Police Bring A Paintball Gun On A Mission


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    This is the greatest paintball gun of All Time

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    1. HowRweStillAlive

      Its a pepper ball gun.

    2. Alen Lekol

      Wau a nondeadly gun for a change... PROGRESS MURICA FK YE

    3. Bastardly Joe

      I've smoked catnip before, it doesn't get you high, but it does taste like the smoke of weed. It's mostly something people do when you don't have any weed but they still want to smoke. It's called rolling a Garfield, and it's alright, weed is obviously better though.

    4. Ahmed Serdah


    5. Recovery I Bring

      They have pepper spray in it and it sucks

    6. Icannotthinkofaname

      In Hong Kong, police use paint guns, but with a twist. The paintballs are pepper spray things

    7. Classic Red Eye

      Its a pepper ball gun, they all were using less than leathal.

    8. Marc Reeves

      Holy shit ik exaclty where that fucking motel is!!

    9. Ellis Dee

      Here to see Charlie react yet again with the fresh ignorant eyes of a newborn baby

    10. George W Kush

      I thought he called the cop his 12 year old son haha

    11. Benjamin Cain

      No, smoking catnip doesn’t get you high. In grade 9 my friend told me she wanted to smoke this joint, it happened to be completely made of catnip, and I had smoked the entire thing.

    12. Denstrap-9 1

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> Charlie’s greatest accomplishment.

    13. Lucious

      Captions literally say pepper balls.... Cr1tikal wtf?

    14. Farside Flooring

      Sister fister

    15. edu


    16. Theo Meester

      Petition for charly to be tased on cam

    17. NP. Life Apologist

      Wow, this video PROVES that penguinz0, is a dumb ass.

    18. Blizz Cat

      could be pepper ball.

    19. Urban Ogre

      Anything can get you high if you're brave enough...

    20. T Sulli

      Pepper balls

    21. Tori

      is that zuckles?

    22. Beemer WT

      My friends have, in fact, smoked catnip, which I decided was just a little too far an opted out of. This was after they tried smoking Mugwort, which I did partake in. Mugwort doesn't taste bad, it's basically just "safe to smoke" for smoke that looks like herb smoke in movies. Some people report having a high on Mugwort, but I didn't experience anything. As for catnip, they said it had kind of a minty taste to it, but again there was not really a high. All of this was in lieu of being put on diversion for marijuana possession. They wanted to find a way to get a similar THC high, legally.

    23. TonyGetGuns

      I agree about the cop lights lol. Too bright

    24. Amber Miner

      so that guy is selling probably pirated cds and movies along with a bunch of clothes and shoes he’s probably up charging people on out the back of a van and all they’re gonna say is they “respect the hustle”.

    25. spacebaby420

      Plenty people buy bootleg dvds, its fun, you pay like 20 bucks for 25 movies. Thats such a stupid thing to arrest someone for, its a clean side hustle that doesn't hurt anyone.

    26. Jabrien421

      The use the paintball guns to sling balls filled with pepper spray at them

    27. s vh

      Never smoked cap nip but way back when on highschool a buddy brought a fat bag of cap nip ad proceeded to drop it in front of the 4 different teachers to get them to react. Only 2 actually cared and came after him haha

    28. Raym Janjua

      dont mess with the spicy nerf gun

    29. MegaVikingen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="398">6:38</a> "In 4 out of 5 videos they've worn camo, might be popular in Alaska." Gotta wear those green camo jackets to blend in with the snow.

    30. Alex Burton

      Imagine having epilepsy when a cops light goes on lol

    31. Billy Hudson

      its pepper ball charlie

    32. Shartroose Caboose

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> no way someone who sells drugs has handwriting like a 17 year old AP student

    33. Zero nineteenExEx

      Cat nip does not get you high.... >.>

    34. Hakan

      Its not shooting paintballs its shooting pepperballs, literally says it in the first 30 seconds of this vid.... Widely used in law enforcement dumbass and they are seriously debilitating

    35. Already Tracer

      So thats what a police sting is

    36. Null No

      That drunk lady just no joke broke a world record for highest BAC ever recorded, I can't find anything higher.

    37. Kochie

      Pepper balls are ass to be hit with. The powder spreads throughout a couple meter area and it’s like inhaling chili-powder, but much worse.

    38. Big Dap Ramirez

      Let's be honest. If white vans were outlawed, they'd just switch over to brown Ford vans with wood side panel liveries.

    39. Luke Ellsworth

      Wait they actually pulled someone over for a loud exhaust in Oklahoma 🤯

    40. alex pritchard

      Me and my brother bruglerised a swimming pool when we were kids. Got caught the next day... we stole 12$ in quarters and some candy. Got 6 months probo got off in 3 because all I did at the time was play runescape lol

    41. Daniel Macdougall


    42. Vin A.

      Did some research a while ago, turns out CATNIP is similar to Marijuana, in that if a human smoked it, it would effect you similar to weed but at a 10-20% scale. It’s like CBD plus a small ratio of THC in terms of how the effect feels, apparently. In the states where it’s illegal, or for those who have difficulty getting it, they smoke catnip instead, haha.

    43. Space Cadet

      Don't the paint ball guns usually have like pepper balls? Also like they are pretty good for being non-lethal.

    44. Skits Wish

      The Karen of paintball guns.

    45. I Don't Know What I'm Doing Here

      This is a pepper ball gun and is like mace but in gun form . This is definitely not a paint ball gun.

    46. Mike Stavola

      I had old police paintball guns back in the day. They were Tippmann Pro-Ams. They were easy enough to convert into regular paintball guns. Just changed the valve spring, if I remember right. They came with a pack of pepper balls and these hard plastic paintballs. They were very effective less-than-lethal options.

    47. iProdigy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="283">4:43</a> mans farted

    48. Jerome

      Gun tokin'

    49. ThatAttorney 756

      You always saw that you can guess the blow number but fail epically

    50. Caffeine Addict

      This paint... like... burns man

    51. Ross Ritchey


    52. Brooke Chilson

      There's a true crime podcast called "True Crime Garage" and one of their phrases is "ban the van"

    53. Demons Headshot

      Left guy on the thumbnail looks like eminem

    54. Madchimpz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="163">2:43</a> in his defense, if you can call it a defense, those were probably bootleg DVDs for dirt cheap. I remember some guy would come into the building I worked in it selling DVDs for new movies in the hallways, and they were only $1 each.

    55. urlocalwanker

      Why does the video say a day ago when its the 23rd of may

    56. A'Mesha Lopez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> Why does this man just have a collection of bowl pieces

    57. Geoff Tenth

      why do police use bullets when this is way cooler

    58. Irrelevant Douchetuber

      My dad has a white van 🥺

    59. Why Not

      They use real guns only against blacks

    60. The Sofos Project

      Guy five minutes in looks like the sheriff from Stranger Things.

    61. Kenyon papen

      There’s a difference between a loud engine and a loud exhaust people cutting their muffler off with their shitty 2 L piece of garbage are different than somebody with a properly built motor

    62. Trickster Rickster

      Dr.Charlie, you must experience the taze

    63. IxShehuxI

      It’s not a paintball gun you idiot it’s pepper ball and its full of pepper spray not paint you are so stupid and mocking police officers trying to use no lethal option you are such an idiot.

    64. Creepy joe

      They use pepper spray balls hurts like a bitch

    65. An Actual Goose

      I have a video of an officer spanking a guys ass while cuffing the “criminal” do you want it ?

    66. Aaron Stephens

      Exhaust fines are BS

    67. Specter Knight

      For some reason I can't fall asleep until I watch one of these

    68. NanaGram

      That one cop sounds like Teddy from Bobs Burgers with slightly less testosterone

    69. GoblinKing_I

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="307">5:07</a> Ben Shapiro on the right

    70. Clint Eastwood

      This guy is a rated R version of donut operator

    71. jeruan

      You can smoke catnip

    72. SSmotzer

      Wouldn't you want to wear winter camo in Alaska?

    73. Cylur

      Ive heard charles say he is good at predicting the breathalyzer, but have yet to see it

    74. The Ghetto’s Princess

      Not important to any part but you asked at one part. I’ve smoked catnip. It doesn’t get you high. It just relaxes you.Different people have different reactions.

    75. CannonPawnch *

      "I'm gonna be famous!!" Face blurred out

    76. Travelingsoldierd90

      is probably pepper balls it will fuck your day up tho. less than lethal options

    77. person merc

      It's a pepper ball gun Jesus why are you so dumb he even said in the video

    78. GameOptic

      i love how ironically the only places where camo clothing doesn't do a jack shit for you is fucking Alaska..

    79. crimescene25

      "look at my son" -son is a fat hillbilly .................... ok

    80. User home

      When is charlies description more than 1 sentence?