Should We Cancel Celebrities for Their Crimes?



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    1. Loathomar

      First, the vast majority of cancel culture activism has no legal crimes involved. Generally it is more they said something racist or sexist and they get "canceled". R. Kelly has sold 10s of millions of records since we found he raped, pissed on and made child porn, but Shane Gillis carrier is ended because he made some racist jokes? James Gunn lost Guardians of the Galaxy for a while over 10 year old joke tweets. To me, the real issue with cancel culture is that is has no real scale of punishment to crime. Mob justice is rare rarely just.

    2. Factsmyguyy

      Bruh joy villa was the one that wore the dress that said “build the wall” .. yea shes been cancelled to me

    3. Bungo75

      Can we see Pro Star Wars prequels Anti Star Wars prequels?

    4. Alyssa

      My biggest problem with cancel culture is bringing up things said years and years and years ago that a person has since grown from just to make sure they're cancelled. "So and so used the n word when they were 12 and even though they're 20 now and don't even remember doing that and have grown since then we have to cancel them."

    5. Skadi

      The most important topic didnt arise...should people cancel celebs before the court and law decided, if they are truly criminals?

    6. Steve C

      These pro cancel culture people are advocating for vigilanteism.

    7. Zaph Ael

      My problem with cancel culture is that it’s basically a linch mob, someone tweets something and suddenly it’s the honest to God truth, Andy Signore for example lost his career over false allegations, there was a teenage boy who killed himself after his female friend accused him of rape in front of their friends at a feminist rally and later admitted to lying because she wanted a MeToo moment. There are too many stories that turn out to be just that, a story. A lie to get sympathy or status or likes.

    8. lovewhispers68

      Cancel culture is toxic

    9. TJ Johnson

      Our secular justice system will be destroyed and replaced with Sharia law, just give it time.

    10. Jene' Walker

      This was THE biggest joke ever. There was nothing said here we didn't already know. These people brought nothing new to the table. a complete waste of time.

    11. TheMuddyCuck

      Do parents of mixed race kids verses mixed race kids

    12. Leahbcmorris

      Adopters vs people who lost custody

    13. Dennis Leavitt

      If you cancel someone FOR SAYING SOMETHING YOU DISAGREE WITH you’re a facist! (Now cancelling someone like R kelly.... I get it.)

    14. Martyn Brook

      How arrogant do you have to be if you think that a police investigation carried out by experienced detectives cant prove a person guilty that you with your knowledge coming from a bias news site, without the full facts and evidence can say a person is guilty

    15. Cynical Red

      Cancel culture is about censorship and people patting themselves on the back for lack of actions! We live in a world of capitalism so vote with your wallet!

    16. Stannis Baratheon

      I’m sorry but when someone bashes an entire race and gender of people, I instantly stop listening. Stop using attacks on white men as an argument.

      1. Dylan Martin

        Aren't you supposed to be dead?

    17. sgt killsworthy

      Someone please explain to me what exactly cancel culture is

    18. markus markus

      I love the idea that you have to be made an example for the rest of society it reminds me of the attitude dictatorships have against political dissidence that they need to be made an example of to enforce censorship and the status quo. Kind of how China treats its dissidence.

    19. LIV CoolPanda

      Joy Villa is a trump supporter so 😐

    20. Karla Santos

      Afro Latinos vs White Latinos Bi sexual vs gay Girly girls vs tomboys Big penis vs Small penis Country vs big City Progressives vs moderates Anti fur vs pro fur

    21. George Daley

      What if the man that created the light buld did the same thing as r Kelly should we do the same thing

    22. Native Pride

      3:12 is the reason I am anti-cancel culture. It’s mob mentality.

    23. Amber K

      You can absolutely say you don’t support someone and encourage others not to. If those people don’t agree so be it, but there’s nothing wrong with calling for a boycott of shitty people

    24. RevoX

      Did is so American! I'm a lawyer in Europe and the obsession with celebrities is just sick.

    25. Ronald Coleman

      Cancel culture also doesn’t allow change or repentance. Once your out, your out. Key words to me, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Cause ppl are def selective with the outrage

    26. Andrew Caldwell

      It literally comes down to collectivism vs. individualism

      1. Ralegade

        That's what almost every major political topic in modern day America comes down to.

    27. Lexi Peters

      and another thing, companies majority of the time stop supporting other companies because of media. not personal beliefs. they just don’t wanna look bad. so almost every point cancel culture is making is false.

    28. Lexi Peters

      cancel culture is so ignorant. honestly grow up & worry ab yourself

    29. Will Deonne Creative

      But would the hip hop fans disown hip hop? Because that’s all violent crime and criminal history. No. Why? Because it’s their “lifestyle” and if you don’t you’re racist It’s so odd

    30. claire K

      That lady in the orange reminds me of Bridget Kelly from love and hip hop Hollywood! I like her 👍🏽


      Everyone has the right to make art, it is a projection of our inner self. What other way can we, as a society, be able to see the beasts that lurk inside the most extreme of individuals, if we do not allow them to reflect their soul.

    32. Malcolm Hite

      There is no cancel culture. There are criminals though who deserve to be punished or deplatformed. Otherwise some public shame that affects your sells isnt being "cancelled".

    33. Fabian Shepherd

      How can anybody be anti cancel culture. You can decide not to participate in a cancel.. yet instead you want to stop the ppl who want to participate... in other word you want to "cancel" cancel culture

    34. DeadSet Anime

      So to sum things up, cancel culture is basically mob rule.

      1. the jim reaper

        Yup, that's why usually it goes too far

    35. Ceeboy ForLife

      Sista wasn't playing lol. Had a lot to say lol

    36. Sha Stumbaugh

      I am surprised and happy that Joy Villa sat and listened to everyone’s points too

    37. thepsychomagus

      I am tired of boycotts being treated like a four letter word. Depending on the boycott depends on whether it is reasonable boycott or not. If you boycott a comedian, musician or someone else just because of a tweet someone made that cant be proven true then that is a illegitimate boycott. Just because the Justice system isnt always right doesnt mean you take it upon yourself and create mob justice.

    38. imicca

      CancelCulture is almost dead

    39. Chris Jones

      If your livelihood depends upon people supporting you and having a positive view of you, then tread carefully, but tbh if there are enough people pissed off at you to the point where your career is threatened? You really fucked up and your actions have consequences. Is it fair? Nope but neither is celebrity status to begin with, so don’t act like the people who support you deciding to withdraw that support because of your actions, is somehow unjust. Lookin at you, Joy lol

    40. Dark Side

      Cancel culture is just a bunch of whiny people, if they don’t like it then don’t buy or listen to it, let me make my own decision.