3. Julio Alexis Unida

      maybe Blizzard establish their own movie facility.... hoping this could be a movie and continuing the Warcraft trilogy

    4. Jack A boi

      Genji saving the day is some great fan service

    5. Ditto

      Genji new shurikens are kinda fire

    6. Dumb Person

      ah yes my favorite video game, humans against machines

    7. Little Harly

      Has anyone noticed even for a second that there was a 1 second interaction between Genji and Mercy towards the end where it seemed like Mercy was going to talk to him. Let's be real here there in love UwU

    8. Bryan Lariviere

      i guess the cop's next line will be "you are under arrest"

    9. No Banana

      Hope y'all can count to 3

    10. Nate

      If only Brigg did that much damage


      a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a

    12. Diego Bollain

      Let's be real, this cinematic is supersonic godtier

    13. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

      Day 94: What changes would y'all like to see made to quick play?

    14. Petevo

      They dont even know, how much money they can make with movies like this, i mean Blizzard cinematics are always on another lvl

    15. Zeaig

      As a fellow attempted musician, the music blizzard produces always fills me with so much emotion. The video would not be anywhere near as emotional or impressive if it wasn’t for the blizzard sound design and music team .

    16. Declan Goddard

      Anyone else get goosebumps when Genji showed up ?😂

    17. Potatoface 2007

      lady: "Does this mean Overwatch is Back?" Winston: "No, we are Underwatch."

    18. Grindz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> got me feelin some type of way

    19. Kerchunium

      As always the military is unreliable

    20. Go boi TRASH CAN

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="302">5:02</a> Me OMG GOD Brigitte got buff Im gonna get play of the game now In game: Time to wipe all the enemy team. (Hit roadhog 50 damge) Me: Ok then Get hooked and killed 😥

    21. Ms. unoriginal

      Can we have a moment and appreciate the animation

    22. LightKnight

      Bruh Winston didn’t even use his bubble wtf he’s garbage

    23. Eric Gilbertson

      Neither Winston (as a monkey raised in space) or Tracer (a Brit) have any reason to understand what the phrase “go long” means as there’s no reasonable way to assume they know American football

    24. Frappei

      2 healers, 2 tanks and 4 DPS sounds about right

    25. stefandrag96 Dragomir

      Finaly.The second cringest video game after Fortnite is back.

    26. Chezzyzapzap

      Mercy comes in at the very end and is only helpful to one person, yep sound like me

    27. charlie lewinski

      Genii deadass carried

    28. Cole Halford

      Run...it’s Godzilla!!!!

    29. Squintbubbles96

      Overwatch animations are my favorite. They’re just SO wholesome. Unlike t-bagging Mercy’s

    30. codius

      everyone’s tough until the cyber ninja starts screaming Japanese

    31. Mrcatmadness _

      Were is bastion

    32. Crumpy

      Who else is pumped

    33. Toxic Watermelon

      Blizzard: releases overwatch 2 Us: Cool! What’s the difference? Blizzard: 0\_(o_o)_/0

    34. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

      Day 93: Another day y'all and with that, another entry.

    35. Makia Fatty

      I love that tracer has a picture of Emily on the plane

    36. Mardie_Marl

      The world could use more heros...

    37. Chicken In Space

      There should only be 9 heroes, don't let Mercy fly and revive, make Mei shoot fire, Sombra should only hack Torb buildings and be able to disguise as the enemy, don't let Pharah fly, make Torb go back to before his rework, give Zarya a minigun, take away Genji wall climb, let him double jump and give him a scattergun, make echo only use the sticky bomb, take away widows grapple. Maybe call it something like TF3

    38. RoyalCinders

      “Ryujin no ken wo kurae!” I also noticed Genji’s Hoodie thing has the word “Eshin” or Bushin. How did Genji get up there??One final edit <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="434">7:14</a> this is corny

    39. xx II G O a T II

      As a person in general, Tracer seems like she would be the fun aunt to have around (is that weird to say?)

      1. Watchpoint OH

        Nah, she's my daughter, not my aunt.

    40. xx II G O a T II

      When Reinhardt said "Ice to meet you" I felt that

    41. W Lo

      I almoost kry

    42. Arky Jamal

      This scene was so generic,anybody with past experience with movies can predict everything that would happen,still good nonetheless.

      1. Watchpoint OH

        I'm pretty sure NOBODY predicted Genji.

    43. Jack Cutter

      "uh... Was that a monkey?"

    44. Tyler Loconte

      I love how Brigitte was all like dad don't go when he got the call, but then she went with him.

      1. Watchpoint OH

        Well, Reinhardt is her godfather, not her dad. Also if you watch the introducing Brigitte short which released alongside her, she says, "In the end, I can't let him fight alone." She is very dedicated to Reinhardt, and followed him through Europe during the six years between him getting kicked out of Overwatch (They didn't think he should have been fighting anymore) and the Recall.

    45. super turtle TOC

      Cop: does this mean overwatch is back? Winston: yes Cop: ALRIGHT HANDS UP EVERBODY

    46. Booming Bob

      Can’t wait for the new outfits for everyone

      1. Watchpoint OH

        Nor can I.

    47. Jayden Acevedo

      Hey blizzard where my boi mccree

    48. Freddie Mercury

      I’ve never played overwatch and probably never will but when the rest of the squad showed up I got goosebumps 😩

    49. ChaxerzzYT Gamer

      When Winston was about to sacrifice himself that legit made me cry

    50. Neon Luong

      Mei so cute here but in the game she's annoying which pisses me off lol

    51. SpaZtiK6

      I wish I was part of the timeline where Activision/Blizzard didn't get involved and let the wonderful artists and storytellers continue their vision of the game

      1. godzillavkk

        Son, don't let Nostalgia blind you.

    52. Joshua Cheng

      So sad to see Jack in the group photo but not in this movie

    53. William Hince

      Anyone else still crying 6 months latter?

    54. Whistlesss

      I have been wanting overwatch for almost 4 years now. I was going to buy it but i saw that one of the animated videos was actually a trailer for overwatch 2. I don't want to buy the same game twice so is it worth it to still buy it now? or should I wait?

    55. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

      Day 92: What changes would you like to see made to competitive?

      1. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

        @Watchpoint OH Well said, partner!

      2. Watchpoint OH

        I don't play competitive, but I think it will be going through some changes. Also, it's June 1st! 7 months down, hopefully only 5 or 6 left to go!

    56. Simon Lemire

      right behind you :tf2 reference

    57. Circle Man

      *when’s my movie*

    58. Gamer Gilbert

      'Does this mean overwatch is back?' 'Yes, yes we are' 'Well then, put your hands behind your back'

    59. TritonS

      genji carry

    60. Nonya Beezwax

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="426">7:06</a>

    61. Bizz

      All I can hear is “get off brig”

    62. Toasty_Dino

      When i watched this, i felt warm inside knowing that overwatch would return

    63. Sly ._. Sly

      I would be down for an over watch movie

    64. Dax Gavin

      I thought genji got fat but just the wrong angle lol

    65. super gamer

      THIS IS COOOL!!!!

    66. Giovanni Lodico

      Tf2 Mann vs Machine is better anyways....

      1. Watchpoint OH

        @Giovanni Lodico Whatever

      2. Giovanni Lodico

        @Watchpoint OH Yes, the cartoony game and story set in the seventies with dismemberment and such is better than the lighthearted yet realistic game with an epic story set in the near future with much friendlier content

      3. Watchpoint OH

        Uh, a cartoony game and story set in the seventies with dismemberment and such is better than a lighthearted yet realistic game with an epic story set in the near future with much friendlier content? Also, this comment has been stolen about ten thousand times and I want it to stop.

    67. Quạc Quạc

      Where is my soldier 76

    68. orange_ apple

      MvM vs This? Seems like a draw

      1. Watchpoint OH

        Actually, this won without even trying. This is A LOT MORE than simply a PvE expansion.

    69. Anton hellatröm

      Why echo ult and handle this bot lmao

    70. Get me to 69,420 subscribers

      Does this mean over watch is back? Winston: yes but we’re all gonna start killing each other when this all over wanna join in?

    71. TapWater

      Echo could of just duplicated Genji and cut the raid boss to pieces smh

    72. magicalamethyst

      Ngl this >>> Avengers Endgame

    73. PinBall Wizard

      When Genji said "..." i felt that

    74. XxDarkiixX

      How did Winston's glasses not fall off ONCE

    75. Isaiah Davila

      Genji play of the game <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="272">4:32</a>

      1. Isaiah Davila

        Also almost made me cry overwatch not cool

    76. Guy Avni

      *Genji cuts the robot hand* after: Genji: mada mada

    77. I main Mercy and my life is pathetic.

      Day 91: Another day, y'all!

    78. samppa_yt

      I have been waiting for 6 months when is ist gona be released

      1. Watchpoint OH

        Hopefully at the end of the year, when the next gen consoles release. I don't care about the consoles but I honestly hope and pray for that release date.

    79. MIKNO


    80. anime volume

      still waiting for the soldier 76 comeback....