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    Let me know if you want Mama to do this aswell B-) I got this idea from the FIselsr ohnickel! Be sure to check out his videos aswell!
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    1. xd Blanket

      Papa Is thinking *thats where my money went*


      How many "papa" do you want? Anomaly:yes

    3. FBI

      0:09 when you put your elbow on the desk wrong then it goes numb

    4. ᑕᕼᖇIᔕᖴᖇOᗰᒪᐯ

      what is that site of those cheap skins?

    5. Andre z

      Do u trade on 网易buff??

    6. shut

      *buys a fucking house with a group of pixels*

    7. Thetiger 213

      K ima head out trade a couple of pixels for a house cya

    8. Saulius Skolevičius

      Anomaly: 15.000 euros Papa: Uopa!

    9. Mihkel Tampuu

      ayy swedbank gang

    10. PokémonBro


    11. P A C A M A N

      I like u dad >3

    12. Costin Bratu


    13. Valiant. LLL

      what is the name of the site where he showed the prices of the items?

    14. nikola k.



      🙏🙏 1:22 💯💟💝 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💙

    16. Tots

      This shit is the worst video you’ve ever made, PLZ MAKE MORE MAKING EACHOTHER LAUGH

    17. HK

      oh, so beautiful things cost the most that's why i am so cheap!

    18. LAWRENCE

      why the fuck your eyebrown is blue?

    19. 徐大虾是锡兰胯下的小淫妇

      using buff

    20. Lynx Streaming

      I lovw when papa says "whoopa"

    21. BUSTAcap

      nice fnatic hoodie!

    22. the bro pro gamer

      Why your PAPA wears creepy t-shirts ?

    23. Shuckle

      Whenever you make the eyes in your thumbnails glow it makes me want to click the video less because it makes me realise how hard youre trying to grab the viewers attention

    24. Pacris B

      No! Papa

    25. Colt JL

      “It is Pixel” You know, he has a point

    26. Its Sno

      Blue cut eyebrow XDDD

    27. Chipolata:)

      skins used to be soooo much cheaper than that, what happened??

    28. Maxim

      ANO MALY

    29. Fluf7y


    30. Monu ッ

      This is how many times he said PAPA ⬇️

    31. JamFN

      The karambit case hardened cost as much as my house... WTF

    32. LeiderGeil xD ಠಒಠ

      @anomaly i got awp atheris for 3 euro now its 12euro BUISNESS

    33. TheWanderer

      10k for a fking sticker in a game wtf

    34. 9405alex

      Shows AWP Atheris FT. Shows price of ST AWP Atheris FT.

    35. leDestruction JHD

      0:00 when im beating the meat

    36. XxRaulse97xX

      How is it called the webpage where u show the price of the skins on xinese?

    37. Z3L4

      Does anomaly have tattoo nvm he dyed his eyebrow blue

    38. Z3L4

      Does anomaly have tattoo

    39. Gamer Man

      Papanomaly has Cheap BEER

    40. Spezific

      I think this video was sarcastic, for the people that try to do this video and say to a mf dragon lore.. Hmmmmmmmm 0.07 cents? xDD

      1. Kpaco8

        Spezific yeah might be a parody to the vids of actually guessing he prices

    41. helvetin perkele

      150 000-200 000€euros for csgo knife what the actual god loving fuck

    42. Liam Axelsson


    43. Sergio Vazquez

      “It’s a fuckin pixel” that’s my thoughts every time I see a knife for mad money

    44. Alien Attack

      1:00 hold up... Why anomaly eyebrow is blue???? 1:24 also bruh...

      1. CCC

        he dyed his hair and eyebrows blur

    45. LAME Gaming

      Chip xD im needed to do it xD

    46. Liyxo Lmao

      Video idea: Anomaly shows papa a picture of a skin and a picture of a real life item like a car a house or maybe just some food and papa has to guess wich one is worth more.



    48. zDie -

      I always wonder where anomaly mama?

    49. Verno Gaming

      Papa still doesnt know that knives are expensive wtf

    50. Fredrik Tvete

      Where did he find the knife for 30$

    51. Basteroff

      Этот папа мне нравится

    52. Elite TV

      Robko, to už Evženko robil :*

    53. TF 24

      I want papa to be my dad

    54. CJayin

      It bothers me so much that he uses a decimal instead of a comma there in the thumbnail. I’m sure it’s different where he lives or something but fuck I get triggered lmao

    55. KukkaKaali

      6:04 anomaly you show wrong awp to your papa this is statrack that what u show to your papa non statrack. Sorry i have bad eng

    56. notsapinho

      this channel is like a channel for kids but the owner has autism

    57. Miree

      damn anomaly needed to guess the skin prices

    58. Andreas Björk

      Reppa Tidahölm

    59. Viquers Vikers

      *_its a pixel_*

    60. Marszałek Bulwa

      Lol Anomaly has Blue eyebrows 🤔😃