SCARY Things CAUGHT On GOOGLE Maps Ft. My Girlfriend

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    SCARY Things CAUGHT On GOOGLE Maps Ft. My Girlfriend
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    1. Phyllis Clay

      Patrick star is gay

    2. Zannai Jackson

      it's a leaf

    3. Camdin Wilson

      #save gumbee

    4. Christopher Castro

      I like spongebob

    5. Ian Aguilar

      You are the best

    6. Leslie Goodwin

      SpongeBob SquarePants to

    7. Reham Saleh

      I. Like gumbull

    8. Qzes FDG


    9. Delaney McCabe


    10. Naimo Abdi

      Steven universe; )

    11. Adora Walker

      “In the Bible it says.... “ON THE 7th DAY GOD FARTED” 😂😂

    12. rachael coniglio

      I love spongebob and #teamPatrick

    13. The Mandalorian 101


    14. Mr CreeperPlayz

      Me and my friend found the dolls at 4:09

    15. Jesse Poe

      His girlfriend: being a savage like always* Me: why do I smell smoke? Btw my fav. cartoon was wren and stimpy

    16. Denada Arapaj

      I love Pinocchio, Peter pan and Donald duck 🤣

    17. Bigbriceypoo

      Amazing World of Gumball

    18. Toy Collectors AG

      I’m in a Leaf

    19. Toy Collectors AG

      It’s a Leavfe

    20. Ntsiflikiotis 9

      South park

    21. Funny kid Is dead

      I like adventure time

    22. Mr. Ailen boi

      Das a flying lettuce

    23. Dean Duffy



      If you were a cartoon I would be my favorite

    25. CraZeGanG

      G1 Transformers is the superior cartoon

    26. Ryder Howell

      Gumbie rocks if I spelled that wrong sorry I’m a kid

    27. june crespo

      Teen. Tianas. Go

    28. Green Reaper


    29. [moonlight]

      When I saw Annabella face I was like’eeee’ and then EHH

    30. Jackie Johnson

      I remember Gumby from when I was like 2 or 3

    31. Lizzy Gacha

      Sarah and Dangmattsmith: I love SpongeBob Dangmattsmith: *#teampatrick*

    32. Catherine valencia


    33. anna caudill

      leaf leafffffffffffff

    34. F34r_ LLama

      What cartoon was that? Gumby it’s called Gumby Me: 😔😔😔😔

    35. Alexia James

      Man favorite cartoon is The Amazing World Of Gumball!❤ #teamGumball

    36. Trenton Page


    37. Jane Gee

      Sarah is as green as broccoli 🥦 oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    38. the gaming kid krishna playz

      Favourite cartoon:Doraemon

    39. Lleyton Connor Banks


    40. daniel byrnes

      #Team pat

    41. Sarena Frayre

      3:10 there is this thing where you can have a animal like feature to replase somthing

    42. SoyBoyZed

      It's a leaf

    43. Luz p.Aponte

      that is a leaf in the cam

    44. Babydoll :DD

      The heart was an upside leaf

    45. Xara Oscar

      #patric team


      I like captain subassa

    47. Caylea Turner

      The reason why there’s dolls in the city is because there is a woman or man and there was a giant city and everyone left and then she got lonely or he and then his He made dolls to replace them which is kind of creepy because they’re everywhere even the children dolls are in schools and they use their own clothes to dress them which is very weird I know that because there’s a video on FIsels😐

    48. Killer_Kaneki 0420

      Mine is spongebob

    49. Jose Alcantara

      #team patrick

    50. Marcella Duran

      #teampatrick because i love patrick

    51. Melissa White

      remember his dog

    52. Julien and alex Russell

      Me to I love sponge Bob team trick

    53. lil j,ss

      Family guy

    54. Leigh Cruz


    55. Dom Dabomb


    56. Tim Pinkney


    57. Levi Culleton

      I like dangmattsmith is scary

    58. Senpai Cookieee

      I wanted to find Sarah's channel and I saw the title and it said : girlfriend And I searched : *my girlfriend* And I couldn't find her channel and I was like... *bruh*

    59. FaZe Cyprian

      Not to be rude but them bangs they go to far

    60. Phantom Phoenix