Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”

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    Stand together.
    When Null Sector attacks, Winston assembles a small strike team to fend off the invasion. But as hope begins to fade, the team must stand together to overcome the odds.
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    1. Aquila

      Imagine being a sociopath

    2. pages


    3. Daniel Jimenez

      Lol.Overwach a game about heroes fighting the bad guys is made by people who support the Chinese government the most oppressive government on earth.

    4. Rohit Baz Ali

      I just came in my pants

    5. Aleanousky ツ

      Wow! The New Mann Vs Machine Update looks sick! :O

    6. Asís Pinillos

      3:10 Meis in my team usually ice block instead

    7. iShrimpEater

      7:26 my boi got that wagon.

    8. Robin the Rockin Robin

      Blizzard: why is no one playing our game? Also Blizzard: oVeReWaTcH 2

    9. Bobbadelic

      Mei was way to inexperienced to be there. I know Winston's desperate for support but he nearly got the poor girl killed!

    10. Im Lumina

      Of course reaper didn’t get put in here

    11. Jzigzags

      Boycott this game for Hong Kong.

    12. itsmeandyou

      I forgot genjis name for a moment so I yelled "Its green cyber ninja dude!" instead

    13. Ethanw04

      *Team Fortress 3*

    14. dark angel

      GENJI IS OP!!!!!!

    15. #Awesome Gaming

      Where was reaper???

    16. Jonathan Kyle

      No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Rienhardt: iCe ToOs MeEtS yOu!!!

    17. Agent Milton

      Winston: yes, yes we are winston was later executed for warcrimes and violating the petras act

    18. CJ S

      Communist sympathizers.


      Oh wow time to ban more hong Kong pro league players

    20. YurigamX

      What is happening

    21. Dame Time

      I wonder who at blizzard did all the research to figure out tracers thigh and booty shape. They are spot on to what a track stars legs would look like

    22. Sky thecaptain

      For some reason, Winston saying “yes we are” instead of “yes it does” felt weird.

    23. {chocolate wolfie}

      where is D.VA

    24. Michael MAnville

      Even though I do not care about Overwatch, this video is a tearjerker when Winston goes to hold the line. I seriously thought was going to die a heroic sacrifice and he know it.

    25. klonoa450

      So what will you guys change in the china release of the game?

    26. Kickbuxter 14

      This trailers great but i don't think there should be an overwatch 2

    27. jabaq


    28. Panagiotis PolitGR

      TF2: **exists** OverWatch: So i started copying and pasting anyways :/

    29. SPEED WEED

      Also overwatch is straight trash and you single handedly announced the same game twice

    30. SPEED WEED

      Cant wait for the part where they travel to china and kill the evil dictator who mind controls its citizens into thinking there lifes are good

    31. beaver 97

      The way mercy dropped it gave me CHILLS

    32. Lanman90

      Genji could of easily sliced that robots head off, instead he let the whole team practically pop off

    33. Alex Alderete

      This is dope but still disappointed in blizzard for the Hong Kong stuff

    34. Fresh Lemon

      If its a thing, Genji can E

    35. Eric JT

      Jeez man they needa make a show already, that was a hella good cinematic.

    36. Mercedeh Khajehnassiri

      literally everyone but genji spoke a new line. pretty sure his mic was off

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Mei is still in the game huh? 0/10

    37. Blunadz6196

      I personally don't want a new Overwatch. I want these. and a lot more of them. Make a movie, a TV show. These are just great if you ask me, as are the other shorts they've made.

      1. Blunadz6196

        @vbddfy euuyt I mean, I'm not a huge fan of FPS either usually. Granted, I honestly dont like any specific genre of game in general. My taste in games varies, and the list of games i play fairly regularly is small, but Overwatch is actually one of the few games i play, and is the only FPS I currently play.

      2. vbddfy euuyt

        what a mindblowing trailer too bad i hate fps games

    38. DJWolfie101

      1:09 I just noticed the picture of tracer's girlfriend on the cockpit

    39. R4MS3S

      Tf is the song called when genji deflected that I swear it's geniously

    40. Z1A M

      I just exploded 🔥

    41. Wallace Lam

      Anyone else think that echo seems so op?

    42. グールKariandoryu

      Big boi robot: bout to grab tracer Genji: Q

    43. Edit World

      Who akko?

    44. Inter Stellar

      Oh my god I got chills when genii and rein came

    45. lol

      when winston said idk mai i heard it idk bab U-U

    46. Catwitz

      The beginning be like: Not enough players, joining a new game

    47. KRFT KRFT

      Brack: I take full responsibility Blocks all comments as his first action...

    48. Diep Nguyen

      Ryuji no kennokurei

    49. Adrian Arballo

      What a great way to announce OverWatch 2 anybody agree with me.

    50. marauderdz

      Tracer acting like Brigitte's wacky aunt is too pure for this world

    51. Traps

      what a mindblowing trailer too bad i hate fps games

    52. Oldbstrd1

      Mei is still in the game huh? 0/10

    53. Gurveer Kandola

      6:14 Robot: oh no you don’t Genii: oh no you don’t

    54. Cal 123

      What was their team comp at the start lmao

    55. Dean Gibbons

      Is that pickle from borderlands: the pre-sequel flying the plane?

    56. Zaa Ba

      Make a movie!!!!!!

    57. Joshua Cooper

      Where’s soldier 76

    58. zlostnypopolnik

      Yes!!! Yes!!! I have something to dislike. Thank you Lizard.

    59. Hugo Escalante

      Bro this gengi is not on chat but know when to enter the fight.