Push Notifications: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

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    John Oliver explains what type of news should - and shouldn’t - warrant a push notification.
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    Julkaistu 21 tunti sitten


    1. Alexy Sancy

      Allelhuia, the sound his actually here

    2. kirby march barcena

      What are they pushing again? Oh, this video from John Oliver!?

    3. Benzaiten

      Quick, let us hear what this prehistoric bird bastard has to say before the video vanishes back into the memory hole again!

    4. Blu Wolfe

      1. Sweet Green was priceless before the punchline. 2. I'm ashamed to say it took me a sec to get the milk joke...

    5. Nele

      I got this as a push notification.

    6. Yanira Garcia

      What was the audio issue? I think they fixed it

    7. Richard Llewellyn

      Why is 9/11 truth considered antisemitic, truth doesn't fear investigation.

    8. Fireman Joe

      Wait? You guys are getting push notifications? (Insert ginger guy meme here)

    9. neolithic3

      Ugh this was an embarrassingly bad segment. I hope the regular season is better than this trash.

    10. dmodmodmo

      ..."for how to ANSWERS them?!" WTF, NPR?

    11. Fireman Joe

      You guys should really do a web exclusive on how FIsels pirates are shoveling old and new episodes on this platform via fake accounts.... just saying.

    12. Shahid M Zubair

      Ironic that I got a push notification for this video. Did I need to know it now? Did I need to stop what I was doing and watch the video? YES.

    13. Prog.Mishra

      Those fake laugh tracks made it uninteresting...I like john's words, but the stupid out of sync laugh tracks made it horrible.

    14. Ali Syed

      Our prophet has returned 🙌

    15. 24 daytona

      That' first joke hurted

    16. Shushan Arakelyan

      A lot of people saying "watched this after a push notification", like who on earth needs push notifications on for FIsels, especially now when FIsels made it so much easier to turn them off?!

    17. Andrew Rivers

      If I get enough thumbs up, I'll get a push notification.

    18. Ella Rose

      .... John. Can u pls address the GOOP lab. As a scientist, the fact ppl cannot tell at a first glance that she’s full of shit is v concerning. The fact ppl buy her products is more confusing than the potential fact that Paltrow believes all this BS herself. Apparently there’s this new show on Netflix. ... and since she’s public about being as good as America’s celeb doctors, I think it’s high time someone rip up her quack pop-up stall publicly and promptly.

    19. Vocally Gifted

      Can’t be mad at ya!! I’m here folks!☝🏽

    20. Jason U

      man this sucked

    21. Mahad Alvi

      This videos not gonna be deleted so I'm comfortable admitting that sometimes I like to sit in the corner of my bedroom with the lights off praying for the sins of my fellow men, women, and sandwich enthusiasts everywhere to be forgiven. 🥜🍇 👀

    22. pvthitch

      The joke should have been 2% concerns.

    23. mukund p

      Did they change the writers? The humor seems different and actually seems lacking. Not to forget the tasteless "joke" at the end. This seems like a new writer issue.

    24. Cristian Villanueva

      Wait that's it?! Ahh!

    25. Razamanaz

      John, deareat - You vacation is to long🥺. Sure you’re not dead? 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊JOKE!!!!🎉🎉🎉 (play the fanfare in your head)😂😂😂

    26. Shawn Moses

      Guys this one has sound

    27. Ella Rose

      I’m an iceberg guy toooooooo 😁 nom nom

    28. whee38

      I did not expect to need brain bleach from John Oliver. In a related note, Shrek sex

    29. Einsame M

      The 1% joke is marvelous

    30. Solphoenix22

      What I bet happened is he got annoyed with notifications and was like episode time

    31. velencei gábor

      What a joke! Had a very good laugh, thank. cnn is a news network, joke of the day.:)

    32. Young Suit

      Damn this would be tough for someone looking for a laugh that happened to have experienced the recent loss of his mother.

    33. Shelbylee

      *Gets sent second push notification about push notifications, but this time it has audio* lol

    34. Floedekage

      I got a push notification for this a couple of days ago but the video was set to private again. Now it seems like a joke.

    35. KDTV

      This was reuploaded after it was made private the first time. Why?

    36. Jayde R

      ohhh my gawww but i need it now

    37. Mario Quade

      Currenlty news apps are spaming people with push notifications about Prince Harry and his wife moving to Canada. Why is that in anyway important to anyone? A guy in his 30s moved out of grandma's house, how is that news worthy?

    38. Brock Sorensen

      Let me get this straight. You pulled my in to a video about push notifications needing to be actionable and time sensitive with a push notification that was neither actionable, nor time sensitive? I missed you, John, you depressing parrot.

    39. nevin herren

      My moms already dead.

    40. Atheist Edge

      Mommy's gonna die?

    41. ogrefree

      CNN isn't news

    42. Sāfto Rangen

      oh, the audio is working now :(

    43. lewis w

      Why was there huge emphasis on john telling a joke? Did I miss something?

    44. CrushingRock

      Despite all evidence to the contrary XD

    45. All Abored

      Horrible audio

    46. Spankydeluxe

      Eyyy, there's the sound!

    47. Nicolas Winter

      0:02 General Kenobi!

    48. Irina Phoenix

      This is a bit daft. You choose which programs to receive notifications from. What’s the point?

    49. Yami ManJaw

      Ah so this is sounds

    50. Nikki Nun yuh

      When does his show come back 😭😭😭

    51. Another Movie Studio

      I just got a push notification from FIsels, for a video about push notifications.

    52. Lysander 99

      I got a push notification for this video. Was it actionable? Yes, I was sorely lacking in some John Oliver. Was it urgent? Well, it was when the video went up two hours ago, but I'll take it.

    53. yeah ok

      for the longest time i thought that this video was deleted.

    54. Chappie

      I find push notifications annoying and just turn them off. For some reason I've gotten a lot of Forbes stuff about Destiny 2, the last place I'd expect guides from.

    55. Christopher Miller

      sidenote: I had to remove some news channels on FIsels I had subbed to as they would post way too many videos every day... obvy that affected my subscriptions tab too much... I like CBC and other Canadian content... but THEN every video they post has a French version which then essentially has a channel showing me double the videos for no reason... unsub. **Maybe if FIsels can improve how we discover new content... like NOT having to continually scroll down... one monotonous action for all browsing :( the way web searches allow you to scroll down AND/OR skip by pages is alright but we need something even better. I have pondered such a thought before... my idea is having the front facing camera track eye movement in a way which could automatically scroll down for the user if they look at the bottom 1/3 of the screen for example. An auto scroll that we could adjust the speed to could be an easier way to go about it. I was on Twitch recently and am super stoked that THEY added better search features 👍☺️ My favorite rambles are ideas like these... I often comment as a train of thought and at times spend a minute past the videos end pooping out an idea. If you had the balls to get through my comment I am actually way curious if this behaviour is common? Why do I allow myself to get carried away rambling in this pointless echo chamber? Well... fact is... I enjoy it. Wow! is this same behaviour the reason for Reddit existing? 👌

    56. Kay Division

      Ngl, I, an adult, got a little sad when I was reminded that my mom will die one day

    57. Kent

      I want my 5 minutes back.

    58. Diet Soda

      come back funny british man, i mmiss u

    59. Initial DIY mods

      Ironically, I received a push notification for this episode on my phone several days ago only to realize that it was made private again... now I don't get the push notifications... Thanks John

    60. Jennifer Holden

      I legit thought John Oliver was trolling us with push notifications