r/Maliciouscompliance How I Tricked My Teacher into Writing 100 Lines



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    r/Maliciouscompliance Writing lines on the chalkboard... it's the ultimate punishment. It's tedious, boring, and it makes your hand hurt. The teacher in today's story thought she was being clever by forcing her student to write lines, but the student had a trick up his sleeve and forced HER to write the 100 lines for him. This is one of the most genius malicious compliance stories I've ever read! If you like this video, be sure to subscribe for more!
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    "Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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    1. rSlash

      If you could trick your least favorite teacher into writing 100 lines, what would it be? Mine: "I will stop giving students bad grades just because they hurt my feelings" FUCK YOU MISS WILSON

      1. Sledgehead01

        I have An IEP as well and have my whole academic career, and it stands for, at least here in Canada , Individual education Plan.

      2. Katherine Moss

        I would have Mrs.Sage write, "I wont fail students because I dont like them"

      3. Josie noneyobiz

        “ I will stop taking most of the class talking about my kids”

      4. golden stunter

        mine would be "i will give you all around 50 pounds every week"

      5. NinjaBray

        strong language but the point is there friend

    2. Liam Kingdon

      an IEP is individual education plan, a few of my friends have them.

    3. Zorgdub

      Now I wanna know what was on her search history.

    4. Taylor DeWalt

      IEP - Individualized Education Plan

    5. Lexi Johnson

      Individualized educational program iep

    6. Dean Sims

      An IEP is an individualized education plan.

    7. Alpha Maia

      IEP stands for Individualized Education Program I have one for school, too. It works wonders for me and my disabilities

    8. Konstantin Richards

      I.e.p. individualized educational plan.

    9. jr rick

      IEP stands for Individualized Educational Plan i have one i got bipolar

    10. Alicia Sapp

      IEP= individualized education plan

    11. Bismuth LD

      For the guy with the IEP, I can relate a lot, very similar to my childhood. IEP stands for individualized educational plan, or something to that effect, and I was placed on one from kindergarten to my senior year of high school due to my A.D.D. and emotional impairment, and I often got blamed for stuff other kids did, or fights that other people started, which sucked a lot, and they told me I wasn't allowed to go on field trips because I got too many detentions, man I hated that school. One thing that happened in my highschool was they were doing school wide testing and it was in my IEP that I have a robot read out all the questions to me, despite me being a fast reader and perfectly capable of understanding each word. When I refused to listen to the robot talk, since it actually slowed me down with the disconnect between reading and hearing, the teachers forced me, eventually sending me to detention for not wearing the headphones. Eaton Rapids High is the name of a garbage school that no one should ever send their kids, especially those with an IEP.

    12. Ruiben 360

      I.E.P means independent education plan

    13. Katherine Moss

      I.E.P is acranim for Individual Educaction Plan. I only k ow because myself, a friend and her kids have all had them

    14. Brigand231

      IEP = Individualized Education Program

    15. Maddey Kenn

      IEP: Individualized Education Plan

    16. Kamari333

      ah IEPs. memories

    17. Gregory Hutton

      IEP is the acronym for Individualized Education Plan

    18. Joe4

      Yup. You described EXACTLY how IT works.

    19. bonjourmarlene

      I always find the compliance about proof for illness so weird. This is a legal requirement in my country. Even if you miss one day of work, you need a doctor's note that you were ill. I don't understand why people always get so mad about their bosses asking for proof.

    20. run now

      sped... i am sped XD

    21. An0nymous_L0gic

      yeeeah.... that's not how IEPs (individualized education plans) work. at all. calling bs.

    22. NinjaBray

      iep is an acronym for Individualized Education Program

    23. TisNessie

      I went to elementary school in the 00s and I only had to write lines once or twice for my gym and health teacher

    24. Alexander Jackson

      Just something to consider, Maybe vary your talking? you emphasising the same things and I keep hearing the same stuff but with different words. Just a suggestion

    25. Bubbles Harrison

      Hyperactive kid sound like me! Lol

    26. Zang Gaming

      Audible should sponsor you.

    27. Dragon Relm

      my school never informed me of my iep untell the 10th grade, i should have had it in middle school but they never informed me.

    28. Andrew Lawrence

      What is the person in the first story eating? Sounds like they need to wash their hands more often. I’ve had food poisoning once in my 31 years on this planet. STOP EATING GARBAGE!!!

    29. Captain Evildjdude

      rSlash can you cover r/rpghorrorstories in the future please

    30. Storm Leal

      I.E.P. = Individualized Education Plan

    31. MGGeploop

      Malicious compliance: Rslash told me to hit the like button so I punched my phone and now he has to pay for a new one

    32. It's *Aandrew* Banu

      The greater part of malicious compliance in this video is from IT. It can't be that bad out there, right? Right?

    33. sale con

      My boyfriend is a sys admin and the stories from work, omfg they are so entitled

    34. the boomerang

      I have severe ADHD and I have a IEP where I have to be able to listen to my music once my teacher denied me listening to my music and I got her fired For any one wondering it was rush that I listened to

    35. Gerald Drouin

      i have an IEP.

    36. Charlay ClayGre

      Rslash! IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. basically it tells educators certain things you need in order to function to the best of your ability in class (even in college i'm still a special needs student.)

    37. Eternal Meme 007

      You must have had an A in reading an every turn you got you would read until the bell rang not letting anyone else get a turn


      Watching this while I have food poisoning

    39. Clinically insane Viewer


    40. Addison Claassen

      *r/talesfromtechsupport flashbacks*

    41. Nicky h225

      14:00 this guy sounds scarily like my situation

    42. Calah Veck

      12:08 IEP = individual education plan. Sorry really needed to clarify that...

    43. falcon3268

      The first story gives me a idea if my manager ever require that I will do that. lol!!

    44. Stormsmustfade

      As a law clerk, all my teachers emphasize that you always get things in writing or by email for your CYA file

    45. Nekolalia

      15:45 I love learning new words. ^_^

    46. Jazz Clarke


    47. Aurora Z Playz

      'I say a sentence and a staff member writes it down'

    48. Cocoa! Corn Cable

      Individualized education program. *IEP.* It can be really important to have one of those for families (like my family) that have children with multiple mental disorders or a learning disorder. It’s pretty *hard to get,* and in my area it’s government funded. I’m autistic and have 8 total mentally effective disorders, so shit goes down when it comes to learning. At least I have a dog that I can pet in class to stabilize my sensitivity though touch. There is extra explaining to fill in the gaps, so you can place the picture together. I’m hard to understand, so I added extra facts to give anyone an idea of what is actually missing. Also it’s 1:39am I’m turning nocturnal

    49. JakeCWolf

      IEP = Individualized Education Program

    50. Atomik Doggie

      12:08 I used to be in special Ed also known as Lac so I can confirm half this it's hard to get out of but IEP stands for individual education plan, atleast it does in the 2000's

    51. Szedg

      Have you tried turning the spam filter off and back on again?

    52. Morgan

      This year, I have a teacher that marked me down for not taking notes in class when I wasnt there to begin with, I know that doesnt sound bad, but the next day I asked for a copy of the notes (it's in my IEP to get notes without asking, but the teachers make me ask anyway), and she flat out refused, I told her that it's in my IEP and she HAS to give me the notes, she then gave them to me, saying she had no idea I even had an IEP....like woman it's your job to make sure every student has their appointed accommodations, it's not too frowned upon if you forget one or two accommodations, but when you dont know what students even have IEPs and 504s in the first place, that's just being a shitty teacher

    53. Queen of death bella

      I like the first bout the sickness but it is the supervisors job to make sure you aren’t suddenly taking days off for the hell of because unfortunately a lot of people do. I feel like the video of the person vomiting was a bit much but I do understand how it is hard to get such proof. Edit: love your videos! All of them are funny and yet at the same time unbelievable

    54. Amy Pena

      I.E.P. = Individual Education Plan. My daughter has one, so does half her school. They’re common AF now.

    55. Go commit stand in the middle of the road

      14:45 | Okay so as far as I know my state as a different rule to the IEP, teachers may deny an IEP if there is a good reason and if the SPED teacher agrees with said reasoning (( my schools have a rule about SPED kids needing a SPED teacher in their class room at all times ))

    56. iPsychlops

      @rslash an IEP is an Individualized Education Plan (or program I suppose) (source: partner is a teacher). Also you're one of my favorite youtubers (:

    57. PlayWithMonsters

      I was in a special Ed class in middle school and had IEPs. I forgot I had them and when taking some middle school equivalent of an SAT impressed everyone with "genius" scores. Wish that had carried on to high school, but alas, I am stupid. :p (obviously joking, I'm not stupid but SATs suck and I barely made "above average".)

    58. Rasma Cox

      IEP = Individualized education plan I was an educational Assistant in special education for two years those things take forever to make and upkeep and are valuable as gold with diamonds

    59. HeatherH Holt2

      IEP, individual education plan

    60. lolbit lego fan 7385

      I as sick last week and it was horrible