Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands On - Better Than Razr?

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    Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip the best folding smartphone so far?
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    1. osx holunman

      I rather want a phone with 100000mah battery i hate charging every few hour

    2. The Question Mark Animator

      Nokia be like I invented this with buttons suckers....

    3. Forcefulknave 49

      It's a shame that it is still a plastic screen. Jerry Rig Everything did a durability test and it is still damaged by your fingernails. The only glass in the screen is a very thin layer beneath the plastic layer on the screen.

    4. Scorpion Xens

      its plastic not glass! try damaging it with your finger on the screen u will get scraches

    5. Alonso Martii

      I can see by 2022 the new iFhone from Tim Cook Mark at $5,000.

    6. 장상희

      Who can beat Samsung?????

    7. rwoods7645

      The screen is plastic if you can scratch it with your thumb nail its plastic

    8. Solomon Dy

      Lightbulb!!! Foldable Phone are coming back, does that mean Phone Side Pouches are coming back too?!

    9. HH Brows

      We're back to fanny packs anyways - People aren't going to care about pocket feel. Either way, don't care about this man's opinion after his hate for the Key2. Keys are better than a flip. Weird unnecessary "innovations" in these next gen tech.

    10. Brimar7


    11. Joe

      If you have to try to find ways to make it useful then doesn't that means it's useless?

    12. Notation

      You want a case for this phone?oh well I'm sorry that's just not a possibility

    13. Corrido Files

      I like Will.... The Later case stuff made me dislike Lew and I still haven't recovered fully.

    14. Magnus Grey

      It's definitely plastic or like Jerry said has some glass properties? That thing is gonna scratch up pretty quick.

    15. Lisa M. Phelps

      I bought the samsung S50 last september and it was broke by december. I had my samsung note 3 for seven years, never a problem. I have never been so disappointed. I feel the quality has taken a hit

    16. IZYFRE

      Good point, "stuff is folding and we talking about creases " let's appreciate going for the innovation.

    17. 1 23

      DO NOT BUY THESE PHONES FROM SAMSUNG!!!!! They DO NOT under any circumstances take responsibility on any agreement with foldable phones. Any issues you will pay out of pocket for. They have all kinds of little clauses to get around having to take responsibility( just a quick ex is u can't carry the phone in ur pocket WTF) Dont buy it go with another company.

    18. CHAKA Vlog

      wooooooooah! sanaol may ZFlip 😢 love that !

    19. Roberta Mathias

      I like this way better than Galaxy Fold

    20. Michael hawes

      Soon air going to have a 1200$ price stamp on it.

    21. Adedayo Vaughan

      This is Luxury

    22. goaram

      Creating a need where there's none - fold-able phones. Completely unnecessary.

    23. samadwick3 pubg id

      It is plastic see jeery

    24. Kokool

      Only my phone cover is foldable

    25. Nic Anastasi

      Tbh the Galaxy Z looks like a gameboy advance sp when folded

    26. Jorge Cerda

      Really liking the new format, walking around the set

    27. Abdihamid 114

      Samsung back with the flip phones. I haven’t seen a Samsung flip phone in a decade.


      I don't get the point of this phone in this "time" we living in... For the novelty its good.... But it isn't that practical...

    29. Taehyung _Guccy

      Use women pants and then talk about pockets 😂😂

    30. Brian Sung

      Using iphone i wouldn’t switch but i like the Z-flip, compact size looks great

    31. Zaheed Abrahams

      Hey lew you got to watch Jerryrigseverything before saying that's a glass screen because I know Samsung states it on there website as you said it.. Im disappointed.

    32. captbiggun

      You definitely need more color in your review warehouse. If you review cameras...come on.

    33. Shardool Trivedi

      10 years later apple will launch a foldable phone and call it innovation

    34. Simon Hawi

      What do you do with all of these gadgets you should send me one 🤣and have my own unboxing therapy. 😁

    35. Rashmi Ranjan Sahu

      Oompa lumpa

    36. Jezryll Evan

      I wish i can have this

    37. Soge King

      This is the most times we have seen Jack AND heard his voice, right?

    38. Jonathan Hernandez

      Really curious to see these foldable phones after 2-3 years. 🤔

    39. M. P.

      This is real innovation from Samsung! Take notes Apple

    40. LivingLikeLloyd

      I feel like if so buy a z flip if I didn’t spend so much on the iPhone 11 Pro Max already. Like so serious

    41. killercivic2001

      I will definitely choose this form factor in about 2-3 years when the kinks are worked out ^^

    42. ahmed abuzour

      I go Z flip since i loved Samsung old school flip phones. I tried 2 of them if not more. But this year, it’s beyond budget 😢

    43. silvergold fuckoff

      This will be the fingerprint type of thing,,,from now on, most phones will be converted to flip, just as most phones already have fingerprint unlock feature


      Can't stop thinking about Totally Spies with this phone :/

    45. imABoomer :3

      No RZR is better

    46. 内田ガネシュ

      In future I see a photon display with a rubidium mist.

    47. Benjie Teng

      iphone 12 is a flip Iphone for sure

    48. Justin Brown

      There's no point in folding touch screen phones. The only thing it does is set trends...

    49. Ralf Lopes

      Aí o cara tá passando pelo FIsels testando, e logo vejo o Lord Vinheteiro 😂

    50. Darius Mendes

      Spoiler alert: the screen is not glass at all

    51. Dragon Soul

      I hate everything new and i don't like technology but this is awesome and I'm not picky about what new phone to get when it comes to that time to get a new one but when mine finally breaks I'm getting this

    52. 김희준


    53. Jerome 092

      Little over 10 years ago you could easily differentiate the first wave of smartphones, the tiny square iphone, the blackberry with that keyboard, the HTC phones with that little metal kickstand, the unique first galaxy phones, the sliding screen ones. Now all smartphones look the same, you can’t tell one from another, it can be a cheapy phone or a samsung top of the line. But this past 6 months, things seem to be changing, the galaxy fold, big smartphone turns into a tablet, razor and their old school phone combination with smartphone and foldable screen. The iphone just have the 3 big lenses but at least you can tell its an iPhone because of it, and my favorite so far the galaxy flip, similar to the razor but much improved. Hope this marks the beginning of new wave of designs and the boring all screen squares/rectangle design of phones changes. Btw Samsung is not getting enough credit on their innovations! The foldable design is an incredible achievement. A work of art on engineering!

    54. Crettanec

      Kind of reminds me of the Gameboy Advance SP whenever you close the screen.

    55. Dave Daniels


    56. JDFISHING 79

      Dude be careful it’s going to catch your pocket on fire!

    57. Coolheaded Dog

      3:46 thats was she said

    58. MadnessMobile

      That crease is an eye sore.

    59. Robert Stahl

      if it requires 2 hands to open, it's pointless.... using one hand will inevitably lead to a drop in which it will undoubtedly shatter.

    60. Isa Goraya

      Samsung is just good Apple is overrated,inconvenient, and expensive which just makes u good at flexing but no one cares