1. TerraMerc 73

      Hunter : *walks slowly and menacingly Mr X : stand down kid i got thi- *nemesis has entered the chat : No... i... got this. Your time has passed

    2. Fatir Nisa7

      Semoga Kak Reggie besok (APRIL 2020) main, RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE.

    3. Ram yadav


    4. OXE EXO

      Only disliking because well, #IGN. But so excited for RE3.

    5. Arhinda Pryce

      She’s dressed as Lara Croft man xd

    6. Janitra Falvierna

      Everyone was gangsta until the Nemesis destroy your Rescue Copter with his Stinger Missile Launcher

      1. Janitra Falvierna

        Pretty strange joke Isn't it

    7. Ray W

      ......... Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    8. Pedro Martins

      Sim para a dublagem de RE3! fisels.info/video/videot/fqW3dqqCoKiFo5c.html

    9. Joe Marmolejo

      I can not wait anymore!!!! I requested the 3rd off and gonna dl it asap. Mr x was pretty easy to avoid but nemesis on a whole nother lvl

    10. Sam Grover

      Saw this on twitter but if you look closely enough between 0:11-0:14 you'll see Carlos drop a quad rocket launcher.

    11. Silence4101

      I was traumatized enough as a kid.

    12. Corey Troup

      When Jill smashes into her pursuer with the car, he still manages to get his hand around her throat. This thing is NOT giving up.

    13. Solving Games

      in comparison of RE3 in RE3 trailer, which is the best? fisels.info/video/videot/sZ3Li6OQhohmqac.html

    14. ipank #H4

      The legend of nemesis, starrs

    15. Sun Li

      Jill disappointed me, doesn't look as hot as I thought,,, not as hot as the original,,,

    16. Stephany Cuevas

      No pedo dejar de verlo

    17. Mark Trapt

      Jills looking nice 😉. Im already satified just by this little video.

    18. ok


    19. Petru-Daniel Pintilie

      0:27 here, are they in the RE2 police yard?

      1. Adam Cunningham


    20. Tyler

      when the original design is more frightening than the remakes, what a downgrade.

      1. Tyler

        @Adam Cunningham alright

      2. Adam Cunningham

        I disagree

    21. Engineer Watkins

      Now I'm just wondering how they are going remake Leon kicking simulator (RE4). It's game that is extremely hard to take seriously, and that's the best part about it.

      1. Adam Cunningham

        Resident Evil 4 doesn't need a remake

    22. harry singh


    23. jeremy wolfe

      the jumpscares are back ohh mann playing it first was already heart pounding and now it got a lot more terrifying.

    24. TOMLEE

      I really hope you can get the lever action shotgun

    25. Trudell Wbird

      Thing I noticed Nemesis mask in the beginning In the trailer Jill running which mean nemesis is knock out by explode When Carlos save jill you see a Rocker launcher and the rpd gate and the main Street of resident evil 2 Carlos at a hospital? Grabbing med for Jill Meeting in train "Why she here?" When Jill roll over you see Nemesis coming Wait Jill! When Jill running and nemesis coming! Newspaper area? Jill jumping down and nemesis jump up like hulk *Burn Jill to death* STARSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

    26. Wyatt Lyte


    27. Tyrone Jamal

      Can’t take nemesis seriously with that nose, looks too funny to be scary

    28. Steve Powers

      At 0:48 that better not be how the shotgun fires in the game when it comes out. That is just terrible the pellets are in a complete circle wider than what you are hitting within 5 feet.

    29. Maxine Lyu

      Carlos' haircut... So Japanese lol

    30. JEEPZERO

      Nemesis for smash?

    31. Nathan .B

      Me: hey what are you going to rate this game when it gets released and is a masterpiece? Nemesis: STAAAAAARS!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    32. Ethan Harper

      I’m happy I bought an AMD gpu

    33. Eleganza01

      Resident Evil 3 releasing right when there is a new world epidemic coronavirus, what are the odds?

    34. Ares Gow

      you hear dat? STARZZZ

    35. shaun griffin


    36. DeltaPrime350

      I am hoping they make a new animated resident evil movie with Jill.

    37. Evil Entity

      I cant wait for this game

    38. Robert Kenny

      Is it just me or does Jill Valentine sound younger in this game.

      1. helmi dewanto

        Because in Bio 3 she still quite young (Around 24 years old i think)

    39. Rionaldo Yusran

      Mr x + Ustanak = Nemesis

    40. culo culo

      Jill parece lara croft 😭

    41. Last90's Dude

      Does anyone know where I can get the collector's edition.? Gamestop is completely sold out & none of the other electronic/retail stores seem to have it in stock either...

    42. Yung Benny Records


    43. twitchsopamanxx


    44. The Elite Gamer

      looks like the game is harder then the original? nemesis with a flamethower might be some bad news XD

    45. Chimelementa

      I am surprised to see no Coronavirus memes.

    46. なしな


    47. MahaVakyas

      so sick!

    48. Dabian Chow

      I want this nemesis turn into ultimate nemesis, left hand equip flamethrower, right hand equip minigun shouder equip double rocket launcher, body armor with iron man suit, head armor with pubg lvl 3 helmet & leg armor equip bulletproof ballistic shield.

    49. Caner Tekiner

      Anti aliasing problem

    50. TheEGG

      Awesome 1999 soundtrack swap! Capcom doing this like with RE2 remake? fisels.info/video/videot/qIi2eMOrrHOQoas.html

    51. Dustin Looney

      I pre-ordered the physical disc edition yesterday from GameStop but the code for the classic costumes didn’t print out on my receipt...I’m assuming they give you the download code on the day of pick up?

    52. Mav The Gamer

      Sooo EXCITED for this!! I cant wait!

    53. StormRider2

      Relentless and unstoppable the NEMESIS awaits to reign terror on Raccoon City. The rage can be heard from anywhere S.T.A.A.A.A.R.S.s.s.s!

    54. Mikee Games

      MR X: I am the best-remade Tyrant thus far. Nemesis: Hold My Flamethrower

    55. Corbjira TheKing

      What I want to see: *Mr X vs Nemesis?* *Birkin vs Nemesis?* *Leon or Claire Cameo* *Brad Zombie?*

      1. Cameron

        Corbjira TheKing Mr X is a typical tyrant, which is physically stronger than the nemesis type of tyrant, BUT, nemesis type tyrants are said to be incredibly intelligent, commonly creating and using weapons, can create tendrils, and is more durable (as or more so than a tank) so, nemesis would likely kill X handily due to intelligence, use of weps and dura, as of Birkin vs nemesis, I’d see it as a stalemate, nemesis would see “killing” birkin only makes him stronger and would likely tendril and aim to subdue him with minimal damage after a point due to his intelligence

    56. ABX7ND46590

      does nemesis say "jill" at 1:08?

    57. Valiant Videos

      Am i the only one who fuckin hates this nemisis design? Jills fine but goddamn nemisis looked better in the original.

    58. NeTuNo_ PW

      Worst Nemesis ever

      1. Adam Cunningham

        I disagree

    59. NazzKon

      Does the Nemesis says "Found you" on 1:06?

    60. Carlos Salas

      Carlos really gives me spike spiegel vibes mainly because of looks tbh