Pokémon Direct 1.9.2020



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    Tune in for roughly 20 minutes of new Pokémon information in a Pokémon Direct presentation.
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    Julkaistu 12 päivää sitten


    1. PokeFranzi 523

      pls make pokemon bank for free. i cant buy it and then i cant bring pokemon to pokemon sword and shield pls pls pls

    2. MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart

      At least they're updating

    3. MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart

      Sword, shield, armor & crown. Next spare and bow

    4. MysticMylese TheMercifulMinecart

      Turning into a Pikachu Hmm

    5. Stephanie W

      I'm really looking forward to this. Seems odd pokemon company would charge extra for more features however given the time frame it's reasonable

    6. Zengaria

      im hoping and wishing that a Diamond/Pearl or even Plat remake is going to happen

    7. Shadow Kunツ

      They better have my boi furret

    8. R3D

      1 like = Pokémon diamond and pearl remake!

    9. Kda Tau

      And shigeru ohmori to are you can plus the gigantamax for rayquaza pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

    10. Kda Tau

      And please junichi masuda are you can plus the fiture for rayquaza hes can gigantamax pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

    11. Kda Tau

      Please tsunekazu ishihara are you can plus the fiture for rayquaza hes can gigantamax

    12. Kda Tau

      Nintendo are you can plus the fiture for the crown tundra a gigantamax rayquaza pleaseeeeeeeeeee c mon pleaseeeee

    13. My Social Life is Trash

      I just want more boxes for my pc.

    14. William Vazquez

      Yea but can I battle red?

    15. Lord Helix

      Is that Archie?

    16. Just Ice

      Man I wish Pokémon was good again

    17. Jay Morales

      Pokemon mystery dungeon rescue Team dx: "exist" Pokemon diamond and pearl : am I a joke to you

    18. Jay Morales

      Calyrex should of been of a mythical Pokemon

    19. Jay Morales

      We have mystery dungeon remake but not diamond and pearl remakes or a third game for gen 8 Come on i wanted Pokemon gun and diamond and pearl remakes Not rescue team dx I want dp remakes

    20. CubeCarver

      5:09 the two towers for the two types of urshifu?

    21. MaGz Savage

      Wait if ur on sword or shield can u play part 1 and part 2 or can shield play the isle of armour only

      1. Foxes

        Both versions get both areas

    22. Astronicalxb

      The Crown Tundra sound amazing

    23. storm gaming

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    24. Zarkonem

      Gamefreak exec 1: "What kind of amazing and interesting pokemon should we give them to entice them to buy our expansion pass?" Gamefreak exec 2: "Ooo i got it! A kung fu, dark and fighting panda bear!" Gamefreak exec 1: "But we've already got pangor-" Gamefreak exec 2: "It's never been done before! They'll eat it right up!"

      1. Zarkonem

        Gamefreak exec 2: "oh! and we should also do some new legendaries! Maybe 3 of them... Birds! One fire, one ice and and electric!" Gamefreak exec 1: "You mean Zapdos, Atricuno and Moltres?" Gamefreak exec 2 yelling overtop of the other: "IT'S BRAND NEW AND NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!"

    25. Robert Johnson

      I overpowered my team now ima regret it looks like ima need a new team

    26. linkdx7 78907

      14:45 did anyone else other than me notice that the Triforce is on the Calyrex legendary ?


      11:23 I cant belive it this pokemon is gona be in smash, hes presentation would be in this E3 2020

    28. Flap Jack


    29. A Doctor

      I hope that for Pokémon home they allow us to bring Pokémon from Gen 6 and seven games Because I have a shiny Golurk in Pokémon Y I really wanna bring to my sword game

      1. Foxes

        @A Doctor Ah okay, well everything from Bank, Let's Go, Go, and SwSh can be sent into Home, but from there can only be sent into SwSh and only if they're in the dex. So once Home comes out you can send your golurk over

      2. A Doctor

        Foxes well then I missed that

      3. Foxes

        That's what Home is for

    30. Oh Baby A Triple Mom get the Camera

      Im even more pissed about me not having Pokémon sword and better yet not having the expansion pass

    31. Javier Martinez

      3:44 Pokemon Platinum was shown. They could have shown emerald instead, so why platinum specifically? This has to mean something. I am not a Pokemon theorist but I have a strong feeling that Gen IV remakes are in the works. I am an early 2000s kid, so I grew up playing a lot of platinum, diamond, and pearl. The idea of remakes coming for the Gen IV games soon makes me more excited than any other Pokemon game that has released in the last few years. I guess this what they call nostalgia, I never knew it could make one feel so HYPE! (Piplup squad calling it right now) EDIT: Also I have just come to realize this but there seems to be a pattern with Pokemon remakes, excluding the gen I remakes on GBA. The Gen II remakes (HG, SS) were made using Gen IV's engine, The Gen III remakes were made using Gen VI's engine. Both Gen remakes are factors of 2 as the numbers 2 and 6 are both evenly divisible by 2. Our current generation's engine is the Gen VIII (Sword and Shield) engine. The number 8 is also evenly divisible by 2, resulting in 4. Based on this pattern, I think it only makes sense that the Gen IV remakes will be using Gen VIII's engine. Gen II remakes -> Gen IV's engine Gen III remakes -> Gen VI's engine Gen IV remakes -> Gen VIII's engine The pattern seems to work out like so: (Gen number that got a remake) * 2 = (Gen number of the engine it uses). For example: (Gen III remakes * 2 = Gen VI's engine) = (3 * 2 = 6) which is a true statement since 6 = 6.

    32. Ginga Ninja

      I really don’t get why people are angry with this. It all looks amazing!

      1. Douglas Lamar

        Because it should've been in the base game from the start.

    33. Golden Shark


    34. chochi99 El pro

      The expansion pass should be call half of the game you newer have on the final game now you have to pay yo play half of the game to play it

    35. Screamy Mc Jim Hand

      if intelion gets a gun, why was the episode where ash gets threatened *with a gun* banned? i just why

    36. pokemon Trainer

      This is awesome!! Gamefreak stepping they game way up with this !! Shout out to the gamefreak development team #THANKYOUGAMEFREAK

    37. Steveluvscows

      All that matters is Arrow, my Talonflame, finally gets to see the Galar Region from his own eyes.

    38. Aviral Gaming

      Hey someone after apple pie

    39. mikey

      fandom: hates games blah blah me: buys both SW/SH to play on two switches laughing in rich

    40. orbitjimin

      15:23 15:24

    41. Chris Delaney

      Gamefreak is actually just a trash developer. Nintendo Gamecube graphics combined with constant pauses for useless dialogue.

    42. Blizzy

      There is NO WAY I’m the only one not mad about this at all???? Like, sure, they locked pokemon we should have had in the first place behind a paywall, BUT ALSO DAMN LOOK AT THE NEW LOCATIONS. And the ENTIRE place is open world, like the Wild Area! How is nobody talking about that? I’m so excited, the graphics look AMAZING and I’m in love with the concept drawings they made for it. The artist in me was floored. I’m so excited

    43. Rey Dawid

      2019. Pokemon Sword & Shield 2020. DLC Expansion pass 1 and 2 2021. DLC Expansion pass 3 and 4

    44. Pokemongamer 95

      You should add all previous starters from other gens (example gen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7)

    45. jedah76

      If GF ever fixes Y-Comm, I’ll be totally up for buying expansion.

      1. mikey

        jedah76 it’s not entirely them but nintendo switch online, it sucks.

    46. Hashirama Senju

      big snow area, big coop underground mechanic, 2 new regis + the the 3 old regis and the sinnoh legendaries displayed this prominently at 15:13. just announce the the sinnoh remakes already. it's the only reason i'm waiting to buy a switch

    47. Reeceeboy2410

      I love the update. My first game was omega ruby so I haven't been into pokémon for very long

    48. John Lai

      Me: Oh this looks nice! Game Freak: $30 please! Me: Hahahahahaha! Yeah no! Hahahaha hahahaha!

    49. Switch Glitch

      I hope Blastoise and Venasaur isn't version exclusive

    50. Hans Lad

      So, my pokemon from sun and moon can be in the game too with pokemon home?

    51. SkillySilly

      Still waiting for a Mario galaxy sequel😂

    52. Zylo Wolf

      You should be ashamed, Pokémon Company.

      1. mikey

        Zylo Wolf nah they clearly aren’t

    53. Silverfisherman

      *The Crown Tundra looks like the Forgotten Vale from Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC.*

    54. Chaneter Zaro

      ITS THE LEGENDARY PANGARO!!!! Also, HOLY S**T! MORE POKÉMON!!! Also also, for "trying new things with pokémon," can Toad be a pokémon? Please? I wanna train me some bups.

    55. Sam yeetz

      Agh. Great. I guess I'm buying a switch.

    56. J Redd7272

      The Galarian starters’ Gigantamax forms are cool, yes, but... Dang, I’m also happy that Venusaur and Blastoise are getting Gigantamax forms as well.

    57. DarkRalts

      i cant help but laugh every time he says mustard

    58. Black Popeye

      Bet they go all put for this 🙄😒

    59. Yes

      Bring back Mega Evolutions

      1. mikey

        Yes no

    60. Lord Arlo