Pro-Wall vs Undocumented Immigrants: Can They Agree?


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    1. Cher Moore

      Bravo pro wall for sticking to their side 😄

    2. Jack Burton

      So just because they don't like the system for citizenship they feel they are justified in breaking the laws!? That is EXACTLY why we don't want them here!

    3. Jack Burton

      The laws the law. That doesn't mean you can pick and choose which to follow.

    4. JoJo Beast

      🤦‍♂️ the laws the law your aware of it and know the circumstances of breaking it then get mad when you get in trouble lol wtf

    5. jon nunes

      Lmao she can’t even pronounce“ iyegal alleyan “ and what are you a legal alien?

      1. cняιѕтιηє

        Being someone who speaks 2 languages (English being my first language) If you try learning a second langauge after childhood, it would be impossible to speak at the level of fluency a native would

    6. Naruto Uzumaki

      Immigration laws is literal racism going undetected or justified.

    7. Jason Braaten

      people who think that its a right to be part of a country annoy me. the U.S has actually one of the easiest immigration laws. you don't have the right to this country, if you are moving to this country your alligence should be to this country and america should come first IDC about Japans problems or Mexicos problems when we have our own, it isn't our responsibility to take care of country.

    8. Ana Myers

      Little girls getting oppressed and raped daily in Afghanistan but WE have to feel bad for Ernesto because he was a poor kid who decided to cross the border? Vote Red Trump 2020🇺🇸

    9. Kaleb

      Is the wall not going to work or is it immoral? One or the other

    10. Kaleb

      Since when did america become the battered women’s shelter of the world. We should be getting the best and brightest the world has to offer

    11. VoidCaster

      I think if the system is the problem. Don't avoid the problem, help make the process faster and more efficient so we can get more immigrants in the US faster

    12. Lee the boss

      No wall it's like lockn sum1 out but really lockn urself n wat if every continent & or country did same thing put walls up airports wood go outa biz illegal or legal crime can happen but 2 stop ppl from cumn not Brite idea travel bcums illegal cuz continent & countries say u don't blong take citizen test not welcum Americans commit crime if ppl can't cum here we can't go there

    13. Jonathan Ortegel

      No way more people are leaving the US than coming in

    14. Michael McClay

      1:30 what’s funny is that Obama send back more than Trump has. 4:00 legality? That’s the whole reason you’re there, what do you mean you “sense a theme” The key breakdown here is the illegals basically want a system where anyone who wants to come can if they just show up at the post office and get a green card. They aren’t accepting that we set limits on how many people can come and if more than that want to come they jump the wall. Instead of accepting that the US has a right to set limits on numbers they see it as a failure.

    15. R. Aralar

      I waited 12 years outside the US, and waited legally until I was given permission to come here. There is a public charge rule. And we are not obligated to anyone other than our own citizens. The professional victim guy who came legally, his mother put him in that situation.

      1. Rudy was created equal

        That’s a short wait. India has a 75 year wait for extended family because of their quotas. Is it fair for them to wait 75 years to reunite with family?

    16. Andrew Muus

      The wall would take multiple generations to pay it with money that we don't have. And it would be a destruction of ecosystems and people's homes. Plus a very small percentage of people cross the border and the large portion of immigrants come by plane. So a border wall would be a waste of time a waste of money and will be hazardous to the environments. and two people's lives.

    17. R. Aralar

      There is no Muslim ban it is a travel ban. Birthright citizenship is still in existence. And look what happens when someone comes illegally to Mexico

    18. R. Aralar

      As a legal immigrant, only Green card holders are immigrants. Illegal aliens are those without Green cards. And Where the hell is ICE. You illegals are offensive to us legal immigrants.

    19. Creative3y3

      it does not matter where people are from anybody with bad intention can choose to break into your home jc is just taking out of his ass lol

    20. Willie Williams IV

      Ugh I love this Chanel now that I’ve found it but these discussions aren’t long enough and deep enough. People that subscribe to your channel are here for a reason we WILL watch an hour long debate on these topics. You can still make shorter snippets of the upcoming video for the casual viewer but come on y’all Have to give us more please. 🙏🏾

    21. Rizwan Khan

      Ok I just want to learn and discuss these ideas. How is "The Wall" any different than the walls of your home? They are both serving the same purpose

      1. Rudy was created equal

        Rizwan Khan immigrants that get here are confronted with really harsh realities about paying bills here. Doesn’t take long for immigrants to pack up and leave. Th stats prove that it is not desirable. Net migration across the border has been zero for many years now. We have been stuck on 11 million illegal immigrants for a decade. Family, friends, employers, etc... are always inviting them to try and make a living here.

      2. Rizwan Khan

        @Rudy was created equal They have the invitation for specific people OR for anyone who is crossing the border? Coz you see, even with all the recent disruptions US is a pretty desirable place to live. Letting in anyone, in mass numbers, would change that.

      3. Rudy was created equal

        Who’s home? There are 330 million people here with millions of invitations for people all over the world. The country is not 1 home. There are millions of homes here. Probably hundreds of millions.

    22. Ron Babu

      Lol after watching other Jubilee videos, I don’t wanna click one this one. Main reason? IT’S TOO SHORT!!

    23. Johnnyboy

      I just see ICE just barging in during the middle of their conversation lmao

    24. Serena Sneddon

      Jazmina been drinking too much koolaid

    25. Dolly

      Why the heck does everyone one say the government is doing this the goveremnt is doing that as if its a robot malfunctioning...everyone is forget that every two years every state has election for the Senate's and that those senates are elected by the people and if u paid more attention to electing you state senates the trying to vote for a president [which your vote really doesn't matter for which is why its call the POPULAR vote] things would change way faster

    26. Noemi X


    27. Noemi X

      I’m not patient or strong enough to have a discussion like this. I’d pop someone right in the face.... WHOS HOUSE?!

    28. Reality isnt A choice

      The undocumented problem is totally evident and out of control that's why the wall is solution for rerouting the illegal traffic just like Jersey barriers and cars.. The undocumented , at the very least Stole an opportunity from a legally attempted documented.. Its line cutting for a limited commodity , Without going into the other areas of conversation. They hurt their own how can they be expected to follow laws that keep everyone safer. If this behavior is allowed no one or very few will come legally.. And either way , this way of doing it just continue to Enrich the criminals helping them over the border and for start up pay atleast when 1st in country .. And why not do it once atleast, Its easy $ they need it, And through the action their already part of the process of helping or working with the cartels And since they wont be held accountable by claiming hardship. They can hide the product and either come back for it later or use specific places and let the next person bring the product further.. It's so far win win except for the u.s citizens that pay for everything else.. It's not about the possible hardship or having physical space.. The homeless citizens should come before anyone else.. After them , everyone else..

      1. Rudy was created equal

        Reality isnt A choice What are you talking about? An American passport gets you into 184 countries. No visa required. It is the best passport on earth.

      2. Reality isnt A choice

        @Rudy was created equal No other countries would let untold u.s citizens in unannounced living and working ect without permission 1st. Without being deported and worse.. Get a clue.. Being legal in everything matters..

      3. Rudy was created equal

        Reality isnt A choice pffff. Apparently you haven’t applied for anything at an embassy.

      4. Reality isnt A choice

        @Rudy was created equal There is, It starts at as n embassy

      5. Rudy was created equal

        Reality isnt A choice there is no line for them to get into. If there were, then illegal immigration would end over night

    29. TheJansport1

      Literally got 8 seconds in and I was screaming at Mr. "does that give you a right to break into my house." Sigh...

    30. Parker Stewart

      Why are these undocumenteds trying to play victim😂🤭🇺🇸

      1. Rudy was created equal

        Because we are handcuffing them and separating them from their families.

    31. Dann JraD

      My Unlce and baby cousins have been waiting for years to get into the U.S. and they don't have the luxury to be smuggled here or not take a plane back. Political policies are backed up, for the most part, by morals, not all agree with woth those morals, but they are morals none the less. Immigrant should be made easier but not in the way that it becomes scarily efficient in the sense that anyone who applies that is either able to contribute to society or not able to contribute can get in after a couple months.

      1. Rudy was created equal

        The market automatically regulates who can contribute to society. That is what capitalism is for. No need for armed morons at the border deciding what the market can decide on its own.

    32. CYPRODS

      Ok..let's let everyone in...EVERYONE....let's see what happens

      1. Rudy was created equal

        We already do. We always have. We only started apprehending people after 2001.

    33. Nathan Reimer

      Walls work. Ask anyone with a home, keeps most things out.

    34. xMickuel

      Hope ice watch this

    35. Kurt Haas

      I just want you to be ready in case immigration comes.... But I'll take no steps to get you legal citizenship. Great mom you got there.

    36. shad covert

      The word you are looking for is ILLEGAL.

    37. hurrdurr

      3:47 *haha big funny*

    38. Sparky Atlas

      I guess Julie wants us to overlook Pearl Harbor? Ignorant. Very ignorant. Also, you wouldn't have to "reunite" if you came legally in the first place. Do it right, and you won't have to worry about being deported. Laws are laws. America isn't the only country that has these. Other countries are much harsher when you enter illegally. Liberals are so ignorant.

      1. Rudy was created equal

        Most family separation is through legal migration. I was separated from my mom for two years due to backlogs. Little known fact. That’s immediate family. Cousins and uncles have to go through the desert. They have no application or line to get into.

    39. Joseph McNeil

      @10:10 the one lady on the illegals side says something like ‘what gives you the right to say people don’t deserve to be under the roof with the ones they love’ Breaking the law. Check it out lady: if I drive drunk, I won’t get to sleep under the same roof as my family.

      1. Joseph McNeil

        Rudy was created equal we are the American people, and whether you like it or not, we elected Donald Trump, in no small part to build that wall. There are no property rights without national sovereignty, and properly enforcing a border is the key tot hat sovereignty. I’m sorry you don’t see this, but it doesn’t make it less true.

      2. Rudy was created equal

        Joseph McNeil we? Who the hell is we? You are saying that 4 million square miles is “our” house and that you get to decide for me who I invite to this imaginary house that you think “we” own together. We don’t own anything together. There is no “we”. We don’t exist. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. How the hell are “we” going to decide wether or not my guests to my private property are allowed to come to my private property? My guests are my business. My guests have never, will never, are never your business.

      3. Joseph McNeil

        Rudy was created equal yeah they are, at least by the same logic that says national borders are imaginary. If property lines are real, then national borders are real. If you have a right to determine who enters your private property then we have the right to determine who enters our country. If someone enters illegally then they are committing a crime. Adults who commit crimes can be separated from their families.

      4. Rudy was created equal

        Joseph McNeil private property lines are not imaginary. And private property is never 4 million square miles filled with individual businesses and residences and apartments and industry that are inviting foreigners to their private property.

      5. Joseph McNeil

        Rudy was created equal so, by that logic all boundaries are imaginary and shouldn’t be viable as boundaries. So tell me, so you practice what you preach? Do you allow strangers into your home? Your yard? I mean, those borders are imaginary, and what right do you have to stop any family from coming and staying in your home.

    40. Esme

      It’s always broke/struggling people who are against immigration. They feel threatened that someone else, with more hunger to succeed, will “take what’s theirs”. Less opportunities for other, means more for yourself. Which shows how little they believe in their personal worth. It’s really pathetic 😂

      1. I’m Not A Gamer

        They’re not against immigration. Why do people keep saying this? They’re against ILLEGAL immigration, and “European settlers who came here and took land from Native Americans were illegal immigrants” is a really weak counter-argument. People who say that are comparing what happened in a pre-industrial land that had no unified governmental structure to a post-industrial society with welfare benefits programs. People may think that what happened was unfair - and it was - but it’s irreversible at this point.

      2. I’m Not A Gamer

        FEWER opportunities.