OZZY OSBOURNE - "Dreamer" (Official Video)

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    I'm just a dreamer, I dream my life away
    I'm just a dreamer, who dreams of better days
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    1. Angie Niccals

      I’m crying man, this song has hurt me so much tonight . Everything is hurting me today. Everything.

    2. Jovan Havran

      I hear you Ozzy! Humanity need to change it's course!

    3. Dr. Castro

      Here in Deep South of Brazil, I listen Ozzy,drink ale,eat BBQ and we have got big ass chicks.And in North America?

    4. Elisa Ocampo

      Amo Ozzy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Patrícia Honório


    6. Lucian Stefan Mocanu

      No is you folt is on dis folosity rather.. No is you problem one day che bryn aer condiționat.. Is for forum cancer dast end end endocrine no bring dozes reanimation...cancer want for et more eternal money for pay d'death

    7. евгений


    8. J D

      Like ozzy singing this the other one sucks

    9. Francisco Rodrigues

      Passando em 2020 para ouvir este som que marcou parte da minha adolescência, Ozzy é uma verdadeira lenda do Rock!!

    10. rogue1214 ocean

      I am in tears ... ✌💚🌍

    11. juliana almeida

      I love you Ozzy I"m from Brasil Ozzy forever

    12. Diego Martinez

      El rey de las tinieblas Ozzy obsurne

    13. Camilo Flores

      Ozzy loves Beatles! No doubt about it.

    14. Enio Saldanha

      o deus metal!

    15. Dale Johnson

      its almost as if ozzy was trying to tell us something as i listen to this in the days of corona virus

    16. Nicola Wilts

      I dream my life away...

    17. Katt Anderson

      Dreaming of better days...🥰

    18. Geoff Norton

      What an awesome song! So poignant in this current scamdemic situation. Ozzy, you're a star in so many ways, I hope your health is improving, stay strong my friend.

    19. Rakesh Patir

      Tone of the guitar solo😍😍😍😍😍

    20. Роман Панов


    21. Sven Le Rouge

      When he sings -''Your higher power maybe God or Jesus Christ ,it doesn't really matter much to me,without each others help there ain't no hope for us,i'm living in a dream of fantasy, oh yeah yeah yeah'' !! ..It's so related to what we are all living these days. Keep listening to Ozzy and Black Sabbath,they have a lot to tell.

    22. Darkbrotherhood Dovahkiin

      I still love listening to this song. I had a shit childhood full of a neglectful family, no friends, and having to pretty much raise myself. This song makes me still think of things that I would've loved to have like a wife and kids. Sadly though those are things I'll never get. I instead am going with my childhood dream of becoming a soldier

    23. lee saunders

      perfect song for whats going on now

      1. Melida Fernandez


    24. marie Liindgren

      I am here

    25. aCidNow

      1,5x speed, nice upbeat song :D

    26. Германия Julia Sonnenschein

      I love you!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Германия Julia Sonnenschein


    27. Mbreea D

      Thank you Sir Oz. This is as appreciate now as when released. Gen X still chasing the dream.

      1. Mbreea D

        (appropriate )

    28. BBQ &

      Metallica bassist is there

    29. Písničky, Songy

      I love

    30. Daniel Soriano

      Imagine all the people Dreaming

    31. maximus 24

      Desde Colombia en Español jajaja el mejor de los mejores 😎💪👽

    32. ThumbsUp


    33. ThumbsUp

      Theres alot of TRUTH top this song!

    34. Jake Gardner

      Thinking of everyone around the world as I listen to this song. ✊❤🤟✌

    35. Brewed Berries

      First time listening to NIB 3mins ago then got curious bout ozzy. Now im here. This is the very first time hearing him sang in solo. But damn why i cried. I never know him and the black sabbath. But why i cried with this? Did he relay his emotions to me perfectly? Godamn man. Black sabbath and your music didnt irritate my ears. Its like i understand all the words and sounds calmly. Wooh chills!

    36. bruno copaja

      En estos tiempos si que es necesario.......2020

    37. Jurij G

      Старый конь борозды не портит! Отличная вещь! Браво!

    38. Carl Collins

      Love Ozzy great singer person and makes me laugh .....loved to meet Ozzy !

    39. Gloomy Gloom

      they're upvoting a meme from another bloke :(

    40. Camilo Torres Herrera

      te amo oxxi

    41. tan nech

      Шикарная композиция!

    42. Longina Szczuraszek

      Fredi Merkury to muzyka z nieba kocham cię

    43. Albufeira Pt

      QUARENTENA rafeira!! Longe dos meu amor neste apartamento enorme! Cheira de tesão! !! Ohhhhmy god! Acabado logo com estes Coronavirus para que todos possamos ter à liberdade!!!

    44. Or Barry

      Ozzy is actually metal John Lennon

    45. Vanda Maria Nascimento Barbosa

      Essa musica é muito maravilhosa meu deus

    46. marty

      Marie Rottrová Black Sabbath cover She's Gone fisels.info/video/videot/aXzGc6-Jl6Vlon0.html

    47. Jeryhole TcBoY

      i'm just a dreamer,who dream's a better day,but this time,with tears🤧😭😭

    48. Fabio Leonardo Mendoza

      Posiblemente la existencia sea constantemente un cuestionamiento eterno de "por que" ,y en esa búsqueda JAMÁS encontraremos NADA. Y NADA será un resultado personal,cuando TODO es un resultado existente. Entonces los parámetros de búsqueda que creemos son correctos no son más que ILUSIÓN. DREAMER encierra en su melodía todo el ideal humano de "ESA "búsqueda y OZZY ES protagonista de la audacia de los buscadores que Encuentran las respuestas a esos "por que " . Gracias OZZY OSBOURNE !! Y A TODOS LOS "BUSCADORES " de respuestas!!!F.L.M

      1. Mørk

        Buena interpretación

    49. Alberto Junior Chavez

      Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy!

    50. Alicia Dunn

      Beautiful ❤️

    51. Ass Slammer

      Thanks for the beautiful song Ozzy! Lennon would be proud

    52. Mario Rodriguez

      loveeeeee hin this song is soooo me olga serafin but i make my dreams come true.

    53. fwnfaa


    54. Олег Король - Бизнес онлайн

      Хейтеры-неудачники, отстаньте от Оззи, я люблю с 80-х. И если нет своего то попрошу не пиз...

    55. Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY


    56. Mikakai Dhoker

      Im just a dreamer🎵🎶🎤

    57. Barb Walk

      I LOVE !! this man and his whole family. Ozzy is the genius of music . I love this piece and if I was going to have a funeral I would have them play it at that funeral for me because it is the truth. Ozzy is a very special talented man. I can't say enough but I will not say any more. He just is it ALL !!!!!!!

    58. Arthur Garcia

      I dont know why I cried listening to this... it just seems to chime into everything going on today..

      1. Shayla Turtle

        @Luke Shaw I'm afraid that's what the world is coming to these days...

      2. Luke Shaw

        And yet we still fight each other for fucking toilet paper and neglect the old. how sad 😞

      3. Susan Hill

        Arthur Garcia yes it’s so scary but very sad we don’t know if we going die or our kids husband wife grandkids mom or you got a dad still alive or siblings Just Need To Pray For Us All

    59. Donald Mcdonald

      so it Count Ozzy now? I'm ok with that

    60. Horologist 1994

      Quarantine stairing out the window listening to this song.... lol......

    61. Андрей Соловьянов

      fisels.info/video/videot/bYPNoM6VoHiZrqc.html оззи и лев лещенко !

    62. Meet Panchal

      Just found out this masterpiece

    63. Abandoned Dragon

      I'm in my 60's and just a Dreamer.

    64. Michelle Vásquez

      The fuckin same Jhon Lenon ;-;

    65. Pradeep Acharya

      We all v lived in our dream world.Beautiful song.I am just a dreamer.

    66. 808pathfinder

      that song goes well with all of us confined at home ,n dream for better days ,this song never gets old

    67. Natalia Valeriano

      Love this song ozzy is the best

    68. 1robbie55382

      Went to an Ozzy concert with my sons, , I Hollered "we luv u Ozzy" he replied " I fuckin luv u too man", such an incredible experience for one brief second........

      1. Marv Bair

        Man, hold on to that forever!

    69. George MorozzOff

      Ozzy,- U are Eternal Maaan! Tnx, BRO!!! 🙏🏻

    70. gerhard Mayrhofer

      I love otzy gold heard no englische

    71. тишка лис

      Блииин, в детстве слушала 💜

    72. forest 333

      От......TheChipa2369.......Dear Ozzy! Despite your age, I am proud of you. You don’t shoot porn (like til) you remain yourself ... your songs in my callous heart awaken tenderness ... Of course I want you to bite off the head of this damn Chinese bat)))) I know that you cannot read, but in my soul your music is forever ... and in my fucking honda she always sings

    73. forest 333

      Душа поёт,слушая это творение

    74. Arthur Mah

      Great song ozzy....stay strong ..keep the faith and fight the fight of Parkinson and hope you break free and stay positive man, all fans love you till the end....

    75. leonardoferreira darosa

      Brasil" alguém,em 2020?

      1. Heitor Bumussa

        Salvando a quarentena!!

    76. Benancio Ancco Condori

      Escuchando desde Venezuela 2020

    77. Ralph Hall

      This song really gives me the same vibes as Imagine by John Lennon

    78. Jennifer Warshiniack


      1. Avanjia Danova

        if you can get through lifes hurdles, you can get through anything bro

    79. Bihayas Banerjee

      Don't know why but first few lines are way tooo relatable nowadays due to covid -19 pandemic ............

    80. olho do zoio

      tochorano aqui