Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!



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    1. MrBeast

      If youtube doesn't allow for donations in your area just go to to donate!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

      1. the tree fam

        My poor children are dieing 😭

      2. Amie Wilson

        @Brb I’m Pooping wow boii

      3. Rhys Cowley

        For planting trees I want to save the world 2

    2. Pastel Edits

      He doing this for 2045!!

    3. JSJ Incorporated

      Mrbeast: plants 20 mil trees Me: uploads planting 500 trees

    4. Aeris Mitchell

      you need to make a lake

    5. Melissa McCue

      20M trees!! Yay

    6. SidiotDaIdiot

      mr beast literally got 8 mil from this

    7. SneakyShrub34

      Try doing this but in Australia.

    8. souss souss24

      I Ned some meny I speak arabic if you want to help me colle me 0611575164 I from moroco

    9. Lane Cunningham

      Now we need to do that for Australia!

    10. SunnySweetSkies Chan

      20 mil trees= 20 mil tons of carbon dioxide eliminated from the 🌍

    11. The Lorax

      I am proud of you, MrBeast.

    12. Junia Rosenthal

      lets do it for 2021

    13. terrarian

      planting 20mil trees is bad bcs trees produce oxygen and fire needs oxygen to burn so more oxygen = more fire

    14. Finley Schifter


    15. Geeta Sahye

      pls help Australia too

    16. wade Ferguson

      I can't donate a $1 I don't know my zip code noooooo!

    17. wade Ferguson

      I can't donate a tree I don't know my zipcode noooooooooo!

    18. no one

      next challenge: plant 1b trees all around the world

    19. Jan Baan

      Next up: Team trees planting 20 million trees in Australia

    20. Lalthantluanga renthlei

      Great job...keep going bro👍🏻👍🏻

    21. Serena Buitrago

      When you plant 20M trees but then forget that when they die all the carbon dioxide they take comes out :pepehands:

    22. Cat Cat

      We did it!!!

    23. Lion gamer Leka

      Mrbeast could be our hero

    24. GTA Gamer

      well u did it

    25. Comrade Dyatlov

      Its too close Must be 2-5 meters apart cuz when the trees grew it had its space

      1. Lilac Lizard

        shows how many they expect to die

    26. Jenalie Baniaga

      So kind for the earth!😇😍💖🇵🇭

    27. YT 0ptim

      Trees are getting BURNT in Australia R.I.P

    28. Heart Kim


    29. Aprionix

      MrBeast after: Cuting down 20,000,000 Trees!

    30. ra ge

      Planting trees won't stop climate change is this for fun

    31. kim le

      But I’m a kid sorry and I don’t have card

    32. doinky

      we burn down Australia as soon as were done

    33. Dilara Rose

      Im new to you mr beast but can somebody tell me what country he planted these in?

    34. Lexi Mercado

      Is azzy in there?

    35. Paul Garcia


    36. Luke Phipps

      Now let’s do 200 million trees

    37. Olivia Reed

      “Yer gonna be a house for birds and stuff!”

    38. Dark Wander

      Meanwhile Australia: I'm about to undo all your work

    39. Big Boss

      How many aunts and pantry is there it’s really going to pantries

    40. TL Simon Brawl Stars

      Imagine he planted all those trees in Australia before the burn RIP 20 000 000 $

    41. Mr. Supreme Darkness

      *Help MrBeast plants those trees by liking my comment!* 1Like = 1Tree Planted

    42. ÄKTA ZAP ZAP

      I liked it when you blew up those microwaves

    43. Dlsher Nasso


    44. Ahad Zaman


    45. DonGT

      FIsels plus the site is about 42 million trees...

    46. not hing

      *He (and his team) did more than Greta Thunberg...*

    47. Ronnie Thistlethwaite

      MrBeast is planting trees In Australia we have burning trees

    48. Jeroen van Veeren

      50.00.00 miljion

    49. • Kim seokJin •

      Human : plants 20mil trees *oxígen has entered to the chat*

    50. Miguel Lingao

      There are now 30 trillion trees! Thanks to Mrbeast and the people who donated

    51. Ethan WILSON

      important notice mr beast should travel to australia and donate to fire fighters

    52. The Freddy Fazter

      Whelp, We know what's occurring in Australia, so... PLANT 20 MILLION MORE TREES.

    53. Kari Stutzman

      You should make a team tree pillow this is how many people agree ⬇️

    54. Kassen Smith

      Johnny Appleseed ain't got nothin on Mr Beast

    55. Hannah Canny

      Imagine mr beast solved global warming that’d be absolutely insane

      1. Hannah Canny

        That is why I said imagine

      2. ThE 1 BarbariaN

        Hannah Canny 20 million is honestly nothing compared the the Australian bushfires, I heard that all the 20 million trees can only suck up to the amount of carbon as half a day worth of US emissions

    56. carol 0.2

      *Amazonia is crying now*

    57. A Bomb 1269

      Russell the tree 😂

    58. Jääkaappi

      I dont think people understand how small amount 20 million trees is for example finland plants 150 million trees every year and no one can tell the diffrence

    59. Godzilla Legendary

      Ethiopia planted 350 million trees in 12 hours Keep up the good work

    60. MK TV

      Planting 20 million tree is easy but caring 20 million trees is a hard task