1. It’s Shaggy

      “Look down that shaft man.” Link is just something else

    2. Soleggiato

      Hey I'm caral

    3. Madie Tichnell

      Can we just take a second to realize that the couple at the end said 50 year anniversary and not 15 year anniversary and they look to be about in their 30s... Nope ok...

    4. avocado god God

      Glad to help you make guacamole

    5. Not Justin Y.

      10:54 Rhett becomes the simp of the duo

    6. pincer

      They didn't peel the avocado

    7. amber lander

      It's a bobie hahahahahahahaha I need friends

    8. ThePlanetOf Gaming

      11:10 is the glow sticks

    9. Deth plays

      12:10 only gamers can think of it being like a PC fan

    10. Haider Karkamaz

      Snap pops actually contain gunpowder which gives it its pop and the rocks are flint and other rocks the create sparks and the air inside depletes sometimes ripping the paper giving it a louder pop

    11. Robert Buth

      Rhett was playin it real smooth when he tells Link "You're going to..pucker up."lol

    12. Epic Gamer_YEET

      5:01 "it takes Wood like a champ" So does my gf

    13. Robert Gorman

      Now I know what to do with my glowsticks

    14. Zaxler

      12:00 so thats how they make rgb fans

    15. Broadsword_22

      Ay Barbie sabi ko na! 🤣

    16. Thunakble Tutorials

      you eat ants

    17. Evan Mulrine

      These guys are obsessed with ants on a log

    18. Gemma Ann

      "Çhárlíżé Théròń"

    19. Gooey

      Should’ve been a “will it grind” episode

    20. Crazy warehouse


    21. Jennifer Graham


    22. lucid Dreams Entertainment

      Why am I mad that it looked like guac

    23. glow

      “Putting things in things” your mom edition 😏😏

    24. Practice

      7:54 Rhetts Vietnam flashbacks kicked in

    25. Marilou Flake Stardust

      You know the most edible way to replicate wood is cinnamon because it is a dust from a wood breed

    26. V01TR0N TRA5H

      “See ladies, this is what’s inside of a man’s head. Nothing!” Me: Um sorry Rhett but I already knew that 😂

    27. Line theemofurry


    28. Kevin Fuentes

      11:30 youre welcome

    29. AUSPetrol

      You should've done sparklers!

    30. Antonio Cordeiro

      As a Hawaiian native The word Aloha can me anything 😂then Hi 🤦🏽‍♂️

    31. Kellan Mclemore

      Should we be breathing this in? Yes lol

    32. slime fish

      This easily could've been will it sausage. they could've made the sausages

    33. Bad Bitch

      I would love to have them as fathers 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    34. 8-Bit Hero

      12:46 Making nukes

    35. Svinja

      pre load the ants

    36. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

      “Takes the wood like a champ!”

    37. Brack Denton

      “Look down that shaft maaann”-link:gmm

    38. 28Joshua Grant

      Is this how wood chips are made 5:11

    39. Ben

      i stg these guys just do the thoughts i had when i was 6

    40. Jayden Smith

      I was watching this while I was pooping

    41. Blue Enderman's Third Account

      DAMM you guys were in Phoenix

    42. unsaidpie85 senpai

      This reminds me of the unus anus video of ethan and Markiplier sausage making video

    43. Vylan_Inc

      Rhett: "dont eat glow sticks kids" Nate from tkor: **proceeds to eat glow sticks**

      1. Vylan_Inc

        @John Doe there's another youtube channel, king of random. A while back they did a series all using glow sticks, and at one point in time nate decided to taste test the glow fluid

      2. John Doe


    44. MN Webb

      Why does it have to be a Taco Bell?

    45. things i like.

      Fun fact pop-its are called little onions in some parts of South America

    46. The Musicians


    47. Salahuddin Mansour

      Can’t wait till the FIselsr yoursoloud puts this in a compilation

    48. Gucci DonutGang

      11:09 this is what we came fore so there you go thank me later

    49. BasicGamingTV

      Why did they put the avocado in with the skinnnnnn

    50. Aniq Zakwan Junaidi

      looks like rick and morty portal

    51. ImLovingThis One

      12:20 looks like predator blood

    52. Philip Harding10

      Link had so many dollars (doll-hairs)

    53. GHOST-TIME

      Nobody: Link: ken and barbie are grinding in there

    54. Emily Savochka

      10:25 you go, Rhett!

    55. Kjurado22

      6:00 speed it up all the way it is hilarious

    56. Demo The_Cat

      Gotta Love that crunch 6:07

    57. Himedo15

      The average horse is actually about 15 horse power (i don't know why) so no, its half a horse. Its 1/30th of a horse

    58. Joe Simms


    59. barira

      4:59 what men say abt me

    60. twotailedavenger