Seahawks vs. Packers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs



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    The Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.
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      ???? 1:57 ?? ??????

    2. NBA 2k19

      the phantom facemask call should of resulted in a punt but the refs cheated the seahawks and packers got 7 that they shouldnt of gotten

    3. NBA 2k19

      there should of been 1 second still on the clock before the half another way the seahawks got cheated by the refs

    4. NBA 2k19

      The packers lost to the Lions on Monday night and are therefore the 3rd seed not the 2nd. The refs cheated the Lions over and over that game with horrible calls it was worse then the blacksox or the Astros stealing signals. The packers should of played wildcard weekend and last week in New Orleans because of being the 3 seed. Its only sick and delusional people who think the packers won those games and deserve to be in the nfc championship

    5. beedsj roiue

      7:38 thats kinda sad

    6. Rich C

      Green Bay was really bad , like they didn't belong there, and the only way they got there is due to bad officials during their games. the officials got them here , and I half to say I believe that. I personally think Chicago or Minnesota should of been here instead of Green Bay play back their season and look at the calls and no call that went their way. Green Bay should of never been here some other team besides them. This is just what I saw , not a high quality team.

    7. Hector Alvarado

      Lynch is a Beast

      1. beedsj roiue

        7:05 now they want to run the ball

    8. Cosmo Kramer

      Glad to see packers getting thier ass kicked agains San Fran....GB worst 13-3 team ever

    9. Chris Munoz

      Lol packers getting beat by niners rn conference championship game

    10. John Tatum

      Aaron Rogers is so accurate...amazing!

    11. Dylan Heath

      Russell wilson still is the best quarter back in the NFL

    12. Federation of Police Accountability

      This game was rigged

    13. 95

      I didn't watch the game so it is so much fun to watch the highlights! Wow! this was an exciting game!!! I love both the QBs. Russell was amazing in the 3rd & 4th qtrs.

    14. John Smith

      Aaron GAY rogers

    15. Loudman Luke

      They gave Rogers that td

    16. Angel Medina

      Vamos a ganar pachers

      1. Angel Medina

        Vamos a ganar pachers Hoy

    17. P4F Ace

      Fr tho refs are garbage I love the packers

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Games like this make me wish we still had Earl and Richard

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Aaron Rodgers sure bounced back 👍

    18. Philippe Parrels

      Who is here today?

    19. RJ Walker

      Vikes fan here. I will be rooting for you guys to beat the 49er's. You are a rival of ours, but you are in our division afterall, and I would rather see a team from our division win.

    20. Plush Size Queen

      I'm so lost. I didn't know Lynch went back to Seattle. So bummed they didn't make it.

    21. seeriu ciihy

      bruh wilson has the most rushing yards in this game lmfao

    22. David Beachem

      7:05 now they want to run the ball

    23. juan Randle

      Where Seahawks lost the game 46 second s and 7:38

      1. dueeh nyyu

        My teacher said 49ers vs something

    24. PULLUP J

      No clear recovery so you Gave it to the team who clearly lost the ball 😂wtf

      1. seeriu ciihy

        Russell Wilson was about to give me a heart attack love to see him play but not against my pack

    25. Adam Hansen

      I hate the green bay butter churners

      1. Adam Hansen

        Deez Nutz ????

      2. dueeh nyyu

        Who play madden 20 mobile?

    26. PULLUP J

      Rodgers is a goat

    27. PI385

      When will the refs not help the packers this season. I know when they take a L.

    28. Achilles94

      every time Lnych score a TD, instead of teammates jumping on him instead they shake his hand....I know its Lnych idea bt I wonder why, bt he is a really great running back and I can understand why seahawks brought him in

    29. Cali Dodger

      Aaron Rodgers sure bounced back 👍

    30. vbddfy euuyt

      Games like this make me wish we still had Earl and Richard

    31. Nathan Slay

      Patriots fan here. Packers did not pick up the first down on that last play.

    32. nicenstein hate

      what a game

    33. English YT

      It hurts me how russel threw a perfect pass on third down in the 4th quarter at 10:41 and he dropped it, that pretty much sold the game

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        I was only here fokr Malik Turners dropped catch

    34. Cameron Lhamon

      7:05 seahawks didnt want to make that mistake again

    35. Oscar Real T.


    36. dueeh nyyu

      Stephen A today: " That baaaaadddd man Aaron Rodgers"

    37. Noob King Territory

      Who play madden 20 mobile?

    38. Noob King Territory

      My teacher said 49ers vs something

    39. Javi Xavalier

      Russell Wilson was about to give me a heart attack love to see him play but not against my pack

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Should the Seahawks logo be Russell Wilson?


      #GoPackGo This year we be beastin

    41. Nitty Gritty

      The band wagon just got a flat tire the throw at 1:40 sums it up for me 😂

    42. 0vnFrsh

      the pass by rodgers at 11:05 to adams is insane

    43. Anything’s Possible {AP}

      Green Bay will be the 49ers

    44. Chezare Da Silva

      Nobody is saying it's because # 17 dropped that pass at 10:36, but it damn look like this is what took their season away.

    45. Jek Lee

      Wow.. the 1st TD to D.A..sick routes..

    46. Border Reiver

      brilliant win by the Packers...

      1. huttio srreu

        Joe Buck is so painfully boring. Pass isssssssssss.... caught What a throw! What a catch!

    47. R A I N

      Seriously, these are playoff games. Right? PLEASE INCLUDE EVERY PLAY! Whats your major malfunction??? You have over 3,000,000 viewers here. Why is this an issue??? I don't get it...

      1. R A I N

        @huttio srreu real talk 😁👍👍

      2. huttio srreu

        San Fran winning it all its obvious

    48. Moses Estrada

      I was only here fokr Malik Turners dropped catch

    49. huttio srreu

      bruh wilson has the most rushing yards in this game lmfao

    50. Abhay Kamath

      Hey guys I’m new to American football, can you guys tell me what’s going on in the season and summarize what’s going on, I learned the rules and followed some pages but im still a little confused.

    51. ForgetfulLucas2

      Packers deserved to win that one and I’m a Seahawks fan

    52. Justin Neilsonn

      I guess Adams is finally healthy?? Had him in fantasy and he was a bust.

      1. huttio srreu

        They cheated not a first down

    53. Ssolaym Rrezki

      That drop still hunting me in my dreams

    54. Matthew Greco

      Should the Seahawks logo be Russell Wilson?

    55. J.D. Hague

      Still don't know how that late review was upheld. He was clearly and obviously short.

    56. D

      They should change Seattle’s team name to Russell Wilson

    57. starkk19

      Seahawks ran nearly the exact same play in that 2-pt conversion as they did in that Superbowl interception. And here I thought they already learned to give Marshawn the ball once you get to the 2 yard line.

    58. vinasu maaj

      SEA in the first half: "let's try to beat them legitimately. SEA in the 2nd half: "OK Russle, just run."

    59. Adam Nixdorf

      I’m just here to rewatch the sack at 9:40