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    1. John Doe Smith

      Caca peepee vomit

    2. Jeremy Firestone

      Life decisions are always tuff ya know.. but in the end you have to think about yourselves. Its what you want in life not what we the viewers want.

    3. oompaville

      i love you guys a lot! Move to Texas!!

    4. varun kumar

      Hi jeanie and henry I really support your decision and its great that Jeanie is choosing Twitch as a full time career option... But if you guys still want to go for Jeanie medical schooling option.. then i suggest to come to join a medical college in india... Here we have best colleges for medical and studying here in a best college will cost you guys 20k$ per year & living cost here is very much lower as compared to US. So yeah if you guys are interested just think about it... & I love guys ❤️

    5. Sylentlight

      If anything this video has given me even more respect for both of you. Jeannie, do what is gonna make you happy and bring you fulfillment in life. Henry, good job on being there to support your girl. You two play on each other's strengths and weaknesses and that's a very underrated ability to have in relationships. Best of luck in all y'alls endeavors! I'll keep watching your videos. Also if you are looking to move somewhere I'll just say Tennessee is beautiful AND that would like double our Asian population (if you don't count Vanderbilt University students, lol).

    6. FearLessLion Z

      Well, if you look at it like this. Twitch, FIsels, online clout will only be there but for so long. Eventually it’ll go away as life goes on, but college? Education? Will be there forever, when streaming is said and done you CAN go be a doctor but without the financial duress since you would’ve earned so much in your twitch career. And with streaming becoming such a powerful money maker you probably will end up making more, and like you said changing more lives. It’s such a sad thing that it’s that way now, someone playing video games is providing more than a doctor would in an entire year. Let that sink in. But I digress, do what ultimately makes you happy.

    7. Jesus A Martinez

      Come to texas you will welcomed with open arms. But overall your decision to make you are awesome couple. Much love from Houston texas. Peace and god bless.😇😇😇

    8. tang roro

      Well if you made the decision then it's fine, but you need to realize your fame won't last forever, and Twich might not be available forever, even FIsels had so much change it's no longer as profitable as it was years ago, so I'm just saying you need to think about it long and hard for your own sake

    9. Brenden Thompson

      From the thumbnail you would think they had to put a dog down

    10. Nicholas Bonness

      Do what will make you happy, Jeannie. Deus Lo Vult. You have a lot of people in your corner and with this community, it's pretty hard to be disappointed in you.

    11. Pushan Pandita

      Hey Jeannie, I'm a final year med student (not from the US) and watching this video I wanted to share a few things about med school with you now that you're making this big a life decision. I know you might have already talked to or heard many people's opinions on the matter and considering there are 23K comments here it is unlikely you'll be reading this, but I want to try and help nonetheless. So here's the long and short of it: med school is hard. I know, nothing new about that. But it is a bit more nuanced than that. When I started med school I was all bright and hopeful about saving lives and helping people. But partly due to the nature of the course and partly due to how the curriculum is designed, it really sucked that motivation out of me. Sure this does not apply to everyone, but when you see yourself and a bunch of your friends turn into a shadow of their former bright selves, it really is saddening. Med school really pushes you, sometimes to the point of breaking, but you gotta keep going. Why? I don't know. Still figuring it out myself. And then there's the expectations of the society, which I would argue are worse. While everyone in med school is an equal and everybody grinds hard, in your own society you are but one of the few med students. And sometimes that comes with a lot of pressure. Believe me when I say that even in my final year, when most people believe I'm "almost a doctor", I don't know shit. It's a long journey and it hardly ends with your bachelor's degree. There's a lot to learn and a lot to see. But people around you might not always understand that and then you start feeling the pressure. That, for me, is the hardest part. I have always loved gaming since my childhood but over the years I have come to realise that no matter how much my naive self would want to believe that I can continue this hobby of mine in the future, it is pretty clear to see that that's not going to happen. That's just part of growing up I guess. But it hurts nonetheless. I did not plan anything before writing this and I apologise that it has partly become a sob fest, but I wanted to give you a genuine look of how it is on the other side. Everyone will tell you that eventually it'll all be okay and the happiness you get from saving people is all worth it, but I have yet to find that out myself so I won't give you any false hopes. But nonetheless, training to be a doctor is hard, for better or for worse. I guess at the end of the day I wouldn't be blowing your mind when I say that it is a very personal decision and you have to take the pros and cons of it. Nobody was there to tell me how it is in here when I started out. I probably would have not listened to them anyway. Now I often wonder if things would have been the same. I still love the subjects and would probably have continued my career in biology anyway. But I hope that this could be that little something that nobody told me before I started off. I hope you are well and no matter what you choose, I wish you all the best in life and I would continue watching you two make my day with your videos. Take care of yourself.

    12. Spankplank

      Meny people are able to help people as a doctor. Very few people are able to help people the way you do!

    13. NocticonPlays

      Follow your heart.

    14. Monte Zeph

      Well that was weird... Def expecting something a lot more haha

    15. D3AD M4RKSM4N

      Well, money isnt really everything to live for as long as you have enough to support each other and support your stream/youtube then by the most part you should be streaming, these days it's much more relevant to the genral population and you get to experience more of a connection with humans, either way do what you want as subs we are obligated to support what ever is your final decision!

    16. sadnut 95

      Today on the Playstore's Download Ranking! Twitch comes in from 7th place into 1st and Twitch downloads skyrocket in support of Jeannie from MxR Plays!! TO THE PLAYSTORE! WE RIDE AT ONCE BITCHES!

    17. Fernando Gonzalez

      What an awesome guy

    18. Sam Tab E

      She just wants to spend more time with that uwu anime boy she's been playing with which I already forgot his name something like sykuno or something like that

    19. Hunterjay2005

      Watching first part of the video: “just kiddinggg!!” *we’ve been backstabbed, betrayed, and possibly bamboozled. But that’s okay*

    20. yaboi boi

      U guys are the best channel on earth

    21. Hawk adile

      Do what makes you happy!!!! We wuv u! 😄

    22. Esequiel Alvarez

      We still love you Panda Queen.

    23. Nathan Tomas

      I miss the old MxR plays when they did meme videos!! Who's been here since last week? We the real fans. JK it's a big decision. Wishing best of luck to both of you

    24. Peter Hoff

      Med school's not going anywhere. I went back to school in my 30s, and you can do if you decide that's right for you after all. The upside to our stupid expensive higher education system is it's easy to follow a nonstandard life path like that.

    25. Rogue heero

      Jeannie thought that day what below the table that day Henry "stop looking under the table"

    26. Sir Skeevs

      I wasnt sure how this video was gonna go but good for you guys. I wish you well in all your life decisions. You have definitley made my life happier with your videos

    27. Jakub Petrinec

      I dont usually comment ...but Good luck !! Dont give Up, do whatever makes you Happy ☺️

    28. the dark Crow

      We will all ways love ya

    29. Cody Burton

      Do what you want no person has the right to judge you it is your life. I support your decision and hope the best for you

    30. Icy Tail

      I've always supported the idea that you should do what you enjoy and then see what you can do with it to help people out and it seems you've already made steps towards that with Twitch. Much love and support, you've put lots of thought into this so I'm sure it'll be a good step forward ^__^

    31. Siyanax

      Who else thought they were breaking up or some shit? But seriously get a moderator for your twitch chat since they get realllllllll toxic and really freaking hurtful comments

    32. Laggalot

      I admit I dont watch you channel a lot. But why the hell would anyone be disappointed. Being a streamer sounds like a way better and more adventurous lifestyle! You have your own schedule. You probably make a lot more money too. depending on your following.

    33. Greatanotherchannel

      Main reason is probably all unis are off til further notice so its a year pushed back of ones life.

    34. jacob wilson

      Do FIsels

    35. Marcel

      I watched this video a few days ago - I didn't really know what I wanted to say. I now feel like I have the right words. My wife has attempted medical school two times now. North American schools were out of the question because we simply couldn't afford it. We attempted two Caribbean schools. The first one fell through during her second semester because the school lost accreditation in the country we currently reside in. The second time around, while it remained one of the cheaper options, fell through (again during the second semester) because we simply couldn't afford it. We ran out of money. This was two years ago now. She is still heartbroken about not finishing medical school. It was her dream, and now, it will most likely never happen. If we were in a situation where we could afford for her to finish school, we would do it. As of now, she can't find work, because despite all the education she already has, there's simply no market for it. So here we are, broke, in our thirties, with no clear goal in mind. It's pretty awful. I'm not going to lie. All I'm saying is: yes, right now you guys are doing great on Twitch, Patreon, FIsels, etc... You're probably making more money than you would as a doctor right now (not that it's any of my business). But that being said, you're relying on those platforms to exist as they are today. Things change. Platforms alter monetization, ban creators, impose limits. Third parties sue for copyrights, etc... What happens if subscriptions go down, if views go down, if fans don't give as much as they used to, etc... What does the life of a FIselsr look like in 5, 10, 15, 20 years? I'm not in your shoes, I can only share my story, and offer my opinion. I feel like if you have the opportunity, you should take it. Basically ask yourself: "What am I going to regret more? Am I going to regret not being a doctor, or am I going to regret not being an entertainer?" I hope this is helpful, and I wish you nothing but the best. M

    36. Cruz Briseno

      If she wants to do twitch over another job that’s fine with me The only problem is that she said not to crusade (that’s a joke

    37. Flames Arisen

      It’s interesting how this kinda fits some of what Jordan Peterson says about higher professions and such

    38. Christopher Cleveland

      At the end of the day we are ever-evolving beings and have to go in directions that make us happy. If it make you happy Jeannie then do it.

    39. doğancan çelik

      just, follow your heart Jeannie. Do not care whatever they say, does not matter who. Live first for yourself, only then you can be good for the others.

    40. Tyky Foster

      For such a young couple, you are more mature than others. Whatever you choose to do in life it is great to have a partners support, it makes it easier. You both are very supportive and have the thought of every aspect of everyone's involvement. Career vs family is a big choice and can be a sacrifice, it has to do with the heart. Very glad to see you are taking it seriously. Whatever happens you are a great couple that loves one another that's all that matters, good luck in the future

    41. reaLityyy

      Don't know why anyone would be disappointed or mad about it.... I'm in med school and I totally get it. It's stressful, takes forever and takes a lot out of you sometimes. Whether it is time or money. I love it so I do my best to get through but I can totally see why someone with such an opportunity like her would rather drop out.

    42. Brandon DeAndrade

      Jeannie really inspired me in this video, I can sorta relate to this, the only thing that I can't relate to is them still being together after her career changing process, my ex left after I told her I was gonna be a professional wrestler instead of a lawyer but we all have to do what we want to do not what other people want us to.. it's our lives we only get one shot at it.. I'm really happy for you Jeannie I hope everything works out for you!

    43. Novas Memoria

      Love you Jeannie! you own that life of yours! OWN IT!

    44. M.L. CH

      Jeanny only fans account?

    45. Hamid Raji

      Jeanie no one has the right to be disappointed in u bc it’s ur life so plz don’t cry what ever u decide to do u have a true fans support 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    46. Straight Rider


    47. Kaleb Jeffrey Gaming

      Don't do it be a doctor and let the worst of us suicide hopefully you're there to really save them

    48. Emil Filipov

      Man.. I got cut off by an eToro ad at "She gets to have chil..." :D

    49. david langham

      good life is short. I wanted my kids to be a lawyer but not now it's .........


      When Jeanie cry..... The world Cries 😢

    51. sourav das

      If becoming doctor is something you want from very long time then you don't have to give up on them. just thing about this time as a brack from them you can also do it in later. I am 27 and thinking about getting a masters at electrical engineering but right now my family come 1st. I will get my masters after buying my home which is happening in 2023 (I hope). Then I will complete It and also I know that I will be around teachers age at the time but still I am gonna do it.

    52. Joshua Ong

      So crusade?

    53. Jared Grimmett

      Jeanie do what makes you happy!

    54. Jared Grimmett


    55. Chris Me

      It was awesome to see a more somber and semi-serious video. I really enjoyed the switch... Henry not being a creeper kinda blew my mind. Hope the best for you Jeannie. See ya on twitch.

    56. TheoneandonlySkrillard423

      Y’all can move to Maryland where she could study at Johns Hopkins, it’s WAY cheaper to live on the east coast, and she’d be studying medicine still at a fraction of the cost of the west coast. I’m not saying do it or else, but look in to it, there are quite a lot of viable options. Stay strong I know you guys can do it!

    57. Eddie Alvarez

      Why can't you do both?

    58. Rama Aprianto

      Uhhh... Why do anyone would hate you guys for your own life choices and being honest and stuff???. It's kind of insane to hate or be disapointed for someone else's decision for his/her life right?. Anyway, good luck on your Twitch career and may you be blessed always, the second one is for the both of you, because God knows entertaining people is not an easy thing to do~

    59. Frank Price

      Jeanie your awesome. Dont sweat it. Your gonna do great NMW. You guyziz are awesome. 🌹🌹🌹😊😊🌞🌞💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. Wyatt Gitter

      Long reign the panda queen lady immersion

    61. Caine Hawkins

      Jeannie, you do what makes you happy that's all that matters! Everyone who supports you and Henry understand this is a tough decision because you feel like a burden to the people who made sacrifices to get you where you are now, but the decision is ultimately yours and if you think Twitch is a way for you to help more people than that's what you should do! Don't think we will hate you for choosing something YOU feel is better for you because your happiness is what matters.

    62. Usman Ali

      Get a life , people are not being able to attend funeral of thir loved ones , cancer patients have stopped getting treatment in Covid environment thers bigger problems get a life

    63. Fenrir AB

      Just dont thot stay the way you are. A breath of fresh air... and keep Henry out of trouble.

    64. YPhoenix

      Me reading "Pls don't hate us" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="720">12:00</a>a.m. at night gave me extreme anxiety for 3 days as I originally thought, "Ahh shit that's the face of someone who is leaving!!" I'm happy and even admire that sort of decision, congrats and good luck Jeannie!

    65. Omar Hasan

      Jeannie took all those Orgo classes just to be a twitch streamer... I support it.

    66. PoppyL

      Respect. I do feel like I missed out on the 1 minute version, though.... lol

    67. Alex Clark

      I hope she's not leaving, your two personalities interacting are like %60 of the reason I watch this channel.

    68. Scott Brooker

      Everyone!!! Crusade To give them hugs!!!!!! Lol every one who gets to be her dr is going to be blessed

    69. Mark gery

      Jeanie, just like Henry said you just need to do whatever it is that is best for you and makes you happy, that is all that matters. If someone can't support you and your decision on something that affects your life and not theirs, then you don't need to keep them in your life. If they love and care for you then they will understand and support your decision. Best of luck to the both of you with whatever life brings you. 😊😊♥️♥️

    70. CrimsonRush117


    71. ARIS

      so CRUCADE?

    72. Shadow4wolfz

      This is a great outcome, I was so expecting a lot worse. As much fun as it'd be to see jeannie in scrubs and all that, what makes her happy is what she should do. I respect that. I was going through about a million things in my head that were worse, so, yeah, this is a good outcome.

    73. Grrr413

      Henry says "She gets to have Children" gets diaper commercial

    74. Ckezra Moore

      Jeannie, doing what makes you happy won't make anyone disappointed or unhappy in any way, the only thing that you can do that makes us unhappy is if you're unhappy, so pick the path that you think will help with your overall health and keep you motivated enough to keep doing what you love. Don't think we will be disappointed, because we're not. It's your decision and your life, so don't hold back based on other people (seems like you didn't but just for future reference) We love you Jeannie and support your decision 100%❤

    75. Abe

      Move to germany and your moneyproblems (education related) will disappear...

    76. Sir Puck

      Have told my son his entire life that nothing is more important than being happy. Do what makes you happy otherwise you will regret it later. So I'm with you Jeannie.

    77. Kurai Yokai

      Don’t need to justify your choice to the masses you do you 👍🏼

    78. Zebrion

      Wait, are we crusading or are we crusading? Not crusading? What about not crusading, but still dressing for crusade? I am confusion.

    79. Xerain House

      We will fight as we always have. With our hearts and support to you both. We will watch and those of us that you have truly touched and given hope to will return it in kind. We will stand as we have until the battle one day ends and you have changed the lives of those that stood beside you.

    80. shappy60

      So we get to see more of her while she is also doing something she really enjoys Why would we be mad?