Ozzy Osbourne - Ordinary Man (Audio) ft. Elton John

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    I was unprepared for fame
    Then everybody knew my name
    No more lonely nights it’s all for you
    I have traveled many miles
    I’ve seen tears and I’ve seen smiles
    Just remember that it’s all for you
    Don’t forget me as the colors fade
    When the lights go down it’s just an empty stage
    Yes I’ve been a bad guy
    Been higher than the blue sky
    And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
    I made momma cry
    Don’t know why I’m still alive
    Yes the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
    Many times I lost control
    They tried to kill my rock n roll
    Just remember I’m still here for you
    I don’t wanna say goodbye
    When I do you’ll be alright
    After all I did it all for you
    Don’t forget me as the colors fade
    When the lights go down it’s just an empty stage
    Yes I’ve been a bad guy
    Been higher than the blue sky
    And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
    I made momma cry
    Don’t know why I’m still alive
    Yes the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
    Yes I’ve been a bad guy
    Been higher than the blue sky
    And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
    I made momma cry
    Don’t know why I’m still alive
    Yes the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
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    1. Alex Oberg

      This sounds like a goodbye. 😢

    2. Melissa Bernosky

      Serously?? Theres over 2 thousand people that disliked this?

    3. libbs schmidt

      Hope your Parkinson's is mild Ozzy,live ya dude!

    4. Kathy Hamilton

      Wow great...

    5. Nicholas Riley

      Wow, only a couple months ago did Post Malone bring this guy into the light, and now he’s returning the favor by bringing up this Elton John guy. What a man!

    6. Laura Leatherwood

      This song is beautiful. I love it that Elton John is doing this with him.

    7. Manny Lee

      I don't. Like. Ozzy but. This song. Great thank you. Ozzy 2020

    8. Andreas von Pock

      !!! !! !!! !!! !! !!!

    9. Michael Bay

      I wish Zakk was in this :(

    10. Diana Kalstein

      Both are just pure talent. What more can you ask for? Thank you for your lovely music. ❤

    11. brettv8

      Hey I love Ozzy and Sabbath but I'm sure I can hear autotune?

    12. Jacqueline Ramos

      Who could ever forget such a wonderful man👑 an extraordinary man🖤 Mr Ozzy Osbourne

    13. Greg Tyrone

      Don't give up, Ozzy! Been listening to your music since I was born in '83. Parkinson's is an ugly disease, but you've been through hell many times before and prevailed. We adjust and live on!

    14. Brad Douglass

      Yhe Prince of darkness forever!!!!!

    15. NironicGaming

      Amazing song, brought a tear to my eye not gonna lie.

    16. Levi McA.

      Ozzy, without your songs and your wives laugh i wouldnt know how to smile. Thanks to you, you make me smile and feel alive, please Ozzy keep fighting for as long as you can, we all love you, thank you for making my life change for the best. 💙 You truly are rock and roll

    17. Tracy Stefancavage

      Wow incredible song this is really music not like the shit music that's out today ozzy is Awesome , can't wait for the album Rock on 🤘🤘🤘

    18. 张大山

      Can't help it but bawling my eyes out while listening to this song right after he announced his Parkinson's diagnosis to the world. The lyrics is so down to earth and truth speaking. One day he will leave us, but no one will ever forget what he contributed to heavy metal music and to all metal fans. Get well soon, Prince of Darkness \m/

    19. Сергей

      Очень неплохо ! Особенно сейчас , когда хорошие новые песни можно пересчитать по пальцам одной руки. Прошли добрые 70е , когда каждый год выходило по 50 отличных альбомов...

    20. ColonelJ1

      Love Ozzy, but this is a very bad song.

    21. LoriAnne Lette

      Love you Ozzy. Stay strong.



    23. Logan Stalker

      Rose's are red violets are blue when I listen to this the whole house does too

    24. Wesly García

      Está canción es una luz en la oscuridad, con toda la música mierda actual

    25. kenhein2

      Ozzy and Sir Elton history will remember you as Legendary Men of the music industry!! Love you both!!

    26. Sarbajyoti Majumder

      Sir John is elegant as ever..❤❤❤ Ozzy u are ❤❤❤❤🍫🍫🍫

    27. Cory Gilliam

      This song is so painfully mediocre, it gave my ears heartburn. Just way too many corny cliches and knockoff riffs. It could get them sued 10 times over if any band had the guts to spend that kind of cash on lawyers. Expected something more compelling but I guess even the greats phone it in sometimes.

    28. T Ross

      Heard today Ozzy has parkinson’s disease

    29. Brian Tabler

      Just found out he has a form of Parkinson's but hes fighting to get back on stage

    30. thatchelsea girl

      Pray for Ozzy and his Parkinson's disease. 🙌

    31. Adam Turner

      Please get well Ozzy! ..

    32. Bobman9420

      Damn he is speaking to us the fans and his family.

    33. Edward G

      A whirlwind of emotions. This is beautiful.

    34. jamie angel

      Just found out that he has parkson disease type 2 ☹️☹️ fisels.info/video/videot/rIKmk819kl2QfYU.html

    35. Denver_DinkleBerry _

      Truly a great song. The piano, vocals, guitar and violin? It’s all great together

    36. khalid Raheem

      I’ve been listening to this man my entire life I can relate to so many of his songs but this one hits home hard...

    37. dark halloween

      Epic Song

    38. Gabriel McMahan

      This is a rip off of john Lennon's jealous guy lmao still great and sounds amazing but total rip off

    39. The Real Music Observer

      Today we found out why Ozzy recorded this song.

    40. justmadeit2

      Ozzy and Keith Richards, Englands survivors

    41. fridge ninja

      Here the day Ozzy told the world he had Parkinson's.

    42. Mary Canterbury

      I love it


      The lord of Darkness is still the best ever. Ozzy brought me to Rock/Metal music back in high school I haven't been more happier.

    44. Michelle H

      Such a beautiful song🔥❤️ Ozzy and Elton so Epic!!! Never going to lose me as a fan Ozzy! Prayers love you🙏

    45. Dani Sullivan

      Be well Ozzy we love you .

    46. Andrea Pepato

      No more lonely nights... cit. Paul McCartney;-)

    47. James Goodrum

      This feels like Ozzy got bad news about his health and made a song.

    48. Out_There

      Just make a sabbath movie already

    49. beto marques

      Dont you cry tonight, Dont you cry tonight (8)

    50. princeps Magnus

      All love in the world to you Ozzy! You are a true champion and a icon to all of us!

    51. Денис Шевеленко

      Слушаю этот хит и вспоминаю свою юность, подумать только сколько воды утекло с той поры, а OZZY попрежнему крут! Как жаль что нельзя вернуться назад!😎😢

    52. Toures Tiu

      2:57 after I listen this, I know who the f#ck play for the damn guitar. Hope they will form this as supergroup for one fucking awesome album!

    53. DV

      I like this song and all, but I hope the new album isn't just full of slow depressing songs. I want music to get me pumped, not sad.

    54. Alexander Meisling

      Man, knowing now that he has Parkinson's makes listening to this song hurt my heart

      1. Zlena Sartori

        I'm literally crying, heartbroken

      2. Shelby Trowbridge

        Alexander Meisling I know- seeing his wife cry hard was rough- you know this is beginning of he end of Ozzy

    55. Mossy

      We need a video for this song. Great song. 🤘🏻

    56. sara garvey

      Omg, I can bet this will be #1 when his time comes if not before.

    57. tsipis

      The Iron and the Rocket ,two giants two shining diamonds but not ordinary men!

    58. Koaasst

      wow almost 10 thousand comments. rock on Ozzy, its been a hell of a ride since i was a kid in the 80's.

    59. LauraK412

      What a beautiful and emotional song. Ozzy and Elton both sound fantastic and I enjoyed a little bit of an ELO feel in some of the instrumentals and backing chorus. Love this song!

    60. Randy Barrientes

      Ozzy Osborne, is a Genius Heavy metal Legend and Elton John is the greatest God bless 🙏